Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Europe is burning, lets have a cup of Tea

Just got of the phone to a colleague in Vilnius who could not believe that the civil unrest in Lithuania is being suppressed by the BBC.

Tomorrow in Paris there is the 'Manifestation du 29 Janvier' against Sarkozy- Mrs Guthrum brought back a copy of La Monde yesterday from her business trip to Paris, looks like they are all looking forward to it. It is being reported in the Telegraph that Putin is coming under pressure as well.

What are we doing as Brown decimates the economy, saying mustn't grumble and having another cup of tea !


Brown has just rejected the IMF statement that the downturn in Britain will be the worst in Europe


Anonymous said...

Two sugars in my tea please, oh, and a bankers head on a spike as well, if thats not to much trouble.

TheFatBigot said...

Bizarrely the forced resignation of Iceland's Prime Minister got barely a mention on most news media, and when it did it was "banking crisis forces out Iceland PM", or the like, with no reference to the mass demonstrations.

I can't get worked up by riots in unstable countries full of excitable peasants, for them a riot is the equivalent of a heavy sigh for the staid British. But violent demonstrations and displays of deep anger by calm, quiet, sensible people are a completely different kettle of soused herrings.

This is real news, very real and very serious news.

Dave H said...

While you're burning check this out (as pointed out by a commenter at Dale's). Dave is a lot more intimate with Gordon than we've been led to believe.

Danny Cone-Bandit said...

The maghreb rap in that vid is a clue. The demonstrators are supporters of Lady Royall (French dubbed version)and the hard left unions/jihadist coalition. Not my cup of tea at all.

Guthrum said...

Agree it is the French wanting even more State looking after- but the Icelandic one was not, Nor the one in Vilnius,

Cohn-Bendit your kiddie's Pal said...

Thanks, Guthrum, that was my impression too.

R4 News had a piece earlier on French intelligence warning of an upsurge of hard left revolutionary activity inspired by Greek demos, return of Action Directe, betworks across Europe etc. The soixantwitards just won't go away.

Danny Colon-Bendit said...

networks I meant

JPT said...

People can't believe that it's being supressed by the BBC?
Well they're numpties then!!

Anonymous said...


Guthrum said...

Heard the Radio 4 gleeful report that it is acceptable to hunt down those that would subvert society. Implying it is the hard left that are causing the problems- here it is the hard left causing the problems in government.

A Cromwell,burn them out

Anonymous said...


W.W. said...

Well I wouldn't rule it out here in Blighty just yet.

Need the weather to pick up, we have always been fair weather protesters.

This may be a sign of things to come.


Shirking From Home said...

They're very quiet about Europe going tits up. Utter cunts.

Oldrightie said...


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