Saturday, 31 January 2009

Never catch a falling knife

Gordon has revealed in Davos that nobody has a fucking clue where this is leading.

No great surprises. Up until now, no one has been allowed to invent fictitious money and actually spend it. The US started it by selling sheds to black men in string vests and then inventing more money to sell more sheds to black men in string vests.

The UK followed suit, with every bank or credit card company falling over themselves to lend the great unwashed unheard of amounts of money, money they could never ever repay, spent on furnishing two bed houses they couldn’t actually afford to buy anyway.

Who complained? Certainly not China or India who couldn’t keep up with the demand for chocolate fountains, BMX bikes or PS3’s. Did we complain? Nah, it was all on the never never and house prices were going up so fast, all you had to do was wait six months and remortgage and bingo, a new car AND a plasma.

And now it is revealed the emperor is stark bollock naked and all that money didn’t really exist. It was made up money, not backed by gold or assets.

So fuck ‘em. The money wasn’t real. So they can’t ask for it back, can they?

My advice:

Don’t pay your debts. Tell them to fuck off, they’ve had billions of tax payers money, take it out of that instead. It’s not real money anyway.

What’s the worse that could happen if EVERYBODY just said fuck off, leave me alone?

The banks would fold (big deal) as our elected representatives did as we told them. The slate would be clean and the pavements full of dead bankers or dead politicians.

Win win


hat tip to whollyrude

Post Imperial, Post Nation States

Calls for Putin to go, are being made in Vladivostok,Demonstrators are also expected to take to the streets in the capital Moscow and other towns and cities later on Saturday.

The Communists are largely behind this wave of protest, calling for more State control over peoples lives. Seen else where on a comment- seen on a T shirt 100 million dead- time to try again.

The result of incompetence of political elites across the Globe is now manifest in both the extreme right and extreme left trying to offer 'solutions' that have resulted before in death camps and labour camps.

We do not need repressive,extreme governments and elites, we need less government, less corruption and to allow markets to operate. People the world over I have found are decent and friendly. It is Governments that are hostile and murderous.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Golden Brown

Golden brown eyball of glass
Lays me down fucks me up the arse
Throughout the night
Like Turkish Delight
Never a frown from golden brown

Every time just like the last
On his ship tied to the mast
To distant lands
Takes both my hands
Never a frown from golden brown

Golden brown swallow it down
Dont let him know you think he's a clown
Then you can spit
Mandelson's shit
Never a frown from golden brown

Never a frown
From golden brown
Never a frown
From golden brown

( Apologies to the Stranglers! )

The Penguin

Brown's New World Order- Poverty and Enslavement for all

When it comes down to it it is just you and your family against the world, irrespective of the politics.

This morning workers are coming out in South Wales, and Scotland in support of the protesters in Lindsey. None of this is Union led, because they have sold their soul to the graft ridden New Labour that has in its turn sold its soul to the Banks with the bail out, rather than let the banks go to the wall, and break up and reconstruct.

As to the rabid BNP supporters thinking its the white working classes leading the charge, grow up.Readers of this blog and others have been warning of this day for over two years, some are middle class some not, some are professionals some are not, some are white others are not. Some of us have already organised, some of us have been on protests in Whitehall, some of us have organised protests whilst the major parties play a polite game in Westmister pretending to oppose.

This is not a class/race conflict, a secretive corrupt party has been elected into power, not even pretending that it is a representative Government, it is the Party of the Righteous and the Elect. For Eleven years they have mentally shackled our free speech, fined us, told us what to think, what to eat. They have wrecked the economy, they have created an ever increasing and coercive State. Personally they are corrupt, and are only censured by their own.

They have lead us into two illegal wars, we only see the tidy coffins coming home with Union Flags on, we do not see the thousands maimed and injured, lives ruined for ever. For what ? For New Labour's vanity of strutting the world stage, saying they have saved the world.

Brown appears to be insane, his cohorts unable to get him out of his bunker mentality.

And you know what, I would be against the Tories and the Lib Dems equally as passionately.

It is time for less Government,less taxation and more personal freedom and responsibility, not handing over our one and only lives to this corrupt Westminster.

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.



Gordon's on the case, regreting saying British Jobs for British workers, as well as he has ended boom and bust.


The British National Party was trying to hijack the unofficial strikes today sending activists to join the picket line as the Unite union, which did not sanction the strikes, attempted to retain its influence over members who are angry that British jobs have been lost to European competitors.

“Yesterday was a great day for British nationalism,” said a spokesman for the far-right BNP.

As workers addressed a crowd of around 600 outside Lindsey one of the workers shouted: “Get the BNP rep up there” but he was quickly shouted down.

The Times

Well played by the BNP, giving the Government the lie to say that this action is xenophobic based, rather than a protest about the incompetance of Labour driving the economy into the ground.

Well done to the boys for telling them to fuck off.

Don't like it? You voted for it.

And what's more, your unions are supporting it.

A poor repressed leftie in custody.

I've been rummaging around an amusing place called Socialist Unity, which is composed of wooly-hatted and wooly-brained people who like to protest about things, but don't want to get their hands dirty by actually doing anything. It's up to someone else to do the stuff. They just shout until it gets done.

At one of their shouting sessions in which they shouted about other people having money and not giving it to them, several shops were smashed and looted. Naturally, they didn't do it, it was 'pseudo-anarchists' (the socialist untiers are real anarchists, because they vote for and support this government. Don't ask me, it's their logic). Or maybe it was 'police provocateurs'. It can't have been any of their shouty friends because all they do is shout.

Anyway, the police rounded up a few of them and locked them away for a while. Outrage! Repression by authoritarians! Human rights! Toilets! Tea and sandwiches!.

Lois said: “I am angry and outraged at the Lords judgement, which found there was no ‘arbitrary deprivation of liberty’”. I and thousands of other peaceful anti-globalisation protesters were detained by police for nine hours, in a confined space, and without water, food or toilet facilities. To any reasonable person, this clearly amounted to a deprivation of liberty and the police action on May Day 2001 breaches European Convention on human rights”

No tea and sandwiches? Why, it was practically Auschwitz. Nine hours? Murderers get out in less time. The police would never detain an MP for nine hours... oh wait.

“The Lords have judged the police can take such draconian action, as they deem fit, against protesters. Since 2001, we have seen the police use similar detainment tactics against other peaceful demonstrators, including against environmental protests and recently against Gaza war demonstrators. These repressive police tactics are an attempt to intimidate protesters and the right to demonstrate."

Huh? No, no, no, Lefties. We are not a police state. You've told us so yourselves. Repeatedly. We're just paranoid, remember? Labour isn't out to repress us all. They aren't banning demonstrations. You just have to give the police notice, so they know where to find you when it's time to round you up.

