Wednesday, 21 January 2009

If it ain't regulated, it can't be legal.

An anglerfish concerned at having to record his catch.

(Picture nicked from an interesting place.)

I like fishing. I don't do this catch and release stuff because I like to eat fish. Naturally I don't go out at the moment because I don't fancy cutting a hole in the ice and huddling over it, and since fish are cold-blooded they can't currently swim fast enough to catch a lure. When it warms up a bit, I'll be out there.

At fisheries, I have to record the catch. That's so they know the stock level of the ponds, and it's fair enough. Any inland fishery in Scotland requires a permit unless you're fishing for wild brown trout. Sea fishing is free (boat hire excepted).

Not for long. It seems the EU, not content with pricing trawlermen out of work, now seeks to do the same to those little boatloads of anglers. No more catch and release. No more putting back the tiddlers alive. Every fish caught must be kept and recorded, and if you don't have the proper permits before you go, an EU fishing patrol boat will sink you and release a shoal of starved guppies into the water. The catch will count towards the national quota.

More tax. More paperwork. More fines. More new crimes.

For fishing. This one is going to go down a storm in the local pub. They aren't interested in politics but they do love their fishing trips. Don't forget to mention it to any anglers you know. Oh, and remember, this isn't some Daily Mail shriekfest. The link goes to an MEP who was there, and who heard it for himself.

Next up, erosion charges for rock climbers and air displacement permits for hanggliders. Won't be long before you have to show your breathing licence and God help you if it's out of date.

Everything must be regulated, because freedom is slavery.


bofl said...

they are out of control!!!!!!

more bollocks!!!!!

Hi All,

It has been brought to my attention that new noise legislation is about to
be introduced that is likely to virtually destroy live music and musicians
livelihoods in the UK.

Here's a quote about it:
"It appears that the government wish to consider, (for consider read
"implement"), a legal requirement in the new tax year to introduce laws
insisting anyone applying or re-applying for an entertainment license must
have a noise control device fitted to the venue. This will be the final NAIL
for ALL entertainment in the UK as the level at which these devices CUT you
off is dreadfully low and damaging. I read an article about this in November
and the proposed level mentioned then was 70db"

This will be the final nail in the coffin for pretty much ALL entertainment
in the UK as the 70db level at which these devices cut the power off is
ridiculously low, about the same as a hair dryer or a sewing machine. Nearly
all music equipment (even acoustic instruments unplugged) will produce more
volume than this.

Venues are suffering enough as it is without being forced to go to the
expense of fitting one of these awful things. Noise limiters are a menace to
live music, and I expect this is the bright idea of some unelected suit in
Brussels that's never been to a gig in their life.

Someone has organised a petition on the Government Petition Site. I urge you
ALL to sign it. Not only will this law affect musicians but the whole
musical instrument industry, fans, venues etc.


PLEASE DON'T DISMISS THIS. Spread the word and get everyone you know who
loves live music to sign the petition. Bands, family, pets, venues, fans
just get everyone you know to sign it. No one is saying it will make a
difference, but if you don't try, you don't know."


Thanks for your time
Dave Saunders
Mojo Promotions

Mark Wadsworth said...

They came for the bottled water drinkers, they came for the patio heaters, now they're doing the hobby anglers. Does that surprise anybody?

Divide and conquer!

In tomorrow's news "Collecting stamps makes you short sighted and boring and is to be banned".

Old Holborn said...

As a musician myself, I intend to simply turn the volume up. To 11

(Spinal Tap)

PS If you ever use BBC iPlayer, the volume also goes to 11.

Fidothedog said...

I can just see the first arrest of a few young criminals aged about 11, arrested for sea fishing by some PCSO with an attitude problem an a small cock.

Leg-iron said...

'Sea fishing' will no doubt include picking up a whelk in a rock pool.

Can't put it back, it has to be recorded and you have to buy a licence or pay a fine.

That last straw must surely be fast apporaching.

TractorStats said...

Signing Number 10 petitions is probably of no use whatsoever as the only people on the receiving end are already totally deaf or certifiably mad and will take not one jot of notice but will only add all your details to a database as one more of their enemies.

The only way to defeat these bsatrads is take to the streets and burn their houses down. It really is time for revolution.

Gareth said...

Your headline for this blog post illustrates the general difference between British law (The state defines what is illegal) and continental law (The state defines what is legal).

Some would have you believe the two are equal. They are not. With the former the State should have a bloody good reason for interfering. With the latter we live as serfs.

We have been usurped. Our general freedoms have been confiscated and replaced with specific ones we are meant to be grateful for and the UK justice system is steadily being turned on it's head. There are far more of them than us. It was always going to be like this.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!

Breathing Licence!

Ha Ha Ha!

Oh wait Carbon Taxes..... Shit!

Anonymous said...

Oh I know what to do! We'll all sign a petition, that'll teach them!

And you wonder why they're walking all over you, fucking losers.

YOU set the saturation point about how many laws can be passed over you, nobody else. Every time you submit to a diktat, you are helping THEM to restrict you even more.

Fucking whining about it is clearly no use, is it.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Well I did say to my sea fishing ( hobby )neighbour; " what are you going to do about the proposed ban on hunting with hounds ? ".
Predictably he would do nothing since it had nothing to do with him. I attempted to explain the link but he would not understand.
I am tempted to telephone him just to say " told you so ".

The Penguin said...

Some years ago an acquaintance of mine who had a smallish hobby boat used for sea fishing with a friend or two told me about some of the hoops he had to jump through back then courtesy of the EU.

The one that stuck in my mind was that he had to carry a hundred condoms when at sea.

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

Gareth, spot on.

I lived in Germany for 12 long years until I finally snapped. I have never been the same since.

Everything is forbidden, unless it is allowed.

And I do mean EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

I assume there will be no limit on the level of noise a moslem call to prayer makes.

Anonymous said...

But the church bells of course ..............

Anonymous said...

Well, I reckon the EU may just be digging its own grave right about now. You see, they're lining up a re-jig of the chemicals licencing laws so that every company has to prove that every chemical they use is safe; not one person proves water is safe so everyone can use it, but each company has to do the same thing over, so the proof gets repeated ad nauseam.

Furthermore they're aiming to make a hell of a lot of agro-chemicals illegal. That'll bugger a hell of alot of farmers all over the EU and cripple a lot of agrarian economies.

On both counts a lot of companies and countries are going to tell the colleagues to fuck right off and not to come back; the French spring to mind here. At that point the EU enforcers have a slight problem: enforce the rules and become mindbogglingly unpopular when the economy tanks, or look away. Either side is death to the EU.

haddock said...

Another MEP is on the case

Anonymous said...

Having some professional contact with EU fisheries I can offer up the information that the published fishing numbers are as accurate as the EU's accounts - as in fraudulent - They're a bloody disgrace - they employ fisheries monitors at great expense and then they simply throw away the collected data and publish something that suits the prevailing political "practicalities" - then they have the breathtaking hypocrisy to go out and fine fishermen for breaking rules that they've made up out of thin air using fraudulent "scientific" data to support said rules.

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