Monday, 19 January 2009

Education, Education, Education

Yet another Gordon Brown headline grabbing pledge turns into yet another abject failure to deliver what was promised. The Great Leader, Saviour Of The World, told the NuLiebore Party Hot Air Fest that
300,000 failing school children would get additional one to one tuition to help them with English and Mathematics by 2011.

Now, after 11 dreary years of the current government, who had the mantra "Education, Education, Education" on achieving power, one might think that it was a dreadful admission of failure that these children needed such help. I will refrain from banging on yet again about the SATs fiasco, or failing standards in exams, or universities having to provide remedial classes; but, here's Gordon pledging specific help for children being let down by the system they have presided over and interfered with for 11 years.

The target for help in the first year of his project was 30,000 children.

The actual achievement was that in the first year of the trial only 3,438 had received extra lessons in maths and 3,514 in English.

I hope he'll be speaking to Ed about this.

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Interfering, interfering, interfering. Useless cunt should go and take his sycophants with him

Henry Crun said...

My lad is in Y9 and thus having no SATS to do, the teachers are at a complete loss as to how to occupy the pupils all day.

Ed Balls has much to answer for.

wv = noduck. Look, I know I live in derbyshire, but there's no need to rub it in.

Daisy said...

we have the "no child gets left behind" program...what this program did in actuality is create alternative schools for kids who they didn't want in the schools to begin with...if there is the first sign of trouble the child is moved to an alternative school where they usually fail...but the originating school gets good marks because the children there graduate...we continue to fail the youth and what exactly do they think is going to happen when we are old and they are the ones running things...

Anonymous said...

When are you thicko's going to realise that this is a global problem that started in America and that snotgobbler will save the world.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Just heard on State Radio Number 2 that in future, children will not be asked to write essays for GCSE English.

"Children don't like writing, so we've decided to mark the English examination by way of multiple choice exam papers".

How the fuck does one get across one's point of view in a series of multiple choice answers?

Education - it's not what NewLabia want, is it?

The Penguin said...

Multiple choice exams give the authorities cost savings in marking them, can be done by an optical character reading device rather than an expensive expert making judgements over grammar, spelling, punctuation, and content.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Were those kids that nobody wanted darkies?

electro-kevin said...

Obviously there is a bottomless well of public money.

It's a damn sight easier to spend than it is to make !

ALL politicians should demonstrate some experience in the field of wealth creation before being allowed into office.

Old Holborn said...


Madonna can have them.

EK. Ghandi? Mandela?

Politicians need to prove to me that wealth creation is not on their agenda. MY needs are. Nothing else.

Daisy said...

actually beast you would be surprised but the majority are now Caucasian...

mikey said...

Gordon Brown probably thinks he will enjoy a long and happy retirement. He is of course wrong.

Arseholes said...

Why do the media still respect Brown and his cronies?

He should be held to account and ridiculed at every opportunity. Fucking cunt that he is.

The Penguin said...


Are you thinking what I'm thinking, feeling what I'm feeling?

Good way to save a fucking load of pension payments, early bath for all the cunts.

The Penguin

Fred the shred said...

Thanks for the 200 Billion Pound handout Gordon. Don’t worry about me I'm fucking loaded and enjoying my retirement spending your money.
Also a big thank you to the UK taxpayer, you bunch of gullible fucking losers.

mikey said...

Penguin I believe I am. I can see no reason whatsoever that useless cunt Brown should have the retirement his policies have denied me the possibilty of. He will be bought to account.

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