“Our fight against poverty and exploitation continues, as does our campaign to have the basic democratic rights to protest.”

They are incensed that they can't protest. Whatever happened to free speech, eh? Whatever happened to the right to protest?

You did this, Lefties. You don't like it, do you? You voted for it and you support it with your union dues. You didn't think it would apply to you, you thought it was for the dangerous far-right groups like trainspotters and tourists. Now you're getting a taste of what your beloved socialism is all about, you don't like it at all. And still you can't see that it's your ideals, your policies that are at play here. This is socialism, Lefties. This is what it's like, this is what you wanted.

The lefties are furious. So they're taking their case to Europe, where they actually think they'll get their rights back.

I shouldn't laugh, but for some reason I find I just can't stop.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tension starting to build

Thirty years on from the Winter of discontent that brought Labour down, social unrest about threats to jobs starts in the UK

A German Speaks Out

Helmut Schmidt: blames Americans and British for global recession. Photograph: Boris Roessler/EPA

"What we're dealing with, above all in New York and London, is a combination of high intelligence mixed with mathematical gifts, extreme selfishness and self-enrichment with an absence of sufficient power of judgment and sense of responsibility. You can name this disease:unconstrained greed."

"At the same time, we've seen, however, a nonchalant ignorance among governments and official bodies, an unprecedented negligence on the part of the entire political class which recklessly relied onthe self-healing power of financial markets instead of intervening at the right time. That holds above all for the USA and Great Britain."

Of Course NuLiebore Believe In God Claims Timms

Stephen Timms, who managed to win Ugliest Man In Government competition without even entering it, has declared that NuLiebore's policies are influenced by God.

"Of course we believe in God", declared the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, "
He is working tirelessly to create a Brave New World!"

The Penguin.

The BBC Is Not Impartial It Is A Mouthpiece of a Rotten State

The Chinese Premier admits in Davos that his country is facing major challenges and social unrest, the French are having an organised day of action against the State, albeit motivated by the State loving Left, the French Security services have proudly told the world's press that they are keeping surveillance on Left wing and anarchist groups, arresting people without evidence. The people in Iceland have thrown out their PM and Government and there are violent riots across Europe.

What is happening in the UK is far more worrying. We have a Prime Minister who can no longer bear to be told the truth, cannot even admit to himself how bad things are, and refuses to acknowledge the findings of respected International Organisations. On top of that we have a compliant BBC still pretending it is impartial, refusing to acknowledge that this recession is causing a seismic change in how we run our affairs, it is business as usual, no reports of real substance, just some irritating spokesperson that feels it neccessary to lecture parents about the dangers of children drinking at our expense.

The BBC was defeated by Alistair Campbell and Blair, and cowed into submission ever since.

Our unelected leader has clearly lost the plot and we cannot afford another eighteen months of this.

Radical action needs taking, before Gordon Brown and his acolytes take us down.

1. Not one further penny into the Banks by the Taxpayer. Those that are insolvent now will continue to be insolvent. RBS has no idea what its liabilities are, and should be broken up. Regional Banks set up with fresh capital and horror of horrors a guarantee given to these new institutions for five years.

2. These Regional Banks should employ Bankers who understand the role and function of Banking in society not chancers who have run supermarkets. Send them to Beirut for training if neccessary.

3. Whitehall be broken up, all powers apart from Defence and Foreign affairs returned to the Counties, my preference is for Lander style Government.Abolish all Quangos and Fake charities sponging off the state and Taxpayer.

4. A Convention called by all Political Parties on a written Constitution that protects our Liberties as individuals, and proscribes some of the actions of the previous two administrations as unconstitutional.

5. A Constitutional Court to deal with politicians and Peers who have decided that lying and graft is a way of life.

6. A single transferable vote system to ensure no further minority Governments with 'landslide' victories.

7. End all Planning Acts that artificially restrict building land and force up housing cost, thus reducing 80% of the population to mortgage slaves, depriving the young of their own homes.

8. End the War in Afghanistan immediately. Restructured Army, that is well paid and equipped, and is there purely for Defence.

9. The UK to be a Federation of England, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall with Independent Parliaments.

10. Abolition of titles,civil awards and decorations and honours.

China is an amalgam of ethnic peoples, as is Russia, as is Europe and India, we have seen the Rise of the Nation States in the last three hundred years, I believe we are seeing the slow death of the Nation State. Kurdistan is a de facto independent State from Iraq, it is well run, peaceful and economically stable. In whose interest is it to force it back into Iraq, do we seriously expect all of the countries of the former Yugoslavia to be forced back into one Nation. No we do not.

England was always a small , successful and stable State, the only people who ever benefit from large States are those who make a living from the State.

Their time is coming to an end.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Caligula falters.

My hand is blurry because of global vibrations that started in America because hardworking families have told me it's the right thing to do. If it was left to the Do-Nothing party we'd have no vibrations at all, and people might have to work for a living instead of relaxing while we give them all they want.

I was at the pub last night. Not a boozy night - I was playing darts, and too much booze means lousy (and very long) games. We spoke about the new EU rules on fishing, explained to a grandfather that all his grandchildren now had their details on a database that would soon be left on a train for anyone to find, we spoke about how many had just lost their jobs and about the local firms who are not taking on new staff, we spoke about the attempts to close down pubs by any and all means possible. We wondered how much longer we would be allowed to carry our darts in our pockets and noted that a lot of people seem to be buying a great deal of tinned food and bags of salt lately.

Nobody was very drunk, apart from a couple of guys who always seem to be drunk when they arrive, and a good night was had by all. The pub now has a shelter out the back for smokers, so I won't say the name because the Righteous will be round to declare it an 'enclosed public space' and slap a no-smoking sign on it.

We don't talk 'politics' as such because none of them are interested in who's running what. They are very interested in what's happening in their country and in their own lives. Very interested indeed, and they are well aware of who's doing that.

On the bar was a copy of the Daily Express. Unusual in itself, here it's usually the Sun or the Record (the Scottish version of the Mirror). It was folded in half so I could only see the top line of the banner headline.

It said 'Brown's'.

I thought 'What's he done now?' and turned the paper over to see the rest of the headline.

It said 'Lost His Marbles'.

I haven't read the Express before, so I went along to their website. It's one of the sensationalist ones, you have to pick the story out of the hype, but it's in there.

Yes, it was this story. The tale of the modern-day Caligula, a deranged leader whose own advisors are terrified to tell him that what he's doing is driving the people of this country into a rage not seen since the mid 1600's. They plot and they scheme behind the scenes, but they dare not attack their Emperor directly, in case he eats their children.

In a speech that risked a furious backlash, the Prime Minister said the recession was his opportunity to forge a new global financial system.

He believes it, you know. The world is in the palm of his hand, his to crush with clunking fist. He is the Saviour who will lead us all back into the wilderness, away from all that dastardly progess and sinful happiness, to a place where our carbon footprint will fade to nothing along with our history.

