Tuesday, 20 May 2008

HOW Much?

The state of the nation (part 2)

Right, it’s time to take a look at where Britain really stands today. We all know that ZanuLabour want to blame “international” pressures on the current sorry state of affairs and we all know they were really “prudent” for the last ten years. So prudent, they didn’t save a fucking penny in fact, but here we are, facing shit street and no canoe, let alone a paddle.

But is it really the Governments fault? What has Government done with all the money we have paid in taxes? Could we adjust our budget and ride out the storm or are we so far in the shite that we might as well buy snorkels?

Firstly, let’s look at what the State is using our money for. For crying out loud, they rake it in billions and billions from us (who apparently are feeling the pinch) so where does it go?

Well, a found a rather interesting little article written by the Taxpayers Alliance. Tax payers. The ones who actually pay the bills the government rack up in our name. You, me and a couple of Welshman, one or two grateful immigrants and a lone Scot.

Fascinating reading which I will now dissect for you.

In 2006/7, you and I funded 1,164 Quangos. To the tune of £64 Billion. These quangos are unelected parts of government that are not responsible to you or I. They worship the State and the State alone. £2550 for every household in the UK, yet we have no say in how they are run, what they spend, why they exist or what they are doing. Nice. And they employ 700,000 people. Doing God knows what, but totally reliant on the State for their income. 700,000 voters in other words.

There’s more:

The author writes

“Government in the UK is now so large, diverse and complex that it is impossible for anyone to manage effectively, let alone by Ministers with no prior experience of management and little in-depth understanding of the work carried out by their departments.
Government today tries to do too much, and consequently fails; the
structure of government needs to change if we hope to see better value and significant improvements in our public services.”

Government employs just under 6 million people and has an annual expenditure of almost £600 billion. Twenty senior ministers and around 500,000 civil servants oversee 1,162 public bodies, 365 NHS Trusts, 469 Local Authorities, 60 police forces (140,500 officers) and countless other local and regional spending bodies.
Hang on a minute. 6 MILLION? That’s one in five of the entire bastard workforce!

Ah, spotted it

Over the past hundred years Britain has witnessed a relentless increase in the size of government. Politicians have steadily taken responsibility and authority away from civil society, establishing a presence in every aspect of British life. Government today spends 45.1 per cent of Britain’s GDP, employs nearly 20 per cent of the UK workforce and regulates or provides almost every service available to UK citizens

So complete control is the aim then. Doing quite well. Not quite as well as the USSR managed but not far off.

Ok, what about the money we give our government to spend on the education of our kids?

Four out of ten pupils in state education now leave school without the minimum standards in English and Maths that the QCA deems necessary for ‘Life, Learning and Work’. After 11 years of schooling, at a total cost of £75,000, the state system fails to provide individuals with the means necessary to succeed, trapping them in poverty and dependency. Year on year, British educational standards falls in comparison to other wealthy countries.
40% of our kids leave school without being able to read or write, even after spending £75,000 on it. Is that value? Is that money well spent?

Well, we do give the government a lot of money to spend on our healthcare system. Surely that is working?

The standard of care provided by the National Health Service is now ranked 16 in a comparison of 19 peer countries. In 2004 alone, 17,157 deaths amenable to healthcare occurred in the NHS, which would have been avoided in Britain matched the performance of European peers. Levels of hospital-acquired infections are among the highest in Europe and waiting times continue to force people abroad for treatment.
Er no, bottom of the heap again and it is literally killing us as well as bankrupting us. Nice.

You can read the whole shameful report here


Now, I understand that a State has some responsibilities. Namely to keep the country safe from external threats and to keep law and order on the streets. Apart from that, I really so no point in it.

I can educate my kids, look after my own health and am happy to take responsibility for my own life. I don’t need my tax money being spent on the British Potato Council (yes, really. £6.5 Million a year) or the British Wool Marketing Board (£10.8 million, employs 236 people) or the Hearing Aid council (£1.1 Million yet only has five employees? £200K each anyone? Pardon?)

A Fascinating read on where every single you earn is being spent by our masters. You have no say on the matter. Now get back to work, times are hard.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Piss Boiling Cuntface Shit Bollocks!!!

Right, that's it. The UK has gone stark staring fucking mad. I have just blown a gasket and am leaking fluids.
Yesterday, Our Glorious Leaders instructed Pravda/BBC to tell us that the time has come to get tough on the "huggable" little scrotes out there who will happily kick you to death for looking at them the wrong way. The little cunts who have spread like a plague throughout the country under ZanuLabour.

Get tough?

The "COULD" be in for a visit from a plastic cop who might check their tax disk. They COULD have there "right to benefits" checked by some faceless corduroy wearing cunt at the DHSS.

Do they actually think we believe them?
As a prime example, I give you this:

A CONVICTED HEROIN DEALER (they execute you for that in most of the known world), firstly....god, I'm having trouble here, firstly... was tagged for six months. Yup, that's right. He was caught dealing heroin and not executed but tagged. FFS! Not rotting in a cell with Big Winston who might just eat him after he has shagged him up the arse with a broken bottle but wandering around, telling every fucker he can find how the Filth can't touch him....


He has the tag removed because it might affect his ability to sell surfboards.

I have to lie down now.

A convicted heroin dealer demands that he is given NO punishment at all. It might affect his life, his career, his social circle if he were to go to prison OR be forced to wear a tag.

Jaquie Smith. I intend to rip off your stupid, ignorant, arrogant head and shit down your throat. I hate you. I hate you and everything you stand for SO much, I may be forced to assasinate you.

You and your ilk have destroyed this country. It will NEVER recover. I hope your children become skag heads, I hope they steal everything you own and then die long painful deaths and their bloated corpses lie hidden under your bed, filling your nostrils every night. I hope you are raped, beaten, stabbed, shot, mugged and burgled.

That is all.


Friday, 2 May 2008

Bodger and Badger

I'm trying to remove myself slowly but surely from the interference of Politics in my life.
I work for myself, hoard my cash abroad and don't borrow money

This limits this governments reach over me to:

  • Listening to my phone calls
  • Reading my Emails
  • Trying constantly to capture my DNA
  • Brainwashing my children
  • Monitoring my movements
  • Spending my taxes on anything they like
  • Trying to convert me to Islam via the BBC
  • Trying to make me a black, unemployed male
  • Making sure I perform a full Health and Safety audit before I mow the lawn
  • Making sure my Doctor is an overpaid cunt
  • Trying to kill me in an MRSA infested "hospital"
  • Limit my movements by filling the roads with uninsured, untaxed cars and then trying to charge me for using them, making flying impossible, making train travel worse than a trip to Auschwitz
  • Trying to make me gay
  • Not allowing me to protest peacefully outside Parliament
  • Trying to put me in Belmarsh for 90 days without trial
  • Trying to make me like Billy Bragg (I don't. I would quite happily slit his throat)
  • Trying to make sure I am not safe in my own home and cannot defend myself from feral thugs who will kick me to death if I dare to "diss" them by asking them not to steal my telly and shit on the carpet.
  • Filling the streets with people who won't take their medication because God told them not to.
  • Trying to teach me Urdu and Punjabi
  • Noting who I vote for and running all sorts of tests on my data
  • Losing my data to Nigerian scammers
  • Inspecting my shopping basket via the Tescos database to see if I am an alcoholic or am eating healthily
  • Watching how much I recycle and fining me if it is not enough to match THEIR promises
  • Prostrating the British people to the EU
  • Allowing the Celts parasites to bleed us dry
  • Lending all our money to Banks who won't pay it back. Ever.


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