Thursday, 22 January 2009

Euthanasia of government

"Euthanasia of government" would be achieved through "individual moral reformation". William Godwin.

This is my favourite phrase at the moment- Euthanasia of Government- why in Gods namely are we meekly sitting around allowing these cretins to steal our money, blindly believing that if they throw enough money at the problem it will go away.

The Political classes are in a blue funk, today is the thirtieth anniversary of the start of the Winter of Discontent that brought down Callaghan. Despite all of the propaganda of the intervening years, the anarchy was triggered by ordinary people taking a twenty per cent real cut in pay, whilst civil servants and Judges were getting 35% increases. The Unions were vilified then and vilified now, but the people who supported the Unions were not mindless morons, they could see that the over regulated , micro managing Party of the People had lost control and were just rewarding their own. They had no plan and no strategy.

The people of England in particular, rejected State Centralism and voted for a Radical program of Liberal Reform, it was bloody, it was divisive, but nobody wanted the return of State Centralism, whether it was run by the Unions, The Labour Party or the Butskillism of the Tories, nor do we want it now.

In Iceland yesterday the Riot Police were called to protect Parliament, the Political Classes are fearing the worst here as well. Mass unemployment is going to lead to social misery and discontent, Latvia,Greece and Spain are already battling with Civil unrest.

Brown at PMQ’s yesterday just flapped around worshiping the God Obama in a blind panic, I watched the faces of those around him not Brown. Discomfort was writ large, they know that he has lost control, he had not even told Harman he was dropping the exemption from the FOI for MP’s expenses, such was his panic.

Lastly yesterday evening we had the unedifying sight of a Conservative MP cravenly handing over constituency correspondence to a policeman squatting in his office. He should hang his head in shame and resign. If they cannot defend their own Liberty from the State they cannot protect ours.

A Cromwell was the cry of the Revolutionaries as they swept towards the Bastille in 1789, we have to fight these tapsters and wastrels in a corrupt Parliament, and reduce their powers over us.

Obama quoted Tom Paine in his speech, let me give you another quote from Tom Paine-

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

I no longer consent to this Government, it was elected on a fraudulent electoral system that ensures minority rule of fanatics wedded to the power of the State. Parliament no longer represents or reflects the will of the people. To quote Cromwell- In the Name of God Go.

Until such time as we have a written constitution that guarantees our Liberties and an Electoral system that reflects the diversity of political thought in this country. I do not consent to be ruled by it.


The Penguin said...

I should think that Harriet Hypocrite is probably not best pleased. There she is, proposing the absolutely indefensible against a rising tide of public anger, believing that she has the support of McBroon and the power of the Whips to force through a supine HoC this sleaze-hiding measure, and without a word of warning the great Bottler drops it like a hot turd.

Mind, couldn't happen to a better person.

The Penguin

someday said...

I'd like to drown this entire "government" in a bucket of shit.

Anonymous said...

Sadly middle England just does not have the balls to do anything, they'll end up living in caves before they get off their pampered arses, you need to get the working man back onside to do your fighting for you,just like you did when we had wars to win.

Sue said...

I like :

Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have... a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean the characters and conduct of their rulers. (John Adams).

You have to admit, nothing seems to make a difference. Vast numbers demonstrated against the war in Iraq and the government ignored them.

We should not have to demonstrate or riot to get a point across!

A true democracy works on a voting system with governments frequently asking the people to choose. This government doesn't, no votes, no referenda, nada!

I don't think it will be long before there's trouble though, it's happening all over Europe (not on British TV of course), but it's frequently shown on Spanish TV.

Old Holborn said...

Public debt has allowed this government to encircle the middle classes. They are so up to their eyes in it, no one dare rock the boat.

When enough 40 something managers meet the bailiffs to hand over the car keys, you will see political action. And it's happening

When enough 30 something fork lift truck drivers have to hand back the keys to their house and move back into their Mum's council house, you will see blood

Which is why Gordon is offering to pay their mortgages for two years. With MY money.

I hope we have a long hot summer. 4 million unemployed is a vast amount of idle hands for the Police to try and control.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Anonymous 11:01

Until all we unite to become a cohesive force with weight and purpose, they will continue to be able to exercise "might is right".

We need a David, a Cromwell to unite behind, and whilst the critism may hurt some feelings, ultimately they are laughing at us

Earthlet Nigel said...


