Thursday, 15 January 2009

De Rosso on Europe

From Daniel Hannan

The Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Topolánek, is a mild-mannered man. Although he is no great enthusiast for the Lisbon Treaty, his coalition partners have forced a compromise on him: his government will not stand in the way of ratification if the Irish change their minds; but he won't seek to bully them in the mean time.

Fair enough, you'd have thought. The Czech Republic has now assumed the presidency of the EU, and Mr Topolánek duly came before the European Parliament to set out his position. The Lisbon Treaty was nothing to get excited about, he told MEPs. The EU could work perfectly well with it, or with the existing Nice arrangements. Although he personally would vote for Lisbon, he could see the point of view of those who disagreed.

"Telling member states in advance that they have to ratify the treaty," he argued, with reference to Ireland, "and that they do not have the right to decide whether to approve it or not, is absurd".

Who could disagree with such a moderate defence of the democratic principle?

Step forward Proinsias de Rossa, formerly of the Workers' Party, now an MEP for the Irish Labour Party. "I am appalled by your disgraceful comment here this morning that Lisbon is worse than Nice," he raged. "That is not only untrue, it is divisive and it is a breach of trust. You have to seriously consider withdrawing your comments here this morning in relation to Lisbon".

You see? Even to be pro-Lisbon, but insufficiently enthusiastic about it, is deemed unacceptable. (Yes, those were his exact words: watch the clip here if you don't believe me.) This, remember, is a treaty rejected by a majority of Proinsias's own constituents in Dublin.

Not that I want to pick on Proinsias. Similar comments were made by dozens of MEPs, who tore into the Czechs for being too pro-American, too pro-British, insufficiently committed to political integration. Still, it is pretty shocking that the position taken by 54 per cent of Irish voters is now being dismissed by their own elected representatives (
Proinsias is not the first) as plain wrong.


Damo Mackerel said...

Don't worry us Irish have no intention of voting in the Lisbon Treaty when it comes around again.

JD said...



Join the group, help us here in Ireland get a bigger NO vote than last time. JD.

IanPJ said...

De Rossa was the MEP who claimed he was assaulted by journalists back in April, yet the footage showed that it was he who took a punch at the journo.

Nice chap eh. Do as I say or I'll punch yer loits out. Just what everyone should look for in a politician.

Anonymous said...

He managed to get the word 'democratic' in his speech. what does that mean?

Cato said...

'Democratic'? It means you'll do what I tell you to do.

Anonymous said...

What part of "no" dont these fuckers understand ?

The Penguin said...

Lord Malloch Brown thinks the Irish have no right to say no.


The Penguin

JD said...

They have as much right as he has to spout his bollocks...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Beardy righteous twat.
How did he manage to bring energy security, climate change, the 'economic crisis' and womens rights into that and since when was 'a more united Europe' devoted to a social market economy ?

Lastly a referendum can only "fail" if it is administered incompetantly or if it produces a result contrary to the way it has been rigged.

Antipholus Papps said...

He managed to get the word 'democratic' in his speech. what does that mean?

As nation states become increasingly totalitarian and less representative, you can expect to see an increase in the use of adjectives like 'democratic' and 'the people's' in official titles. For example, the 'People's Democratic Republic of Korea', or the 'People's Post Office'.

Remember, the truth can always be discerned from a politician's words if you remember that he is saying the exact opposite of what he really means.

For example, when Blair said that 'ours is the first generation to never experience war', what he really meant was 'I'm a psychotic nutter itching to bomb as many natives as I possibly can'.

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