Monday, 12 January 2009

The eyes have it.

What really happened to the Gorgon's other eye.

ID cards contain biometric information that prove, beyond any doubt, that you are the rightful owner of your face and fingers. That's all they do. Tracking devices in your cars will record how far you travel and tax you accordingly. Incidentally, they'll also record where you've been. All your Emails, phone calls and web page visits will be stored for your own protection.

This year, we will also see the roll-out of face recognition software. This will catch all those evil criminals who choose to travel by bus or train and pay cash. A very suspicious way to get around - well, soon it will be regarded as such. Already, not using a credit card marks you out as an oddity. You can get a DVD player for as little as £20, but pay cash and they want identification. Apparently this is to stop TV licence dodgers, even though you don't need one to watch DVDs.

Every little detail of our lives must be tracked by these paranoid Labour idiots. Every morsel we eat must be recorded, every drop of drink, every dump we take, and any imbalance between food in and waste out must be dealt with at once in case we deviate from our masters' prescribed body image. Every conversation must be noted, every word we read and every movement we make. In this government's command-and-control ruling system (© the Dark Lord) no dissent can be risked. The Thought Police must watch us all, all the time.

The article linked to above includes the story of one Rob Milliron, photographed at lunch and used, without his permission, in a campaign to show the rest of Tampa, Florida, that they had nowhere to hide. A crazed bint in Tulsa, Oklahoma called the police and claimed he was her ex husband. He wasn't, but rather than trouble themselves with marriage records, the police decided to surround him and interrogate him at work. Tampa has since given up on the face recognition stuff, because it's useless.

So we are to have it here, because it's useless. Just like useless ID cards, useless databases of spam and text messages, useless devices stuck into cars (take the thing out, wire it up to a 12 volt battery and leave it in the garage while you drive around) and a high speed train almost as fast as the ones Japan had 25 years ago, we are to waste massive amounts of cash on something that's only going to mess up innocent people's lives.

One thing it will mean, for sure, is that anyone going for a walk next November 5th is certain to be stopped and searched, and probably long before they get to the Houses of Parliament. By then, wearing masks in public will definitely not be allowed.

I'll let the author of the article have the last word:

So let's understand this: governments and police are planning to implement increasingly accurate surveillance technologies that are unnoticeable, cheap, pervasive, ubiquitous, and searchable in real time. And private businesses, from bars to workplaces, will also operate such systems, whose data trail may well be sold on or leaked to third parties - let's say, insurance companies that have an interest in knowing about your unhealthy lifestyle, or your ex-spouse who wants evidence that you can afford higher maintenance payments.

Government-sponsored stalking. For everyone. Now that's real socialism.


Old Holborn said...

"Government-sponsored stalking. For everyone. Now that's real socialism."

Worked a treat in East Germany. Kept the stupid fuckers quiet for a generation and a half.

Leg-iron said...

East Germany didn't have a tenth of the technology available now. This lot could keep a population controlled for centuries.

Unless it's stopped now.

Old Holborn said...

The fact that Ranting Penguin was "answered" by the Dark Lord himself made national news today.

Ye gods. The cunt isn't even elected. And has been twice.

Shirking From Home said...

This really gets my goat. Cunts the lot of them. They and the system get more desperate and despotic by the day.

Old Holborn said...


Undock from the system

Become invisible

I pay cash. Everywhere. I am not registered to vote. My company posts minimal accounts here whilst my business thrives in Lichtenstein.

Hide. You are already living in an open prison, don't give the screws so much as a smile.

The Penguin said...

Did you clock the item on my place re the National Fucking Trust (there's a word!) CCTV-ing their restaurant (apparently) to refute complaints?

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

I refer you all to Leg Irons comment

"This lot could keep a population controlled for centuries.

Unless it's stopped now."

Religion did exactly the same thing, in exactly the same way. For 2,000 years.


(Clue: It's all about being watched and being punished, for not doing as you are told)

Anonymous said...

This Orwellian stuff is not just a socialist thing because I bet that Tories won't suddenly abolish it if/when they come to power.

Old Holborn said...

Of course they won't

Vote for whoever says they will.

Simple, really.

Just ask them.

Aardvark said...

So what’s happening with the European Court ruling on the national DNA database with the people arrested but either not charged or convicted? Even worse the people who voluntarily (and naively) gave samples to assist in large scale Police investigations? The Government is still dragging its feet on this one and not for one moment do I believe any DNA records will ever be deleted.
Come on Home Secretary what you going to do about it?

Old Holborn said...

Nothing of course

This is the EU testing whether they can build an EU wide DNA database and get away with it.

And they will.

General Incompetence said...

Yeah, we're fucked. A huge conspiracy, hardly secret or hidden - in fact brazen and vulgar to simply control the fuck out of us. Any concessions we manage to obtain from any streak of piss will simply be temporary.

The smart money's on the fact that they wanna divert money to their own special interests anyway and simply can't afford it, however, they'll sell it to us like it's a victory for the proles.

Hey, i'm not gonna fuck ya today, i'm gonna do it next week - yippee fucking do - crack out the bunting, ain't life a peach.

Anonymous said...

It may well end with them being fucked with pianowire.

AngryDave said...

These fuckers really do believe they are unstoppable, and no longer even try to hide what they are doing. The real problem is that there are only a few of us left who care. Everyone else is either sleeping or they are happy to let the state run their lives for them. You only need to read any one of the numerous police blogs to see that there are people who will happily handover the running of their lives tp the state.
The police want to be out there doing what they should be doing, but are being tied up with red tape. They are outnumbered and controled by civillian 'support staff' who really give the orders. They are now the governments fingrmen, whether they like it or not.

Can the government be stopped?

I fucking hope so! I for one will not go quietly or disapear without a fight. When they send the fingermen for me i will make a big noise, and take enough of them with me to be noticed.

Craig said...

I'm aware of the all-pervasive nature of the government and their surveillance systems.

My estranged wife had me arrested for bigamy on the basis that she claimed that I was not divorced when we were married.

Instead of investigating and contacting me to arrange an appointment to come see me, Avon and Somerset Police arrived unannounced at my place of work and arrested me.

No further action was taken (there was no question of my being guilty) but this caused me to make a huge loss both of my job and it meant that I went for three weeks without work.

Three weeks may sound like nothing but an extended holiday; in my business, three weeks = £10,000.

stonker said...

"Sorry" seems to be the hardest word.
The badger being interviewed on Sky News just can't bring himself to say it. Never mind, apparently lessons have been learnt and its a global problem anyway.
Time to go out and pass the 500 hundred cameras on the way to the boarded up shops.

Chris said...

"But my new numbered ear-tag is soooooo stylish."

So what are we sending the scheming, control freak parasites for Bonfire Night this year? Some Gustav Dore lithographs of the Book of Revelation, or perhaps copies of "Animal Farm"...

Gareth said...

"Religion did exactly the same thing, in exactly the same way. For 2,000 years."

And as with the past, the bastions of this new religion (security) are the biggest thieving, deviant, hypocrite bastards in town.

K. MacEgan. said...

Use a false name.As I do.Just failed Big Brother 10 auditions where at least I would have been paid for being snooped on.

Anonymous said...

So what happens to the females of religions that are allowed to cover their faces?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I have an unregistered mobile which obviously marks me as a suspect t*rr*r*st; I daily expect to get tazared in the head from my earpiece.
Also my address is listed as having no TV license, no TV, so clearly I am not in receipt of the required Government messages and am therefore likely to be s*bv*rs*v*.

it's either banned or compulsory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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