Monday, 28 April 2008

A bit peckish

· Leviticus 26:21 And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins.
Leviticus 26:26 And when I have broken the staff of your bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight: and ye shall eat, and not be satisfied.

The end of the world is nigh

Apparently, rice now costs twice as much as did. Bread costs 10p more than it did.

700 Million people are going hungry in the third world. Food riots are breaking out all over Shitistan.

Call me callous. Call me old fashioned but so fucking what? I have to pay a fortune for pheasant and beluga caviar yet am I rioting? Am I fuck. If I want to dine on Colchester Native Oysters at £3 each, I fucking work harder, earn the dosh and then shit rusty water out of my arse for week having bloated myself on plumb, juicy oysters with a dash of vinegar or Tabasco and some finely chopped shallots.

Picture, if you will, the hub bub of London at rush hour. Picture if you will, the hurly burly of the M25 as millions of people try to get to a place that they will then do 8-10 hours work in, work they have trained for, studied for and made sure they got some form of education for. Are these people likely to be rioting because a loaf of hovis now costs more than a pound? I think not.

The only people I see rioting are the very same people who spend all day sitting under a bush. Yet apparently they now cannot afford to feed their families.

OH’s tip. Do a bit less sitting around under a bush wearing flip flops and a bit more hard graft and you will have enough to buy your family some rice, a loaf of bread and some money to send them to school. Spend a bit less time wandering around holding an AK47 or rocking back and forth reciting the Koran and do some bastard real work.

Some rioters yesterday, relaxing after rioting. Definitely not doing a bit of overtime.


If the current “famine” wipes a billion lazy, uneducated, thick AK47 waving mongs off the planet, are we really bothered?

Animals let out of Zoos

I’m tired of reading stories of people who travel on public transport or have the gall to walk about in public being murdered by people on bail.

I know that our prisons are full, I know we have the highest crime rate in Europe, I know that we have more people in prison than just about anyone on the planet but that is due to the fact that the UK is full of scum, both home grown and imported.

Today I read that the “authorities” are regretting the fact they let a complete psycho out on bail who then went on to murder a bloke on a bus (by stabbing him seven times in the chest (when he had the outright cheek to ask him to stop throwing chips at his girlfriend)

The same authorities who can come round and take you away and put you in prison if they don’t like what you are thinking, the same authorities who arrive to take your kids away if they don’t like the idea that you might smack them, the same authorities who are spying on how much you put in your bin. The same authorities who are monitoring your phone calls, reading your emails, noting down what you vote, want your DNA on a database.

The Authorities will pay no price for this error. No lessons will be learned. An innocent man will lie rotting in his grave and no one will change anything. It will be carry on as usual.

What would I like to see? Firstly, I would like to see the person who actually signed the bail order to be forced to take responsibility for his actions, that caused a man to die. I suggest that he is sent to share a cell with our rabid groid

You told us he was harmless, so go and live with him for a year.

Next, I would the “authorities” who release them on bail to have to look after them. In their own homes. Night and Day.

Safe? You sure? PROVE IT. PUT HIM IN THE BOX ROOM AND COOK HIM HIS TEA. Chances are he’ll kill you and eat you but as long as you are living in a Cotswold village and drive a BMW, the chances of you meeting him are zilch.
For those of you who are interested, the Justice Ministry (how I laughed) issues instructions to Judges.


Friday, 11 April 2008


Now, from where I stand, it looks to me like honour, integrity and justice are desperately trying to introduce themselves to Parliament.

If we have been bribing the Saudis to buy our missiles, someone should be held to account. I am not saying that every other nation on the planet doesn’t bribe the Saudis to buy their shite but I am an Englishman. I EXPECT no, demand as my BIRTHRIGHT to be better than the French, Russians, Chinese and Albanians.

So when Bliar says that we shouldn’t get to the bottom of this, he is:

a) a lying cunt who doesn’t want Britains dirty laundry on show

b) A cunt who doesn’t understand that if we allow our government to hide dirty laundry because of “national security” then we actually don’t have any.

The government can do what it fucking likes and when we, the public go “hmmm?, we did WHAT?” they tell us all to fuck off and mind our own business. That, my grinning friend, is not national security, it is national insecurity.

I don’t have a problem with embarrassing the Saudis. We ALL know they are hooked nosed greasy bastards who just love our whores, beer and forelock tugging as long as we don’t hold them responsible for supplying 19 terrorists that had the West on it’s knees. We all KNOW what dirty, scheming cunts they are, financing Wahabiism throughout the West whilst ensuring that not one church, synagogue or Buddhist temple will ever be built in Saudi, or a non Muslim set foot in Mecca. They support murder, misogyny, violence, torture and STILL corrupt businessmen want to do business with them and when we ask what exactly they are doing in our name, we get told to FUCK OFF, it’s not YOUR business.

Well, cuntchops, it is. As long as I am paying for Prescott to scoff pies or Mandelsnake to felch Belgian choirboys, I want to know what the fuck you are up to with MY money. Tell the Saudis to stuff themselves. Tell them they are dirty thieving Arabs and see what happens. Will they buy Chinese missiles instead? You bet. But they actually WANT our missiles because the Chinese ones are SHIT. And then point OUR missiles at them and watch them shit themselves. Sorry Shiek MiArse, no Bentleys for you. No Airforce, no spare parts, no power stations, no desalination plants and no fucking healthcare. And OUR missiles pointing at you, you wankers.

We could turn the place into glass in less than ten minutes, so stop acting like you own the fucking planet, you don't. Then, and only then would we be better than the frogs, chinks, eyeties and loud mouthed yanks. Until then I intend to boycott all 2600 of Britains Mosques, only buy Azerbaijani Oil and leave off the dates and camel shite for a while.

Cunts. Fuck off you goat herding bastards.

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