Wednesday, 10 December 2008

You should be so lucky

I’m lucky. I’m not going to lose my job. I’m not skint. I’m not in debt.

Let me explain. OH is a Libertarian which means no fucker tells me what to do. I’ve had more jobs than Tommy Doherty and been fired from most of them because I tell the boss when he’s a cunt that he’s a cunt. So OH now works for himself. Not luck. I take the risk that if I don’t do my job properly, I’ll starve.

My job involves speaking another language. I wasn’t born that way, I learned other languages. The hard way. I went and lived there. I made awful mistakes, embarrassed myself a million times and now speak three European languages fluently. So I can talk to clients who don’t speak English and more importantly, do business with them.

I’m not skint because I invoice in Euros. I won’t deal with UK companies because they don’t pay me on time, try to reduce my margins at every turn and threaten to use someone else every week. Fuck them. Learn some manners, you cunts.

I’m not in debt because I pay my bills. End of.

I’ve actually taken to extending credit terms to my customers from 30 days to 90 days because I’m making money on the pound plummeting . Seriously. By the time the invoice gets paid, I see a real increase in the money that arrives.

Here’s a bit of fun. Ask your HR department to pay you in Euros, not pounds. Tell them you prefer to be paid in Euros because the pound, like the Zimbabwean Dollar is in free fall. They must have a Euro account somewhere, so pay me from that. The same amount every month. Thank you. If they say no, your job is under threat anyway. If they say yes, you know you add value to your company, so ask for a pay rise.

Most of my customers are in Germany. They pay the bill, don’t haggle, accept my service with a smile and are grateful. They understand business. They understand that my cost is a long term investment and I understand that I need to deliver for years to come. They’re happy and I’m happy.

Germany took on a bankrupt country 18 years ago. They borrowed heavily to bring it up to their exacting standards and now East Germany is as productive as West Germany. People are no longer paid to sit on their arses all day and no one has a job for life. I don’t think any other country in the EU could have done it. The Germans did. So when they turn to Gordon and tell him he’s a complete cunt, I’m listening. And today, they did.

You cannot spend your way out of debt. CHRIST, this is so fundamental, it amazes me to say it. So I’ll do it again. You cannot spend your way out of debt.

Ah, that’s better

Now, if you think we can, I need to point you to this

Michael Saunders from CitiGroup has calculated ‘external debt’ – ie, what Britain owes the rest of the world. It is not 40% but 400% of GDP, the highest in the G7 by some margin. The next down, France, is 176%. America, flagellating itself for blowing such a debt bubble, is just 100%. Japan is about half America. The below graph shows ‘external debt’ – both in mid-2008, and five years ago.

Narrow it down to short-term debt, ie IOUs that have to be paid back within a year, and the picture grows even bleaker. It adds up to 300% of GDP – six times that of France whose loans are long-term. Saunders says, with some understatement, that this makes “the UK economy and financial system highly vulnerable when, as now, global banking and capital flows dries up.”

Here is the picture, narrowed down to short- term debt (ie, due by next Christmas).

I believe that an IMF bailout is highly unlikely. But the highly unlikely has been happening rather a lot lately. There is a fairly clear apocalypse scenario emerging: that Britain becomes reliant on new borrowing, that the Arabs/Chinese get sick of buying IOU notes in devaluing sterling, and refuse to buy more debt at anything other than loan shark rates. Then Britain has to go to the IMF. For a country with as much short-term debt requirements as Britain, there is nothing fantastical about this.

Financing Britain is an issue. Our creditors will be looking at Britain with its 400% debt/GDP ratio and ask how this island country with its mammoth trade deficit is going to pay the money back, especially if its Prime Minister prescribes more debt as the solution.

But this crisis has taught us to pay heed to the highly unlikely, to watch out for the Black Swans. It could come in the form of UK banks being unable to raise capital from the markets, from liquidity issues in UK gilts, whatever.

The UK is fucked. Beyond fucked. Beyond Iceland fucked.

Except I’m not…..but you lot are. DO SOMETHING.


Tomfiglio said...

