Friday, 30 January 2009

Brown's New World Order- Poverty and Enslavement for all

When it comes down to it it is just you and your family against the world, irrespective of the politics.

This morning workers are coming out in South Wales, and Scotland in support of the protesters in Lindsey. None of this is Union led, because they have sold their soul to the graft ridden New Labour that has in its turn sold its soul to the Banks with the bail out, rather than let the banks go to the wall, and break up and reconstruct.

As to the rabid BNP supporters thinking its the white working classes leading the charge, grow up.Readers of this blog and others have been warning of this day for over two years, some are middle class some not, some are professionals some are not, some are white others are not. Some of us have already organised, some of us have been on protests in Whitehall, some of us have organised protests whilst the major parties play a polite game in Westmister pretending to oppose.

This is not a class/race conflict, a secretive corrupt party has been elected into power, not even pretending that it is a representative Government, it is the Party of the Righteous and the Elect. For Eleven years they have mentally shackled our free speech, fined us, told us what to think, what to eat. They have wrecked the economy, they have created an ever increasing and coercive State. Personally they are corrupt, and are only censured by their own.

They have lead us into two illegal wars, we only see the tidy coffins coming home with Union Flags on, we do not see the thousands maimed and injured, lives ruined for ever. For what ? For New Labour's vanity of strutting the world stage, saying they have saved the world.

Brown appears to be insane, his cohorts unable to get him out of his bunker mentality.

And you know what, I would be against the Tories and the Lib Dems equally as passionately.

It is time for less Government,less taxation and more personal freedom and responsibility, not handing over our one and only lives to this corrupt Westminster.

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.



Gordon's on the case, regreting saying British Jobs for British workers, as well as he has ended boom and bust.


The British National Party was trying to hijack the unofficial strikes today sending activists to join the picket line as the Unite union, which did not sanction the strikes, attempted to retain its influence over members who are angry that British jobs have been lost to European competitors.

“Yesterday was a great day for British nationalism,” said a spokesman for the far-right BNP.

As workers addressed a crowd of around 600 outside Lindsey one of the workers shouted: “Get the BNP rep up there” but he was quickly shouted down.

The Times

Well played by the BNP, giving the Government the lie to say that this action is xenophobic based, rather than a protest about the incompetance of Labour driving the economy into the ground.

Well done to the boys for telling them to fuck off.


Dungeekin said...

Remember Brown at the 2007 Labour Conference?

"British Jobs for British Workers?

This is surely unprecedented - a national strike, without the Unions to point at as the villains.

We're certainly 'living in interesting times', Guthrum.


K. McEgan. said...

Remember Walter Wolfgang at the conference?They were well 'ard Sussex plod,I mean an 80 yr old.Anyhow,why are you so specific against ZaNuLabour?The Blue Reich (1979-1990) was pretty awful.I remain,K. McEgan (slept rough '89-90).

Anonymous said...

You do have a loose grip on reality at times! It's the white working man who'll get the change you crave for, middle England is a soft and bloated group of pen pushing non entities, who don't have a spine beetween them, sure, they ARE world class whiners, but as for getting off their collective arses to effect change, give me a break!

Right, just off to burn down the local sqires mansion, on your behalf of course.

Foxy Brown said...

It's the beginning of the end of this dreadful regime. Brown should do the decent thing and retire to the bunker with a capsule of cyanide, but alas he will be dragged screaming and kicking from 10 Downing St.

Dave said...

It'll be a summer of discontent.
If the rain holds off, of course.

can't go rioting when the weather's bad can we.

Is it true that Jackboot Jacquie is stockpiling tasers just in case?

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that BNP supporters are 'rabid' ?

FYI, I'm a supporter and I would consider myself to be a middle-class professional.

Ray Nerslane said...

I too am a BNP supporter and a white, middle class professional.

People are turning to the BNP for the simple reason that there is no alternative.

In practical terms there is no real difference between ZanuLabour and the Tories, and the LibDems are simply irrelevant.

I am no rabid knuckle-dragger and I have no illusions that the BNP would ever form a government, but a substantial BNP vote would really put the fear of god up the main parties, as it has already done in certain parts of London. Perhaps then they might just get the message.