Astonishingly, Mr Brown even claimed to have predicted the current financial crisis 10 years ago.

He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future. I'm beginning to think we shouldn't have sent them the book. The gibbering idiot thinks it was a message from God.

The express follows up with this story.

Some Labour insiders fear Mr Brown’s strategy of comparing himself with President Obama is becoming an embarrassment. They are also warning that Mr Brown’s past claims to have vanquished “boom and bust” have now come back to haunt him.

Well, there are a few differences between the Gorgon and the President. One of the biggest is that the President was actually elected. I know, I know, we vote for parties here, not individual ministers, but we have an expectation that we will know who's going to be running the show when we vote for that party. Then again, we used to have an expectation that at least some of those manifesto commitments would be honoured. That's no longer the case either.

There have been Internet mutterings about the saggy-faced one's sanity for a long time. He acts as though he has no ministers. He acts as though he is in sole and total charge. His ministers are off making up petty laws of their own, his MPs pursue personal agendas and the Gorgon takes no apparent interest in any of it. He is busy setting up his New World Order and if that means a few million have to suffer so he can achieve his vision, that's just too bad. Well, Gorgon, it's certainly new. It's not worldwide though, most of the world is better off than us, including those countries that have already seen riots. As for 'order', I see little evidence of any of that in government now.

They want him to make a public apology for his mistakes in the past that contributed to lack of regulation of financial markets. Another minister said: “It’s as if we are in a lift. We don’t know if we are going down to the ground floor or to the basement or whether the entire lift shaft is empty and we are plunging to our doom.”

His own party think he should apologise! Come on, Labour, you know that's not going to happen. We ordinary people have known all along that he and his little Tribe of Chaos have never and will never listen to anyone. They regard us with contempt. We are beneath them, we are Proles and they are the New Aristocracy.

Labour backbenchers and party members and supporters... you're all Proles too. The Gorgon won't listen to you either. At the best, you'll get slightly less contemptuous treatment than the rest of us. While you're useful.

The Gorgon is now clearly and demonstrably insane. He thinks he rules the world. None of those around him dare question his magnificence, none dare stand up to him, none defy his supreme will. This is not the Labour Party, this is the Gordon Brown Show and he is the only one who matters.

Labour are likely to be pulverised in the next election (if there is one) and deservedly so. They have abandonded everything they stood for and allowed this lunatic and his cronies to run the country unchecked. They don't even deserve to be in opposition. So it seems likely that the Cameroids will take Government with a huge majority and be able to do just what the hell they please with no effective opposition. Just as Labour did when they destroyed Major's government. Like Blair, Cameron will enjoy almost absolute control.

And so it will all begin again.

We don't just need a new government. We need a new way to form a government.

Europe is burning, lets have a cup of Tea

Just got of the phone to a colleague in Vilnius who could not believe that the civil unrest in Lithuania is being suppressed by the BBC.

Tomorrow in Paris there is the 'Manifestation du 29 Janvier' against Sarkozy- Mrs Guthrum brought back a copy of La Monde yesterday from her business trip to Paris, looks like they are all looking forward to it. It is being reported in the Telegraph that Putin is coming under pressure as well.

What are we doing as Brown decimates the economy, saying mustn't grumble and having another cup of tea !


Brown has just rejected the IMF statement that the downturn in Britain will be the worst in Europe

More Snouts In The Trough

It turns out ( thanks to a Freedom Of Information request, how the cunts must regret passing that law!) that the civil service wankers in the Cabinet Office not only got overpaid their salaries last year and the year before, but got fucking bonuses running to a staggering £972,500 between them (only £895,000 the previous year).

Now, danger money for having to work in the proximity of McBroon I could accept, but bonuses? For fucking what? Ruining the country?

The Penguin

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hang them out to dry

Banks and bankers eh, what a lot of wankers. And very rich ones too, you wont find many of them scrabbling about on the dole, struggling to pay their mortgage and feed the kids, and with their pension now worthless. You wont see them at any of Bristol’s homeless shelters or soup kitchens. Well not yet anyway, but do we have plans for them!

Time to make them pay!

The UK and international banking situation, in fact the whole ‘financial sector’ of the economy, continues to unravel at a rapid rate, claiming its first government victim this week in Iceland. No doubt more will follow, as the close ties between the financial sector, other corporations, and the politicians elected to serve us, but with their noses firmly in the trough, become ever more exposed as this or that enquiry or fraud trial slowly reveals the truth (my how the House of Lords is squirming right now). And what a truth it is: malpractice, misadministration, deliberate false accounting, insider dealing, gambling with someone else’s money, outright fraud and corruption. Then of course there is the greed, the greed for money and profit, available by cooking up evermore absurd financial pyramids and schemes so that in the end nobody actually knew what debts they were liable for and to who. They make Sustrans look saintly by comparison.

Of course, before the crash of the last 6 months, these banks and bankers were creaming it off for over 15 years, and making merry with buyouts, takeovers, bonuses, share options, property purchases, art collections and the like. So we can guess many are sitting pretty, and indeed many continue to do so – despite the crash handsome salaries and bonuses are still being paid, currency and share price speculation continues, they keep playing with our pension funds, golden handshakes remain the norm for retiring execs. Meanwhile, governments here and across the world are pouring our money into these same banks so as to ensure the whole creaking system doesn’t crash, they are increasing the public debt by billions as billions and trillions of pounds and dollars are injected to a failed system. But we don’t see them making any such funds available to hard up Bristolians now do we. Will the government pay off my mortgage now I’ve lost my job? Didn’t think so.

For us its going to be years of tightening belts, worries over paying bills and mortgages, feeding the kids, unemployment, repossessions, rent arrears, courts and bailiffs, dwindling savings, worthless pensions, and either inflation or deflation. Well sod that, lets make them pay for the crisis they have created. We demand:

1. That the 100 highest paid execs (by salary & bonuses) at every bank and financial institution be forced out of their jobs. That they be re-employed on socially useful Community Payback schemes on a minimum wage, with the words ‘I was a banker’ emblazoned on the back of their yellow jackets (prison is a waste of money for people like this, they’d only re-offend).

2. That they and their families be relieved of all their homes and properties, stocks and shares, trusts and funds, directorships, art collections and any other form of wealth. Any wealth they have ‘hidden’ in the last 10 years to be recovered. That they be rehoused in a the nearest social housing tower block. That their wealth & property be held in public trust until such time as it is converted into socially useful housing / cash and made available to community banks, credit unions, local job creation schemes and other community initiatives. To be agreed on by local assemblies.

3. That any senior banking/finance exec, and politician, who has retired/left their post in the last five years, with a renumeration package/pay of over £200,000.00, be treated according to demands 1 and 2 above. Any such person who be over retirement age be entitled to merely the state pension and applicable benefits.