90 days?? I went abroad, too (bad move - fucked up pension etc) and now I'm invoicing Italian companies - six months is the usual delay before payment, and they're trying to withhold tax that I pay here in England anyway (which they know).

Houdini said...

Self employed is the only way, and offering a service no-one else can, or few anyway, is also the way. I pitch my prices by the car the fucker drives in, the watch he wears, the clothes he wears, and the value of the item he brings me to fix; sometimes it is a lot, and sometimes it is better than fair, but always it is cheaper than any fucker else, and I also make them pay for ME, those of you in business will know exactly what I mean.

I seem to be busier than ever, so is it me? Who gives a fuck, just keep giving me the loot that I can hide from that one eyed fucking charlatan Brown and his shyster Government.

Brown has fucked the economy and country, and people know it today with their mass media awashed lives. 1979 saw the Tories elected after labour fucked up, but the public were less well informed and basically ignorant; today they see the fucker and cunts of Labour for what they are and they will not be so easily swayed, even after 18 years. Good.

mad manc cunt said...

"Except I’m not…..but you lot are. DO SOMETHING."

Wish I was fucked, wifes on the rag again. I would love to do something but after a long, shite day at work the only thing I can think to do right now is have a wank.

Dick the Prick said...

mad manc - think i'm on the rag too as I seem to have been absolutely screwed for stupidly saving some cash by err.. not spending it.

black hole sunset said...

Superb post OH - the best I've seen so far (and that's saying something).

Now I'm eye-of-the-storm angry - calm but not. What can I do? Nothing, except sit back and wait for a nuke to arrive in the post.

Brown? Ha, a feeble montage of clichés and self-deceiving jargon. Public finances mirror the Banks which the hedge funds which mirror the most overextended UK households.

The Ponzi scheme is unwinding while Labour's front bench conceals it's political genitalia behind a gossamer veil of glib, sneering soundbites.

It won't be the IMF they turn to when the birds come home to roost, it'll be the EU - an "ideal" opportunity for those who are so inclined.

Failure and fascism - how very progressive.

45govt said...

Great post OH, I'm still laughing at the US2.08 I got when I finally realised Sterling was Monopoly money. The truly frightening thing is the number of fuckwits who actually believe in McMental's Messianic act. The country's cunt-stricken, which is not as much fun as being cunt-struck.

Anonymous said...

With the debts Britain has now and will have soon why would the EU want to bail us out,we are a bankrupt,screwed up Zimbabwe style country with nothing to offer apart from masses of fuckin lazy bastards who have never had a job in their lives,charity begins at home not supplying loads of money to crack heads from another country,I doubt the EU would take us on for quite a few years,Me I want out of the EU completely and the Liebour party just 4 people in a mini bus,this is my country thru thick and thin and we need all the help we can get from our own people to put it right,time is on our side.

Mark Wadsworth said...

OH, yes we are in the shit, and Michael Saunders usually talks sense, but 400% of GDP is just bollocks.

That would mean each of us owes Johnny Foreigner about £200,000.

I'm pretty good at statistics and stuff and this is just not true. Is it not possible that CitiGroup have done sold GBP or have large GBP liabilities falling due soon or something and stand to make a colossal profit if they can talk GBP down?

Old Holborn said...


Who owns their house? Car? Credit Card?

Thud said...

There are some of us perhaps many of us not in debt.I own houses cars and have various assets and no debt...I can't be alone in this and alone in thinking that we are in the midst of media generated hysteria?

Anonymous said...

What the fuck can we do? No fucker I know is going to vote labLiar next time around, but the monocular jock cunt is still gonna be in charge for the next 18 months or so, screwing us ever deeper into the shite. The Greeks and Thais seem to have the right idea, but all we can muster is a few lefty eco-wankers protesting at Stansted.
Seriously, OH, what can the average bloke in the street do?

TheFatBigot said...

Interesting, but unsurprising, to note the BBC ended the article by trying to undermine the Kraut bean counter and back Brown with talk of how other countries are also throwing money at the problem. No mention of how they are doing it differently nor of the likely short and long-term consequences, goes without saying.