However, I also fear there will be riots and blood on the streets before this hateful Labour government is finally dispatched.

Will Scarlett said...

"some of us have been on protests in Whitehall"

Protests? Come on, you sound like all the wet hippy tits you so relentlessly mock on this blog

It will only be when the white working class starts literally fighting the government in the streets and on the picket lines over the destitution they have been left in that anything serious will happen

Anonymous said...

Calm down. "British jobs for British workers" was only a soundbite FFS!

Just on of many delivered over a number of years-tough on crime-getting a grip on immigration-loads of em. You arent supposed to take them at their word!

K. McEgan. said...

The BNP/NSADP?May Ha'shem rot their bones.I remain, K. McEgan (race traitor).

Oldrightie said...

It matters tiddly squat how this lot of shite get pushed out as long as there is something left to build back up, other than the scorched earth the bastards are creating.
Now if they are shoved out by a massive wave of protest and angwer the next lot will hopefully realise they have to get it right or else.
Works for me. Blue was always better than red, fact.

Dick the Prick said...

Scummy fucking unions are back peddling trying to get their name in lights - cunts.

Oldrightie said...

Anger was the correct word, I shake like Snotty these days!

Dave H. said...

Voting BNP is a tempting way of kicking NuLab in the nuts (it was really, really wounding for them to finish behind the BNP at Henley) and someone needs to sort out the mess from 11 years of mass immigration madness. Having said that, God forbid the BNP ever achieve any direct power.

OH has my approval for naming pigs Mohammed. Offending cunts with a hotheaded brutishness which is, quite simply, un-British, is a worthy pursuit. Nick Griffin naming his two piglets Anne and Frank while referring to the Holo-Hoax is another matter.

(KM unless that was deliberate it was NSDAP)

Anonymous said...

I don't get this association. The Lindsey protesters want the government to step in and stop companies hiring who they want. So they want more government and less freedom. How does that square with your desire for less government and more freedom?

(Besides, everyone is ignoring the fact that for as long as we're in the EU, there is nothing much that can be done about companies hiring "foreign" workers -- in the context of the EU, they're not even foreign).

Guthrum said...


So they want more government and less freedom.

You miss the point, they are scared, scared of losing their homes, jobs and living.

Most are apolitical, but most likely voted in this incompetant and corrupt party of the people who signed away their living to the rest of Europe.

From powerlessness starts rage.

Anonymous said...

When we see Welfare recipients rioting instead of signing-on, then we will know it is over. Not until.

BTW, it was reported originally that the Lindsey people objected to Italians being imported when there were suitable unemployed here. That sounds resonable.


Guthrum said...

'When we see Welfare recipients rioting instead of signing-on, then we will know it is over.'

When we see benefits not being paid is when we will see major trouble, and taxpayers refusing to pay their taxes, blood on the streets.

Anonymous said...

As expected, there is always the "law" to keep middle England in it's place, you just roll over and piss in the air like a little puppy whenever the "justice system" is mentioned, the people who are protesting at the moment know that what is happening to them is unjust, fuck the law, the law is in moral terms wrong.

But it is the law after all, so carry on pissing youselves, and leave the dirty work to the lower orders ok?

The Penguin said...

I agree with Guthrum, many of these strikers and protesters are from Labour's traditional voter-base, and so probably voted tribally for the NuLiebore scam.

Following getting a thorough kicking from the riot squad, being arrested, DNA'd, finger printed, confined for several hours, then thrown out with a caution, I do hope they will not make that mistake again.

The Penguin.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@Dave H (13:03)

Nick Griffin has *never* named any pigs Anne or Frank. That is a lie peddled by the Zanu-Labor stooges of the anti-fascist(sic) movement in this country.

You need to open your mind a bit and start challenging some of the 'ready-mix' opinions delivered up for you by the state-controlled lie machine that is the BBC et al...

Anonymous said...

>You miss the point, they are scared, scared of losing their homes, jobs and living.

Yes, I agree with that. But that doesn't mean they're at one with you in your desire for "more freedom, less government".

