Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Blog closed and GONE

This is my last post

Today, a fellow Libertarian decided to post my name , address, email address, business address, photo of me and my children on the web. Because he was angry with me over my stand on Israel.

Tonight, my wife and family have read the consequent death threats and insults to them that have poured in and asked me to close this blog.

Many people now know where I live, where my children go to school, how I earn my crust and I will not put my family at any further risk.

So I am closing my blog.

It has been fun, I have thoroughly enjoyed it but now I must think of me and mine.

I thank all of you for your support.

I will be deleting this blog in 5 days time from now. They won. I knew they would.


Gordon Brown said...

"0 people love my throbbing organ "

s'not true.


Anonymous said...

Seriously OH, find another name and start again.



North Northwester said...

I disagree with you, and big-time about Israel as I'm a Zionist and all, but I wish you wouldn't go.

Don't blame you, man, as I'm a father myself and would do the same I guess; I just wish you wouldn't sign off. The jokers outnumber us and the Internet is supposed to be a place where the good guys can argue back (and with each other to get the programme right) without threat and hindrance.

Who did this to you? I must have missed that.

Good luck to yo and yours and, no insult intended, as some good people I know would say, Mazel Tov.


lilith said...

Sorry to hear this :-(

Houdini said...

Pity...but saw it coming. Best of luck.

An Englishman said...

Well I am 100% on your side. Who did this to you?

Dick the Prick said...

Fair enough man. All the best and many cheers for the mammaries.

The Penguin said...

Get another Blogger ID and start again, this country needs blogs like yours.

You have the contact details, or just let a few followers spread the word.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Good Luck.


Fred said...

Of course you must look after your family.

I don't necessarily agree with all or anything that you have written, but I kept coming back to read your posts because I valued your opinion. I didn't quite get the hang of the language that you use to argue back too strongly, but argument is the way to sort out disagreements, not fatwas.

Best wishes for your future, may it be safe for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go, the jewish power lobby according to "Flat Earth News" have shut down or silenced much bigger fish, but it´s only a matter of time till they self destruct.

nightjack said...

So long OH.

But wasn't it fun while it lasted. Thanks for my best stats day ever when you posted up the pop quiz.

If you ever feel the need to rant as a guest blogger drop me an email (just as long as its not about the politics of the Middle East). I am sure there are many places where you would be welcome.

I have the misfortune to live with the knowledge that lots of bad people that I have sent to prison know where I live. It's my contribution to accountable local policing. You may get used to it then you sort of learn to forget. Mrs Night hates it though.

Take care. I will miss you tremendously.

John Pickworth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dungeekin said...


I'm seriously sorry to hear that. You'll be sorely missed, Sir.


Chrysippus said...


A great loss and a little less sunshine in everyone's day.

(I was always amused that I could read your blog whilst in school but found Conservative Home blocked!)

It always suprises me when folks get uptight about things that they can do bugger all about far away whilst doing nothing about the shit that affects them locally.

adam said...


I'm shocked and amazed that there are so many libertarians siding with Israel on this issue. Or even any at all, for that matter.

Stray Taoist said...

*sigh* That was a scummy thing to do to you, it really was. (And I am pro-Zionist as well.)

If there is anything I can do, you know where to find me.

sometimes just sometimes said...

Very sorry to see you go but family first,I didn't comment on the Gaza one as I believe both are as sad and bad as each other,I always thought on a blog if you picked a name that's what everybody used even if you knew the bloggers name,I didn't know your real name but just OH that was enough for me,good luck and kind regards hope all goes well and you return soon.

Giolla said...

Just to join the bandwagon, sorry to see you go and wish you wouldn't. On the other hand if you fancy a pint or a hand doing something new a bit more anonymously ( though you do have a distinctive style ) you've met me, can find me and I'll lend what hand I can as I think you've stuff to say that could do with being said.

WV. intea - what we could all do with a nice cup of and a sit down.

NotAussiePete said...

I am saddened to hear that, but your motives are understood. More than a few people will be miffed to miss your daily vitriol, me especially.

Thank you for the walk last year, hope to see you Nov 5th again.

To any libertarians or right-of-centre people reading this: Look at how well the Leftists manage the conflicts between their PLOists and their Zionists. They don't implode. They polarise and ignore each other.

Let's not snipe at each other about some foreign conflict. Let's snipe at our government for what directly affects us.


The Odyssey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A great loss. The libertarian blogosphere seems disturbingly biased on the middle eastern front and you provided a breath of fresh air, much closer to my own views.

Start again elsewhere, please! Else I'll have to start blogging, and that will just be a disaster.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It's been a great 'blog and sad to see you go, but you could allow Leg Iron and other like minded to keep it going for the time being?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

At the risk of once again being accused of personally slipping knives into his firstborn, I'd like to point out that he's done this on GOM, he's done this on GC and he's probably done this everywhere else he's ever registered.

It's always a completely disproportionate reaction to some imagined slight that gets him out of a tricky situation and then when the dust settles, he comes back, swinging his dick just like before.

He always comes back.

Those of you who count yourselves as his fans can console yourselves with that.

JD said...

Sorry to see you go. Thanks OH. See you on the walk, Nov.5th?

Anonymous said...

What's GOM and GC?

Obnoxio The Clown said...


I shan't link to GC lest someone else accuses me of personally going round stabbing kids and immolating rabbits.

FrankFisher said...

Mate, I've had a dozen death threats, and a knife at my throat the one time, although ironically that was because of something some other fucker wrote in my mag...

My advice is to tell them to fuck off.

Oh, and I'm a libertarian, my name is FrankFisher, and as far as I can see the israelis are a murderous and cowardly bunch of childkilling trash. No fan of Hamas and the Mussies either, but you know, sometimes your enemy's enemy is *not* your friend.

Chin chin.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I'm a BNPer, so you might think I'd be glad to see the back of you - but I'm not. This country needs people like you.

I was also on the BNP list that was originally published by Wikileaks - and I got one of the shitty phone calls - so you might think I'd like to see the back of them; but I wouldn't: I'm a supporter of Wikileaks - there's a need for such places.

And much as I disagree with you on the Gaza thing, I think it'll be a shame to see the back of you.

I have a simple attitude to conflicts where my people are involved: one of mine is worth more than all of theirs - regardless of rights and wrongs. I can hardly criticise Israel for apparently having the same attitude. My party chaitman articulated the BNP attitude very well, yesterday on the BNP web page. There's nothing in it that I can disagree with.

If you want to read it, I copied it word for word to my - shared - Wiganpatriot blog, accessible via my profile (name).

Take care of yourself, y'hear, and get yourself a new blog established with a different name.

