Saturday, 30 August 2008

London is a DISGRACE

London gang areas

OH has been in London for the past few days. I very very rarely go there because I detest public transport (it gives you nits and bedbugs) but I had to travel around to get some shit done with a German business partner.

Anyway, my point. The place is a fucking shithole. I was born in London and lived most of my young life in South London. You wouldn't recognise it today. Now accepting the fact that I am a cynical bigot and a bad tempered bastard, even I was shocked. I drove into East London and it reminded of certain areas of Bangladesh. I drove through South London and it IS Kingston, Jamaica. Even the Kraut I was with was totally shocked. I'm not talking about a few quaint misnomers but a full on 100% invasion. East London was the worst. I didn't see anything that indicated I wasn't in Bangladesh until a red bus drove past. Remarkable. I love a curry as much as the next man but for fucks sake, there were more tents walking down Shoreditch High Street (to visit the East London Mosque no doubt) than you would see at Glastonbury.

And it stank. Not the usual smell of diesel and hard work you often whiff in a city but that warm, dank, disease laden stink of blocked drains and rotting food. If you have ever walked around a souk in Dubai or Marrakesh, you know the smell. It is like nothing else. I was in Exmouth market and it reeked. Fucking disgusting!

Then I noticed the gangs. Everywhere. Foreign youth in hoards lingering everywhere. Somalis, Asians, Blacks. I think the white kids have moved to Kent. So I did a bit of research and found this site. It referes to the gangs of London and it is fucking disturbing. Have a browse around in it and tell me things have got better for our capital city.

London no longer exists. There is now a collection of vested interests of minorities fighting over the rubble and it makes me sad. Last weekend I was in Germany and yes, they have a high immigrant Turkish population. However, they have been told to behave themselves, learn German and fit in. And they do. Very well. Germany remains German whilst the UK is simply a hotchpotch of ghettos, defended by people who live in safe gated communities or thatched cottages in Oxfordshire, vote for those lovely socialists and read the Guardian. They have given England away to anyone who wants it and those people in turn have turned it into whatever shithole they left.

It's a fucking disgrace and I would like to apologise to my children for what WE let happen. I don't see a way back either unless it is going to get very very ugly.

Friday, 29 August 2008

You fucking wanker.

To the person who invented a piece of Malware called "Anti Virus 2008" that loads itself onto your PC through a codec and then destroys everything under the guise of being an anti virus program that you never wanted and can never get rid of:

I am going to rape your daughter with a cheese grater.

I am going to freeze my turds and then rub them, in slices, into the wounds that I intend to inflict on you, with salt, vinegar and lemon juice.

I am going to let blue bottles lay eggs in your wounds and then let their maggots feast on your flesh.

Then, I am going to drop red ants into your ears, insert scorpions into your anus and force a sea urchin down the little hole in your penis.

Then, I am going to take an inch of your flesh every day and feed it to my dog. An inch. Every day. Until you scream for death. The last thing you will feel is me and a Swiss Army knife, extracting a cubic inch of your brain and the last thing you will see is me feeding it to the dog.

Hannibal Lector was a fucking amateur compared to what I will do to you after fucking up my PC.


Sunday, 24 August 2008

Children! Report your Parent's Eco-Crimes!

The Children of Npower Customers meeting to report their parents yesterday

My flabber is ghasted. I have just read a rather interesting little piece over at Spiked! that details where the latest menace from the Greens is going to come from. They are not happy that they have infiltrated every part of the social structure, they are not content that their presence is invasive in every part of our daily lives from recycling bins to organic curtains.