In answer to Mr Thud, you are not alone but those in your position are a very small minority. There simply wouldn't be the current problem if it were otherwise.

Self-employment is definitely part of the answer. No work no pays means few sickies; more work more pay means greater productivity; no sick or holiday pay encourages saving and insurance against the more obvious risks of life. Most importantly, self employment means having to think how you will provide for yourself and dependents rather than being inclined to pass the buck to an employer or government, it changes attitudes for the better.

Pogo said...

I don't owe any fucker anything. I'm semi-retired, live in Spain for about 4 months of the year, own my houses etc... Despite mainly being paid in the UK I shorted Sterling big-time a while back and feel equal levels of smugness and sadness as the country I once loved goes down the shitter.

Britain Awake said...

Why pay the debt back?!

African countries got their debts waivered in 2005, why should we now pay ours?!

Anonymous said...

Thud - they are prinring money tho.

electro-kevin said...

Great post.

I believe things are as bad as you say.

electro-kevin said...

Britain Awake @ 00.05

I can see why the Americans might not need to pay theirs back.

Unfortunately we're not in as strong a position.

Anonymous said...

My one big hope is that the severe shock that Britain is about to face will make people look at the real causes of this mess, ie cheap credit and the middle class obsession with property speculation.

With any luck we might end up a productive nation again, instead of being a bunch of effing spivs flogging each other double glazing and insurance.

Is that to much to ask for? Please tell me it is'nt.

we're fucked said...

Great post OH - Ive always had a soft spot for the Germans after administering large portions of my throbbing organ to a German student back in the 70's. We hammered them twice but no matter how much we batter them they always come back stronger than ever and fair play to them - wished I'd moved there when I had the chance, even though they suck up to the EU it can't be any worse than living in this shit hole of a country.

paul said...

It's a bit difficult being a self employed centre lathe operator or shipyard welder and I do know that there is not much call for either now. Easy credit to buy what people don't need and certainly can't afford and the lack of need for skilled workers in the industry we no longer have has brought the UK to its knees. We manufacture nothing now except scumbag doletappers as far as I can see, no manufacturing base you cant make a living opening and closing doors for people.
I was self employed employing engineers in the UK mainly removing machines and sending them abroad, When all the factories were closing down and we were all capitalists by buying back what we already owned the utilities, made £200 wow! I now live in Thailand and all the doletappers, single parents,asylum seekers,social workers, Karen Matthews wannabes I have a bit of bad news for you, this lot in the Far East education top priority no playing hookey here brand new factories new mahines instead of the clapped out stuff I saw in the UK dedicated workforce all sharing the same cafeteria, one factory in Manchester we worke had 7 levels of canteens bacon sandwiches for the like of us silver service for the top managment. Only single mothers are widows or if he has cleared off with another woman. No dole no welfare so all you scumbags dows at the social security office demanding your rights or more to the point my money your days are numbered and the sooner the better.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

This is the poisoned chalice that gordon will leave the Tories but I doubt if they will be able to sort it out.
I'm also self employed, am not skint and don't owe anyone a bean but wish I had taken up the invite to stay in Austria some thirty years ago.

This is how our money is pissed up against the wall.
Through no choice of mine I found myself in the company of some dizzie bint from Connecting for Health, her two male juniors squirmed with embarrassment as she continued her lengthy 'phone conversation "scenario...gateway...gateway scenario...added value...scenario...gateway...scenario gateway..." ad infinitum, so 1980's, for at least 10 minutes but I had no idea what she was talking about.

X that by several thousands all day, every day.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

O/T. I think that we would all like to wish the 10,000 delegates at the Poznan Climate Change 'tacklingtheeffectsofmanmadeglobalwarming' Conference a speedy and safe return to their various 192 countries.
Thus far the 10,000 delegates have agreed to hold another conference next year in Copenhagen.

Our very own Ed Miliband will be there today to add his voice to the agreement
"The UK is determined that Poznan lays the ground for success at Copenhagen."

The Odyssey said...

Fantastic Post. The first bit of financial common sense that I have seen anywhere. WTF cant at least one British polly articulate it like that.
Absolutely brilliant, you have made my day.