Bubbling your name and address like that was a scumbag thing to do.

Ampers said...

Sorry to see you go mate.

I take note of what you say and, like others here, will draw conclusions.

Best of luck, your family has to come first.


Incidentally, the word verification here wasn't thefuckingcunts

Thud said...

you can't keep a good man down...nor you probably, but family should always come first wether other people don't even agree there is a threat...it's not for them to decide.

Bristol Dave said...

Not much I can add to what's already been said, but gutted nonetheless.

You know where to find me.


Jeff said...

Awful news!

I was late to your blog but what a sad way to end a long career.

My condolences.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Sorry to see you go OH, I was appalled, last night, to read here the silly factional infighting that has resulted in this.
Although I disagree with you on the specific issue of Israel/Gaza it was utterly reprehensible of others to put you and your family in potential danger IRL by publishing private details.

We need people like you Old Holborn, willing to speak up where others dare not. Your Peter Connelly thread was your masterpiece to be saved for my own records. Our grandchildren in the thought control police nanny state that is being constructed by Blears and the other cunts will hardly credit it possible that your like would have existed.

Fare you well.

bofl said...

o/h.........do not quit your blog!!!!!

the middle east situation will never sort itself out- these people have hated each other for thousands of years.....

but you are still free here in stalag uk to express your opinion......i like your blog...i dont always agree but then as crowley said 'its all a point of view.'.....

everyone on the net is a hard man....all piss and wind!..send any emails to plod....it was probably from a 12 year old kid in new jersey!

get your gun ready and buy a couple of alsatians!

You had the bollocks to organise a 'walk'....find some more!

in the words of norman stanley fletcher 'dont let the bastards grind you down.'

Anonymous said...

OH - We'll miss you.


Fuck art... Let's DANCE!!!

Shirking From Home said...

Sorry to hear this OH

WB said...

Hmmm, a jew hater and a poof to boot. No jew is gonna hurt ya, ya daft cunt, neither is any jew supporter like me.
You have written the vilest stuff about israel and jews and find yourself unsteady on your legs when you're outed.
Come on - this is a lousy situation of your making (no wonder you like the palis so much, kindred spirits and all that) but you've got balls, we've enjoyed so many other posts and views so much as readers and commenters - just hang in there - acknowledge you bought that stupid Hamas blowing themselves up vid as an Israeli atrocity cos you're so bigotted about jews, sit this conflict out cos you've got nothing to offer except lies like 'just want land back, starving genocide blah blah pali bollocks' and move on to entertaining us about all the other stuff which you do with fab elan and hilarious and incendiary language. Or not. Your blog, your call. I am embarrassed for you, but.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear of your blog's demise.

However, it serves as a warning to the wise, who may like to consider the use of truly anonymous blogging, as for dissidents in totalitarian states,described in this article on Global Voices Advocacy.


Liberty is dying in this country, but it may be revived.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go because of some fuckwit Yid supporter as for the middle east I want both of the scum to lose. Good luck you will be missed.

Blue Eyes said...

What I want to know is whether you actually believe all the stuff you write on here? Are you really a deeply offensive, violent, world-hating old man or was it an alter-ego created for your own amusement? I respect anyone's right to hold any opinion, but do you really wish death on the Home Secretary, for example? Are you ashamed that your blog fantasy has been connected with your no-doubt very ordinary daytime existence? What I am really asking is are you ashamed of your blog?

Blue Eyes said...

ps that was not to say I think it was right to "out" you in the first place - a very shitty and un-blog-etiquette thing to do

Daisy said...

OH...this is why my site is private...i only let a few in who i know because of a bad situation that actually affected my job...there are some real cunts out there...as you know some of the bloggers though you may want to consider just privatizing it and inviting the ones you know...it's not the best because you don't get the wide variety of views but i can say that i love having a place to say what i feel without worrying about repercussions which are hideous and only done by true cunts...sorry to see you go...but i completely understand!

Gallimaufry said...

Even on days when I disagreed with you, you wrote a better blog than I could ever aspire to. How scared those people are of your words and opinions that they have to resort to threatening violence. You have won with honour intact.

no longer anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading this blog, am sorry to see it go.

If it's any consolation I suspect the people sending threatening emails are just a bunch of keyboard warriors who won't do a thing.

Daisy said...

i'm sorry OH but this really just pisses me the hell off...i agree with no longer anonymous...sure they can talk big on the keyboard but when it comes down to it...well let's just say i used to be a bouncer and i bet i made someone very similar lick the fucking ground on his way out...i really am sorry it had to involve your family...i think if it was just a threat to you...you would take it and give back but you don't mess with someones family...that's wrong...period

Hedgewytch said...



Snowolf said...

I wish had something pithy, an apposite quote from literature. I don't.

Very very sorry to see you go OH, it was reading you that made me decide to start my own up.

As Nightjack said, if you feel the need to vent your spleen, there is more than enough space at my place.

Anonymous said...

You've written a damn good blog, with a wonderfully pithy turn of phrase, at times just as good as the great Stanislav,and I'll miss it. Thanks for everything, and do continue to contribute elsewhere.

idle said...

This is a shabby outcome. I enjoyed the rants whether they were nonsense or golddust. Good luck.

People who comment on blogs must be nutters, I suppose.

45govt said...

I'm very sorry to hear this OH - first class blog, well written incisive and I agreed with you on most things until now. We need people like you to keep it up 'em -I'm sure you will be back.

Take care, and don't let the bastards grind you down.

Anonymous said...

"Add your abuse here" - How very apt, you snivelling cunt-bag. Stopped by a name and address? Stopped by a difference in opinion?
Stopped by bullshit?

Not on my watch OH. You have a great writing style, great flare and great opinion. It is rare for me to find someone who I agree with so wholeheatedly on so many issues. Especially the Israel issue. I just wish it had not caused so much anger. However, unfortunately, some people do things without thinking about the consequences. Those people are why we can't have nice things. I feel for you OH and I understand why you are taking this desicion. However, why don't you hold back a while, take some time off, close the comments for a week, don't mention Israel for a week and come down off your man-period. When your menstral cycle has ended, you should come back and think about what you have contributed and what more you can contribute. Then, think again about closing your blog. I don't know what your personal details are, and I suspect, that like 99.99% of your readers, I have no desire to know. I couldn't give a shit where you live, how many children you have or how many fingers they have. I couldn't even give a shit if your wife was a man.

Please reconsider.

Tom Paine said...

I am very disappointed to read this. You were a force for good and I hope you will reconsider. The one thing I hate about blogging, is the way flame wars like this erupt. A careless link, an ill-considered comment and suddenly it all goes to hell - with massive waste of time, credibility for the medium and energy. I sincerely hope you change your mind and return to blogging.