4. That henceforth banks and financial institutions may only lend out sums equal to the deposits they hold, at a rate no higher than the Bank of England base rate. That they will not speculate with pensions funds, currencies nor share dealing.

We want justice, and we are going to get it.

(The peoples front for the liberation of Bristolians from corrupt bankers and financial exploitation)

How sweet

Some people are gay. I SAID SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY!!!

I’m sick of it. Thoroughly sick of it.

At every turn today, I am being shouted at by people who like to sleep with people of the same sex. Nothing I watch or see or do is untainted by this vociferous minority.

They have a voice WAY beyond anybody else and all I can hear is them shouting. Again.

So what is so fucking different about Gays? WHY do they demand quotas, special rights, representation at every level and in every fucking thing?

In essence, homosexuals are exactly the same as everybody else, except what they do in bed. But so are sado masochists and adult babies. So are people into rubber or wife swapping or cock piercings. Do they demand quotas, representation, legislation? Do they have to infiltrate every facet of modern life? Do they have to march through the streets demanding recognition?

No, they fucking don’t. They get on with doing whatever it is they enjoy. And they leave me alone. Gays can’t do that. They have to be seen and heard at every opportunity. Their views have to be taken into account, their opinions sought before the rest of us are allowed to get on doing whatever it is we do.

Stop telling us what you do in bed. I’m not fucking interested. You are not special. You do not need special rights any more than I do. You just need to shut the fuck up.

Perfect example of queens screaming LOOK AT ME! Over at Mrs Dale’s place.
Along with an advert

They Are Planning To Hide From The Mob

Following on from the feeble Harriet Hypocrite's excuse for not publishing details of MP's expense claims because of security concerns over the public learning of MP's real addresses ( the fake ones in their constituencies have to be published, but you can expect a terror law amendment any moment to change this) , it now emerges that politicians (and celebrities FFS) can avoid having their childrens details - and thus their addresses! - put on the sinister database designed in the wake of the Victoria Climbie murder to help various agencies keep track of children.

This additional one law for us and another for them wriggle is designed to prevent some fucked off minion in one of those agencies from making known - say on Facebook? - the whereabouts of the politicians when the shit hits the fan and the mob is out looking for people to adorn lamp posts.

So, to sidestep this attempt to hide from the people they have sold into penury and debt, get your telephone directories out, get onto google and other search engines, lean on your contacts on local newspapers, have a drink at the Legion or the WMC and see if you can't acquire this information that they'd rather you didn't have. Then shout it from the rooftops. Let them run, but don't let them hide. They won't like being forced to sell up in the current market!

The Penguin

Take away my meat and you're the main course.

You're a vegetarian? How fascinating. Do stay for lunch.

Righteous Kerry has a swift one-liner on her blog. The NHS is to force vegetarianism on all patients. For the benefit of their health? No, because the NHS is now an organisation dedicated to combating global warming.

I remember when the NHS used to be dedicated to combating disease. Ah, the old days.

Kerry sounds pleased. She's a vegetable, you see. Oh wait, I mean vegetarian. I often get those confused, it's my age and diet to blame. Vegetarians are often pleased to hear pronouncements that we should all be like them. Without exception, these pronouncements come from vegetarians who fail to realise something important.

1. Most of us are omnivores. We eat meat and vegetation.

2. We prefer to eat herbivorous creatures because they taste better and are unlikely to have eaten something diseased.

3. Food is about to become very scarce.

4. Vegetarians are herbivores.

Well, that's the thinly-veiled threat out of the way. Although I think the RSPCA had better be careful what they do for a while. They demand that people treat their pets better than their children, and many do. Give it six months and people won't be phoning for advice on animal care. They'll be phoning for recipes.

Six months after that, vegetarians...

Although will there be any? With agriculture wasting its time and space on biofuels, vegetable foods might run out before the meat does. You can grow cows on grassland where no crops can be planted. There are sheep that live on seaweed in the northern isles. Vegetarians might soon find they have to choose between principles and lunch.

Back to the NHS. I don't know what it stands for now but the H used to mean 'health'. I see inside hospitals as part of my work. My advice? Don't go there. Don't even visit. They are no longer about health, they are about cutting costs and political point-scoring. The staff do their best but they do it despite government 'help', not because of it.

Dr David Pencheon, director of the NHS sustainable development unit, said the amount of NHS emissions meant it had to act to make cuts, and the changes would save money, which could be spent on better services for patients.

Uh... one of those services is feeding them while they're in there, surely?

I have spent most of my life working with intestinal bacteria, which is why I always get a seat to myself on the bus. There are billions of them in your gut and they develop according to what you eat. If you make a radical and sudden change to your diet, they'll go nuts and the world will drop out of your bottom until they adapt to the new diet. You will then be open to all kinds of gut infections, including Clostridium difficile. What a sensible thing for a health service to do. Take you in when you're sick and take your mind off it by handing you something else to worry about.

Changing diet should be gradual, or you get the same effect as traveller's diarrhoea. When these people get out of hospital, assuming they do, they'll go back to their old diet and experience the same thing again. If you know anyone who experiences this, please, please don't let them go back to the hospital.

As for the Notional Health Service, they are now far more concerned with emissions from chimneys than with any kind of emissions from patients. They could, of course, cut back on that massive, heated admin block populated by steak-eating Lexus drivers, but that's not going to happen.

On Tuesday, Pencheon and the NHS chief executive, David Nicholson, will publish the strategy - Saving Carbon, Improving Health - which will set targets to cut the organisation's carbon footprint, and proposals to meet them. It follows a government pledge last year to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. The plans cover all aspects of patients' care, from building design to transport, waste, food, water and energy use.

All aspects other than admin then. Cuts in transport, waste, food, water and energy use, and no doubt more administrators to make sure the targets are met. Why not just shoot us in the ambulance on the way in? Think of the money you'd save and we wouldn't have to live on leaves and roots while we try to recover from the diseases you have in store for us. Everyone's a winner.

"If you're going to get me radical I say the default place for health is in the home, and the person who delivers it is yourself: that's the ultimate low-carbon health service," he said.

As far as I can see, it's the only safe option. No MRSA, no C. difficile, no ESBL Escherichia coli (oh, haven't heard of that one? It's been around since 1979). No sudden enforced dietary change, no nurses who don't understand that bacteria are not visible, and most of all, no admin insisting you fart less or they'll cut your food intake to compensate.

What's futile about this is that the greenhouse gases emitted by animals are emitted because they eat vegetation. If we cut out the animals and eat the vegetation ourselves, we emit the same gases. The gut bacteria do it as a consequence of what they get, which depends on what you eat. It's the bacteria, not animal they're in. It's not going to help in real life, it'll just look good on paper.