Rob F said...

I'm thinking of becoming self-employed myself, maybe in the laptop repair business. I mean, I know my way around a computer, I'm currently studying for my A+ exams, and it's not as if laptops or PCs in general are ever going to go out of fashion...

And I agree that this country is absolutely fucked. I'm off to the States eventually, to marry my fiance and become a gun-totin' redneck hillbilly like she is, but with a 'quaint' accent.

I for one can't wait to get out of this shithole. It can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Brown &Co. can all fuck off and die as far as I am concerned. Not the most lucid of a comment. Just how I feel. They are all a bunch of smug, self serving cunts. Fuck off you bastards.

lilith said...

Been self employed for 19 years. Just me. No staff. Only way to be. I can carry the tools of my trade in a pocket. Travel light I say.

Stray Taoist said...

If you can't change The State you are in, change The State you are in.

deeply depressed said...

Feel sorry for the poor sods just trying to join the work force nowadays. Frank Field said yesterday that of the 3 million jobs created by Labour since 1997 (public sector no doubt) 9 out of 10 of them are given to immigrants and he admitted that there are 5 million unemployed.
Thankfully I'm retired early but still watching my savings shrivel, anyone bought gold recently?

Houdini said...

It's a bit difficult being a self employed centre lathe operator or shipyard welder and I do know that there is not much call for either now.

We were all something else at some time, and some of us didn't even have the prospects your trade afforded.

People like you never will be self employed because you have the mind set that somebody else must pay your wages.

Get a better attitude and stop relying on somebody else for a wage.

Dave said...

Brown & Co daren't call in the IMF. The first requirement of an IMF bailout will be the dismantling of the welfare state and his client/voter base will lynch him.
Oh good! Bring it on!

Guthrum said...

Like you I speak two foreign languages, one fluently, one not so. Also got out of the UK property market, when the idiots started lending four times income and 125% mortgages- what was that about. Its all down to not believing anything 'Government' says, especially comprised of people who have never had a 'job' in their lives. Next contract will be in Euros in January

Ellis said...

All a tad nihilistic, no ? OH, howzabout pulling something out of the ashes of your Bonfire of the Vanities, and shift your focus to a road-map for resurrection. Or does "Libertarian" mean "just can't be arsed to give a fuck" ?

man in the street said...

Ellis - I want to seriously bash those in charge. I can't be arsed about how hard either. They are fucking us up the ass and getting away with it.

Retribution before resurrection.

paul said...

Get a better attitude and stop relying on somebody else for a wage.
I will type this slowly as you are obviously hard of reading.
I was fucking sekf employed, read my post agian you fuckwit now living in Thailand with plenty of money I mad by being self employed with nitwits like you in the UK there is no hope.
Fucking moron.

Cato said...

And, just to cheer you all up on this cold Thursday morning......

A beautiful fairy appeared one day to a destitute refugee claimant
outside the Dover immigration offices.

My good man,' the fairy said, 'I've been told to grant you three
wishes,since you just arrived in England with your wife and three

The man told the fairy. 'Well, where I come from we don't have good teeth, so I want new teeth, maybe a lot of gold in them.' The fairy looked at the man's almost toothless grin and -- PING ! -- he had a brand new shining set of gold teeth in his mouth!

'What else?' asked the fairy, 'two more to go.'

The refugee claimant now got bolder. 'I need a big house with a three car garage in Wiltshire with eight bedrooms for my family and the rest of my refugee relatives who still live in my country. I want to bring them all over here..

' PING ! - In the distance there could be seen a beautiful mansion with a three car garage, a long driveway, a walkout patio with a BBQ,overlooking the river.

'One more wish', said the fairy, waving her wand. 'Yes, one more wish.

I want to be like an Englishman with designer clothes instead of
manjams, and a baseball cap instead of this turban. And I want to have white skin like Brits..

' PING ! - The man was transformed, wearing worn out jeans, a Man U T-shirt and a baseball cap. He had his bad teeth back and the mansion had disappeared from the horizon..

'What happened to my new teeth?' he wailed. 'Where is my new house?'