Oh no. They have a new Champion. In the classic Soviet style, the only power that can really stop these crimes is the one commiting the most.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Transgenders.
I give you NPOWER.
npower has created a new website encouraging kids to become ‘Climate Cops’, giving away diaries to ‘record climate crimes at home and in your community’ and to ‘encourage others to switch-off and conserve energy’. Children are instructed to email details of the ‘biggest climate crime’ to npower, which might send a team to ‘help you bust’ the perpetrators

Oh yes. NPower wants the details, names and addresses of the criminals in your childs house (and mind). It will send a team (!) to visit them and show them the error of their ways. The Corporation that currently produces VAST quantities of CO2 and vast profits for it's shareholders is showing the way to a corporate youth movement. Disciplined. Reporting back. Shopping their parents to the "company" for abuses.
I shall be writing them a letter to tell them that if I even suspect they have coerced a child to report my private behaviour or consumption of the "earths resources" (that Npower somehow think they own) then they can expect a ton of fucking coal to arrive in their offices, along with a lawyer, an officer of the Data Protection Register, the Police and any other body dedicated to my service.

So Npower. Your little scheme to produce child eco spies who will report on their parents is now in the bloggosphere. I am going to set up a similar scheme for Npower employees to report on YOUR affairs, your little secrets and your energy wastage. I will then invite every Npower shareholder and customer to view what YOU get up to, you facist little cunts.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Must watch TV

It would appear that our Police do not know the law regarding taking pictures in public. Especially PCSO CW 7166. The arrogant fascist little cunt. If he had talked to me like that, I'd have been shitting down his throat in under three seconds.

Bearded Clam

Caption Contest

Example: "The man no one wants back in Britain flies to another far eastern country in search of sanctuary..."

h/t Rainmaker

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Just for a laugh

h/t Yabba

A German tells it like it is

H/T Tim Worstall

I've just had a response regarding the
Petition to give us a vote on the EU Treaty. It contained a fantastic reason for keeping the EU.

Our membership allows us to live, work and travel across Europe and to receive free medical care if we fall sick on holiday...

How cool is that? I'm only paying our masters £678 per year medical insurance to travel to Greece. Where I never travel .( I usually get my travel insurance for £38 a year from but what do I know?)

Fucking arrogant cunts. You WILL pay for your treachery. There are 500 million of us and only 9000 of you.

Remember what the Hungarians say

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

EVERYTHING finally made illegal

After 11 years of rule, a massive three thousand new laws, one a day in fact, New Labour have finally made everything illegal. I discovered this today as I tried to sell a grey squirrel. That is now illegal.

So, on the assumption that everything is now illegal, we must all be criminals. This, at least, explains why we have 14 million CCTV cameras watching us all day. It also explains why half the population acts like hardened old lags when barging to the front of the queue to pick up their weekly snout allowance and the other half are lawyers.

If I am going to be treated as a criminal, I am going to act like one. You have been warned.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Those that can, do. Those that can't write about it for the BBC

A Levels being handed out yesterday

It’s a sorry state of affairs isn’t it?

I had to write to the Education correspondent at the BBC last week to explain to her that she is a complete cunt for her pointless Pravdaesque drivel that I was forced by law to fund. I wrote:

Dear Hannah,

I have never seen a more pathetic attempt at blatant New Labour propaganda in my life. If you want to write about increased tractor production or this years bumper grain harvest, go and work for Pravda. I'm sick of paying your wages for you to insult me like this.
Disgusting attempt at Journalism. 0/10 See teacher

The article that was written by Hannah Richardson was beyond anything the Soviets would have force fed their grey faced potato munching comrades. It made me sick. Fucking sick

Firstly, it sought to congratulate quads on achieving 500 A* A Levels. Not much wrong with that except that 98% of students pass them. More than actually turn up to school in fact.
I’d go so far as to say that teachers just send the register to the exam board, they all receive shiny new A levels in “citizenship” or “Wayne Rooney”studies and the 2% that fail are simply down to human error on the fucking data input.
Anyway, in order to make maximum propaganda effect on us plebs, these quads had to be very, very special. Oh, they were. They were black. And from darkest Africa. Top marks to the beeboid Hannah Richardson. Not only can she show us that EVERYONE is passing 500 A Levels but even BLACK QUADS can do it.