"Unless we all take effective action now, millions of people around the world will suffer hunger, water shortages and coastal flooding as the climate changes," it says.

Only if that climate change is proved to be man-made. Which it most certainly has not been. The best evidence for it, the hockey-stick graph, has been demonstrated to be fraudulent. Besides, it's a matter for climate scientists, not the NHS.

"As one of the world's largest organisations, the NHS has a national and international imperative to act in order to make a real difference and to set an important example."

No. The NHS has one reason to exist, and one only. If you're not going to do what you're paid to do, disband and shut down. The NHS is not there to forward the aims of the EU, the government, or of any aspect of science that is not directly related to the treatment and cure of patients.

If the NHS wants to promote a political agenda, they can do it without my support and most definitely without my money.

And vegetarians, listen up. You can stop me eating cows, sheep, rabbits, pigeons or chickens. You will not stop me eating meat.

You have been warned.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Peter Hain- I do not accept your apology

I demand satisfaction I am sick of your ilk commiting frauds that would land the rest us in jail.

Of Lords and Men

From Stanislav



Readers will be thrilled as this issue of VAZ magazine drops through their letterboxes - those of them, that is, who, and only thanks to NewLabour, still have homes and thus letterboxes; others, warming themselves in the public library, before facing a cold NewLabour night on the park bench and a swift, enjoyable - but not for them - Community Tasering from Citizen-Officers of the Urban Re-Education Squad, may read it from the rack near the door containing useless, clapped-out hobby magazines like the Economist and the Spectator and the Private Eye.

*MRS OILY VAZ NEWS, this issue contains an in-depth interview with Mrs Maria Oily Vaz: Ten Reasons Why I Should Be Lady Vaz – 1, "that fucking old scrote, Elspeth Campbell, is Lady Campbell, innit and her old man husband, Ming, never even owned a cash ‘n’ carry, or a proper House of Bengal Curry House" ..…pages six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.

* VAZ FAMILY NEWS. We have the rupees, but not the ermine, complain the VAZ juniors, Sanjit, Ranjit, and Imran - and some girls who don’t, in our wonderful, musical, and spicy ancient culture, (c.1948) count, only for throwing on the pyre when their revered husband-nonces pass away. Our father, which art not, shamefully, in the House of Lords, deserves better than this. Our father can go and be a thieving, oily, tyrannical, bullying bastard back in Aden, they love all that shit there, you know. Chop your fucking hand off if you criticise MPs, not that they have MPs.

*VAZPRAISE FROM PARLIAMENTARY COLLEAGUES. As chair of the home affairs committee, Keith has helped remove any trace of civil liberties in this, his adopted homeland and the government should show its appreciation, said VAZFAN, Lady Martin Salter, one of NewLabour’s hysterical and gender-dubious, up-and-coming McNutter-Fascists.

VAZ on VAZ. In a frank interview written by himself, Keith Oily Vaz, Labour MP (formerly Nigel Oily Vaz, Tory parliamentary candidate, honest, not invent) tells us how he never did anything wrong while minister for Europe it was all got up by the Telegraph and how his recent voting with six sour-faced, wife-beating, sash-wearing presbyterian-bastard undertakers was a matter of conscience and not because, Gordon the SnotMunching prime minister of England has promised him a peerage, the horrible filthy degenerate one-eyed, lavender-marriaged, warmongering bastard and shit-eating, bad-tempered, cock-sucking, drugged-up maniac who couldn’t, scrabbling with his nail bitten fingers, count the small change in his own pocket and come twice to the same sum, the useless, pampered, inadequate babyman, freak of nature and psychobastard. People, furthermore, have given me money, hissed Oily Vaz to himself, and I have recommended them for peerages, passports and contracts; simple, perfectly honourable conduct worthy of a shifty, opportunistic, lying piece of shit like my right honourable self – did I tell you that in my humble opinion I am the most important Roman Catholic Asian in the UK, - even though I come from the Middle East - apart the Hinduja Bros, who, with Lord Mandelson and others I did not help secure UK passports, or only a little bit anyway. Now that I have given the prime minister the majority he needed in order to crush, once and for all, the idea that we work for you and not the other way around, I should have a peerage, innit; do you want chilli on this kebab ? Oily Keith refuted the grounds of his one-month suspension from the commons in 2002 on the grounds that "Mr Oily Vaz recklessly made a damaging allegation against Miss Eggington to the Commissioner, which was not true, and which could have intimidated Miss Eggington or undermined her credibility"Where I come from, me duck, Leicester, or Aden, if you must, everybody takes bribes, innit, everybody bullies the citizen, and everybody seeks to misuse their official position. And anyway, if I had done all these bad things how come I am in charge of scrutinising the most important legislation passed by my fellow thieving bastards in their own interests and those of their paymasters eg Mr and Mr Hinduja and various Russian gentlemen who own most of the UK; now, do you want chilli, or do you not want chilli, I am a lawyer and I may sue you and I may also use my parliamentary privilege to embarrass and bully you and you will have no redress. Not if Mr Speaker has anything to do with it.

FREE VAZOSAURUS COMPETITION. Win a coupon exchangeable at your local waste disposal facility for a five-gallon container of poisonous oily rubbish. Simply smirk, sit in your chair and pour it over your head to create your very own OILY VAZ-SLICK, see decent people slip and slide, finally choking to death on the toxic atmosphere which surrounds your every oily, dishonest, self-centred, greedy act. Say aloud “I am an MP/Peer/Lawyer/Banker/Surgeon and you can’t touch me.”

To win your free VAZ-SLICK simply tick which four-letter words from the VAZOSAURUS (other words for Keith/Nigel Vaz MP) apply to the Chair of the home affairs select committee:

Keith/Nigel Vaz is a (circle as appropriate) SLAG, SPIV, PRAT, SHIT, LIAR, ARSE, DICK, FUCK, TURD, CUNT, TWAT. (clue: it’s all of them and many more.)

Mail your correct answers – “Keith Vaz is all of the above” - to Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz, MP, House of Commons, London W1 or to

*NEXT WEEK IN VAZ MAGAZINE: Hundreds of Twenty-something totty reasons why Jock Stringvest Neil should be sacked from the BBC. (apart from him being a crap journalist who hasn't had a good Thalidomide story in forty-odd years, unless you count his monthly BBC interview with fellow filthy old bastard, Peter Stringpenis, brothel-keeper, ponce, slag, smirking, poxed-up, Viagra-fuelled degenerate and embarrassing mouthy, self-opinionated ignoramus and cunt. )

"The anger and distrust of the public is too deep for me to be able to regain their trust," Icelandic PM

Take the hint Gordon

I Am No Longer A Citizen, I Am A Prisoner

Raedwald has probably the best post of 2009 up to date

The EU has decided that we are all criminals now and the following will put British Citizens on the EU subversives list.