Anonymous said...


Give 'em hell.. in several languages!

Fidothedog said...

Well that makes who posted your details a cunt to be fair, unable to win an argument they resorted to a cheap shot.

Rorschach said...

Suddenly the mask drops and you become scared - just like the chavs u despise do when their hoodies come down - seems you may have something in common.

Relax in the thought that the keyboard warriors who abuse you are as brave as you are!

You have learnt how to build a following so I don't doubt you'll be back very soon - you remind me of so many people, timid in real life, but so agressive on the phone, and even more so by email and letter.

That is why liberty is being lost in the UK - lack of balls!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or has Obnoxio been a real prick for publishing OH details? Am i missing something here?
Why would anyone do that, knowing the consequences?
The highlight of my day since finding OH's blog was reading his hilarious rants, updated daily and hitting the nail on the head many a time.
Thanks Obnoxio, ya prick!
OH, thanks (genuinely) for making me laugh every day for the last 6 months.

(would have posted this on UKLP site but don’t have a login, twats for not allowing anonymous comments)

Anonymous said...

Fuck off then you snivelling pussy, chuck the toys out of your pram.

You styled yourself as an urban guerilla, "V" , the scourge of the political classes, but when the going gets tough you are revealed as just another pathetic middle class wanker who likes to gob off on the internet as long as there aren't any real life consequences involved.

What a fucking cowardly wanker you are.

John Pickworth said...

Old Holborn,

Above, 06 January 2009 22:20, I posted a genuinely heartfelt message of sympathy and urged you to reconsider your decision to close your blog. On reflection, I have now deleted that comment and I further withdraw my support.

I've read what others here and elsewhere have had to say, I've considered carefully whether you were indeed the victim of some underhand blogging practises and have come to the firm conclusion you are the soul (and deliberate) architect of your own misfortune.

Clearly you have a talent for creating a lot of noise and the blogging platform has served you well in this regard... your readership numbers are impressive no matter how you slice them. However, you have squandered your capital in what can only be described as a self-destructive fit of needless temper. As someone who has devoted considerable time and energies in commenting and helping you build your audience, I'm bitterly disappointed to see you throw it all away on reprising an irrelevant 4 year old war with another blogger!

When the dust settles and the truth is finally learned by others not yet able to know it; I'm afraid there will be no way back for you. For that, I'm truly sorry. You had the potential to be a right royal pain to the 'powers that be' but you've lost so much credibility this past few days that no one will ever take you (or your alter-ego) seriously as a blogger ever again.

I still wish you well for the future OH, but I just know that your future won't be with us. Sorry that's blunt but I know you wouldn't want it delivered any other way.

crackers said...

Hmmmnnnn. Phony war methinks. Things don't quite stack up. We never know the real reasons for the actions people take. Always a missing element.

Cato said...

I have agreed and disagreed with you regarding things you'vesaid, but as others have said, it's your blog.

Regarding your details being outed, I have no idea as to the guilty party but whatever, it was wrong.

If you go I shall miss your splenetic ramblings.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

I say we take the fight back to this "clown"
You know who and what I am (apart from a cunt)
What this fuckwit has done is illegal,its called "harrassment" and you can go to jail for it


I will find his ip adress (yes clown that makes it easy to trace you) I wont publish it or his personal details , however, I will give it to you so that you can report him to the police.
Cuntface the clown
By all means take the piss out of OH but to post a picture of his family??????
You loathesome cocksucker

electro-kevin said...

Were you worried that we might find out the name of the 80s pop band you played keyboards in ?

Time to move to a neutral country perhaps - one that has never won Eurovision.

If you were a BNP-er I would never have come here, though I did tell you from time to time that you were getting a tad too angry and unpleasant with certain people. There are many moderate levels of dissent to be reached before we get to point where we execute our politicians - by which time even I won't be here.

John Pickworth said...

Anonymous said...

"Is it just me, or has Obnoxio been a real prick for publishing OH details? Am i missing something here?"

Yes. You're missing quite a lot actually.

Obnoxio did NOT post ANY private information and he certainly did NOT post any family photos (actually OH did that!). I believe Obnoxio simply posted a link yesterday (since deleted) to a sizeable 4 year old forum thread where Old Holborn's integrity had previously been tested to destruction. I'm guessing he did this when a question about OH's integrity was again being raised on another blog over the weekend.

Parts of that old forum thread does contain information about the 'real' Old Holborn, where the posters were demonstrating to him that the information was actually being revealed by Old Holborn himself - either at that same site, on another or was freely available on public databases.

Trust me guys, its not worth hunting for... OH isn't the Queen's Uncle or anything exciting like that.

In fact, its a moot exercise anyway as Old Holborn has merely repeated the same mistakes here. Back in September and based ONLY on what he himself has revealed on this blog (I wasn't even aware of the other place until yesterday) I was able to discover OH's entire online history. And no, I have no intention of repeating it.

On one level I feel sorry for OH, who has tried only to craft a certain mystique around his online alter-ego, but he was always destined to fail because he's left such a L_O_N_G trail leading to the man behind the mask. And now, the more he blames others for his own revelations, the more he turns it into an excuse to stomp off stage-left, the more likely he risks looking like he's running scared/spoilt/spiteful.

Common-sense should dictate that he let the matter go and learn from the experience... I fear though he won't. And that my friends will be the real tragedy.

On that note, I've said more on this subject than I ever intended to... and so concludes my final ever posting here.

Fair well folks.

Robert the Biker said...

I for one am very sorry to hear of this bollocks.
Even though I disagree with you over Israel and regard all muslims as loathsome scum without any exceptions, I regard your right to think differently as sacrosant.
All the best

David said...

OH, I understand why you are doing what you are doing but consider this: Closing your blog won't undo what has been done. The UKLP blog have done the right thing and removed the post.

Since discovering you through the Peter Connolly debacle you've been a bit of a revelation, they are rare when you get to 56, you think you've seen it all.

You can find me and if you find another platform from which to say the unsayable please let me know.

On the brighter side, you won't be costing my firm a fortune in time spent on the blog.

Guido Fawkes said...

My experience is that those who make threats by email don't carry them out.

Nevertheless, as much as I disagreed with your positions, it is a shame to be driven out in this way.

Elby the Beserk said...

No shortage of hoons to fuck one up out there. Pride yourself on a good job done, OH. I don't agree with you on everything by any means, but will always salute a ranter of courage and principle.

Whoever did this to you clearly does not understand the meaning of either word.

