Saturday, 13 December 2008

Seasonal Festivities 2

hat tip to JD


Anonymous said...

3 Packs of Durex? What a pile of shite...! These fuckers don't know the meaning of contraception. All they do is pop the little chav bastards out and head straight down the dole to see how much more money they get. Cunts!

Working Stiff said...

Sad bastard that I am, I'm enjoying some highly taxed Singleton malt while trying to figure out how to save the (now nationalised) finanshal inshitooshun I work for a few quid, on my own time, by working around a negligent fuck up by the oh so clever decision makers. One rather fancies the chavs will have a merrier christmas than many working stiffs this year.

Anonymous said...

that was horrible

Dear Chavs, said...

Fuck off chavs and feckless cunts. Stop spending my bloody money.

Anonymous said...

The country's fucked, every level of society is full of wasters and useless know it all's.

But I'm staying, I'd miss this kind of savage humour!

Rogerborg said...

Chav females prick holes in condoms, then put them on tax paying human males in order to get themselves knocked up by someone who's likely to pay them money in addition to their state babyfarming stipend.

I know this for a fact because I had a lucky escape from just such a creature.

Hibbo said...

Is that gen Rogerborg?


Fat Squaddie said...

A favourite game around where I live among the female chavs is "Trap a squaddie". This consists of getting hold of 1 x Soldier, drunk.

They then have a one night stand with him and, either convince him that they are on the pill or pull the aforementioned trick with the perforated condom.

Pregnancy then ensues and chavette is then in a win-win situation.

Either the squaddie does the honourable thing and marries her, thus ensuring her a house and lifestyle for the rest of her natural, or squaddie pays CSA for the rest of his natural. Soldier has no way of avoiding CSA (like most chavs will) as the government already knows where he is at all times.

Of course, the CSA wouldn't deliberately target soldiers as a soft touch would they?

You couldn't make it up.


Rogerborg said...

Straight up, Hibbo, back in my yoof. She said she was 16, most likely.

Somehow my mighty manjuice failed to do the business - doubtless too large and virile to get through the hole in the latex - but the conniving little slag just started her babyfarming with some other hapless donor. Two by the time she was 18 (God alone knows how many since then) got her set up nicely in her lifetime career.

The Righteous either won't believe that this actually happens, or they blame it on the system, society, anything except the individuals concerned. It happens, and it's perpetrated by cold calculating whores that are one party sized bag of Temazepam away from being Karen Matthews.

There but for the grace of my hydrocephalic sperm went I.

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