This EU Council decision of 20th January [PDF] on the establishment of a pan-EU 'criminal' database includes the following 'offences':

* Offences related to waste

* Unintentional environmental offences

* Insult of the State, Nation or State symbols

* Insult or resistance to a representative of public authority

* Public order offences, breach of the public peace

* Revealing a secret or breaching an obligation of secrecy

* Unintentional damage or destruction of property

* Offences against migration law—an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)

* Offences against military obligations—an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)

* Unauthorised entry or residence

* Other offences—an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)

* Other unintentional offences

* Prohibition from frequenting some places

* Prohibition from entry to a mass event

* Placement under electronic surveillance ("fixed or mobile"—e.g., home, car, mobile phone etc)

* Withdrawal of a hunting / fishing license

* Prohibition to play certain games/sports

* Prohibition from national territory

* Personal obligation—an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)

* "Fine"—all fines, inc. minor non-criminal offences

It is now the duty of everybody to resist this Government, and its EU overlords just to make sure I get on the list (I already am, virtue of six points on my licence and 'other unintentional offences' , nice catchall that one) I am burning a State symbol online, I suggest if you have a blog you do the same.

Remember that Labour,Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have not raised a murmer about this.


I have a meeting in one hour where I intend to get on the list for this thought crime.

* Insult or resistance to a representative of public authority

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Besmirch the Title of Lord

Some dark Lord or other

So Lords think they can break rules, solicit privilege and generally Lord it over us whilst laughing at us, do they?

The Landed Title of Lord is something we can all have, motherfuckers.

For a mere £29

Buy yours today. Then cause chaos. Drag the title of Lord through the mud. Book restaurants and don’t turn up. Book hotels and never arrive. Order shit pizzas using your Lord title. Sign all your letters, cheques and credit cards “Lord Fat Lying Cunt of Tattingstone" and then thoroughly abuse it.

Prizes for the most creative way to make the title of Lord a scourge, a label for dishonesty and villainy.

Let the fun begin.

£29 worth of MISCHIEF. Let US become Lords of the Dance and lead these fuckers a merry one. Trash the title. Make it worse than worthless.

Yours, for £29.

Impeachment Now

The following should be named and Impeached with Corruption and Abuse of High Office

Lord Truscott

Lord Taylor

Lord Moonie

Lord Snape

Failure to bring these Four Lords to account before the Courts for corruption would be tantamount to bringing the Law into disrepute, undermining the Rule of Law in favour of access to Political Influence, and would mean that nobody in this country should be charged with any corruption offences unless its provisions extend to the highest and lowest in the Land

The Corruption Bill 2006 laid before Parliament stated

15 Powers of Serious Fraud Office

In the Criminal Justice Act 1987 (c. 38)—

(a) after “fraud” wherever it appears except in the expression “Serious
Fraud Office” insert “or corruption”;
(b) after section 1(2) insert—

“(2A) In this Act, any reference to “corruption” includes any offence
under Part 1 of the Corruption Act 2006 and the common law
offence of bribery”.

16 Penalties

(1) A person guilty of an offence under this Part is liable—
(a) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding
the term specified in subsection (2) or a fine or both;
(b) on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6
months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both.
(2) The maximum term of imprisonment on conviction on indictment is—
(a) 5 years for an offence under section 4;
(b) 2 years for an offence under section 9 or 10; and
(c) 7 years in any other case.

Sadly and what a surprise the Corruption Bill 2006 was not passed by our Lords and Masters in 2007.

Home office minister Baroness Scotland of Asthal responded on behalf of the government and said that “since we all agree that corruption is a threat to the very foundations of democratic society and that constant vigilance is needed to ensure that we maintain our high standards domestically and play our full part in combating corruption overseas, the problem has been how to deliver that change”.

It is quite simple commence Impeachment Proceedings

Erskine May, ‘the Commons, as a great representative inquest of the nation, first find the crime and then, as prosecutors, support their charge before the Lords, exercising at once the functions of a high court of justice and of a jury, try and also adjudicate upon the charge.

No Plan B

Well, it looks as if we are going to be handed another £50 BILLION bill thanks to the vain queens who "run" our country.

The banks will no longer provide funding for the much commented PFI/NHS scheme

And to quote our Lords and Masters

What fun. There IS no more money. Gordon spent the last of it years ago.

I Will not Consent To Be Governed By This Darien Regime

Most of the fire over corruption and incompetence has been directed at the 646 members sitting in the Commons headed by this Darien Government, yet again we see that the squalor and stench of corruption still infests the Lords as well.

The Darien Government steals our money to give to their friends in the Banks, the reward them with peerages and knighthoods, twenty per cent of our council taxes go to fund the black hole in public pensions whilst our savings and pensions dwindle. Auditors reports are not worth the paper they are written on

Those struggling with debt and loss of jobs find that Court Fees have now gone up again, restricting access to Justice further.

This Government and its hangers on reflects the worst excesses of the personal rule of Charles I. Nobody is accountable in any of this, the taxpayer is just being milked dry under pain of bankruptcy or fines. Until the likes of Hain and these four Peers are suspended from Parliament and tried before the Courts for bribery and corruption, we will not have the Earl of Strafford moment when the full cesspit of corruption is exposed. In 1640 we had an opposition led by Pym, all we have is the lightweight Cameron. Tom Paine posits that Pax Ruperticana is at an end and that the ire of the MSM is starting to awake to what the commentators on blogs have been saying for the last two years.

It is now upto the people of England to refuse to acknowlege the legitimacy of this Darien Government.

Each of should choose which course of action we must take; education,conventional political action or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes,

But let it not be said we did nothing

Ron Paul

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.


Like Pigs On Strings

The government control over the mainstream broadcast media is exerted by the simplest of means. Money.

Over 300 pigs at the BBC earn more than £100,000 each and the backbone-free waste of skin Mark Thompson gets an eye watering £817,000. Naturally, they would not wish to lose their trough, so the threat of reducing or removing the licence fee is sufficient to compell the piggies to toe the government line. They'd find it harder to enjoy the same level of pay and privilege in a purely commercial environment.

On the other side of the fence the commercial channels are terrified of havingto share their advertising revenues with the big beast that is the BBC, and so they offer fuck all resistance to the governmnet line either.

That is why you have to go outside of these corrupt and fearful purveyors of propaganda dressed up as news if you want to know what is happening rather than what the government want to tell you is happening.

The Penguin

No more heroes.

Sorry. Spiderman is busy right now. Please solve your own problems in the meantime.

(Picture nabbed from here)

Humans are remarkable things. Born without fur, teeth, claws or stings, with no toxins in their bodies, not too strong, not too fast, we are nothing but walking easy meat for any predator on the planet. Pit yourself unarmed against a lion or a panther if you don’t believe me. Take on a bear or a wolf. You have no chance.