Anonymous said...

I remember looking at a pic Holby posted himself - his racing overalls. They had his full name embroidered across the front of them.

Methinks he doth protest too much.

Yet another hissy fit.

Like Arnie, 'He'll be back'

Obnoxio The Clown said...

By all means take the piss out of OH but to post a picture of his family??????

Beast, how the fuck would I get a picture of his family? I've never met him, I'm still not even sure the name attributed to him is actually who he is.

The ONLY way I'd get a picture of his family is if he put one up.

Him. Old Holborn posted up any photos. No other fucker.

And if you actually read the thread in question, you will see that I was a bystander in the whole process.

I can't believe after all these years of people taking everything they read in the papers with a grain of salt and years of questioning the underlying pronouncements of media whores, they are now prepared to take Old Holborn's word as to what is in that thread and especially what my motives were. Not the slightest hint of question as to what really happened, even though it's all out there to read for yourself.

Have you learned nothing?

Craig said...


I for one will miss your writing and your particular brand of telling-HMG-where-to-get-off.

Best of luck and please, if you can, repost under a different name.

You're spot on when it comes to familial duties and security coming top of the list.

I'd also suggest having a chat with the local plod about getting some protection.

Dad Mzungu said...

It was you who made me politically aware, or more aware than I was.
I didn't always agree with you, but it was always enlightening to read your opinion on a multitude of subjects.
I don't know what I am going to do in the mornings now.
Good luck mate. I hope you start up again, sometime.
Your Country Needs You!

charcoal said...

Didn't like some of your "followers", but shame to see a good blog go. All the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

What happened to intelligence here? Log back on to the old sites, change the user name to something else and over time google searches will loose the OH name. Then delete the photos from wherever you loaded them. Any that are left will show who posted them.

An ex Rocket Scientist.

Chris said...

I read regularly but rarely comment...I have disagreed with some(stance on Israel for example) of your views along the way.

But you have been, to my knowledge, the most credible blogger to have the bollocks to say EXACTLY what he thinks in print.

I can understand your reasons for closing, but it is a fucking sad day for libertarian blogging.

You will be missed.

Bob said...

Get a grip.

old and angry said...

Resurface under a different name!
You will be missed

Gareth said...

France2 has apologised for showing the video OH posted and saying the self-detonating Palestinians were killed by Israel.

First rule if anonymong intermawebbing: Don't use the same username everywhere you go. People will stick it in Google.

Second rule of anonymong intermawebbing: Don't post details that would identify you. People will stick them in Google.

silas said...

As per Guido's comment. I don't necessarily believe anyone would be so motivated to harm your family. If they do, then such is fate.

I have enjoyed reading most of your rants - even those I personally disagreed with - and I am sorry you feel the need to jack this blog in.

If you happen to be going for a walk this coming November, I may well see you there.

Anonymous said...

I'm with obnoxio and Mr Pickworth. I've read the thread and Holborn did exactly as they said.

He outed himself.

Damo Mackerel said...

All the best Old Holborn. It was great reading your blog. I sure am going to miss it.

OwlHoot said...

Sorry to hear that OH. But don't get mad, find out who this obnoxious clown is and get even. Stitch them up big time, you'll know how.

If I get any info you'll be the first to know. Do drop me a line at ravensdean@gmail.com to let me know your email.

Libertarianism may be a sound principle up to a point. But libertarians can be every bit as unrealistically purist and doctrinaire and intolerant as marxists, as this contemptible clown has demonstrated.

mc_nebula said...

Abuse indeed.

OH, stop attention whoring. I'm 18, and more mature than you. Some of the nastiest people on the internet have had my personal details. Know what I got? A week of phonecalls with rick astley, some porn through the post and an infinite quantity of free tampons, condoms and gay mags. Who knows what the postie thought...

I am sure that the BNP are seen by most as far more obnoxious than you, and, yet, how many of their ilk were killed/sacked tc. after their list was leaked?

Grow up.

OwlHoot said...

P.S. Please don't delete all your posts. Just put them on ice. All this Middle East hoo ha will blow over in a few weeks, and perhaps you'll reconsider (if you haven't made any rash promises to the wife!)

Anonymous said...

OH - I didn't always agree with your opinions but I loved your thought process, logic and humour.

You made me question my own views in a way few other bloggers have done.

your efforts were appreciated by many and you will be missed by most.

Hank Vermin said...

Don't go OH! You're great and we love you!
There you go. Ego wanked off enough now is it?
Next time you feel like taking a stroll why not wander amongst your mates in Gaza?

Toys, pram, thrown.

Bye bye. X

Goose said...

Lets have a bit of honesty here

For a kick off, who do you think is reading this blog who is likely to kill you?

Mossad agents?

For fucks sake, nobody is going to do bollock all so lets not try and cover up the blog closure with some kind of grandiose fantasy about being targeted by Government hit squads, uzi toting Jewish commandos or politics geeks driven insane by repititive strain injury

Front up, you have made a bit of a cunt of yourself by pretending to be something you were not, and over reached yourself with a simplistic commentary on a very complicated situation you obviously have no fucking clue about

OK, but thats not the end of the world and closing your blog just reinforces the impression your fragile little ego has been shattered ' my kids are at risk ' blah blah fucking blah

All these people you hate, Blair, Jacqui Smith etc, don't you think pictures of their kids can be found? Their home addresses in the public domain - Who are the more likely targets for death squads them or you?

Just grow a fucking pair and keep posting, we have all made cunts of ourselves at one time or another

Antipholus Papps said...

Thanks for the blog OH, and I hope you can find the mettle to keep on posting. Your blog has helped me to waste oodles of time in my public sector job.

EUBanana said...

Sad to see you go, OH.

I actually agree re. Israel, though perhaps not as vociferously. Having read a bit about Israel it's abundantly clear that being an atheist I would be distinctly unwelcome there, so a pox on all their houses. I don't like theocracies, Jewish or Muslim.

Barnsley Bill said...

Fark, sorry mate.
I will email you privately.

fuchsia groan said...

Just an occasional poster, but I did enjoy reading your rants.
The Israeli/Palestinian situation is a complex one, and I don't know enough to have a stated opinion. It seems to me there is disinformation on both sides, and daring to have an opinion is to invite vitriol from those who can't bear an alternative point of view. Shame this should happen amongst so-called adults. I will be sorry to see your blog go. I didn't always agree with your opinions, but you were always entertaining.I think the people threatening you and your family would not have the balls to do anything, and surely you can trace them via email addresses and do them for harrassment?

Anonymous said...

