Saturday, 3 January 2009

Black boys continuing to fail in Education

David Lammy, the one-time Culture Minister, struggled on Celebrity Mastermind.

He failed to identify the highest tier of theatre seating as “the gods” and suggested that the cheese often eaten with port was red Leicester rather than Stilton.

But Lammy’s tour de force was his assertion that the monarch who succeeded Henry VIII was “Henry VII”.

Lammy is Minister for Higher Education and Intellectual Property.

I wonder what Lee Jasper has to say about it.
PS. This is the guy who said the Arts is "too white". He is married to white artist Nicola Green, who quite naturally, recieves lots of acclaim from Radio 4 and sells lots of her work to


Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what your point is.
How do Jocks or Welsh do in edukaishun?
Whiteys are crap compared to slitty-eyed people. And?

Old Holborn said...

My argument is that if you are trying to raise the bar for black kids so that they achieve what the rest of us achieve, don't promote a thick black MP to minister. Promote a clever one.

Daisy said...

oh and here i thought you were saying if you want to enhance black performance...don't lower the bar so they make it...geez i'm thick this morning...

marksany said...

James Flynn is looking at nature vs. nurture as the reasons for lower IQ in black boys in the US.

wv: suckat (as in David Lammy suckat Mastermind)

Anonymous said...

And with all this fucking Obama nonsense people are asking whether it's time for a black PM. No fucking thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is the chap who was once called "the black Tony Blair."

Whoever came up with that title was probably right. I've always thought that Tony Blair was a bit thick.

The Penguin said...

He's also the local MP for Haringey, home to Peter Connolly, but has been remarkably silent on that issue, the cunt.

The Penguin

Ampers said...


Coming from South Africa, I am of the impression that in some ways blacks are cleverer than whites give them credit for.

They may not be clever with the 3 x "r's" but by God they are clever when it comes to holding onto a country (Zimbabwe to name just one of them) and the Hausas (Nigerians) and are past masters in running rings around the social security services, often to the tune of hundreds and thousands of pounds.

They are natures survivors and you have to watch them like hawks.

South of the Sahara there are about 2,000 different tribes (Nigeria has 371 different tribes alone). These tribes are as disperate as the European tribes (English Scots, French, German, Spanish etc). English people often come a cropper when they think of them all as a single tribe with similar characteristics.

And, I am not even mentioning West Indians here where tribe isn't the issue but a Jamaican is very different to a Trinidadian..

I was brought amongst the Afrikaners and have learned to treat different tribes as separate, admiring some, despising others as, unlike the European tribes, the African tribes tend to be more collectively identical.

What we, in Britian, have to do is to put the blame firmly at the foot of the British. You can't blame the African for taking advantage. You have to blame your own people for not learning more about the people who will take advantage of them at every step. And then putting the proper counter measures in to protect people's taxes.

And you can't blame immigrants, legal or otherwise for coming over here. You have to blame the authorities and politicians for letting thse people in.

Remember who to blame when the next council and general elections occur. The council ellections for the blacks taking advantage and the politicians for flooding the immigrants in.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What sort of grudge do you have against Howard from the Halifax adverts?

Marksany's link is well worth a read.

Dave h. said...

But a black kid might become the next Dr Who. Won't that example of high achievement send Jasper, Lammy & their white champions into a wank frenzy.

Apparently the next James Bond will be a paraplegic lesbian from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I saw a bit of an episode of Celebrity Mastermind recently and was delighted that I didn't recognise half of them. One contestant was asked:

"Which French General had a horse called Morengo, named after a famous battle?"


And he went onto win.

Robin - AKA Dr Society - AKA Ferret Learey - AKA Innit said...

And I suppose Obama is an idiot too? Or do you think its his mothers White genes rather than his fathers Black genes that are to be praised... in which case why is Geroge Bush a retard?

Just because a handful of mad thick Black people have played the race card to get higher than they should does not mean that Black people are more stupid than Whites.

If you use that benchmark then the White population are all thick too - including you!

Take a look at Gordon Brown's economic policy: "Let's all borrow more and use it to buy more "stuff" we don't need to get into more personal and national debt to solve the problems caused by borrowing more than we can afford to repay in the first place." Duh!

...Come on Old Holborn - do you actually KNOW any Black people personally?

Get real for fuck sake.

JuliaM said...

I'd been told (long before watching his perfomance on 'Mastermind') that he's quite the dimmest of all the NuLab MPs.

So I didn't exactly fall over backwards with surprise when he revealed this to the nation...

Anonymous said...

I don't give a fuck if they are blue with green spots as long as they do their job.

Thud said...

I lived and socialised for more than 20 years in the black area of liverpool and yes...they are thick...the incoming somalis however made the locals seem like veritable Einsteins.

Anonymous said...

How about the Nigerians in Dublin?
Because of the troubles anyone born there can claim Irish citizenship so 8 and a bit moth pregnant Nigerian women arrive "on holiday" drop the kid who then is a Paddy so he or she needs a guardian mums already there so enter stage right dad fresh from the hut just outside Lagos. Now thats clever.

The Penguin said...