The fairy said 'Tough luck, Dick-head, Now you are a Brit, you have to fend for yourself.'

And she disappeared!

Roger Thornhill said...

Spot on OH.

Ellis. Go to It has the manifesto, including a means to stabilise the currency or make it easier for EVERYONE to abandon the state currency if the likes of Gordon gets in again.

I have been out of the salary game for a number of years and I am starting a new arm right now. It is going to be tough. Embarrassing and initially low-earning, but it will be mine.

Napoleon mocked us for being a Nation of Shopkeepers. Well, that was when Britain was at it's best IMHO. I am not talking about a Victorian era of straight-laced prudery, but a Georgian era of innovation and Enlightenment. I have more respect for the chap who runs my local newsagent than any CEO who was promoted into the role.

In the past most people worked for family concerns or for another family concern. It was on a human scale. SMEs are often on a human scale.

I echo the remarks about Thailand. There, you work or starve and this means people work. Yes, some jobs are not "nice" but all serve a purpose and in terms of mental health that is vital.

Fact is, though, it is in part down to National psyche, but I do think the British have what it takes because before the State invaded our lives we did it. We can do it again, but first we need to get these Fabian Fifth Columnists out of our hair. They WANT us to be dependent and weak.

This is why they HATE self-employed and SMEs, because the owners can flick the V's at them far easier than a salaried person.

Best way to piss off a Fabian is to become self-employed or start your own business. Learn (or re-learn) from the best abroad (German, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, HK'er, Swiss). We should aim to be the Best of the Best just as they are trying to do.

microdave said...

OH, Lord Mandybum obviously reads your blog. He's just announced a Prompt Payment Code to stop small and medium businesses being crippled by late payments. Oh, what's this? - It's VOLUNTARY - carry on as you were...

Anonymous said...

If you want to vomit listen to Snotty on LBC 97.30

Use IE - fucks up my Firefox.

crackers said...

Mark Wadsworth '400% of GDP is bollox...'

You would need to read Citibank report in detail before dismissing. I have not. The % refers to ALL debt(Govt, Corporate and Individual). It is a fact that at a personal level we owe 3 times as much as Continental Europeans.

In any event our relative indebtedness is there for all to see. And it will get worse because Brown has expanded the Govt payroll at the expense of the wealth producing private sector. The estimated Govt borrowings are too low. The recession will last longer than forecast.

The state of UK relative to Germany. Unions. German union bosses in 50's and today were all highly educated, many economists, understood business and the need for profits to ensure stability of employment. Germany made things and still does.

UK union bosses. Mick McGaghey, Scargill, Jack Jones, Red Robinson and so on. No wonder we have an economy with structural imbalances.

Brown will try to get the ship off the rocks by taxing savers and the prudent. It is Govt theft. He will monetize debts by printing notes when foreigners refuse to buy gilts.

At some point gold will have to take off again.

Anonymous said...

o/t But why does a bit of fucking ice close Gatwick all morning FFS. This country is a fucking joke.

Brown's Britain.

Dick the Prick said...

Vaguely OT but i'm distinctly unlucky as i'm toddling off to the dentists this morning and expect to spend a fucking small fortune because I stooopidly have a job. Unlike Chav & Chavetta who get it all free yet still have fucking minging teeth - seriously, what the fuck is that all about. If I was scum, I'd be scum with a Hollywood smile. Ah, fuck it.

Guthrum said...

All a tad nihilistic, no ? OH, howzabout pulling something out of the ashes of your Bonfire of the Vanities, and shift your focus to a road-map for resurrection. Or does "Libertarian" mean "just can't be arsed to give a fuck" ?

Such a typical reaction from somebody who needs the State to tell them what to do and what to think- Road map what a giveaway, just like the word 'ishoo' everything is an 'ishoo' usually followed by an intiative which lasts barely a week.

It is all about standing on your own feet, being responsible and not listening to the Government ! remember Darling saying Northern Rock is sound, there was a run on the Bank because everybody woke up and did not believe a word od what they were being told, and they were right to queue up.

Dick the Prick said...

