Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday Nite 9pm


The Screech said...

Bloody hell, this is going back a bit, i love this tune. Thing is i never knew who it was until now, cheers mate i shall be looking into AWB as soon as possible. For some strange reason i always used to get it mixed up with the Starsky & Hutch theme tune, but yeah, im sat here with my second glass of vod & bull of the evening and chilling with it, just fantastic

ps. word verification = raphot ....whatever

Aardvark said...

So what’s happened on Guido's blog? Moderation is On and the blog is DEAD. Very sad. Even this place is now just a shadow of its former self and visibly dying. Both Guido and Old Holborn were once very entertaining, lively and funny. Now this placed is reduced to posting YouTube pop video’s but no ones watching. BLOG DEAD.

The Screech said...

I think one might call it "tactical withdrawal". I Can't speak for Guido as i have only read his intermittently, but OH has lately been one side of a disagreement between bloggers. As being newborn to blogging myself i can only say it as i see it. Most of the politically orientated blogs i've read since i got into it have been pretty harmonious with each other, whilst not always agreeing with one anothers point of view at least agreeing to disagree and having a bloody good laugh over it, after all it's our differences which make us Humans great. But it did sadden me somewhat to see something brew up which may or may not have gottengot out of all proportion, between two bloody fantastic and entertaining bloggers. I only hope the differences can be ironed out because we are after all on the same fucking side.

Old Holborn said...

I've spoken to Guido this evening and he is tired of the abuse which is unusually rife this evening.

I will quote him

"Every post was becoming about ZIONAZI PIZZA CRIMES! Same few people posting dozens of times, as well the Obo / Holbo crossfire :)

Was getting tedious."

I have to agree. It's his private property. He built it from scratch. I NEVER see him write abuse on anyone elses blog. If he wants to remind few loonies that they are pissing on HIS fence, free of charge, so be it.

Lord Mandlebum said...

Fuck me, that band is tighter than a choirboys arse.

The Screech said...

Lord Mandlebum ..... being somewhat of a musician myself, i see that as a compliment, yeah this band are flippin great. (make the most of my junior school type swearing while i'm in a mellow mood)

Anonymous said...

Or GF does not tolerate criticism of his masters. What's his day job btw?

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Pick up the Pieces, The White Album, Atlantic Records.
Vinyl heaven.

Still as good now as it was 30 odd years ago.

Always did like it funky, still do, but was never able to play it quite as well myself.

Happy days though.

Anonymous said...

Must take a bit to get his cage rattled so soon after Dolly came on the scene.

Have we gorra lorra lorra laffs - the first blog wedding.

Toodle pip.

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