If a revolution is what you want then be aware that all revolutions are made up of groups of people who appear to be united until they gain power, and then it is revealed that they have completely different ideas, at which point the revolution descends into further chaos these groups attempt to destroy each other.

(Not that a real revolution is going to happen in the UK, so let's not go pretending it is.)

>most likely voted in this incompetant and corrupt party of the people who signed away their living to the rest of Europe.

Yes, they did. Millions of them are still voting Labour. Stupid, stupid Northern working-men fools who signed their own unemployment notices and fucked the rest of us because they were too stupid to see that their supposed party despises them even more than the Conservatives do.

max the impaler said...

90% of the economic ballsups in this country have been caused by meddling governments.Communist subversion and bad leadership led the poor bloody miners down the garden path and were then polaxed together with our heavy manufacturing by the Tories.Socialist shitspeak councils think manufacturing is a 19th century activity.Got a new manufacturing process ? new technology ? they will be the first to piss on it.And now we have to put up this mendacious bunch of self serving shits who wouldn't know a hard days work if it hit them on the head.The British people are beyond fed up with this useless, thieving political class.Retribution is coming.If they bankrupt this country then we have nothing to lose.

defender said...

Pick a side OH, standing where you are in the middle of the road you could get hit from both sides.
Calm down and do a reality check

K. McEgan. said...

"Some peole say we should approach the BNP/neo-nazis with tolerance and love.I say we approach them with baseball bats and pickaxe handles" Woody Allen.

defender said...

K. McEgan. said...

"Some peole say we should approach the BNP/neo-nazis with tolerance and love.I say we approach them with baseball bats and pickaxe handles" Woody Allen.

30 January 2009 14:18 very tolerant of you, we would never do that to you, but then we are faciest which is Orwellian double speak these days.

JPT said...

Woody Allen mentioned SPECIFICALLY the BNP did he?

Gollum said...

"Millions of them are still voting Labour. Stupid, stupid Northern working-men fools who signed their own unemployment notices and fucked the rest of us because they were too stupid to see that their supposed party despises them even more than the Conservatives do"

Northern working class constituencies have no effect on election outcomes so its the votes of Southern Tories switching to Labour that is to blame

Dick the Prick said...

I'd approach Woody Allen with a baseball bat if the cunt was near my kid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think McEgan's brain has been damaged by all the Meths he was drinking when he was 'sleeping rough'.

electro-kevin said...

I'm not a BNP-er.

I think that Guthrum is right. That when there is nothing left to pay the benefits, or when sterling is so diminished that a dole cheque doesn't buy anything anyway ...

...except he's wrong to say it will be 'blood on the streets' - it'll be back doors kicked in and the blood of innocents on bedroom carpets.

I have no faith in Britain anymore.

Anonymous said...

time to grow a pair or head to heathrow

K. McEgan. said...

"Marxism is the non aryan granny of the BNP".By the way I'd be grateful if anyone can show me the difference between BNP & KKK.Finally,Thatcher,Hitler & Pol Pot are in the room.You only have 2 bullets,what d'ya do?Easy-shoot Thatcher.Twice.

Dick the Prick said...

BNP don't lynch people you nutter - ever heard of strange fruit? It's a legitimate political party. You don't have to subscribe to it but by the same token, neither should you make up stuff.

I'm wondering whether Labour actually abandoned clause 4.

There's a T shirt knocking about 'Communism - 100 million dead - let's try it again'.

Anonymous said...

McEgan, I can show you the moon, its different to the sun

McEgans dad said...

McEgan, stay off the billy

Kaygee said...

The BNP dont lynch people. They nailbomb them.

Dick the Prick said...

Yeah, course they do Kaygee, course they do. Rather than entertain the prospect that the disenfranchisement of whole tracts of indigenous communities let's just engage in slander eh?

The Jocks have the SNP, Welsh have Plaid, but the English have no right to a protest vote? Nice.

I'm a Tory to my bones so the BNP don't frighten me - it's the fucks who wanna silence them that scare me, i'll just argue.