Sorry - just realised that may appear heartless BUT - check this out. Those on contribution based benefits - i.e. those who've just been made unemployed but have paid in DO NOT automatically get free dental care. Those who HAVE NEVER paid a fucking penny get a blow job from the nurse. Unbeferkinglievable.

deeply depressed said...

I listened to the snobgobbler on LBC and it was quite possibly the worst interview known to man. Whilst 20,000 pensioners are dying around the Country due to no money he was asked "What kind of Christmas card will you be sending out" Absolutely pathetic.

JD said...

Slightly off topic, except iam doing SOMETHING: I just created a Facebook group - NO TO LISBON MEANS NO TO LISBON. I only did it last night, so I need people to join, oh, and enter the discussion. Anyone?

Dave H. said...

"I made awful mistakes, embarrassed myself a million times"

Ever hear someone say Durchwahl and thought they said Durchfall? Can you imagine the confusion that causes? Ever asked a woman in a shop whether she had Bürste and pronouced it like Brüste?

Or, most crowningly it all, translated 'teaching grandma to suck eggs' without knowing Eier was the slang for testicles?

Ellis said...

Guthrum. I am an LPUK member (are you ?). I live a life with as little state intervention as I can manage. I pay no taxes, income, council, car or tv, and in return I ask for nothing from the state. And that is far as I am going to go in defense of myself to you. OH's diatribes are red meat indeed, but just because his ejaculations jibe with your prejudices doesn't mean they are an answer to anything. Now, may be that OH doesn't care about answers, just about having a good rant. Well, it's his blog. I just don't think that Libertarianism does itslelf any favours by broadcasting its message as "we're fucked". Not going to turn any tides with that.

Old Holborn said...


It is my sworn duty for 2009 to make life as miserable as I possibly can for the 646 bastards. I intend to be a pain in the arse for all of them.

When they leave me alone, I will leave them alone. Read back through my blog to see little ways I fuck with them. There are plenty.

I am not here to start a revolution. 90% of the UK do not want a revolution, I am sure. All I want is to be left alone by the State. But they won't, will they?

The Last Tory in Jockland said...

Excellent post OH - there has been an astonishing reluctance for anyone to point out how few clothes emperor gordon has been waring of late - it is as simple as it is "you can't spend your way out of debt"

Economic Historian said...

nice post.

While you can't spend your way out of debt you can spend your way out of recession. Well not quite, but you can pump-prime or kick-start the economy by investing in capital projects and allowing the ripples to spread.

That's the basic Keynesian theory - but the great man published that 70 years ago in response to a wholly different set of problems.

Now we have such high levels of debt that the ripples can't spread because of the twin burdens of taxation and regulation. Unless both are rolled-back then money spent on capital projects will be totally wasted.

And one question - the govt are planning to rebuild schools as part of this process. But where are these old schools, because every single one near me has already been rebuilt whether it needed it or not! No wonder we're where we are.

john said...


So you are surprised OH is not offering a cure.

Guess what...there is no cure we are fucked. Ever dropped a beer glass? Did you try to put it back together and put the beer back in? No? Why not? Impossible right? That is how fucked we are. Fucked beyond mending and we seem to get fuckeder every day.

It will turn around but not without some pain. I'm with OHon passing some of the pain to the 646 even a liitle bit of thorny pain...

Shirking From Home said...

o/t but I heard on Sky earlier that the Woolies sale has been over hyped. Chavs all over the country are leaving in droves moaning that the latest cheap tat from China wasn't discounted enough.

Fucking ungrateful cunts.

The Penguin said...

Good to see that the ethnic communities are taking to basic law and order in such a thorough way.

The Penguin

Malcolm said...

Hip hip hurrah. As bad as it gets.
Maybe I should encourage Mrs. C to go on the game.

The Penguin said...

"Thursday, 11 December 2008
If it's Thursday...
It must be time to announce this week's 'Comment of the Week' winner. You have till midnight to beat the current frontrunner. (Actually there isn't a current frontrunner. That's what happens when you start moderating!) Someone say something funny... please.
Posted by Kerry at Thursday, December 11, 2008 0 comments"

The Penguin

Chris said...

