Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Another Sick Judgement From Europe

The European Court Of Stupidity has over-ruled our Court of Appeal and has decreed that
employees on long term sickness should be compensated for the holidays that they have missed out on through being off sick.

What the fuck next? All those scroungers and layabouts on the Invalidity Benefit will be down the Citizens Advice Bureau to get some free legal help or an introduction to a leading civil rights lawyer such as Cherie Bliar so they can insist on their fucking rights to a tax-payer paid holiday in addition to their other entitlements.

What a nonsense. Any sensible employer will immediately take steps to downsize as fast as possible, ensuring only a lean mean and fit workforce. Or just sell up and retire. Or close and stop bothering.

Complete fuckwits.

The Penguin


Ampers said...

I remember a program on Television where a former company owner with about a hundred lorries had his drivers repeatedly being called out on strike.

I can't remember too well but it seems he warned them he'd sack them all if they went on strike again. They ignored him and duely went on strike. Over a weekend he had all the assets moved out and sold all his lorries to another company. He wrote to all the drivers and sacked them immediately for ignoring his warning. This meant none of them could draw benefit for six weeks.

He moved to Spaon and bought a beautiful mansion. Some BBC liberal female reporter went to interview him and said "don't you miss England". He couldn't believe his ears. He said "Miss all the rain, working a 70 hour week, being held to ransome repeatedly by my drivers? You have to be joking!" She looked horified and said "Don't you care about all their hungry families?" He said: "No that was their responsibility and they could have still beeen working for me if they stopped striking at the drop of a hat!"

It must have been in the seventies or eighties.

Old Holborn said...

My company could provide employment for hundreds. Seriously.

I REFUSE to hire anybody. The only other people working for my company are partners. They have a stake in MY business and I have a stake in theirs.

It's not about money, it's about being told how to run MY business by utter hoons who will never take a business risk in their lives.

You wouldn't believe how liberating it is to simply smile and tell them all to fuck off.

I also only invoice in Euros. Don't agree? Don't do business with me then.

K. McEgan. said...

Look,the ECHR overturned Marpers vs South Yorkshire filth.Or do you think its right a kid should have DNA taken for drawing a rainbow in chalk on the pavement?

Earthlet Nigel said...

McEgan; I fully agree with you in this instance, whether they have complied with the judgement is another matter, however this evil bunch of Trough Snafflers have criminalised so many things no one really knows what is legal and what's not.

They have just about crucified all business on the Nulabour cross of Tax and Spend. Sadly they are not yet done.

The divide between rich and poor is fast being replaced by the divide between the public and private sectors.

Drinking has become the new smoking and the indigenous population the new Jews. Or why else would they decry widely held beliefs as merely ignorant perception and persist in giving advantage to immigrants.

There is so much wrong in this country today, and it is going to take years to sort it out.

Katabasis said...

McEgan - I agree with you - in that instance they've effectively fulfilled their remit honourably.

However, the judgment in question above is another one in a long string (from Her Majesty's govt as well as the Empire's), that has me asking why I bother to work hard week in and week out.

Mick said...

This already applies to women who take maternity leave. If they take nine months off, when they come back they are entitled to take the annual leave they accrued over the 9 month period.


Craig said...

Ampers - absolutely. I'm afraid that I'm a self-confessed, unreconstructed capitalist.

People react to incentives: that's the very nature of economics. If the incentive is positive (i.e., come to work and you'll get paid) or negative (i.e., stop coming to work and I'll sack you) then the reaction of the workers is a measure of the level of then responsibility.

If "the workers" (that amorphous mass) want "the bosses" (the other amorphous mass) to take care of them then that's nothing more than either school time or indentured slavery. Fuck 'em. Both.

P.J. O'Rourke has a great quote which I don't recall exactly on rights and responsibilities, which I paraphrase below:

The only right is the right to do whatever you damn well please without interference. The only responsibility is to be man enough to take the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this effectively means you can only be sick or pregnant during work hours.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this effectively means you can only be sick or pregnant during work hours.

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