Friday, 16 January 2009

Bleed the World

From the Last Ditch


Ampers said...

My initial impression was "It's fucking brill!"

Then I remembered how we have been so shafted that it will take years to get back on our feet and, by next Christmas the bastards will be singing this song to us! :-(

Anonymous said...

Hang on for a moment.

When housing prices were rising out of control, fuelled by catastrophic levels of immigration, and interest rates were deceptively low and nor reflecting the real change in the cost of living, who can blame banks for fighting for business?

In case you haven't worked this out yet, it's our old friends - our rulers.

They intoxicated people by making them think that they'd 'made' hundreds of thousands of pounds on their properties. So it was fine to stretch to buy, because, hey, it'll be worth 15% more next year.

Gleefully clutching the additional stamp duty raised, and omitting to own up to the extortionate tax rises they promulgated, these cumstains have fucked over everybody but themselves.

If they win the election, it's trebles all round. If they lose, they'll have CMD with no Falklands to get him through the swingeing changes he will have to make. And they'll all be back, five years later, trebles all round.

man in the street said...

(Sorry ,totally off topic) Anyone know why Guido is moderating?

OwlHoot said...

Maybe Guido's tied up for a while, and can't keep a close eye on the comments. Or perhaps there was a shit storm of trolls/spam.

I didn't notice any mention of a change of moderation policy though.

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