Thursday, 29 January 2009

The BBC Is Not Impartial It Is A Mouthpiece of a Rotten State

The Chinese Premier admits in Davos that his country is facing major challenges and social unrest, the French are having an organised day of action against the State, albeit motivated by the State loving Left, the French Security services have proudly told the world's press that they are keeping surveillance on Left wing and anarchist groups, arresting people without evidence. The people in Iceland have thrown out their PM and Government and there are violent riots across Europe.

What is happening in the UK is far more worrying. We have a Prime Minister who can no longer bear to be told the truth, cannot even admit to himself how bad things are, and refuses to acknowledge the findings of respected International Organisations. On top of that we have a compliant BBC still pretending it is impartial, refusing to acknowledge that this recession is causing a seismic change in how we run our affairs, it is business as usual, no reports of real substance, just some irritating spokesperson that feels it neccessary to lecture parents about the dangers of children drinking at our expense.

The BBC was defeated by Alistair Campbell and Blair, and cowed into submission ever since.

Our unelected leader has clearly lost the plot and we cannot afford another eighteen months of this.

Radical action needs taking, before Gordon Brown and his acolytes take us down.

1. Not one further penny into the Banks by the Taxpayer. Those that are insolvent now will continue to be insolvent. RBS has no idea what its liabilities are, and should be broken up. Regional Banks set up with fresh capital and horror of horrors a guarantee given to these new institutions for five years.

2. These Regional Banks should employ Bankers who understand the role and function of Banking in society not chancers who have run supermarkets. Send them to Beirut for training if neccessary.

3. Whitehall be broken up, all powers apart from Defence and Foreign affairs returned to the Counties, my preference is for Lander style Government.Abolish all Quangos and Fake charities sponging off the state and Taxpayer.

4. A Convention called by all Political Parties on a written Constitution that protects our Liberties as individuals, and proscribes some of the actions of the previous two administrations as unconstitutional.

5. A Constitutional Court to deal with politicians and Peers who have decided that lying and graft is a way of life.

6. A single transferable vote system to ensure no further minority Governments with 'landslide' victories.

7. End all Planning Acts that artificially restrict building land and force up housing cost, thus reducing 80% of the population to mortgage slaves, depriving the young of their own homes.

8. End the War in Afghanistan immediately. Restructured Army, that is well paid and equipped, and is there purely for Defence.

9. The UK to be a Federation of England, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall with Independent Parliaments.

10. Abolition of titles,civil awards and decorations and honours.

China is an amalgam of ethnic peoples, as is Russia, as is Europe and India, we have seen the Rise of the Nation States in the last three hundred years, I believe we are seeing the slow death of the Nation State. Kurdistan is a de facto independent State from Iraq, it is well run, peaceful and economically stable. In whose interest is it to force it back into Iraq, do we seriously expect all of the countries of the former Yugoslavia to be forced back into one Nation. No we do not.

England was always a small , successful and stable State, the only people who ever benefit from large States are those who make a living from the State.

Their time is coming to an end.


Anonymous said...

The regional banks idea has merit. Andy Hornby (now "consultant" on £60K a MONTH at HBoS) was the driving force behind the expansion of HBoS into being a market-force leader.

And I've met him (working for HBoS previously). He's a vituperative, short-arsed tw@, so full of his own self-importance that someone needs to give him a proper slap.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

K. McEgan. said...

What of Quebec?When does a nation become viable?There are 200 nations on earth but many more "ethnicities".How successful is Macedonia?50% want to secceed.

Guthrum said...

What of Quebec ?

If the majority of its people want to seperate from Canada, they should.

K. McEgan. said...

How the hell is anyone in New Brunswick gonna get to Ontario?By tunnel?The Quebecqois treat first nation poorly too.

Tyburn Jig said...

Crooks who should dance the Tyburn Jig.

BiluĊ› said...

Dear Mr Holborn,

I fully support your policy proposals - yes, radical, but each and every one sensible and, above all, needed.

Can I ask a personal question? You don't have to answer if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Do you look like David Cameron? If you do, then perhaps we could effect some kind of swap, because he's first in the queue post-Gordo. If you don't then perhaps we're fucked.

You'd be class as PM, however I'm not sure Dave would make such a good fist of the blog, so perhaps it's better that the status quo prevail (and oh, I'm sure it will!).

Cheers, Bilus

Gareth said...

The Chinese Premier admits in Davos that his country is facing major challenges and social unrest

While Gordon is Getting On With The Job solving the Global Financial Crisis that Started In America. When a bunch of odious waxworks are more honest than the British PM, we have a serious problem.

