Thursday, 22 January 2009

Icelandic Parliament- they have kept this up for two days, wonder why we are not seeing this on the BBC

And in Riga, Latvia

And elsewhere in Europe

And in Britain !


Anonymous said...

What idiot waves at the crowd baying for their blood !

BulloPill said...

If a similar proportion of the UK population pitched-up at Westminster to protest at this Government's total fuck-up of the nation, that'd be over 400,000 people. I wonder what they'd do? Take more than a few plastic police hoons to sort it.

The Penguin said...

Shame Old Jug Ears doesn't seem to have inherited Phil The Greek's tendency for the non-diplomatic solution.

After all, he's Colonel In Chief to quite a few Regiments and you can bet there'd be a 100% turnout of volunteers for a quick cleansing operation in the Westminster and Whitehall areas.

And I can't see plod, plod-lite, or the baton bullies in the black helmets stopping them.

The Penguin

Earthlet Nigel said...

Hope the link works, it would appear more is going on inEurope than we have been lead to believe. Oh No fucking lied to again.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Europe's flashpoints
Population 7 million. Troubled by corruption and political instability. Dozens of people, including 14 police, injured during riots in Sofia last week.

Population 2.2 million. Centre-right government likely to call elections after riots over harsh conditions following IMF bail-out.

Population 3.5 million. Street clashes and 86 arrests after 7,000 people attended a Vilnius rally called by trade unions to protest at public sector pay cuts, reduced social security payments, an increase in VAT and an end to tax breaks on medicine and home heating.

Population 1.4 million. So far calm, and government has more reserves of cash and public confidence than elsewhere, but a 3.5% contraction in the economy in the third quarter of last year is likely to cause problems. Support for the prime minister, Andrus Ansip, and his government is falling quickly.

Source the Grauniad.

McSnot and the badger aren't exactly doing wonders for political stability in this country.

Shop at Iceland said...

The BBC says:

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown todays expressed 'grave concern' at reports that another hamster has been stolen from its cage.

electro-kevin said...

What are you talking about ???

We've had riots in Britain in every town, every weekend for years now.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that muslims in Brussels have been trashing shops and burning cars nightly since a big demo 10 days ago.

Gaza is the excuse du jour.

Goodnight Vienna said...

And don't forget:
and I'm betting on Holland following suit shortly now that they've decided to prosecute Geert Wilders over Fitna.

All available on YouTube. We Brits just don't do that sort of thing.

Chris said...

@BulloPill: more than 400,000 turned out for the Countryside Alliance and Anti-War protests. The Met (who had pointers from the RUC and *decades* of practise on football hooligans, the Notting Hill carnival, the Poll Tax and CJB riots, and regular protest marches by the rentamob) kept everyone corralled and relatively docile.

Brits ain't stupid: we'll start rioting when it's a bit warmer. ;-)

AngryDave said...

Is it any wonder that we are considered as a joke to the rest of Europe.
Let's blow up the houses of parliment then thow on the asylum seekers to smother the flames. I think we wil need quite a few, but that should not be a problem.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The Icelandics and our eastern european friends have got it all wrong. If they want top billing on the BBC they will have to protest in the name of anti-globalism or climate change.
Btw, the last youtube vid " And in Britain ! " has been suppressed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for a bit of Romanian Democracy?

Anonymous said...

express you solidarity with Iceland here

Guthrum said...

Btw, the last youtube vid " And in Britain ! " has been suppressed.

Being ironic

Anonymous said...

If we tried this in London, those cunts known as Labour with their bullyboys known as the Met Police would lock you up for any of the following reasons, picked at random. Anti-Terrorist laws, protesting, filming the houses of parliment, public order offenses, calling a copper a cunt for bashing your skull in...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Guthrum. No, at the time it said 'This video is no longer available' or somesuch.

Anonymous said...

4th video! Bucharest/Romania owns!

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