And yet humans are successful. We don’t have fur to keep us warm so we steal other animals’ fur, either whole or knitted. We have no teeth or claws but we can work stone and wood and metal into something similar and we can throw those things, or fire them from bows and guns. Now we can hit targets on another continent. We are not fast or strong but we can build machines that are, and ride in them or control them remotely. A human alone would find it difficult to catch a rabbit but a human with a gun (or previously, a bow, sling or atlatl) could bring down a cow. Working together we can bring down a mastodon or catch a whale.

We can fly faster than any bird. We can talk to someone on the other side of the world in real time. We have holiday snaps of Mars and pictures of most of the planets and moons in our solar system. We can save millions with a vaccine or kill millions with one bomb. We can turn desert into garden and salt water into fresh. We build and obliterate cities on a whim. Not bad for a bald ape.

We do this because we have powerful brains. And yet, we somehow resent our success.

Gods arise because humans can’t quite accept that they can do things for themselves. Humans did not rise from the apes of Africa on their own. A god did it. Humans did not win any war. God decided the winner. Choose your god, from the pantheon available, and hand over credit for your achievements. Your body, with its fantastic immune system and capacity for repair, did not save you from disease. God did it. It was a miracle.

This is not about religion. I don’t care whether there’s a God because if there is, he has demonstrated quite effectively that he doesn’t care about me. I have no bone to pick with the religious. It’s an example. Nothing more.

What it demonstrates is the human inability to believe our luck. Biologically, we are the least equipped species to survive on this planet. We have no fur to keep us warm. In a fight, we have piddling little teeth, no claws, no armoured skin, nothing. And yet we rule this planet. Tigers and wolves get out of our way. They know what we’re like. We are the bespectacled playground weed who finds the big kids running away and can’t quite grasp why.

So we pass the buck. We can’t have done this. Someone else must have. Someone watches over us (I’m not getting into an argument over that, so forget it). We continue this with our superheroes. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk, and lately V for vendetta and the Watchmen. We don’t have to do anything. The Heroes will save us. So now we don’t do anything. We wait for the Hero.

The Righteous have never attempted to ban superhero films because they play right into the hands of the Righteous. They leave us with the impression we don’t have to do anything. Batman will sort it out. We don’t have to battle the creeping oppression of government. V will deal with that. The Righteous delight in this. It makes us complacent and pliable. We wait for our Hero to sort things out.

We wait, and we wait, but the Hero does not come. The Hero is not real and never was. Whenever there has been change in the world, it was brought about by people. Gandhi, Luther, Washington, Pankhurst, name your heroes and realise they were no such thing. They were human. No climbing walls, no flying, no shark-repellent Bat-spray, no trains filled with explosives and no spangly costumes. Human. Just like you and me. Nothing unusual or supernatural about them at all. No super powers, no super weapon… just words.

Still we wait. When the Righteous shut down dissent with their cries of ‘racist!’ we let them. The Hero will come. When they add more cameras to the stacks, we let them. The Hero will come. When they ban and control the things we enjoy, we let them. The Hero will come. We have backed down to the Righteous on every point, every argument, every ban and every new insane law and they have responded by becoming bolder and more arrogant. And still we wait for someone else to deal with them. There is no someone else. The Righteous know this. The only ones they have to fear are us and we are under their control. Because we allow it. We allow it because we think someone else will save us, but nobody will. Slowly, people are realising this.

The Righteous are frightened now. Their panic is evident. In their pretence that all homeschooled children might be abused, in their attempts to send those same children home to nag their smoking parents and thereby invite a whack, in all their rapid and hysterical pronouncements, their fear is evident. They fear loss of control, and in their fear they try to impose more, but with no logic or reason. They are running now and they are vulnerable. The cries of ‘racist-Nazi-bigot’ no longer work. Instead, they are using implications of paedophilia and child abuse, but their accusations are becoming shrill and less credible. The Righteous are ready to fall. They can recover. If we let them.

For years they have cowed us with words. When they stated that anyone opposed to immigration was racist, who stood up and said ‘That’s silly’? When they brought in the smoking ban, we talked but how many of us flouted that ban? When they fined people for overfilled bins, we complained but how many of us turned up at the council offices to demand explanation? When they turned our children into litter-spies and smoking-spies and odd-behaviour-spies, we were appalled but how many of us responded with more than mumbled complaints?

I can’t claim any moral superiority. Like you, I railed and shouted and did nothing. When the PC lunatics decreed the word ‘black’ was offensive even when applied to a blackboard or a telephone or a cat, I was incensed but did nothing about it. It was a small thing, easily bypassed. They were all such small things, weren’t they? Christmas turning into ‘winterval’, nativity plays cancelled, parents not allowed to photograph their own children at school, trainspotters arrested as terrorists, all tiny details that could be easily forgotten. Little things, minor irritants, another camera here or there, new rabid pseudoplods and Litter Hitlers walking the streets, new powers to enter homes, and through it all the mantra ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ calmed our fury.

I stand outside the pub to smoke now, even though everyone, even the staff, are often out there with me. I have not defied the ludicrous Righteous rules. Like you, I have waited for someone else to show the way. Someone with strength. A Hero.

There is no hero. There is no someone else. We stand alone.

There was a bit of a fuss lately over the radical atheist posting of adverts on buses. ‘There is probably no God, so just enjoy your life’, or something like that. Whether there is a God or not is immaterial to this argument. There is a more appropriate slogan for our times.

There are definitely no heroes, so if you want something done, do it yourself.

Demand explanation and don’t accept platitudes. Keep asking the same question until they have to admit they have no answer. Ignore deflection and strawman arguments, favourites of the Righteous, and keep asking the same question over and over and over and as loudly and publically as possible. We don’t need violence to bring them down. They have controlled us with words. We can fight back with the same weapon. They will try to stop us speaking – they already have – because they fear that weapon more than any other. Riots they have prepared for. Persistent argument is what they fear most, because that will reveal them for what they are.

Should we? Can we? Are we the leaders we’ve been waiting for? Have we been, all along, the ones who can do something? Should we prepare an underground army, a secret cabal of anti-Righteous warriors?

No, because organised rebellion has already been modelled in their predictions and ways of dealing with that have been arranged. We don’t need weapons. They can fight weapons. They cannot fight words once their manipulative ways are exposed. They can fight an organised response, they can fight a one-man response, but a mass of individual responses cannot be fought. There is no leader to target. There are no platoons to take out. Each stands as individual but there are millions of those individuals and silencing one makes no difference to the rest.

I’m not a member of the Libertarian party but I took part in sending a copy of ‘1984’ to all the MPs last November. The response, what response there was, was aimed at the Libertarian party. The organisation, not the individuals. These people can cope with fighting organisations. They can’t conceive that individuals can be mobilised with a common aim.