Tom Thumb, Quasimodo, and Cinderella are in th epub having a drink, when Tom comes up with a great idea. "Let's all get ourselves into the Guinness Book Of Records!" he cries. "You've got to be the prettiest girl in the world, Cinders, I'm bound to be the smallest man, and let's face it, Quasimodo, oild friend you are one seriously ugly fucker indeed."

So off to the publishers the three friends go. Tom goes in first as it was his idea, and he emerges a few minutes later with a big grin. "Yes! I'm officially the smallest man in the world!"

Cinderella is next up, and comes out with a charming smile and the official title of "World's Prettiest Girl".

Quasimodo has his turn. He comes out a few moments later, in floods of tears. His friends try and console him. Amid the sobs, he shouts out, "Who the FUCK is David Blunkett?"

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

@Penguin - loved your joke!

OH, welcome back & happy New Year - to everyone except Dolly's Trolls.

The Penguin said...

Thank you - it can be adapted, as there is no shortage of ugly bastards in ZNL. I heard it originally with "Robin Cook", for example, but he's almost exempt for being dead. However, Stephen Timms, Charles Clark, John Prescott....

The Penguin

woman on a raft said...

@14:10 Up to 1 Jan 2005 it was the case that children born in Ireland had automatic nationality, thereby entitling their parent(s) to stay. However they changed that rule for the reasons you point out and various others. It doesn't apply now.

Broadly, if you were born on the island of Ireland on or after 1 Jan 2005, you are:
entitled to Irish citizenship if your parents are Irish.
entitled to Irish citizenship, if your parents are foreign nationals legally resident in the island of Ireland for 3 out of 4 years immediately prior to your birth.

See Citizens' Information for more details.

i hate labour said...

I totally believe that Lammy's performance on Mastermind was superb, when compared to that of his Government and Liebore Party. Furthermore he made Snotty look the prat he is and Marakesh Mandy the useless pederast he is.
All in all he did fantastically well for a Labour Minister of all the non-talents.
More money for the banks soon. Brilliant!

Stop Common Purpose said...

"the monarch who succeeded Henry VIII was “Henry VII”."

This shows not only pitiful ignorance but an even more pitiful lack of common sense.

man in the street said...

o/t but ... How much money is being wasted on the patronising mong-speak adverts about Change4Life?

"The way we live in modern society means a lot of us, especially our kids, have fallen into unhelpful habits. This means all of us need to make small changes to eat well, move more, and live longer."

Unhelpful habits? I don't care to share what unhelpful habits I may or may not have thanks. I do object to my money paying for those who are too stupid to know better though.

"This means all of us", no it fucking doesn't.

Where will I find Change4Life? ... In a word - everywhere! Making a Change4Life is really important, so we're going to be talking to you through your telly, your radio, your parks, your local halls, your supermarkets, in your children's schools and, with any luck, in your home too. And that's just for starters!

Great, more of my money spunked away, in a word - everywhere! All done by busy bodies in non-jobs with more security and pension entitlement than I have doing a real job.

Anonymous said...

Woman on a raft thanks for updating the information but you still have to hand it to them making the move from Africa to Paddyland where they are fed and watered for free. I would just like to say a big thank you to all the Nigerians who have e-mailed and want to make me rich by sharing their good fortune with the huge amounts of money that they have come into, all I have to do is give them all my personal details banking and otherwise. A small price to pay I think for the untold tax free wealth that they will give me just goes to show how nice they are don't you think?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Chris Rock sums it up perfectly.

OwlHoot said...

"the monarch who succeeded Henry VIII was .."

It's quite a tricky one though, because a pedant might say Lady Jane Grey instead of Edward VI.

Bridge said...

It's so fucking obvious - I don't know why cunts doing the research at university don't get it. Black people score worse in IQ tests because they were designed by white people to measure a particular set of intelligences of value to the industrialised (i.e. white) world. We wanted to be able to identify who had the potential to be a leader, entrepreneur, inventor or whatever, and designed the test accordingly.

In African and West Indian nations, a different set of skills is required in order to survive and help society progress. Nobody complains that the Olympic 100m is racist because black people usually win, it's just taken as a fact that black people tend to have better musculature and power. If we apply the logic of Lee Jasper and his ilk, athletes from African countries should be made to run 110m to help ensure fairness in the outcome.

People from Korea and Singapore do better in maths than white kids, Scandinavian kids score higher in science than other European kids. Each race or tribe has a different set of skills that have been bred into their genetic or cultural make-up over a long period of time. It won't be undone because David Lammy says it's a bit off.

What really needs to happen is that the liberal Guardianista types need to wake the fuck up and realise that we aren't all the same, we're all different. Some people will be better at knitting than others, some people will have a skill that enables them to design molecules whereas someone else might be a talented musician. These liberal tossers preach diversity, then try their utmost to ensure uniformity by moving the goalposts and discriminating against successful people or sections of the community.

What next - are all white people going to have to have their feet cut off because it's not fair to be taller than the Chinese on average?

Anonymous said...

I think a fair question to ask Afro Caribean people is
"when did you last think about taxing and insuring your car?"

Anonymous said...