A black Quad yesterday

Patronising cunt. OF course black kids can pass fucking A levels. Even Downs Syndrome kids can pass O levels these days. You are not doing the hard working,knuckle down black kids in this country any favours you stupid cunting witch. Either of them.

You have to love this quote by Hannah

But all four quads said their mother Julie kept them on the straight and narrow with plenty of supplies of food and drink.

Remarkable! She actually fed her children! Thanks for that Hannah, you arsepus. I thought they lived in trees and fended for themselves on fruit.

Not content with that, our PC programmed ZNLite decided that to reinforce her view of the world, she should include an Afghani asylum seeker in the role of honours.

Here we go again....

Another student with A-level triumphs to be proud of is 18-year-old Waheed Safi.
He had no English when he arrived with his family in England three years ago, having fled his home in Afghanistan.
But he has overcome that hurdle to obtain four As in physics, chemistry, maths and further maths at Uxbridge College.

It was blatently obvious to me that the twat was clever. He’s already managed to con every border checkpoint from Kabul to Calais. Getting into Uxbridge University was never going to be of an obstacle for him.

Then Hannah moves on to some bizarre genetic tangent and starts making up names as well.

And it was double joy for identical twins Harriet and Emily Caton-Thick as they both scooped three A-grade A-levels - and now plan a round-the-world gap year.

It’s over. Even Eton is not going to bother with O levels any more as they are a complete waste of everyone’s time. My kids’ school is pushing the Baccalaureate instead of this bog paper that 98% of our kids are being handed by smiling politicians before they enter the real world and are told to fuck off by employers. Our education system is beyond fucked. It is utterly pointless to let the State even try and educate your child.

So thank you Hannah. Thank you for showing me that education is beyond help. Thank you for showing me that all that hard work done by decent kids is just a fucking waste of time but your masters do not give a fucking shit as long as they can continue to smile at the children.

In the meantime, I am getting rich because there is a massive shortage of engineers in this country and I know where to find them and can speak their language. Thanks to teachers who actually gave a shit.


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Enough is ENOUGH!

  • No crown but ours shall govern here,
  • No strangers rule with gold or fear,
  • No plow but ours may slough the loam,
  • No prow but ours slash the spume,
  • No hand but ours may bind our kin,
  • No gods but ours proclaim a sin,
  • No law but ours may stay a blow,
  • No hand but ours may draw a bow,
  • No men but ours may hunt the land,
  • No sons but ours bear sword in hand,
  • No word but ours shall we trust,
  • No flags be flown except of us,
  • No land but ours do we demand,
  • No more than what we have farmed,
  • No strangers slaving on our soil,
  • No man unpaid or forced to toil,
  • No heroes praised but ours alone,
  • No other kin but our blood and bone,
  • No strangers to tell us who we are,
  • No obedience to any foreign laws.
  • HT The Lone Voice.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Not in the "Public" Interest

WTF? What the fuckity fuck? When did this happen? HOW in the name of Mary’s cunt did this happen?

Under new legislation being brought in by those 646 slimy cold blooded binge wankers who “rule” over us, the Government intends to do away with public inquests when they might look bad, drop the jury, dump the coroner and put a “government coroner” in to make sure that Stalin McSnot doesn’t get smeared with anything unpleasant.

David Howarth, the Liberal Democrat spokesman on home affairs, said: “These proposals are completely wrong. They allow the Secretary of State to remove a case from a jury on the vague ground that it is in the public interest – the whole thing is an appalling violation of the separation of powers.”

Meanwhile, the Reichstag issued the following piece of utter cockdribble to placate us like the stupid children that we are

“These proposed changes will ensure inquests are as thorough as possible by ensuring that the coroner can always examine all material central to the inquests even if the material cannot be disclosed publicly. They will ensure families can have absolute confidence in the conclusion the coroner reaches because the coroner will have had access to all the evidence.”