OH, it is you in the firing line but too cave in will defeat why you set up this site. The truth hurts and it is hurting them more than you. As the saying goes the best form of attack is defence,which is what they have done with you. Please consider your postion and don't allow the sad cunts too win.

Roctopus said...

Sorry to hear about that, OH. I have enjoyed reading your pages over the past couple ofmonths. I am surprised that a Libertarian would do that, as I figured that they were a positive bunch o' people. Shame.

Ideas are bulletproof.

WTF said...

You libertarians need to grow up and stop behaving like primary school kids high on artificial additives.

For Fucks Sake!

electro-kevin said...

Goose @ 11.05

"Just grow a fucking pair and keep posting, we have all made cunts of ourselves at one time or another"

I've never made a cunt of myself, actually.

(Fair play to OH for keeping the thread open. More than can be said for many.)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry OH, I can remember you posting several times on the GOM site about the trusty Weihrauch air rifle you have to protect Farquham Hall and its residents, and that you were not afraid to use it. I am sure that will frighten the nasty bad-men away, along with scary rabbits and squirrels and other wild beasts.

Hawkwind62 said...

Disagreed w. u over Israel, agreed w. u on a heck of a lot else.
You'll be missed.

Goose said...


"I've never made a cunt of myself, actually."

You write a blog

Daisy said...

EK...just wondering...i've been a cunt in certain situations...does that count?

Anonymous said...

... a pretty cunty one at that too.

Bob said...


"I've never made a cunt of myself, actually."

Actually, you just made a cunt of yourself.

Dave said...

Sorry you've decided to stop this blog. Reading it was one of the highlights of my working day.

I'm writing because the action that led up to your decision to quit- an action by a fellow libertarian- sums up why the Libertarians and the LPUK won't get anywhere in this country.

The Libertarian viewpoint is the only bastion of hope as this country joins the lemming like rush towards the New World Order. I'd call myself a libertarian but I don't join parties or organisations. That's why I'm a libertarian.
Can't you guys stop squabbling among yourselves for five minutes? OH has called it a day and the other side has won without a shot being fired.

Please, if you're going to fire off abuse or threats, point your weapons at the enemy!

RIP Old Holborn. Killed by friendly fire.

marvin the kangaroo said...

I didn't agree with you on lots of things, but this stinks.

Bon voyage mon ami!

Anonymous said...

Obnoxio the cunt of a Clown is getting a new arsehole ripped by some posters on Guido Fawkes


K. MacEgan. said...

I often disagreed with your views but enjoyed pondering them.Last I heard it was illegal to threaten to kill someone.Legal redress?

Quirky said...

Old Holburn.

Hi mate, if you ever even manage to read this, can I just say that I am sorry to hear about both you decision to close and your personal attacks.

I don’t agree with everything you say, in fact there are times when I think you are a dick-head, a decent dick-head, but none the less a dick-head. Nothing you have written has ever left me straight faced. You must be one of the funniest writers I have ever read. Even if I disagreed with what you said, Christ it was a laugh.

I think this sums up the ‘Liberation’ movement to a tee.

You have used your throbbing organ to attack the weakest members of our society. The poor, the unemployed, the unemployable, the befuddled and the feckless, the starving African or the black kids outside number ten. Every time the boot slammed into the groin the cackling mob cheered. Every boot, every kick, every punch and every head butt brought cheers from the baying mob. 70,000 screamers all cannot be wrong. Shoulder to shoulder they all stood and took turns to lay the boot in. Attacking the weak is what Libertarianism is all about. You were the darling of the lot of them. You could have got a blow job from anywhere in the Country…

…One day you stood up and the kicks were aimed at the bully and not bullied. The vitriolic abuse was aimed at the guy with the bovver boots and not the pensioner cowering on the floor. Not that Hamas are on your Christmas card list. You attacked a violent, rogue State who were carrying out terrorism. The strong were getting it between the eyes and the weak were left alone for a couple of posts…

…the cheering stopped. The ‘well dones’ stopped and the backslapping stopped too. In normal circumstances when your favourite uncle drops a clanger, you shuffle about in embarrassed silence until someone says ‘Aren’t Spurs doing well’ and we all get back to normality. Not with the Libertarians, no. Suddenly the invective was aimed at you, suddenly the insults and the ‘cunts’ ,’cockscrapes’ and all the usual stuff were aimed at the guy that led the charge. The hunter became the hunted.

The ironic thing was the same people who jump up and down at the thought that HMG would have access to their name and address are the ones who used your identity and personal information to expose your COMPLETELY INNOCENT children to death threats. They even had the audacity to add a ‘metaphorical’, ‘If you have nothing to hide...’ AND a public domain defence too.


So, the exposed your family to hideous death threats, not because you indented to bring down the State or refuse the use of your heart after you die, nor did they attack you because you wish to walk through Parliament with a mask on or even threatened to remove the chip from the bin.

They came for you because you WROTE SOMETHING ON A BLOG.

Seriously, mate, you must have realised these cunts were bullies, have you ever read any of their blogs? They couldn’t get at you, so they posted a picture of your kids, how sad.

Whatever you do, all the best, mate.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the OH U turn. Should make gordon's look like more of a 3 point turn!

EUBanana said...

Libertarians aren't bullies - I'm one and have been dirt poor in the past.

I am one because every step of the way I felt the governments boot on my neck. Poor, middle class, well off, makes little odds, the government does not help you, in fact it actively hinders you more often than not.

I think libertarians are optimists, maybe naive optimists, but optimism isn't generally considered to be a bad thing.

That said the LPUK looked nutterish to me from the very beginning.

Michael Winner said...

Calm down dear, it's only a commercial.

electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...

Bob @ 13.02

Actually, the last time I made a total hoon of myself was on this very blog a while back.

I wonder if the Old Holborn alter ego took over the man himself. To generate this level of output must be immensely time consuming as well as mentally draining. Flounces are part and parcel of dynamic blogging and there are characters around even now who've had to transmogrify because of various pressures - The Hitch for one.

All I would say to OH is that his basic ideas were cracking - where I think he's done damage to the 'cause' (and possibly himself) is by ranting so vociferously and crudely. This debases the arguments of those of us with genuine grievances, fears and worries and plays right into the hands of the opposition, "See ! They really ARE animals." That said - some base instinct in me wanted to applaud a guy having a good pop at people doing great harm to ordinary folk like me.

Enough of the past tense - why not come back as yourself, OH ? This might temper and moderate your output, "Ah - but that would be boring and pointless"

Well it's ALL pointless. Britain is finished. The socialist experiment is pushing us to destruction - people pay lip service to great polemics ... what they actually respond to is hard economics. There will be a populist backlash, but too late, for the wrong reason and neither you nor I will be part of it.