K. McEgan. said...

Final word on BNP/NSDAP.5% of the average English genome is sub-saharan African.Legacy of the slave trade & roman empire.All mitochondrial DNA originates abroad.What are you gonna do?Deport yourselves.The BNP are just scum that take exception to the colour of another persons skin.

McEgans dad said...

Where did you learn such hate? after all I have done to get you educated given you a good home with your own room and all, this is what you write on the www utter utter shite.
wait til I get hold of you

Anonymous said...

"The BNP are just scum that take exception to the colour of another persons skin."

Shut it, honky.

Sue said...

This protest is JUST about ordinary worried about jobs.

People get upset when their "so called" leaders say one thing and then do another.

Brown knew full well "British Jobs for British People" was a promise he couldn't keep as part of our EU membership and the rules for tender, so why say it?

He's paying for his short term attempt at popularity!

bofl said...

while all you fuckwits are fighting each other the politicians,bosses and unions have fucked us all while laughing their fat wobblying tits off!!!!!

all 'helping' the people and 'protecting our way of life.'.....

like Derek Simpson!!!!
a union man through and through!

all paid for by us!!!!!!!!

it is about time there was some reaction......the dumbing down and constant harrassment kids to gay couples when they have family at hand is done to make us that we will be sheep......and at last some-only some are waking up!

When i hear all these condescending hypocrites like Brown,Blair ,Harmon ,Prescott etc (it's a long list)going on about equality and opportunity i have to stop myself smashing the idiot box!!!!!!!!

the average salary in the uk is roughly £25,000..........

when they forego their salaries,free housing,expenses,chaffeurs etc and take £25,000 i wll believe them.........

until them i pray they get horrible cancers!

bofl said...

by the strikes.......not a lot of people know this.....(Lindsey refinery, in Immingham, North Lincolnshire).


A strategic resource in aliens hands!!!!!

meanwhile that other famous uk co. HONDA is winding down.........

begging for our own jobs.....

fucking delicious!!!

OH joins the Labour chorus said...

Looks like OH has joined the Labour party and started to write ignorant PC drivel!

Oh dear, and there was me thinking he was a real pragmatist, Someone who had a grasp of the very real and serious problems that we face and the miriad of causes behind them, rather than just thinking he does.

OH turns out to be just another dopey old fart living in his goldfish bowl with his eyes tightly shut, unknowingly brainwashed and helping to destroy Britain, shouting `chav`claptrap constantly, while unwittingly adding to the problem.

Oh well, time to look for a new blog.

One far less ignorant.

Anonymous said...

has OH not taken his tablets again?

Anonymous said...

Brown knew full well "British Jobs for British People" was a promise he couldn't keep as part of our EU membership and the rules for tender, so why say it?

I wonder if this will make people now take a greater interest in the implications of EUSSR membership?

defender said...

Guido has activated comment mod as of 10 minutes ago. hope the fucker is alright

Labour troll has lost the argument said...

Kaygee said...
The BNP dont lynch people. They nailbomb them.

30 January 2009 17:09

Actually the BNP would hang the bastard, they have publically stated this.

However gun runners are welcomed by the fake Tory party. And Labour love to socialise with Marxist Terrorists.

Let's get some facts strait eh!

Labour in Violation of Un human rights code said...

"UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights of Indigenous Peoples
As adopted by the General Assembly on 13th September 2007.

The Declaration establishes a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity, well-being and rights of the world's indigenous peoples. The Declaration addresses both individual and collective rights; cultural rights and identity; rights to education, health, employment, language, and others. It outlaws discrimination against indigenous peoples and promotes their full and effective participation in all matters that concern them. It also ensures their right to remain distinct and to pursue their own priorities in economic, social and cultural development.

Includes :

Article 7.2 "Indigenous peoples have the collective right to live in freedom, peace and security as distinct peoples"

Article 8.1 "Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture."

Article 8.2 "States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:
(a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
(b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
(d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
(e) Any form of propaganda directed against them

Further as the following shows the Liberal notion of the British population as successive waves of immigrants is simply a BIG LIE

"The genetic evidence shows that three quarters of our ancestors came to this corner of Europe as hunter-gatherers, between 15,000 and 7,500 years ago, after the melting of the ice caps but before the land broke away from the mainland and divided into islands."