Good to see that the ethnic communities are taking to basic law and order in such a thorough way.

At least the newly arrived Somali burghers of Ealing are teaching the (surviving) local scrotes about the fundamentals of good manners.

A total fucking fruit loop said...

I'm positive that Gordon Brown and his cabinet will get us out of the mess we are in. He is a true statesman, admired the world over.

Peter M said...

Can I see your throbbing organ please?

Ellis said...

@John 14:15. Well, if we are that fucked, then all life has come to a screeching halt, and there is be nothing left worth living for, so you might as well take some of that broken beer glass and see yourself off before "they" do it to you.
Or you could try and see through to the other side of the fuckery.

Houdini said...

I was fucking sekf employed, read my post agian you fuckwit now living in Thailand with plenty of money I mad by being self employed with nitwits like you in the UK there is no hope.
Fucking moron.

I did read your post you fucking cretin, and the point still stands. Stop being a cunt and read mine again after read8ng your own you fucking illiterate cunt.

Anonymous said...

I think OH just about sums it up.

Totally fucked.

I'm waiting for the real fun to begin. Some time next year, when joe average is out of a job, when the civil servant plebs are out of a job, everyone in negative equity, worthless pound, can't afford a holiday, oooo there will be blood on the streets.

JPT said...

Not many are really feeling it at the moment but I think that next year the shit's going to smash the fan right out of the fucking wall!!

black hole sunset said...


Aside of voluntary contributions, this is not a policy forum (let alone advertised as one) so the expectation that this OH rant (or any other) be acompanied by a credible remedy is yours alone. At the very least, the current rant already contains a very significant element of "leading by example", if not a specific raft of policy "initiatives". And "road-map" sounds too much like the kind of talkshite that has greased (and is greasing) our precipitous decent into a neo-statist command economy.

"I am an LPUK member (are you ?)" Anyone is welcome to join (or not join) LPUK as they see fit so what kind of qualification is that?

"I pay no taxes, income, council..." How does that work?

"...indeed, but just because his ejaculations jibe with your prejudices..." wtf? In the current atmosphere of weapons-grade financial propaganda and downwards trends, a doom and gloom "we're all fucked" outlook is one of many reasonable positions to take - not at all deserving of the loaded pejorative "prejudice".

The Penguin said...


Are you new here by any chance?
Do you know of or have any link to Dolly?

The Penguin

john said...


I don't think we won't come through it but we'll to wait for another glass and another pint.

This metaphor is messing with my head now...

Nurse, oooo nursey is it time for my antidepressants yet? Oooh good. Gulp Swallow Gulp. Now everything is fine and all that nasty stuff was a bad dream. Now where's the puta I need to order some useless plastic foreign tat on me credit card and save the economy. How the fuck is that gonna work you sa. I'm too stupid to work it out but that nice mr brown said it would all be ok.

wv grablevi (i feel a bit dirty now)

Dick the Prick said...

Black hole sunset - bloody hell lad - nice break down.

As regards the dead cunts who killed the chippy in Bradford - they had a eye-witness on Loook North by 'eck - an Asian dude who had a better Yorkshire accent than me. He didn't seem to give a shit either apart from - "the fuckers have twated the chippy".

These Somali cunts do sound problematic. Has anyone got round to fixing border control to register cunts leaving Blighty or is that still an 'ambition'? You'd have to make a new work for useless.

mad manc cunt said...


"...indeed, but just because his ejaculations jibe with your prejudices..."

Its better than that. I can feel them practicaly dribbling down my chin!

WV..swallowityousoftcunt. Honest, on me dead dogs life!

Anonymous said...

Ellis don't pay tax because sock puppet. How do you tax a bundle of hot air?

black hole sunset said...

Dick the Prick: "... bloody hell lad - nice break down"

Hey, thanks for that! It's nice to be egged on now and again.

Hopefully, I'm not presuming too much by offering my own interpretation of what OH is trying to do. And anyway, OH will surely be nice enough to tell me to go and eat my own shit if he thinks so =)

"the fuckers have twated the chippy"

That should be the new name of the place when it reopens - only fair that businesses adopt names that reflect the local cultural norms.

