Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hey pal, spare us a grand?

See that nice little picture? Being homeless isn't like that. You don't have a spotty hanky with your things in it, you don't have the money for tobacco and as for sausages, well it'd more likely be the dog roasting over that spit - or a roadkill rabbit if you're lucky. No fancy hat and definitely no newspaper in your pocket because it'd all be stuffed inside your clothes.

I spent some time homeless (my own fault) and found my own way back out of it. It wasn't pleasant at all. So I can have a little sympathy for those who find themselves in that predicament now - but only where it's through no fault of their own. Those who move to another country, believing they're going to get a job but without even bothering to learn the language of that country are idiots. There's no nice way of putting it. You can call it right-wing or racist all you want but the fact is, if I wandered over to Spain, speaking no Spanish beyond 'huevos, fritos, cerveza' and expected anyone to employ me then you'd call me an idiot and you'd be right.

If you were one of those Spaniards, and you heard that your taxes were going to buy me a £50 coach ticket out of your country, you might think 'fair enough, he's no bloody use, send him home'. What would you think if your taxes were paying for a British outreach worker to fly over, look after me, and fly the both of us back after a nice little stay in a Spanish hotel, all at your expense? What would you think if the £50 coach ticket suddenly cost £1000? What would you thnk if there were hundreds more just like me, all costing the same?

Well, that's what's happening here with all those homeless Polish immigrants who couldn't be bothered to learn English but who thought they'd get a job in England and we'd all learn Polish to accommodate them.

Petra Salva, the outreach services manager at Thames Reach, said that most of the immigrants had trades but were unable to obtain work in Britain. “They arrive and the language has got in the way and they don’t understand the system,” she said. “Often alcohol gets in the way or they have other support needs that preclude them getting work.

The language gets in the way. Look, the first thing you do if you plan to move to another country is learn the basics at least of the language. It's not the same as going on holiday for a week or so, when you can get away with few words here and there. Working in that country is going to bring you into close contact with the locals and they are not going to learn your language just for you.

As for alcohol getting in the way, well, no it doesn't. Booze does not jump out at people in dark alleys and force them to drink it. You have to go looking for it and in this country, it's not cheap. If you have hardly any money and no job, blowing it on booze is the worst thing you can do. Nobody will employ you if you look like crap and stink of it too. That's not the fault of the alcohol. It's the fault of the one drinking it.

I don't wish to be nasty to these people. As I said, I've experienced it although I was at least speaking the same language as everyone else. This rant is not aimed at those homeless Poles, although I do still think they're idiots to try their luck where they don't understand a word said to them. No, the brunt of this is aimed at those halfwitted 'charities' who think they need to spend so much money for no reason.

These people found their own way here. No outreach worker brought them. All they need is a wash, a set of clean clothes and a bus ticket home. They do not need to be babysat all the way.

£50 for a ticket, maybe £30 for a set of brand new clothes from a supermarket, and a little wave goodbye. That's all that's needed. Their outreach workers can meet them at their destinations and that won't cost any more at all.

The Righteous will blanch at the mere suggestion that anyone who wants to live here should at least learn the language. Why is that so much to ask, when every other country in the world requires the same thing? It sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Why are the French not racist for insisting that people who live in France can speak French? Why are the Spanish not racist for insisting on the same? Why is it just us, Righteous, who have to print every damn leaflet in every language in the world?

And why, when those who come here with no intention of learning the language find themselves unemployable, is it necessary to spend quite so much sorting out what is, in effect, a problem of their own making? A coach ticket home is fine with me. But hotels, planes and outreach workers? You are just taking the piss.

It's time people took responsibility for their own lives. We cannot afford to sort out the whole world's problems, and we certainly can't afford to do it with all the trimmings.


Fidothedog said...

Is there anything that these fucks won't piss away money on.

The solution for Mr/Mrs Swyewrewtrtweirtwiertwiyertryweirtweitgsdhkhvflkski is quite simple, get on a bus/plane or train and fuck off back to Poland.

Anonymous said...

No, sorry you are wrong, remember ALL Poles are hard working, polite and put our own young people to shame. They will dig your garden or fix a leaky pipe for next to nothing, unlike our own work shy greedy underclass.

Anonymous said...

I travel the world in all the countries there the signs are in the local language and sometimes English thats it. In the housing office in Streatford Manchester there is a sign in 40 different languages so they van get fiddled by immigrants from 40 different countries. In the town hall, taxi licensing department of the Peoples Republic of Manchchester the signs there besides Urdu of course there is even one in Vietnamese. I for one would have thought it might be an advantage if your driving a taxi in Manchester to be able to read write and speak English.

stonker said...