Absolutely amazing. Staggering. Broken, bottle, arse, sideways, shove beyond belief.

I am officially at piss boiling stage. I have asked Mrs Holborn to hide the rifle for a few days.

You EVIL cunts.You WILL be held accountable.

H/T Lilleth

Armed to the fucking teeth, but Neutral!

The streets of Cardiff yesterday

I realise and understand the Great Britain has a terrific history of inflicting violence on just about the entire planet and the upper classes turned it in to a fine art (using poor people to do the actual violence of course) during the last three hundred years. This tradition continues today with our Stella fuelled sunburned slapheads rampaging through the quaint market squares of Europe, punching swarthy people enjoying a late night coffee or some tapas with family and friends.

Our fighting regiments were feared. The Scots and the Welsh particularly saw murdering fuzzy wuzzies or Krauts as a right of passage to incapacity benefit, an early pension, post traumatic stress disorders, alcoholism and wife beating. Northerners, fit for nothing else signed up in their millions. Plus of course the infamous 13th Essex Dog Stranglers Regiment of Basildon. Their officers, well practiced in the subtle art of torture, intimidation and gratuitous cruelty from a public school education were happy to lead them wherever they were needed to keep the natives quiet/dead.

We now have our troops in two theatres of war basically as proxys for the Americans and the body count is rising. Our military, once the source of great pride, is so underfunded and hopelessly demotivated that not even the Welsh will sign up for it. The current situation in Georgia is more than likely to be another theatre where the Americans get to do all the shouting and oil grabbing whilst Nato troops do all the fighting (well British troops do all the fighting whilst the French hide and the Germans guard the canteens) and whilst I appreciate a gallon of diesel just as much as the next man, I have to say I cannot see the point of it.

So I propose that we do what those smart Swiss people do. Tell everyone to fuck off and mind their own business. Give anyone with a record of paying tax a nice shiny gun to keep in the Everest Conservatory, next to the golf clubs and the shit wicker furniture, train them how to pop a cap in some mofo’s ass from 50 yards and declare ourselves neutral. But nuclear weapons type of neutral. Stonking great fuck off aircraft carrier, Polaris armed subs type of neutral.

The Yanks won’t like it but then frankly who cares? What will they do? Buy less fish and chips? The French won’t like it because whilst they get the Foreign legion (full of dysfunctional Irish, dishonourably discharged Scots and a few other loons) to do any fighting, they won’t be able to rely on Tommy to go where there is no soap or lavender hand lotion and do the actual dirty stuff. Germans won’t like it because they know that once they actually start killing people, they find they have a talent for it and can’t stop. Italians will need more places to hide and the Dutch are all dope smoking vegans with degrees from Den Haag university in asset management.

So, if the yanks want to start wars with everyone over oil, they can damn well do their own fighting (which they are notoriously bad at). We, the British people, will look after Britain if it’s all the same to you lot. Save an absolute fortune, stop worrying about hook nosed ‘stanis and still suck up the oil like every other country without any of the hassle of cluster bombing goat herders.

Armed Neutrality. The Libertarian Way to keep the barbarian hoards at bay.
(plus we get to keep a gun in our houses. That'll fuck the cider fuelled feral rat boys who want to kick in the front door, nick your 42" plasma, anally rape your daughter, shit on your carpet and kick you to death in front of the wife as you do the Times crossword of an evening)

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Tail wagging Dog

I was reading a rather interesting little blog over at the Fat bigots place regarding the abuse of "communities " to develop a power base, completely unelected of course. The bastards.

I was in Bristol over the weekend, visiting my brother, a complete cunt (needless to say). As a starter, we went to one of the many, many festivals that Bristol has to offer it's cider drenched student population every summer. Watched a good band and then I realised that the entire city is in fact not a city. It is a collection of "minorities".