Regional banks? We used to have loads of them. Then came the consolidations and takeovers. Building societies were at it too.

Even George Soros is calling for the creation of Good Banks.

Part of the problem is that the financial services compensation scheme means that should a bank fail, the lost deposits are reimbursed by the rest of the banks and building societies covered by the FSCS. The best thing a bank or building society could do now, if it were confident that it was operating on a sound business model, would be to remove itself from the compensation scheme and insulate itself from any further failures.

It's all about risk. Risk built an Empire. Being afraid and ignorant of risk has destroyed it. Before Northern Cock went bad I didn't even realise the was a compensation scheme. I simply figured it was a reasonable risk given the interest rates I was getting on my savings. Yet there were people with hundreds of thousands in NR who had never even given a thought to what might happen if the bank went bust. The welfare state and education system have a lot to answer for.

Milton Smith said...

Sensible proposals, so I don't see your party adopting them all. Setting up banks as you suggest would require state action, and the lp fanatics would never accept that - whether it's the right thing to do or not.

Marios said...

May I add, I agree with Mr Bilus...Holborn for PM. Mind you, these titles will be abandoned come the revolution...

Lets have some real policy said...

Everyone's missing the point.

What got us into this crisis? Excessive borrowing by Labour, business and consumers.

So, lets deal with each of those

(1) Announce a public sector spending freeze. In nominal terms. If the workshy feel the need to go on strike against this then hire replacements, there are plenty of unemployed people more skilled, more willing and who would do a better job.

(2) Announce a plan to axe or "merge" tens of thousands of meaningless jobs. For complaints over this see point (1).

(3) Only allow businesses that have shown solid like for like growth over a number of years to expand. Not just those with stagnant sales who feel the need to build empires to show their sales improving.

(4) Make consumers prove their income before loans and credit cards are granted. Not just pay slips but allow companies to confirm with their bank that they actually have the income they disclose.

(5) Also, financial institutions should become responsible lenders; no credit card limit increases unless requested and then they should be subject to another financial review before approval. Equally, those with good credit histories should not have their limits slashed. If the banks are short on cash then let that part of credit (the potential reduction) be guaranteed by the government.

Guthrum said...

LHSRP 12.51

Sounds like a lot of nanny knows best phrases there- like 'only allow','make consumers' etc being the give away.

The State is a monster out of control, Whitehall should be swept away,Quangos and Fake Charities also, we pay for them all.

It also produces monsters like Brown, whose only idea is to throw more money at the problem.

Anonymous said...

Gudrun's right. Imposing more rules; "forcing" and "allowing" etc is more government.
I thought we wanted less government?
I'm glad you included Cornwallin the federation. Hopefully the first thing they will do is reposess all the second homes and give the locals somewhere to live.
The bankers and city types "earn" zillions at our expense and buy whole villages at over inflated prices. What was it they used to say back in the seventies when the Welsh nationalists were torching the second homes?
Come home to a real fire- buy a cottage in Wales/Cornwall etc

Word ver- sheaut
Is that a dialect variant of shit?

Anonymous said...

LOL Cornwall

Why not Yorkshire as well?

Guthrum said...

Cornwall has always had a Stannary Parliament, like the Tynwald in Isle of Man, and the States of Jersey. If Yorkshire want t'Parliament why not. The Federal Parliament would look after Defence and Foreign Affairs.

Ministry Of Steve said...

I have seen no coverage of the WEF at Davos on BBC News 24. Perhaps not surprisingly, since I have just watched our representative there say "Britain is in the worst shape since it was crippled after WWII" on Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Sky, and Euronews.

Aunty beeb can't report on that, because it's not what the fat one eyed wank stain Brown is saying, and so not "on message"

All other channels are also reporting the riots and strikes.

Those of you who sit in front of a computer all day and wish to avoid the twisted BBC news agenda (which yesterday appeared to be revolving around a fucking otter being rescued, and never one single mention of the IMF report), may wish to install an app called "Livestation" which gives you free streaming access to a decent selection of news channels that aren't in thrall to Brown and his merry band of fucktards.

Rather interestingly, BBC World News (the international version of BBC News 24, and not usually available inside the UK) is working to a completely different news agenda, which includes reporting from Davos, IMF report, riots, strikes, ongoing conflict in middle east, etc,etc, all of which are notable by their absence on BBC News 24. This is the strongest proof that the BBC's domestic news agenda is being manipulated by someone who is either in government, or by someone who is such an arse licker that the former may as well be true.