So was the Pole recently arrested/imprisoned and deported for rape and attempted murder in Exeter a hard worker? He is one of many thousands that are committing criminal offenses in our Country whilst taking money and pissing it up against the wall.

I still can't get a plumber.

The Penguin said...

It's the fucking young drunk Poles who dump carrier bags of empty lager bottles in my front garden, the bastards.

And I'm not racist, we're all the same fucking human race - just some of us have respect for other people's property.

The Penguin

man in the street said...

Council Tax payers strike required, at a minimum.

Ampers said...

Personally I have always liked Polish people, but everything leg-iron has said hits the point.

Many Poles do speak English quite well, and are hard working. I would say the majority are the norm. But bear in mind here that a majority can be as low as 51%.

K. MacEgan. said...

Pengy-when I was "on the doors" in Belfast it was always Wladislav who carried a sharp.Now,there are times when I rant.(Like when I went to housing and the Pshishi as Olga Vassilevna calls them took all the flats & rooms)I leave the last word to a Lithuanian priest "The one who come are 'ow you say scum?"Yes I've met nice ones.What cunt thoght allowing 2 million Slavs in overnight was a good idea?I spent my 28th birthday in a ditch in Denmark-I learned that it may be a god idea to learn Dansk before arriving.

Anonymous said...

I know someone who is the Project Manager on a building site where he often gets migrant workers that don't speak English. The main reason they are unemployable is simple really. Health & Safety! It is not safe for them to work in an environment where they cannot understand their initial introduction to H & S in the U.K. and are unable to take direction whilst on the job.

I agree with you on the "taking the piss" though, but that's one of the reasons this country is in such a mess!

Chalcedon said...

mOST PLACES AROUND THE WORLD YOU CAN GET BY AS A VISITOR WITH eNGLISH AND A SMATTERING OF THE LOCAL LANGUAGE. eVEN IN jAPAN. Ooops, caps lock. But trying to work anywhere without speaking the language is doomed. It just won't happen. It's bloody obvious it won't happen too. Didn't these wankers (those who opened the flood gates to eastern Europe) ever watch Faulty Towers? Que? Sums it up really.

Dave H said...

One of the biggest social housing providers in Cambridgeshire offers the following translations on its website:

Bengali Chinese* Mandarin Chinese* Cantonese Czech
Dari** Kurdish Lithuanian Polish
Portuguese Russian Turkish Urdu

Note: no French, German or Spanish.

Hazel Blears would no doubt say that rumours of council houses going to newly-arrived immigrants from outside the EU are far Right inventions, the lying cunt.

*2 dialects, one assumes, they look different.
** I don't even know where they speak that!

Old Holborn said...

I've just been sent a MORI poll on the NHS.

It is in the following languages


I have rung them to complain that it isn't in Moldavian

K. MacEgan. said...


Cybulski said...

All they have to do is find their way to Ealing where Polish is the national language. Even the hoardings are in Polish.

If you visit the town hall though, it helps to have a smattering of Urdu, Somali or Arabic.

Big Fat Trucker said...

I used to work for Tesco. For EVERY job in Tesco, there is a risk assessment. EVERY risk assessment must be signed off by the worker and his trainer before the job can undertaken. Some are nitpicking, like using a stapler. Some are vital, like delivery approaches and store layout. Failure to comply with any of them is a disciplinary offence.

Except for the Poles. One horrifying example: The Newmarket Road store in Cambridge has a risk assessment comprising the approved approach road, the landmarks to the turns, and the point at which you can't manoeuvre a 44 tonne artic. What happens when it can't be read?

Harrithebastard said...

I live in Slovakia ... i lay down the challenge to any lefty halfwit to walk into ANY council office or police station and demand that you require whatever in any other language other than Slovak ... lets see how fucking far you get , your bastard feet will not touch the fucking ground ?

So come on lefties .. i dare you , just post on here the date and day and time , and i will wander over to film your instant fucking demise on video .. now where did i leave that old piece of rope !

Dave said...

We've got a young South African couple sleeping rough and sitting outside Subway every day.

They came over here last year full of high hopes and it all went tits up.

They can't even raise the fare to get to the South African Embassy.

If you offered them a ticket home they'd have your hand off

electro-kevin said...

The government do it deliberately.

To offend us.

Old Holborn said...

It takes my permission to offend me. They don't have it.

Reimer said...

Whilst the Poles, Balts and other Slavs don't scare me like the ever-arriving massed dross of the Third World does, the remarkable mega-underestimate of the numbers due here prior to signing off accession was one of the most blatant 'happy accidents' conceivable for those wishing to create facts on the ground conducive to irretrievably embedding Britain in the EU.

Bastards and traitors. Rope, wire, eviscerating sickle, chainsaw, blowtorch etc.

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