In truth we're nice guys (footage of me is just a few clicks away) It's not my type who are mugging old ladies, stabbing people or peddling hard drugs (these are the people that Nu Lab suck up to.) Perversely WE, the people who keep the country going, are the enemy and I really don't think there's much we can do about it... except leave.

If you have the skills, the wealth, the talent then get out. Pull the plug on Britain and show the World what they have done.

Witterings From Witney said...

Very sorry to see you go Old Chap. Did not always agree with your view, but respected your right to them. Also like your humour!

I wish you well and hope that, as suggested above, you may care to restart with a new nom de plume!

With best wishes

Bob said...


I have a talent for hoonishness myself.

Hopefully OH will get over his. I reckon Christmas was all too much. That or the Jocks have done a Stepford wives on us. Anyone know if he's taken to wearing a kilt?

Mike Rouse said...

Old Holborn,

Having only started to read your blog in the past 6 months I have enjoyed it. I don't always agree with what you say, but you add colour to the scene. I urge you to reconsider shutting down your blog.

Of course, I understand that you have to do what is necessary to protect your family, but don't let anybody stop you from publishing your views in a manner of your choosing. I hope you can find a balance that allows you to protect your family and continue blogging.

At times like this, when our Government is the most Orwellian it's ever been we need people to be independent, stand up and make their voice heard. The real winner out of this will not be the person that posted your details or Israel, but our Orwellian government who will have one less voice to worry about.

I hope you will come back once the dust has settled.

Mike Rouse

Anonymous said...

Oh bollocks, another one bites the dust. Here's to what OH has achieved thus far, and here's hoping that he'll be back again sometime.

And for the record, I think that Israel's response to Hamas was predictable. It isn't a solution, it won't make anything better, but if Hamas (a local armed resistance group) decides to deliberately try to provoke their neighbourhood bully into attacking them on the ground, then that is exactly what's going to happen.

Note also the timing of the assault: right around Christmas when most people including Western politicians are on holiday, and when the American political system is holding its breath, waiting for a new bloke to take over power. This says that the Israeli high command has had a long, hard look at Crash Gordon and his EU masters, and reckons that they're all mouth and no trousers.

I predict the Israeli assault will go on until most of the Hamas leadership is dead and buried, then we'll go back to situation normal for Gaza, until some silly bugger decides to play with rockets again.

mad manc cunt said...

I for one enjoyed the saltiness of OH's ejaculations from his throbbing organ. I enjoyed posting on here for lots of reasons, the main one being he didn't delete the utter load of meaningless and foul mouthed shite I did post.
Cheers OH, hope you start blogging again soon.

Blasphlegmer said...

See you around OH,

Obo is clearly protesting too much, and knows posting a link to your details would cause you a world of shit, your oh-so-righteous-punishment for supporting the People's front of Judea as opposed to the Judean people's front. Despicable.

Let me know if you need any more graphics.

Chalcedon said...

Dear OH,

Very sorry to hear you are closing.

Very sorry to hear you and your family have been compromised.

I hope you inform the rozzers of any threats. This is outrageous.

All the very best.

killemallletgodsortemout said...


I enjoyed this blog very much; such exquisite rants, such colourful language.

All the best, OH.

Citizen Stuart said...

Sorry you feel the need to close your blog, OH, and even sorrier that you felt the need to leave the Libertarian Party. I didn't follow your flame war with Obnoxio, so I make no judgement of the rights and wrongs of that, but I hope when tempers have calmed a bit you'll feel able to re-join us.

Chris said...

Bitch-fights over the Middle East: it *always* ends in tears.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Later OH.

xelent said...

That was a seriously wicked thing to do... Good luck OH...

Anonymous said...

Don't go.

Anonymous said...

come back & make us laugh somewhere else

Anonymous said...

Fuck Obnoxious the twat.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you go m8, I only just found you too, hope everything works out ok for you.

passer by said...

I don't agree with you one bit about Israel, BUT I respect your right to hold those views and I separate them from your other views, as I separate them too.

sad to see you go, and a pox on the morons who violated your privacy of which your opinions are central.

Good luck.

Hey they did this to the BNP too. said...

Could there be a pattern here ?
the truth maybe ?

By stealth thou shalt do war.

How come they don't post the details of this guy.

Oh wait, he's jewish too.


Anonymous said...

very best to you

Don't post anything we disagree with said...

Or we will threaten the lives of your children,
how very libertarian of someone.

Did Gordon and the One world Zionist State we live under have anything to do with this I wonder.

Good Luck OH.

You do realise of course that you have to come back,
you have to,
you and we have no choice.

Because as we can all sense, this is the endgame for a free humanity, if you go, then that is one more nail in our collective coffin.

Get back on that Horse OH, we need you, the Free World needs you back on the Frontline.

They are only threats, 'They' want you to be afraid.

Take some time out and think about it.

We need you, even if you are a Grumpy Old Bastard.


Damo Mackerel said...

Here's something to cheer us:


Steven_L said...


Dick Puddlecote said...

From someone earlier ...

Were you worried that we might find out the name of the 80s pop band you played keyboards in ?

Was it Yazoo?

Can't stop now/don't you know/I never wanna let you go/Don't go!

Great meeting you on your stroll OH. Please reconsider, but if not, check in here every now and then as that walk MUST go ahead again on Nov 5th this year.

Harrithebastard said...

To OH and all ..

Good and bad

I have only had the pleasure since two weeks before christmas .. but the pleasure has been all mine .

Who is next i wonder .. welcome to 1984 ? be afraid be very afraid .. the UK now makes my move to one of the former Soviet bloc countries a good move and is on a par with ' the great escape '

You are all so fucking doomed .

If you lie down with dogs , you WILL wake up with fleas .

All the best OH . Family first , pride ... a poor second , freedom ? well long gone i am afraid for you lot left in the UK fucking lunatic asylum .
So to all on here ... goodbye and all the best and fuck the rest of them .

Anonymous said...

looked at the issue after obnoxio said we should and he is talking shit. he and his miniosn claimed it is all ohs fault because he put his details up but you obnoxio were the one who pointed people at those details and you know what you have done. you said you would resign your membership of lpuk but that was bluster as you don't have the guts or the good grace to do so. all that bluster to try and blame anyone for what you did after you were caught out being a vicious vindictive prick and the same for all your little friends like penguin. you a libertarian? don't make us laugh you are every bit the little shit looking to make a name for yourself. upped the traffic to your blog now?

you know what you did, how you did it and if you were anything but a hypocritical little shit that blames others for your own sneakyness you would resign lpuk but you wont. i will tho.