No one in the chippy at the time either by the sound of it - not that the beeb actually says that directly.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

O/T. The government have got a license to start up their own tv channel on free view.

Anonymous said...

".............and now speak three European languages fluently."

You're so modest.

That'd be English, German & Strong would it?

Old Holborn said...


electro-kevin said...

The third language is common sense.

Rogerborg said...

Just claim to speak Welsh. It's not a real language anyway, so nobody can ever prove you don't.

I got paid my December salary early this month. I could almost hear them sniggering "Fuck it, it's only Sterling."

Ellis said...

Are you new here by any chance? Do you know of or have any link to Dolly?"

No, and no. Now why should you ask such a thing ? Merely because I don't jump mindlessly into the echo-chamber ?

Black Hole : "what kind of qualification is that ?". Well, Gudrum was bleating on about self reliance and shit, so I gave it to her. And "How does that work then?" Wouldn't you like to know ?But it does.

And the anonymong @ 19:03 - go service Mrs. Dale.

All : quality stuff. Not.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Rio Tinto have been around a while but seem to be in a spot of bother. Perhaps Brown would do well to look at how they plan to deal with it.
Rio Tinto, one of the world's biggest mining companies, has announced plans to cut 14,000 jobs and scale back its spending plans by $5bn.
The job cuts will be spread over staff and contract positions and will include the consolidation of its London office headquarters. 8,500 of the jobs are contract positions and 5,500 are permanent jobs.
The cuts are designed to
reduce the $40bn of debt Rio Tinto is saddled with by $10bn by the end of next year.
Shares in Rio Tinto soared 16pc to £14.57 by early afternoon trading.

Learn some lessons from the real world Gordon you fucking Moron.

OH, an Anthem for you ?

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight: 2 people in Germany, get 2 separate BBC articles, the second goes as far as to say "Labour" and "Failure" in the same sentence....I don't think the Beeb have ever printed that before, in spite of 10 or so MILLION Brits thinking the same thing.

So to get your say in Britain now, all you have to do is to move to Germany.

black hole sunset said...


"Now why should you ask such a thing ? Merely because I don't jump mindlessly into the echo-chamber ?"

Not because you disagree with the tone or contents of this blog. Rather, because you come across as a shallow, formulaic troll. There's been a fair amount of this "I'm a Libertarian ... but ..." material popping up in the comments and you're plodding through that well-healed stereotype with less dignity than most.

"...bleating on about self reliance and shit, so I gave it to her..."

Case in point. A cheap, content-free defense of an originally vacuous proposition (e.g. that being a member of LPUK necessarily conveyed gravitas upon your opinions), typical of contemporary stealth-trolling.

"Wouldn't you like to know ?But it does."

That's why I asked - saying you pay no tax is a big deal. Are you UK resident, non-UK, non-dom etc?

"...go service Mrs. Dale.

More cheap, tacky bullshit.

Ellis: "All : quality stuff. Not"

As evidenced by your glib, superficial riposte, you're no sage either, at least others are trying to expand on their own remarks in good faith.

poor bloody taxpayer said...

I am also self-employed. I was during the last recession under the Tories and my family lost everything (not just financially). Despite that, I don't recall hating the Tories as much as I hate NuLab. I loathe them with every fibre of my being. I believe Gordon Brown has had an agenda to destroy Britain and rebuild it as his Marxist dream state. The nation has to die to fuel one man's ego.

anonymong 19:03 said...


Like being savaged by a dead scokpuppet. I'll get over it.

Col said...

I think the massive personal UK debt is mostly in housing. Houses are way too expensive and mortgages relative to income have been unrealistic for a decade now (6/7 times your annual wage). So the property market has to dive.
Also big business runs everything in the UK, there are virtual monopolies. Everything is overpriced esp. relative to average wages.
The whole economic balance is wrong. There does not seem to be any alternative politically. So the statement "the uk is fucked" seems a apt statement, and given the uncertainty in the future and the likelihood it will get worse before it gets better - in unpredictable ways. It about sums it up.

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