Tuesday, 2 December 2008



Billy Wallace said...

Thats the best one yet.

Just been checking out the ACPO and she is right up their arse.


5.1.1 The tripartite arrangement for the governance and leadership of the police service in England and Wales is a balanced one that is established in statute. The parties to this arrangement reflect some profound and constitutional anchor points in British policing. The Home Secretary is responsible to Parliament and to the citizen for national security and community safety. The Home Secretary has powers to compel the police service to act in certain ways, powers to hold the chief constable or the chair of the police authority to account. ACPO recognises that the Home Secretary has a role to play in directing national leadership and coherence around matters of organisational efficiency

These are the twats that done the deal on tazers with her.

280 members, all the big knobs out the force.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how Smith has the fucking nerve to go on the TV news and brazenly lie that she didn't know the police were going to arrest Damian Green. Of course what she means is that she knew quite well he was going to get his collar felt, she just told the Met not to tell her exactly when. That way, she can deny knowledge of the actual police operation. Slippery bitch.

Gareth said...

Big Jackie is watching you! - Didn't she have the "Two Weeks" part in Total Recall?

We are all Walter Wolfgang now.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I was too much of a wasted youth at the time to take much notice of the lyrics to Holidays In The Sun but took it as a general tirade against Maggie.
Whoever would have thought what a superb backing track it would make to this tirade against Her Jaquiness and Grotesque Gordon.

" Now we got a Reasonable Econermy " LOLZ

I see that Shoesmith got her commupance. Ed Balls on the sacking of Shoesmith "it is just unnacceptable that the, erm ( edit ), Serious Case Review into the case of Baby P should have been found to be inadequate."
Did I miss something ? When was that Serious Case Review published ? Who reviews the reviewers ?

TheFatBigot said...

I don't have speakers on my computer, but enjoyed that little film anyway.

Johnny's Rotten said...

Re: It's Either banned or Compulsory.

The Sex pistols song is from 1977 before Maggies time, and therefore is more likely to be a tirade against the last odious left wing Labour government, under Jim Callaghan.

Anonymous said...

Would it be any different under - just following EU orders `Dave`?

Scrobs said...

Banned or Compulsory

Shoesmith's only suspended on full pay!

Nice work, sitting at home plotting which borough to infest next.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Good point Johnny's Rotten, but like I said, I was wasted at the time. Couple of blury decades actually, my addled brain loosely associates Maggie with the Winter Of Discontent but of course, that was Lucky Jim who I barely remember at all.

Shoeperson will be off to Tower Hamlets next.

The Hitman said...

Head: Ian Johnston, Chief Constable, British Transport Police


Forensic Science
Organised Crime
Violent Crime
Acquisitive Crime
Standards, Competencies & Training
Economic Crime
Migration & associated Issues
Violence and Public Protection
Race & Diversity
Asylum & Immigration

This is the guy they've sent in to look at the Green arrest.

He's head of crime in the ACPO.

For all we now he was having supper with Jackboots last night.

Anonymous said...

As a former poll tax rioter I find the urge to get back on the streets growing stronger by the day.

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean 'Arry! As a pro-choice marcher (God knows how many decades ago) & an anti-war (Iraq) protester m'boots are starting to tap....

Carter said...

Blimey ..... that was good.

Anonymous said...

I used to go to work in Northern Ireland in a helicopter and with a H&K rifle with me.

For totally different reasons of course than exist now.

The people in power in N.I. used to apologise for the people trying to kill me (or try themselves, very hard).

Im a cop. I feel in more danger now with the labour party than I ever did.

These bug..s will wreck the country before long. If they do I hope all you labour voters who voted them in hang their heads in shame. Shame I say.

vincent1 said...

That is a superb video Old Holborn.

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