Guthrum said...

Oh well, time to look for a new blog.

Result !

Dick the Prick said...

Nah, it'll just be trolling - kinda getting insane recently.

OT - Blair's been at Davos with Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Jet Li ? doing a stump on philanthropism.... errr... was the missus there?

Bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bofl said...

it is going to be rough.......

and the uk will not be included.....

Geoff Hoon said...

Such hoonery will not be tolerated.

Pogo said...

I don't get the "far-right BNP..". I read the manifesto and it struck me as a damned-sight more socialist than the present Labour Party's.

Oldrightie said...

British jobs for British workers
I'm not fat
I'm not gay
It's all America's fault
We will do everything possible

Anybody spot a theme?

(Mind you since Bush went America substituted for Global!)

Dick the Prick said...

To be fair - if you wander over to Huffington, then it kinda makes our fucked up piece of shit seem a bit like a cake walk and those cunts have had a bollox election.

At least though, and it's a tiny at least, there's a prosepect that they're gonna cap all 2008 bonusses retrospectively at $400k - now, I don't know the ins and outs but that sounds fucking reasonable. Can't afford? Tough - fuck off.

Old Holborn said...

Just got back from a 1st world country.


The UK is having trouble pretending it is even a 2nd world player.

Dick the Prick said...

There's no place like home eh?

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn said...
Just got back from a 1st world country.


The UK is having trouble pretending it is even a 2nd world player.

31 January 2009 00:15

Interesting comment OH are you aware that the BNP style party SVP are one of the largest political voices in Switzerland, if not the biggest?

IdahoHunter said...

Love to see a Brit cousin quote Jefferson, now your thinkin' straight. I wish you the best, but fear the worst. We too are confronted with our own brand of Obamanation taking place here. Hopefully, we as a people, can overcome our recent political miscalculations, and return to being the once great Nations, and world leaders we once were. Why so many desire to become just a member of the pack eludes me.
Hail Bratinaca!

IdahoHunter said...

My apologies for having spelled Britannica inncorectly

Shirking From Home said...

Bastards. How about sending a length of piano wire to all of them at Westminster?

Anonymous said...

Er these protests you have been on are they the same as on utube?
Half a dozen walking past Downing st wearing masks. I bet whoever was incumbant at the time shit theirselves.

Bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob said...

Anon 9:16am

What should worry them is that it wasn't organised by them in the first place i.e. The usual lefty suspects moaning about some entitlement they feel they deserve, it wasn't a bunch of Islamist wankers rioting because of some faux offence.

It was a small group of people saying, enough is enough you bastards.

A small start but it looks like it's a growing movement and your time has come.

As I said before peeps, when they turn the Internet off, let's meet up for a walk, the usual place.

IJustWantThemOut said...

If you really give a shit about your country, then the only thing you can do is vote conservative at the next general election. If you don't, you may never get the chance to vote again.

It doesn't matter whether you'd prefer to vote Lib-Dem or Old Labour or Green or BNP - the only way to get this corrupt NuLab government out is to vote tory and lump it.

Posturing about voting for some other minority party is pointless and will only divide the votes needed to oust Brown and his corrupt lackeys.

You know it's true.

I'm not a tory, either.

Anonymous said...

Vote conservative at next election,
what is their take on British jobs for British workers?

IJustWantThemOut said...

"what is their take on British jobs for British workers?"

It's irrelevant while we are still in the EU.

We all need to start telling the tories to give the British people a referendum on the EU, so we can vote ourselves the fuck out of it.

This means actually taking in part in politics - writing to tory candidates, putting pressure them on e.t.c.

It's no use people just whining on blogs or down the pub, we've got to let them know what we want.

p.s. the last bit is not aimed at anyone in particular!

Actually, I suppose there are some places where the LibDems or some other party might be party to defeat nuLab locally, so a tory vote is not necessarily the 100% best thing to defeat nuLan - just be sure!

Anonymous said...

Economic mess. People fearing that their jobs will go. Mistrust of the mainstream parties.
The conditions are right for the rise of national socialism

Just like Germany in the 30s.

