Sunday, 18 January 2009

Buddy, can you spare £30,000?

Thats right that is the level that the Banks want 'borrow' from each and everyone of us. Its Ok we don't have to pay it back, but our children will and grandchildren will.

This Banking crisis has happened before in this country in the 1340's, when the Italian Lombard Bankers hit their own credit crunch and could not extend credit to the Exchequer and King. Edward III did not mount a rescue bid impoverishing his people, he threw them all out of the country, and even when they begged to return, he would not let them back in. He was not going to reward them for their own mismanagement.

Brown is no Edward III, he is in thrall to what the bankers want, what they demand they will get and Brown will steal it from us and our patrimony.

Lets examine the way these bankers are arrogantly going about this.

They have squandered 80% of their lending overseas to people and bodies that cannot repay. So they want us to fill their coffers so that they can do it again and again.

The major banks are subject to an OFT test case that has been going on for two years on unfair charging. What 'investor' lends to a company that is subject to a test case that could potentially cost Billions further in claims. Brown has not even said settle this case, he has just given them our money regardless.

I have actually seen letters from High Street Bank threatening borrowers with legal action, crowing that the customer cannot counter sue because the FSA and Government have put all such actions aside until after this test case is heard.

Whilst begging for our money, they have launched on a campaign against vunerable customers that would not disgrace
Mafia tactics

Lastly despite squealing for our money, and getting it from Brown, they are refusing to 'come clean' about their asset and liabilities.

For Christs sake what responsible lender and investor does not ask for an asset and liability statement first, obviously not Brown and Darling.

These modern day Lombards are scum and should be treated as such. We have boy chief executives appointed as CEO's who have only run a grocery shop, and treat the selling of money in the same way, pile it up and sell it cheap.

Brown has never heard of the phrase throwing good money after bad. These Toxic Banks are trading insolvently and they know it, and engineering company Director who acted in the same way when his company failed, would be prevented from acting as a Director for 15 years. What happens in banking, you keep your job, you keep your salary and bonuses as a reward for failing.

These toxic Banks have failed , they should go under. Whilst being wound up they should be broken up, the market will determine which banks will survive. In extremis, and this is difficult for a dyed in the wool Libertarian to say, any Taxpayer guarantee should only be extended to new Banking entities, that have proven asset and liability statements.

Lastly Brown and Darling should be placed on notice that they will be held to account and surcharged for their maladministration of our money as would any District Councillor.

I do not know what it takes to get British people to stand up and get angry and say no ! Brown and Darling have replicated the
Darien disaster on the British Economy through a combination of greed, fraud and wishful thing- we have abolished boom and bust!

The Conservatives and Lib Dems also have failed in this regard, the Conservatives until recently were promising matching Labours spending and the Lib Dems wanted higher personal Taxation.

The Banks do not deserve to survive, British Industry and people deserve to thrive and not be shackled by decades of National Debt.

We need a fundamental revolution in our thinking, a massive reduction in our State sector which still needs evermore of our money, and children's money just to pay its unfunded pension scheme which is also guaranteed by the taxpayer.

If the British just roll over and accept this, they are truly enslaved in wallet and mind.


RBS post losses of 7Bn-8Bn (Not quite sure! )take into account Amro purchase goodwill £40Bn (Not much due diligence there then !)


Shirking From Home said...

Exactly, but they'll shaft us continually despite protesting to the contrary.

If this happens I will be joining one of the many furious. Maybe there will be a march in London. I fucking hope so.

Anonymous said...

In the good times you should save for the bad to come. This did not happen. We are now going to pay for this from future good times profits. This may prevent us from saving for the next bad time to come.

TractorStats said...

All my life I've heard politicians state the country's pockets only contain a bucket full of money yet come Gordon's Recession he suddenly opens the hanger doors to a fleet of hundreds if not thousands of tanker loads of money. Enough money to have funded every Governments short fall in finances for the past fifty years.

To hell with banks Gormless Cyclops should be bailing out all individuals by wiping out all their personal debts would that not set the economy rolling again. I have no idea myself as I have no facts to go on as we have all been lied to by all successive Governments who treat us all like mushrooms.

Dick the Prick said...

There's a difference between borrowing and fucking stealing - cunts. Where's the reckoning? Where's the quid pro quo, the kiss off? Fucking demented little pussy turds.

polaris said...

What has to happen for this government to admit they screwed up, and quit - and for the Banks to publicly apologise unreservedly to the taxpayers of this country?

As for the state sector, trash it - I once sat and listened to a local councillor (for an award winning loacl authority - yes they give themselves fuckin' awards) boast that his administration was the biggest employer in their region - 54% to be precise. He could not understand my point that this was unsustainable?!?

Anonymous said...

In our haste to blame the politicians and bankers lets not forget all the "ordinay" people, or rather greedy fuckers who borrowed and payed over the odds for property and shares, and who now find themselves in shit street.

I dont recall the banks holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to borrow.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Anonymous 19 January 14:52
"I dont recall the banks holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to borrow".
Maybe not but my cousin resigned as a ( multi ) branch manager of a Major High Street Bank because of the pressure he was being put under to sell loans to people that he knew could not afford them.

Brilliant pic OH, made my day
" Jump you Fuckers "
Quite, why haven't they ?

" Dear Mr. Bank Manager,
Now that I own you perhaps you could rephrase your communications with me and stop being so fucking rude and oh-so-superior.
Thank You."

Incidentally I don't have any children so it won't be my grandchildren paying off my thirty thousand pound Government sponsored debt it will be yours Old Holborn, and yours Polaris, Dick the Prick, TractorStats and yours Shirking From Home, ta very much.

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