Saturday, 24 January 2009

Is it Time?

Europe is alight with riots. You aren't hearing about it because Pravda would rather you didn't know. Google away. They would rather you watched TV and cut down on drinking, eating and smoking.

The EU is holding a special emergency summit to address the issues. Icelands Prime Minister has resigned after his Parliament was laid siege to. By the law abiding tax paying public. Baltic States are in flames.

Get ready. WE will take back what THEY have stolen. If we ever had a chance, it is NOW.


Anonymous said...

Has there been a consensus across the media not to report on this? It is rather odd that this is not considered newsworthy.

polaris said...

OK OH, I am up for it - so what do we do to?

polaris said...


Harrithebastard said...

polaris said...
OK OH, I am up for it - so what do we do to?

24 January 2009 20:22

Well as far as i can make out if you wish to get the hump , then you have to gain some kind of ' permission ' from the Met to protest ... this has gone way , way beyond 1984 and that old chestnut 'communism' the only thing which varies in the UK now is not the smell of shit but the depth?

polaris said...

Yup Harrith, Two legs or Four - which one is good? Got to wonder just what it would for us to take the streets irrespective of legislative controls? We have taken a serious kicking in the UK, we have much more than Iceland/Baltics/Greece to complain about.
Shit and hard hard place...

Anonymous said...

The BBC should be unplugged. Better no broadcaster than a Government message machine

Anonymous said...

And what are ITN leading on- Harry and Chelsey split- if in doubt roll out the Royal Family !

Ajax said...

The power of these bastards depends on their control of broadcasting.

The mass of people only know what TV tells them. So the Labour broadcasters tell them what to think.

TV News is not neutral; it is both a direct and a subliminal opinion making machine. It is completely controlled by Labour suppporters.

The attack on Brown should be aimed at the bloody BROADCASTERS. They are the real enemy.

Brown cannot survive if he and Mandelson lost control of BBC News.

JPT said...

Who, exactly are WE?

Anonymous said...

We need to bombard a popular news channel like Sky with emails to report whats happening and let everyone know.

Harrithebastard said...

JPT said...
Who, exactly are WE?

24 January 2009 21:07

In my humble opinion , WE are those who do not have any fucking interest in who " won " big brother " or who wins strictly come trancing "

You know .. normal people?

Harrithebastard said...

And another thing .. WTF! is normal or WE ? I am hanging on by a thread here?

Whilst the vodka might have the exact same alcohol content here as it does in blighty ... its a dam sight cheaper here? and that means ... more?

Call me a piss head if you wish .. i agree but a happy and not so broke pisshead if you please?

Anonymous said...

The way to stop them is to find a way of undermining the BBC and the other broadcasters.

Stop the BBC. Job done.

If you are going to march, then march on the BBC News department and physically close them down.

polaris said...

'We' are those who are sentient, of course I don't claim to speak for anybody other than me - and the likeminded I know. And we are a loose collaboration of disempowered frustrated, nay angry individuals. Like Harrith says, not giving a s**t for reality TV and the latest celeb shit - tsss no wonder 'we' drink. F'in hell

polaris said...

Just substitute We for I, if it makes you happy... Pedant

Leg-iron said...

The emergency summit will not address the problem but will discuss a solution.

For the EU, the problem is not the collapse of the economy, mass unemployment, bankers jumping from windows posing a hazard to pedestrians, people being sick to the back teeth of control, control, control, unelected quangos dictating government policy, or the utter despair that is sweeping the continent in general and this country in particular.

The problem, for them, is not immigration, housing, smoking, drinking, obesity. It is not the loss of savings by those who have been careful nor is it the crumbling state systems supporting those who have not.

There is only one problem to be discussed at this summit.


We might get angry and do something about it. That, to the EU and to our government, is the one and only problem they see.

The solution will not be to fix any of the problems that caused public anger. The solution will be to fix the public so they can't do anything about it.

It's worked very well for them so far. Because we always let it.

Old Holborn said...

"There is only one problem to be discussed at this summit.


Correct. There has been no EU banking summit. There has been no EU credit summit.

It is about to get VERY interesting. If you don't have a plan for you and yours yet, don't go to bed until you do.

Most generations have faced similar if not worse, if that is any comfort.

Old Holborn said...


The EU now has people who overthrew the USSR. They won't stand for the nonsense we have.

We are the Problem as far as the EU is concerned. said...

The British people need to Unite, simply taking to the streets may not be enough, most people still have no idea because as has already been pointed out, the Mass Media is creating a false reality for the masses.
If Big Brother and Footie is still on the Telly then there can't be much wrong with the world can there.

For an alternative view listen in to

Personally I'm pinning my hopes on the BNP.

UKIP are a trojan horse, though I think even some of their people do not know this.

as for SNP, Welsh nationalsts, what use is a Scottish, Welsh, Irish, English Parliament if 85% of British laws are made in Brussels.

Like a Gold coin on a Pile of Dung

By definition We are already under foreign occupation.

The New World Order for Dummies.

What Jaq boots Smithy is really up to with her ID card scheme.

Endgame part one of 13

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm pinning my hopes on the BNP.

And thats a plan is it ?

Old Holborn said...

The BNP are National Socialists

I've had enough of Socialists, thanks.

I want LESS government. I want freedom to live my ONE life as I please. I don't want to be told my bin is too full and fined £100. I want a company to tell me if my bin is too full, I'll need to pay £1 extra, Sir.

I don't want anyone telling me I drink too much for my own good, I want someone to sell me life/medical insurance and good Irish Whiskey.

Defend the borders and police the streets. I'll do the rest.

Paulitico said...

Conventional political parties, including the BNP are part of the problem methinks.

The opposition? - What exactly will DC and Fatty Clarke bring to the party? A bunch of toffee nosed, anal retentive, social over achieving, spineless snobs with the international credibility of PG Wodehouse characters.

The press lack the imagination to advocate anything other than propping up a failed system.

Perhaps we should do what the Icelandic people are doing (and I don't mean knitting) - to the barricades?

Old Holborn said...

Perhaps we should do what the Icelandic people are doing (and I don't mean knitting) - to the barricades?

We've done it plenty of times before.

We can do it again. All it takes is enough people to lose enough and it will happen.

Not long now

Funambulist said...

Speaking of the BBC, the Starbucks RIGHT NEXT to the BBC building at White City was trashed last week by protesters who think Starbucks is owned by Israel (probably local Muslims, not in short supply.) The place was still boarded up a couple of days ago.

You'd have thought some beeboids might have noticed, might even have mentioned it on the news. Fat chance!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

OK OH - I'm a BNPer, but I am categorically not a National Socialist.

What makes you think the BNP are National Socialists? Did you work it out for yourself, or are you just repeating what pravda has been telling you for years?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Must be embarrassing for the EU to find that Iceland is setting the agenda re credit crunch, financial collapse and the publics violent reaction to that.
Perhaps the summit is to find a way to 'invite' Iceland to join the union thus the better to control it.
The events in Iceland, Greece and eastern Europe are getting mentioned in the Telegraph but only as snippets at the back of the foreign news section.

Anonymous said...

Come on Sir Henry! Griffin runs the BNP as his own personal family business and cash cow. Even though it isn`t explicitly fascist, it`s party constitution looks like it was drawn up by Benito Mussolini! I could go on, but I can`t be bothered!

Anonymous said...

LOL, the BNP are no better than the present lot. It's pretty obvious they are a bunch of simpleton nutters. Same self-serving mentality, different loon policies.

JD said...


Get up their noses - support the Irish in the next, bigger vote NO2LISBON2.

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