My fear is that the ineptitude of the current political system will open the door to the BNP. As someone else famously said "There is no alternative"

Nu Labour = New Stasi said...

Anon 11:23,

The present government IS national socialist, haven't you noticed?

Guthrum said...

'writing to tory candidates'

Why?, they are part of the problem, not the solution. They are just as big State as Labour.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
...The conditions are right for the rise of national socialism

Just like Germany in the 30s.

My fear is that the ineptitude of the current political system will open the door to the BNP.

31 January 2009 11:23

National Socialism's rise came through 'leadership'. A political entity, Hitler, arose from the Weimar destruction by talking the language of the people - with no apologies.

Griffin is simply not up to 'lead'. A leader needs to rise up from the rank and file and talk for the people. It will happen at some point (cometh the hour, cometh the man and all that)but it won't come from the mainstream political class today.

They're frit.

Anonymous said...

You and your fucking Libertarians have been warning us for two fucking years!!!!
We have been saying it since the year dot, so don't give it the "we know best for you, and listen to us" You disingenuous shits, you stand no chance of any sort of influence in politics!
You are the champagne right whingers, a protest in Whitehall?
What did that achieve?
FUCK all.
The cunts in the HoC dont give a toss for you, they dont give a shit for UKIP,English Democrats,Monster stupid arsehole party,Independants of any ilk. They are scared of the BNP because unlike you Libertarians and others of your ilk. We are not scared to walk the walk, and talk the talk.
We are real Socialists.
Grab a pineapple and stuff it where the sun don't shine. You stuck up pieces of middle class wank stains.
From the ubermensch.

By the way! If you want my screen name, just ask.

Anonymous said...

By the way, please ensure you check with the quoter before you pronounce judgement.
The spokesman for the Socialist BNP did not say that.This is another example of what we have to put up with.
We don't like it but we are used to it.
Oh!!! Bollocks to all you cunts.
My screen name is screamingmad, which is what I am.
So to all you sad examples who are scared to come out and say what you really mean. I say fuck the lot of you, and when the Stasi come round to collect us for reeducation or execution. I will take great delight in saying before the rope tightens around our necks!!!
You stupid fucks.
God bless, and goodnight from the "Gates of Vienna"

Anonymous said...


Are you blind and deaf, vote Tory?
You stupid cuntwaft, we get more of the same. What is needed is a complete change of same old same old. Libertarians are not going to do it.
Look at the local election results. BNP getting 20+%. What does that tell us? Duhhh.
The soma fed idiots out there will not wake up until it hits them square in the bollocks, or the shit hits them in the face, which is happening now in the North of England. It will spread, and within 3 months , I predict rioting on the streets.
I have bought a job lt of piano wire. Not quite cornered the market, but enough to do 600+ cunts.

IJustWantThemOut said...

"BNP getting 20+%. What does that tell us?"

It tells us they are a minority who won't win an election.

If you don't vote tory you'll get labour again. Wake up and face the truth.

Anonymous said...

'They are scared of the BNP because unlike you Libertarians and others of your ilk. We are not scared to walk the walk, and talk the talk'

So were the SA, until the night of the long knives when they became expendable, and the 'natural' rulers left them face down in the mud.

HOW TO STOP NWO New World ORDER said...

I am a former military officer - and pilot - please do not hold this against me. I had been living the lie for many years, and was unaware. The lights are on now, and I intend to get fully involved in "the solution". I have searched and searched to find strategies for the average Joe to implement. I have found much information regarding survival, but not much in terms of what can be done within our legal framework - especially with a rigged game. The county cleanup process I believe is the best strategy I have discovered to date - but I find virtually no reference or links to it within the hundreds to 9-11 and related sites. This needs to CHANGE and fast. Besides my interest in flying, I have invested much time in developing web applications - websites - and e-commerce solutions. Your site is good but could be greatly improved. I also think that all your products should be made available with one or two mouse clicks - which we can discuss when you call me. I could mention many other ideas and strategies - video blast campaigns - blogging and social networking viral strategies - that NEED to happed asap in order to get this word to as many people as possible before it is too late.

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