I have no idea how Bristol Council functions but it would appear that those who shout loudest get whatever they want.


There is a shop in the Gloucester Road that sells all the necessary information to Poles to obtain council accomodation, tax credits and child benefit for the children your brother left behind in Krakow when he scooted over here in an uninsured VW Polo to live the good life.

St Pauls. If you are a white person, St Pauls is reasonably safe (not after dark of course). If you are black, all hell is let loose. You belong to one tribe or the other. Somalians (WTF? How far away is Somalia? How the hell did they get here and why the fuck do they want to come here?) seem to rule the roost with complete control of drugs and taxis. Your average Jamaican Yardie is stuffed, so shooting and stabbing is rife. The "result"? A multi billion pound regeneration of the city centre cannot be called "Merchants Centre" because one of these groups has decided that it might refer to the slave trade, and that would offend them. Not that it offends them to turn up at the dole office every two weeks for cash from the old colonial masters of course. Or demand "cultural centres" where every cunt who can make it down there spends all day drinking free coffee in the warm discussing how bad their lot is. After they came here from Jamaica. I digress

Students. Millions of the bastards. All pissing up alleyways after drinking ten pints of £3.50 lager (served to them by Poles, I may add) and all of them studying FUCK ALL that will make them money.

Everyone Else. All split up nicely into little "communities" so they can shout their fucking loudest at every council meeting and receive funding.

My brother designs really important buildings and their environments. Schools. These are places where the next generation will spend half of their lives either learning what they require to make a success of their lives or flushing other kids heads down the toilets (no longer possible. The man I met on Saturday on site politely explained that his company builds prisons as well with less CCTV) but my argument is that he is never lobby'ed by the "community". No one demands cash for a this or that. No one demands exclusive areas, exclusive "social cohesion" or any other bollocks. It's a school. So build some classrooms and make it nice for kids to go to everyday.

So why the flying fuck does every single group in Bristol from kite flyers to gay fisting feel they have a right to representation (always funded by you and me) to some exclusive deal that basically precludes 99.99% of EVERYONE and then smile like a bastard when the council caves in?

My advice to Bristol Council.

1. Whether you like it or not, most of the people who live in Bristol are Bristolians. Not Somalis, Jamaicans, Poles, Lithuanians or Morlock Welsh. So fucking listen to them. Just because they don't have heavy dub credentials or a need for Halal meat doesn't mean they don't want a great city. They do. Stop turning Bristol into some bizarre conceptual island where no one fucking knows where they belong. All it does is give unelected "spokesmen" a chance to wield power where they haven't earned it. They won't thank you for it and neither do the good citizens of Bristol.

Oh, and why the fucking hell do you have so many 24 hour bus lanes when the buses don't run 24 hours? See? Some bus travelling minority is blocking the bastard roads at 3am, whilst happily in bed, yet Bristolians, who need to actually get home from a night of drinking cider don't get a fucking say. Ask for a Lesbian Buddhist creche, operating at 4am till 7am and watch the millions pour in. No idiot will use it but the Lesbian Buddhist "community" are happy. Both of them. Fast asleep in a Yurt near Bedminster (near to the dole office) knowing that in the morning, they will go to work in the only Lesbian Buddhist creche in the UK (Agency Staff did the nightshift) and earn £40K a year because they have degrees in Pelvic Floor Art from Bristol University.

Bastards. A more perfect case of tail wagging dog would be difficult to find.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A week in France

Drinking was light to moderate

Company was exceptional

Food was divine

She said thank you six times that night

The Camping Germans have a very different idea to "Fitness" than me.

Also, the worst music in the whole world can only be found in France. This is being played 24/7 and reaches new heights in the abuse of both the English Language and Global Climate Change deceipt. Truly utter, utter kack of the highest order. Enjoy

Wash my world you fucktard. I'll stick bleach up your arse, pour caustic soda down your jap's eye and force you to gargle with Zyclon B. French poof cunt.

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