Our government practices censorship, largely through licencing and self-censorship by the licencees.

The poor standard and in many cases lack of foreign language schooling/training in this country means few can read the papers from elsewhere around the world or use the world wide web. The information/news is out there.

Anonymous said...

I can read and speak French and German,I do read the foreign press, it is not pretty what I read about the UK there. Brown is a buffoon, and we are ridiculed for 'not electing' him. However I can watch News24 in English from Paris,I can watch Al Jazeera in English, there is even a Russian English Language News programme. Filter out some of the national bias and you start reading stories suppressed here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:29
Well, start telling the stories then so I can spread them around.

Anonymous said...

My application to join "Class War" is in the post

Anonymous said...

'Euthanasia of government' has a mighty appealing ring to it. Here's to a long, hot, summer - more bonuses for the banks - more lies, attempted intimidation & U-turns from Bottler Brown - and piano wire all round for MPs.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Where can I get hold of some of that nice pepper spray?

The police seem to like using it, so it must be good...............

microdave said...

CNN, Euronews, Al Jazeera, France 24, & Russia Today are all available on SKY. If you invest in a multi satellite system many more national broadcasters are available, often in English even if only for part of the day.

Ooops! said...

The reason no one is doing anything is because the moral fibre and backbone of this country is broken and people now only care about protection of their own cosy lifestyles,there is no prospect of 'community action' because communities have been dismantled. The kind of men (and women) who used to stand up to the state, miners, dockers, steelworkers etc, the kind of people who did backbreaking manual work and had hands like shovels heads like breeze blocks, who could act en masse, because they lived and worked together en masse, no longer exist. I mean if the battle of Orgreave had taken place outside an IT support company or PC World or any other place where the self centred and feckless are now employed to do bollock all but dream about their next night out vomiting next to Yates and how much cocaine now costs, then the riot police would have smashed the fuck out of the great unwashed in short order

Old Holborn said...

Get it all, free, on your PC on zattoo TV

Old Holborn said...

Pepper spay for £5 plus postage

Gareth said...


You'll note how those Police aren't spraying the protestors but the photographer.

The UK already has constitutional documents, it just doesn't have one and the Government are happy to ignore what constitutions we do have. This must change.

Anonymous said...

I took part in the poll tax riots, fuck did it feel good! And we got what we wanted, most were just ordinary working people who'd had enough of a government that refused to listen.

Blogs and letters to the Times are for the comfortable, but nothing scares the establishment more than people taking to the streets.

Guthrum said...

The UK already has constitutional documents

NO the only constitution we have is PARLIAMENT IS SOVEREIGN just three words.

The Members of Parliament can do exactly what they like there are NO constitutional checks and balances on them at all, that is why we are in the state we are in.

A fraudulent Parliament with a fraudulent electoral system.

What I have said is illegal it is contempt of Parliament, and that is exactly what I feel for the current institution.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13.46

Wasn't poll tax a better deal than that which we have now?

Just asking, I wasn't in UK when it all happened, so don't know the details.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for zattoo TV OH

Anonymous said...

Anon 13.46, no it was not better,if you chose to live in a particular area you knew in advance what your "rates" would cost, this included your water bill in those days, it favoured the better off who lived in large houses, (effing Thatcher), at the time I lived in a grotty small flat with the missus and two kids, the economy was fucked, I was on short time, and overnight our rates went from £29 a month to £66, The Scots got to try it first, they did the right thing and refused to pay, it became unworkable north of the border, we had to riot to get the fuckers to listen.

Dave H said...

Just imagine what the 'terrorist' people of Iceland are now saying about the British.

With a single act that disgusting autistic snotmuncher has made us their lifelong enemies.

Gareth said...


What are Magna Carta, Habeus Corpus and The Bill of Rights?

Something reminded me recently that manifesto pledges are not legally binding. They should be. The ability to hold people to their word makes the world go around. The words of our politicians are worthless if they cannot be made to abide by them.

Guthrum said...

Gareth - All of these can be overturned by a vote in the Houses of Parliament.

It is a delusion that you are protected by these charters, the 1688 Act prohibits signing away powers to foreign princes and potentates, but it was done by transfer of powers to the EU by a vote of Parliament.

You have no protection from Parliament at all. Our Constitution is simply PARLIAMENT IS SOVEREIGN, it is you absolute ruler. If by a vote in Parliament all people called Gareth are to be rounded up and shot, that is constitutional !

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