Anonymous said...

Obo has a hissy fit


Comment moderation too.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, this is like Jackie magazine, You're not all texting each other on the top of the bus, are you ?

elecric kettle and rorshach and pickworth and the clown chappie have the right of it, words of no-nonsense amid a sea of girly adolescent sentimental tripe.

as for this posturing egomaniac, Holborn, well, the rich and powerful will sleep easier in their beds knowing that he's pretending to disappear, although actually the rich and powerful would laugh their bollocks off at this juvenilia, if they ever heard of it.

But roll up, children, roll up, only another four days in which to post eulegies, if you beg hard enough he might do an encore. Might even reform and do another tour.

jesus fucking wept, Gordon Brown must be shitting himself at your antics. What a fucking bunch of morons. No business like showbusiness. You'd all be better off watching the darts, they put it on for people like you. Homo-erotic Freedom fighters. Only not really fighters.

When, smoky one, the danger is past ha ha ha and you come back, on Friday maybe, you should post in the childrens section of cyberspace. This blog has been passed as suitable for eternal twelve year olds. You'll go down well with sweary schoolkids.

EK and the rest, meantime, should mix with people their own age, the grown-ups.

Harrithebastard said...

Who cares what OH has said ... freedom of speech is exactly what it says on the tin ?

Today its OH who has bit the ' bullet ' who is next ... you are all in the shit , the only thing which will vary is the fucking depth . stand together or all end up on your fucking knees .. i know what i prefer .

There is only one winner here and it aint us ?

Think any different ... then you need some serious bastard help ?

Think about it !

Fuck em , fuck em all !

OH , you have slept with dogs , and now you have awoken with fleas .

Fuck your pride ..the Gorgon has erased that a long time ago .. the Gorgon is here today and will be here tomorrow .. but your family will be with you just a tad longer .

Fuck Nu - Labour and all who sail in her ..

Total cunts .

Quetiapina said...

I'm amazed that you have been so calm re. the whole Israeli ethnic cleansing of Gaza thing.

In fact, compared to a lot of your ranting on other issues, I would imagine any Israeli would feel that their country had been let off lightly.

As for the whole "anti-semitism" thing, it really pisses me off. I'm not anti "semitic" as there are a number of semitic people's. I'm anti the war mongering Bastards IN Israel who have been buying arms left right and centre - drastically increasing arms purchases from UK ( and other countries) over the period of the "cease fire". Luckily Hamas ( not innocent by a long chalk but pretty ill prepared and possibly infiltrated by Mossad) chucked a few rockets their way so Israel had a chance to show off their new weaponry.

Well OH, I hope that you don't have to stop yr blog - I don't fully understand what has caused all of this, I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your ranting, even when I have not agreed with it. With Love from Quetiapina.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Cunt the clown
Oh dear (;
OH may be an idiot for posting pics of his family in a previous incarnation, but you are the cunt who linked it and thereby threatened his family.
You are now fair game to some of the bigger boys

OH your family is safe,dont be intimidated.
Keep posting,
You may be a nasty cunt but you have a right to be a nasty cunt as long as you cause no harm,and you dont.
Clown cunt
I wouldnt wipe my arse on you, especialy as you would love it.

Harrithebastard said...

And another fucking thing , and just for the record , If there is anyone remotley interested in just how Jaquie ' i can have you killed fucker' Smith, managed to get in front of the total cunt chairman Mc Mao General Mc fuckwit Brown ... it was me .. all my own tedious fucking work , it took me fucking hours by the way ?

Hows that for a fitting bastard Epitah ?

Now to whom ever .. Fuck ' free Nelson bastard Mandella ' free OH and whilst your in the fucking mood ... don't forget the fucking rest of us ?

Anonymous said...

<< Anonymous said...

Fuck me, this is like Jackie magazine, You're not all texting each other on the top of the bus, are you ?>>

well said penguib you fuckin prick we kno who you are to

Harrithebastard said...

Mock one and mock one and fucking all .. but you are still all fucking well and truly doomed ..

So maybe on this particular blog site .. farewell to one and all , and if you are unfortunate enough to not have the fucking intelligence or the insight to see what is coming ..

Then from one ' former' state of the Soviet Republic .. you have absolutley learned fuck all . and have it all to come .

Anonymous said...

mmmh! I do not think you are more a risk of anyone else in this country... keep doing your job here!!!

Anonymous said...

OH, I don't know the ins & outs of what has happened as I've been offline recently so i shan't comment on that but I shall miss your blog. Your Baby P stuff was fantastic & you mobilised a lot of us to write letters & emails & take action, not just about Baby P but other situations too. Threats against your family are not good news, though in truth OH, I would be more scared of the NuLab cunts in govt than any of the keyboard warriors. Whatever, maybe you'll come back under another name? If so, hope our paths cross again. Best of luck OH to you & yours.

Anonymous said...

wv: cochrot - exactly!

Gordon said...

OH, I don't know who you are and I doubt I will (although I'm very sorry for not attending the Nov 5th March - on the positive side, for anyone who turns up next year there will be no organiser and so it doesn't count as a protest and the police can't stop it (see recent telegraph story about regular gatherings against government positions that don't count as protests and must be allowed to continue, it was about cyclists, I forget the rest). I did see some of the link that was posted but got bored - saw what is supposed to be your car, who gives a shit.

For purely selfish reasons, I'm hoping that Kerry from Mogadishu posts a very gloating blog entry that pisses you off so much you return.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Goodbye mate. Se you around

Rob Farrington said...

Quetiapina, a 'few' rockets? Try 'thousands'.

And 'ethnic cleansing'? You'd think that they'd start with Israel itself first, and yet there are more Arab Muslims living there than there were when Israel was first established. There's even one sitting in the Knesset.

I agree that OH should come back, though. I miss his rants, even if I didn't always agree with him.

Anonymous said...

i sypathise with you as as my personal details appeared on an alleged list of BNP members. nevertheless, OH, you have called the tune and now you're paying the piper. i had hoped that Libertarians could discuss these events without the ad hominem attacks. anyone who can't agree to disagree is a cunt, and has a right brass dick to pass any judgement on the Israelis or the Palestinians, who have bigger problems to deal with than tempers flaring in the blogsphere.
i won't be renewing my Libertarian Party membership for 2009 as i would rather "waste" my £10 on strong drink. OH and Obo, much as i enjoy your work, fuck the pair of ye's. and anyone else who uses Jews and/or Arabs as an excuse for their own viciousness.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't stop blogging. People listen to you and take notice.

"This report confirms that these attacks are quite deliberately directed against civilians, using new unconventional weapons.

