Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Brown Backs Down on Expenses

I missed it myself but it looks like Brown has caved in on publishing MP's expenses,

Instead of claiming victory, we should be descending on the 646 like a pack of Wolves demanding more accountability and the reduction in the massive State.

MP's staying in London should not be paid to have second homes, they can go into 'suitable' accomodation, that is an asset for the taxpayer. Not transferring assets to them
Iain Dale is claiming glory for Tom Steinberg. Who I've never heard of.
And from the Pengiun on the same subject
Bottler Brown, The Supreme Leader and Saviour Of The World, has once again demonstated that he has so little courage when it comes to a fight that if you used a very powerful magnifying glass you still wouldn't be able to find it.
He has suddenly decided to drop the vote on covering up MPs expenses, despite earlier in the day it being confirmed by Downing Street spokesweasels and Harriet Hagperson that there would not only be a vote on Thursday but that it would have a 3-line whip. Now, this is to be welcomed on several levels. It bring closer the publication of the troughing details, which will hopefully see some of the greedier snouts thrown out by their disgusted electors at the first possible opportunity.
It will encourage investigative journalists to lob in many more FOI requests. And it shows up the cowardice of The Great Leader, giving his many enemies more ammunition.
The Penguin


Shackleford Hurtmore said...

I think my idea was even better:

The Penguin said...

Nice pack of wolves! The shareholders of RBS ought to be ought in force like that to persuade Fred The Shred to return his unwarranted bonuses - or have his house burnt down for starters. Then they should pop round for a quick word or two with the auditors, and thence to the useless but very well paid twats at the FSA.

The Penguin

KnitPicker said...

When can we start shooting these bastards. And burning their houses down. Who needs government?

Anonymous said...

Do you really think they've caved in? They'll try and sneak it in some other way. Once the public get the idea that we can make them accountable, then they might start asking for more. This will be stopped at all costs.

Gareth said...

It will be used as an excuse to increase MP wages by a substantial figure.

Security will be the reason. It's utter shite of course but that won't stop them trying it on.

Fidothedog said...

Brave Sir Gordon ran away...

The Penguin said...

Dear Mr Penguin

Thank you very much for your email. I very much agree with the points you make and believe that MPs' expenses should be made as transparent as possible.

Indeed if there was a vote on the matter I would make sure that I voted for transparency and against the Government's proposal to exempt MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information Act.

However, I have just learnt that the Government has now withdrawn the motion which is good news although it should never have been proposed in the first place.

I hope my reply allays any concerns you may have had.

Yours sincerely
Peter Bone MP

Bemused Wolf said...

Dear [Bemused],

Thank you for your email about exemption of MPs from the normal Freedom of Information Act. There was no secret about the government’s proposal. It was tabled on the order paper in the normal way but I didn’t agree with it. I went to see government ministers and said I would not vote for changing the law to exempt Parliament from the Act. I am pleased that, following the representations that I and other Labour MPs made to the government, they have decided not to press ahead with this proposal.

The government has proposed a motion which, if carried, will require the House of Commons to publish information on members’ expenses in much greater detail. It proposes breaking down the expenses claims into 26 separate categories. This is a big step forward, but I don’t think it goes far enough and I have tabled an amendment which proposes that individual items of expenditure on “fixtures, fittings and furnishings in MPs’ second homes”, the so-called “John Lewis list”, should be published in full. I hope that the Speaker will call this amendment and that MPs from all parties will support it.

Yours sincerely,
Hugh Bayley MP

Old Holborn said...

DAer Oldf Holburn,

Leave it ouht.

You ~Kuntg. I no wweAR YOU LIVE.

Brooks Newmark MP (Con)

Arseholes said...

Beckett on the double penetration show today was a laugh. Hadn't a clue what the fuck was going on.

Henry Crun said...

Pah, at least you got a reply. Our Labour Party Rep hasn't even bothered to respond to my missive. Too busy shredding his postal expense claims no doubt.

Old Holborn said...

Is it just me or did she keep her eyes closed the whole time?

Brillo took her apart.

If I see her or her fucking caravan, the whole lot is going off Beachy Head.

Horse faced vaginal discharge

Red Mist said...

Harriet Hagperson - lol, I love it!

I just wonder what Kerry McCarthy thinks of it all... we all know you're reading this, so please tell us!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

MP pay rise on the way, quid pro quo for Daves' proposal to reduce the number of MPs by 10% ?

mikey said...

"we should be descending on the 646 like a pack of Wolves"

My friend's friend who happens to "work in the Herefordshire area" said there are enough already up for it. They've all had a gutfull of being shat on by HM Gov just as we have. It's going to happen. I remain unconcerned...bring it on.

Red Mist said...

I think you should put up a blog entry asking whether that ever so nice Kerry McCarthy will be publishing her expenses. Really make her squirm...

Anonymous said...

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