That is what I suggest. They cut us down with small things, here and there. We can fight back the same way. Small rebellions, here and there. Think up something you can do to make life difficult for a Righteous, and do it. Nothing violent or illegal, there’s no need. Small irritations are all you need to do. Deflect, distort and disparage their arguments, the same thing they’ve done to us for years. Drop hints and start rumours. Keep them busy with minutiae.

Don’t concern yourself with the egotistical notion that they must know who hit them, because it’s more effective if they don’t. It does not matter that they know who has taken revenge, only that it is done, and if you remain unidentified then you can strike again. Never crow about what you do, never admit to having done anything at all. They can fight rioters. They can fight organisations. They cannot fight shadows. Look at their responses to anonymous posters on their own sites. It terrifies them, even though they always respond as ‘anonymous’ when pitching their responses to others. Stay below the radar, as they have done, and poke them once in a while. If enough are doing this it becomes unbearable.

Don’t look for leaders and don’t wait for heroes. You are both.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Sunday Times

Buy a copy or read it tomorrow
Lord Truscott, the former energy minister, said he had helped to ensure the Energy Bill was favourable to a client selling “smart” electricity meters. Lord Taylor of Blackburn claimed he had changed the law to help his client Experian, the credit check company... [Lord] Taylor told the reporters: “I will work within the rules, but the rules are meant to be bent sometimes... Taylor, a former BAE consultant, said he would not table the amendment himself but offered to conduct a “behind the scenes” campaign to persuade ministers and officials. After agreeing a one-year retainer for £120,000, he said he would discuss the amendment with Yvette Cooper, chief secretary to the Treasury, and talk to officials drafting the bill.
Truscott, his Labour colleague, was also keen to help “behind the scenes” – for a fee of up to £72,000: “I can work with you . . . identifying people and following it . . . meeting people, talking to people to facilitate the amendment and making sure the thing is granted.”He said he would identify and talk to people who could be persuaded to change the legislation. He offered to contact MPs, peers, civil servants and John Healey, the minister in charge of the legislation.
Moonie offered to help for a fee of £30,000 a year and Snape indicated that he would charge £24,000. By contrast Lord Rogan, the Ulster Unionist peer, said: “If your direct proposal is as stark as for me . . . to help to put down an amendment, that’s a nonrunner. A, it’s not right and b, my personal integrity wouldn’t let me do it.”

Is it Time?

Europe is alight with riots. You aren't hearing about it because Pravda would rather you didn't know. Google away. They would rather you watched TV and cut down on drinking, eating and smoking.

The EU is holding a special emergency summit to address the issues. Icelands Prime Minister has resigned after his Parliament was laid siege to. By the law abiding tax paying public. Baltic States are in flames.

Get ready. WE will take back what THEY have stolen. If we ever had a chance, it is NOW.

Was this the usual Rent a Mob Lefty Protest in Iceland? No it is not !

An anti-government protest in front of Lithuania's Parliament in Vilnius. The sign to left reads 'Stop destroying business' Photo: REUTERS

That was one of the comments left on the previous posting, no it was not see above for the translation on the banner. The Imperial EU is now having a summit on Law and Order because of the rising unrest. WTF since when as Law and order been the preserve of the EU ?

There are going to be two outcomes to this social unrest baton charges,teargas and even more restrictions on our Civil Liberties under 'Emergency Powers' or the ousting of the Darien Regime of Brown & Darling.

It is the Euthanasia of Government advocated by Godwin that we should be following, the 646 are scared as they should be, they know the tide is turned rapidly against them.

"People obviously are seeing what is happening in other countries in the rest of Europe, such as Greece, and they thought 'Why are we so calm?'."
Yet no mention of riots, a European Prime minister and Head of a European National Bank resigning on BBC/Pravda. How strange. More here
We are being taking for fools. To quote the Icelandic public
"We are the ones we have been waiting for "

Icelandic People 1 Political Establishment 0

None of this is being reported here for obvious reasons, but the civil unrest that was reported here has claimed its first scalps.Despite the riot squads, the Icelandic people protesting outside of the Parliament house have forced the Prime Minister and the Head of the National Bank to resign, and new elections to be called in May.

Here with exhortations to call for the Euthanasia of Government here, we need dramatic and speedy change.

Brown, Darling and Mervyn King are not proposing to go anytime soon and we face the prospect of another eighteen months of misery until the next election. Nobody has any confidence in these jokers, and trade is all about confidence. Don't believe anything they are telling you about it being a worldwide recession, it is not, there are whole areas of the planet not exposed to the Banking meltdown. The Central Bank of Lebanon saw this coming two years ago.

They are not listening, we overthrew the MP's expenses, we now need to clamour for them to go.

Link to Indie article

OH may have to bring his walk forward a little

Not Even An Apology?

The Grauniad have an article about trying to get a simple apology from Sir Fred The Shred Goodwin, the arrogant prick who fucked up the Royal Bank Of Scotland with his egomania.

Not surprising, he fails to get one. Instead he gets hassled and threatened by the plod, and bollocked by his editor following a call from Phil Hall, the former editor of the News of the World, has been employed by Goodwin in a minder capacity.

So, insulated by the millions he has trousered in salary, bonuses, and payoff, Sir Fred probably thinks he's got away with it and can enjoy the world's golf courses and his beloved classic cars while the rest of us struggle in the recession. (Thank God there's no more Boom and Bust!)

Now, while I am not for one moment suggesting that anyone take the law into their own hands, or do anything illegal, there must be things that can be done to show our anger and disapproval?

I seem to recall a few years ago a farmer who had an dispute with his bank used his agricultural skills and machinery to pebbledash the bank with cowshit. We don't all have that option, but there might be ways and means to try to bring Sir Fred (and any of the rest of the ilk) a little taste of the misery he has dumped on so many ordinary people.

The Penguin

Friday, 23 January 2009

Friday Night 9pm

Labourist Have A Sense Of Humour?

Do the chaps at Labourist have a sense of humour, or are they desperately slapdash?

Some little scrote called Tom Miller, whose blog is absolutely ghastly Dolly-sucking tosh has posted a "investigation" into the Butler Obama Letter embarrassment.

But Labourist have used the spoof Brown Obama Letter to illustrate the article.

Screen shot as above in case they change it.

The Penguin
Old Holborn claims the first deleted post at Labourist
From The Editor []
"I wonder if Dawn once had an Uncle who died in a plane crash, leaving a chest with $25 Million in a bank vault in Lagos, etc.,"

Your last comment would be just the wrong side of line I'm afraid!

Now you've made us feel like we're as bad as Dolly and his pals - for having to delete it - you utter bastard.
No hard feelings Guys, and keep up the good work

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