This is a carefully planned humanitarian catastrophe. How can anybody in their right mind support the actions of the Israeli government. Read this interview with a distinguished and courageous Norwegian doctor. Dr. Mads Gilbert. Here are some of the highlights. "The Israelis are using a new type of very high explosive weapons which are called Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) and are made out of a tungsten alloy. These weapons have an enormous power to explode." "these weapons will have a cancer effect on those who survive. They will develop cancer we suspect." "All that is happening in Gaza here now is against international law, it is against humanity"
"Almost all of the patients we have received have these sever amputations. They seem to have been affected by this kind of weapon. Of course, we have many fragment injuries and burns but those who have got their limbs cut off, constitutes quite a large proportion. You know we have a lot to do. Palestinian doctors, nurses and paramedics do an incredibly heroic job to save their people. Doctor Eric and I are just a small drip in the ocean, but we learn from them." And then decide where do you stand"


Britain Awake said...

Don`t give up mate, why should you have to shut up shop because of some conflict between a load of filthy arabs!

Open a new blog and keep in touch pal!

Other Steve said...

Whatever our differences have been, it's very sad to see this blog go OH. It's not just been fun, it's been thought provoking, challenging and informative.

All to go because Obo thought it'd be clever to try and embarass you, I guess he didn't realise what would happen. Sad his subsequent bluster in several places shows he hasn't the honesty to hold his hand up and admit his stupid mistake.

Whatever you do next and in whatever identity, all the best.

Other Steve (from you know where)

Anonymous said...

So sad mate.
Why din't you re-appear as GOLDEN VIRGINIA

Don't let the bastards grind you down

Andy said...

OH, Many thanks for exposing what a nasty pack of self obsessed cunts and hypocrites the Libertarians actually are before you departed. My search for a decent political party continues.

I will miss your comments on Kerry McCarthy, who now looks quite a reasonable human compared to some of the shite I've read recently. Who'd have thunk it.

Northern Softie said...

Stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

OH, before you go, may I post this link to the petition to Gorgon to resign?


Dave H said...

I've had a lot of pleasure lapping up your emissions, though they have been quite strong at times. A real shame you are going like this.

It seems Israel/Palestine is one of several issues where to come down on either side causes some people to turn really nasty.

I haven't seen the background to this flame, but anyone drawing attention to your home contact details is cunt, a coward and a terrorist of sorts, in a really pathetic way. I can't imagine why any sane person would do it, it's like changing your name to Cunt by deed poll.

Something very strange is happening here. It's impossible for me to know who is lying, or why.

Just sorry, again, that you're going. And Kerry will be overjoyed, which makes it even worse.


Take no notice of keyboard warriors. They are people who feel insignificant in their everyday lives this is their only outlet pouring hatred on others.

It's a free country (last time I checked) you have a right to speak your mind.

AngryDave said...

OH, i hope you reconsider!! People rant about the newspapers, but can actualy respond while angry on a blog.
The keyboard warriors are probably a punch of pussies and wont do anything, but as it's your family, i can see why you are unwilling to take a chance.
I hope that once the storm has died down you will start blogging again, as you are my favourite blog. You will be missed OH. Stay safe!

some bloke said...

Please don't go. But if you have to for that obnoxio cunt please leave us with your magnificent archive.

Ron Hughes said...

Many of your posts made me laugh.

I didn't always agree with your opinions, but I'm mature enough to ignore those I disapprove of.

Pity others in the Blogosphere couldn't do the same.

Your humerous posts will be sadly missed.

As an optimist, I'll leave your Blog in my Bookmarks

Bill Quango MP said...

Well..best wishes.
But a reinvention and you'll be back.
That kind of rage can't stay buried forever.

lilith said...

Obnoxio is Derek Draper and I claim my bio hazard suit.

wv is "bilier" which is a great description of your blog.

Osvaldo said...

Well, this is what comes when people take sides in an irrelevant war between wacky zionists and even wackier muslim arabs.

The real question is why, as British people (libertarian or otherwise) are we even discussing this non-event taking place in a faraway country of which we know nothing? I think we spend too much energy arguing about stuff that doesnt effect us, at the expense of that which does, in order to seem morally superior to ourselves and to our peers. None of us actually cares about Israel/Palestine and if you say you do youre either mad or a liar.

Anonymous said...

What your idiot Liberitrian doesn't know may land him or her in jail..

In many places publishing your personal info without permission in order to harrass such as a phone number in fact is illegak.

Anonymous said...

I've never posted here before, but I just wanted to say, OH, I discovered your blog via Guido Fawkes via Biased BBC only in the last 3 months. I think you are an inspirational blogger, and whilst you might feel you cannot play the role you wish to play in the future, know this - there are other young men willing to pick up and continue the fight. All we require is the inspiration. We'll do the rest. I pledge that change will come to the UK, and Labour will pay for the last 11 years.

Plato said...

Oh bugger. I'll miss Uncle Fester's spicy contributions.

I'm all for freedom of thought and speech provided it isn't hideously gratuitous and take a very dim view of anyone bullying another into withdrawing from the debate.

Shame on your outer whoever they or their sources are - it's not cricket and what goes around comes around.

All the best in your regeneration a la Dr Who - just don't come back as Sylvester McCoy ;0

Anonymous said...

It was so sad when this blog was detelled.

sarahjane said...

Interesting that it wasn't gone in five days.

Death threats are wrong, of course, but if you can't tkae the result, don't be a keyboard hero.

Andyj said...

"elecric kettle and rorshach and pickworth and the clown.."...

All infused into an "Extremist" party to smash it up from the inside.

Leaders of the LPUK, Take heed.
Just like the BNP and all other parties that do not toe the official line... You are the extremists! You will be lied about. You will be vilified by the left as hard right wing.

OH Knows full well if he hands in the evidence of the threats to his family it will come to nothing. He might as well burn the evidence now. The police do not work for us, they work for their masters.

Found out about this all too late. I'm an occasional reader, a BNP voter when possible and used to be pro-Gazza. Now Pro-fekk all to do with us if they don't vote for our Government.
OH, I know what it's like to be near the threatening maws of the screaming loonies, brainwashed and paid by the system. I also know they are basically let off in court whenever possible if they attack any so-called "Right wingers".

Your anger OH was directed to be used in a righteous manner to pressurise, shame and show the World how ugly some of these people are. Those who berated you and threatened your family are lower than whale shit.

Anonymous said...

The only truly uncensored comments section on a popular political blog that I know of. I just posted a mild comment on Guido's blog that didn't conform to his pro-Israel line and it disappeared in minutes.

Gonna miss you OH :(

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