Utter, utter bastards.

Old Holborn said...

I'm currently in Switzerland

I am SO fucking tempted to stay

American Guy said...

"End the War in Afghanistan"?

Thanks, fair-weather friend. The next time Jerry starts bombing you we'll just sit tight over here.

Oldrightie said...

A fair amount of common sense and a lot of possible Tory moves if they can dislodge Snotty BBC propaganda machine, ably abetted, temporarily by Sky, cos' old Rupe wants yet another favour.
O/T just love this from Sue, baby. I gonna plaster it wherever I can!

Thought for the Day
The economic crisis should be treated as "the difficult birth-pangs of a new global order", with new rules introduced on trade, Gordon Brown says.:

Yes, you're right Mr Brown, birth pangs usually mean you've been screwed and they're caused by Labour!

Anonymous said...

What like 1914-17, and 1939-41, when we held out as the last outpost of Democracy in Europe. Then spent the next sixty years paying the US back for lend lease, and you still will not give our bases back that we put up as security.


The UK is an independent State not the 51st State, once you start building massive bases and that is all you control in Afghanistan, you have lost. Read Clausewitz not Fox News

Coliseum said...

When was the last time Mr Brown appeared in public?

I mean really in public,in front of a crowd, not one of his organised meetings with canteen workers on his journey of discovery last month

When he became PM he was always popping up at Rugby internationals, high profile football games etc in fact he became known as 'the Jonah' because every game he attended the home side lost

Wonder why this has stopped, and just what the reaction to Gordon would be now at an FA cup quarter final or England v Scotland five nations game?

Has he been told to avoid contact with large gatherings of citizens?

Labour Rebuttal Unit Calling, Labour Rebuttal Unit Calling. said...

A special message brought to you from Lord Dolly Haw Haw

You are about to hear our news in English.

Gordon Brown has saved the world and is leading the UK towards wonderful prosperous times having repeatedly warned the world about the dangers of light touch regulation and excessive borrowing.

The Labour party is set to win an astonishing forth landslide election victory thanks in no small part to Gordon Browns outstanding leadership. You lucky lucky people.

Dick the Prick said...

Just a thought (I've got flu and am hallucinating a bit - cool) but could it be that because everyone knows Gordon's a cunt, that his days are numbered - that people are less inclined than jonny foreigner?

The fact that Cameron is a cunt is important tho, for he is. And the BBC is disgusting.

Mr said...

Remembering back to the heady days of Mrs T, I can picture riots when a poorly thought out tax was introduced (poll tax). Demonstrations when the CJA went through. Marches when jobs were lost.

Under NuLabia we've had heavier taxation, more poorly thought out legislation and we're heading for new peaks of joblessness.

Will the people of England finally take to the streets and protest (peacefully)? Was it solely anti-Tory and leftist organisations that were any good at mobilising feet onto the streets?

I am not advocating any violence here; just wondering why there have been no demonstrations as yet.

Or will a cancelled election in 2010 be the event that sparks a powder keg?

Ex Liberal said...

Two of these I question:

6: I'm in favour of proportional representation, but it's what keeps Israel so rabid. Small parties have disproportionate power in every coalition. Probably requires a bit of careful consideration.

7: Unregulated planning is a no-no. Better that land is nationalised (I'm serious and I know what blog I'm on). The problems in housing prices arise from speculation and greed based on a finite resource. All farmers are proto-developers. If we all owned 'their' land they could get on with farming, we could get on with building homes in the right places, not where keen-eyed developers and bent politicians can make a quick groat or two.

Oh, and end prohibition of drugs. It's pointless.

Anna Raccoon said...

You may be unlucky Holborn. The word out of Davos is that a major shift is taking place -- globally, not just in the US -- away from the religion of the free market.

Old Holborn said...

Where do you think I am right now Anna?

Odin's Raven said...

Nice ideas. We could manage with fewer politicians, and more direct, electronic democracy.

See the post on my blog, Odin's Raven, about Electronic Ostracism and Referenda at

I think the Swiss may have something to teach us about decentralisation and referenda. OH -have you got any more information about how they run things?

Anna Raccoon said...

Old Holborn said...
Where do you think I am right now Anna?

I wouldn't be so indelicate as to answer that!
Old Holborn is a dedicated shag is it not?

Another puzzled old coot said...

OH: If you run into that coot who fronts the CCN interviews with the great and the good, ask him why CNN has a caption with "New World Order" stuck on all his transmissions. Ta very much.

old coot again said...

... C N N .... bloody illiterate fingers.

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