At least our cousins, the blacks, seem more interested in shooting each other. The number of times Operation Trident is mentioned in a report is telling.

The Penguin said...

An Englishman, a Welshman and an Nigerian are waiting anxiously in the waiting room at the Maternity Ward.

Sister comes into the room, and says "Good News! 3 lovely healthy baby boys, all the mothers are fine, only problem is we seem to have mixed up which is whose. COuld you toss a coin or something to see who gets first pick?"

The Englishman wins, and a few moments later comes back carrying a beautiful black baby.

Sister is a bit surprised, and asks him if he is sure.

"Oh, yes, couldn't risk getting the Welsh brat!"

The Penguin

Dennis said...

Bridge - spiffo!

The white races are predisposed to problem-solving, simply because, by migrating north from Africa some 75,000 years ago, they came to a place with a harsh climate where new skills were required.

Much of this migration came about because of population pressure. That is, the dominant individuals drove the submissive ones out.

It can well be argued that the winners were those who stayed behind in the sun, lying around all day eating fruit instead of doing battle with cave bears and giant wolves.

Since an IQ test is merely an exercise in problem-solving, it's no surprise that whites tend to score more highly than blacks.

And since surviving and thriving in modern society is also an exercise in problem-solving, it's no surprise that blacks, or some of them anyway, struggle to keep up. That doesn't mean they're inferior; they're just different.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

They do have a great sense of rhythm, as a musician you should appreciate that.
Funny thing; black WOMEN seem to be normal
Possibly cos they dont buy into all that American rap bollocks

Daisy said...

beast you have yet to see them in america...when one starts "chicken neckin" you while arguing...tell me how "normal" that is...

DeadRavingMad said...

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that David Lammy is a twat.......(allegedly)

Chalcedon said...

The pic of Howard was priceless and actualy got a LOL.

I was appalled by the poor showing of most on the contestants on celebrity mastermind on the general knowledge round. I'm sure all of Noel Edmonds' 10 year olds would have got them right.

I wondered about who the git was who got the answer re 'The Gods' wrong was. I'm not shocked as no party ever puts a real expert in charge of a ministry, just an appropriate 'yes' person. But he does personify a rather poor education I think. I hate them, I really do!

Anonymous said...

"The white races are predisposed to problem-solving, simply because, by migrating north from Africa some 75,000 years ago"
As now the black races are solving their problems by doing exactly the same thing by moving north. As far as I know there was no dole, welfare, asylum support people and the rest of it 75,000 years ago either.
Could this have something to do with it?

AngryDave said...

The 'pc' answer is that the uk is totaly racist and black men are failing in education because the state is racist.
The truth is that many black men have a 'gold chains and no brains' mentality, and dont give a shit about school because the righteous will tell them it's not their fault they dont do well. Then why do blck girls and asian students make up a disprportionate percentage (when compared to their percentage of the whole student body) of high achievers.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Not having a telly I missed that programme but hope the viewers were told repeatedly that this person is in charge of their childrens education.

marksany Excellent link. Reason for so many Afro-American single Mothers = so many of their menfolk are either dead, missing or in gaol.

Don't get much exposure to Change4Life but I did see one cartoon; featuring in the background was a 'missing cat' poster on some railings. That is promoting illegal advertising which local councils see fit to sue people for.

marksany said...

Thanks to change4life adverts I now have a 12 year old son who thinks I will die of cancer in the next 12 months because I am fat. He now refuses to eat hardly anything, particularly if he thinks it contains fat, becuase he is terrified of getting cancer (his grandma and uncle died of cancer - neither were overweight). Younger children are likely to be even more scared.
The ads should only be shown after the watershed.

DaveA said...

Dennis, it is even more 3 dimensional than you mentioned. Sub Saharan Africa is largely either side of the equator and hence the seasons and the days are fairly consistent. Food and water are generally available 365 days a year. Unlike Europe in the various ice ages and the fringes around the artic circle. Snow is on the ground 6 months of the year a relatively short crop growing season means two things. Europeans had to plan ahead, especially for the harsh winter. Also to survive the harsh climate Europeans needed to gain the technology to make clothes. The planning and technology advantage, although small has been extrapolated to most of Africa being as poor as it is and we being as rich. I am sure Ampers can confirm that Africans have very little perception of the future.

Also because the land needed to survive was large I think that Europeans learned to co-operate beyond the immediate family. If you look at modern tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn how in the 21st century we still like to network and co-operate with each other, even though we are not related. In Africa nepotism is used as your relations are the only people you can trust.

I think our empathy and the social democratic countries we live in are in stark contrast to tyrannical Africa. Another question I would like to put to Ampers is that if you were a starving, orphan child in Africa who makes it to be president, do you remember what grinding poverty is and want to improve the lot of your fellow man, or just become another Kleptocrat?

DaveA said...

Just to cheer us up, albeit slightly, just checked the internet for the number of murders in Jamaica last year, 1,574. It does not seem that many but if you realise that Jamaica has a population of 2.9 million, this would be the equivalent of 33,000 murders in the UK.

I can see why Operation Trident is busy.

Bristol Dave said...

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