Monday, 1 December 2008

Robert Peston is a Common Purpose Droid

Common Purpose has a number of vacancies around the UK

“Common Purpose has for years done brilliant work in forging valuable links between the private, public and voluntary sectors. And it has helped to make better citizens of individuals and institutions.”

Robert Peston, BBC Business Editor

No surprises there then. The wanker. That might explain why he hasn't been arrested yet.

I'm sure my savvy readers will already know that Margaret Eaton, Head of the LGA, who is defending Haringey Council is also a senior Common Purpose droid. Hence the Baby P report will NEVER be made public. She even runs a Youth Common Purpose Indoctination scheme at Bradford Council


Anonymous said...

You bet he is. Fucking wanker.

swindon_alan said...

Doesn't that just say it all.

Confirmation that Pravda and ZNL perform furious unrelenting mutual buggery.

I hope they both get AIDS and die.

Anonymous said...

Balls-Up news conference at 14:00 re baby P.

Anonymous said...

Isn't CP just a fan club for wankers who yearn for and miss the days of the Hitler Youth?

Perhaps the members were bullied at school/cubs/scouts/guides and need a club for grown ups where they can feel 'wanted' and 'valued'.

Fucking assholes.

The Hitman said...

This twat needs removing from the system,

BBC's Robert Peston 'set Government's Northern Rock agenda,' claims Richard Branson

By breaking stories including the collapse of Northern Rock and the takeover of HBOS, Robert Peston has made a name as one of Britain's most influential journalists.

But now it has been claimed that even the Government hangs on the BBC business editor's words, taking Mr Peston's views into account when deciding Northern Rock's fate.

Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire whose Virgin group tried and failed to buy Northern Rock, has claimed that ministers and officials made decisions over the failed lender's treatment only after considering how Mr Peston would report them.

Sir Richard made the claim in a recent book, Business Stripped Bare.
He wrote: ``John Kingman, the civil service powerbroker in the Treasury charged with running the show actually told our team that in any decision made, the Government would have to take account of the view of Robert Peston, the BBC's business editor.''Now Robert is a very likeable guy and a good journalist but we thought it was odd that he often had information about our proposal before we were told.''
Treasury sources disputed Sir Richard's account, insisting that Mr Kingman had said no such thing. They also said that there was no suggestion that Treasury officials had ever passed sensitive information to Mr Peston.
Last week, Mr Peston revealed that Lloyds-TSB was in talks to buy HBOS.
By that point, HBOS's share price had plunged to just 88p. Yet within 45 minutes of the broadcast they had soared to 215p.

I can't stand the man. when he speaks he makes me sick.

Olly Garchy said...

The Baby-P spin is in full operation.

Original report kept secret - Balls tries to conceal it altogether -
reviewed by Lynne Featherstone, however

Common purpose support from Haringey Headteachers and LGA

Judge suspends sentencing citing 'legal reasons' (real reason is the anticipated public rage when they hear the sentences)

Balls to get further report this afternoon. More duplicity expected.

Anonymous said...

o/t fine piece here on parliamentary privilege by labour QC Geoffrey Robertson

Gareth said...

The judge in the Sally Murrer case delay proceedings for no obvious reason too. Handy that. It gave the Met enough time to lift Damian Green for the same offence before it was announced the case against Sally Murrer and her co-accused was being thrown out.

Is someone leaning on our judiciary?

Shirking From Home said...

Gareth, I hope you are wrong but with the current bunch so desperate to cling to power I think anything is fair game in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Just what the hell is it with people who live and work in Haringey?

Banned said...

LOL, from the "Common Purpose" website:
Help on " to influence and lead beyond your authority".

Anonymous said...

Is this Common Purpose stuff anything to do with Pastor Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Lies, which has infiltrated our churches? You know him of Saddleback Church fame? He is best friends with Barack Obama etc. They all seem to be in cohoots together!

The sign of things to come?

Anonymous said...

Council leader resigns over Baby P
A council leader and his colleague resign over the Baby P case as an independent report is given to ministers. -beeb

Shirking From Home said...

Resign? They should be sacked and lose pension entitlements, no 'hidden' pay offs either.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

These may interest you:

Met. Police:


Those are just some of the names. Note their ranks/grades in their organisations. We are one day going to have to appoint me as Cullmaster General Impaler.

Shirking From Home said...

Will the terms of Shoesmith's 'removal' be published?

Gareth said...

If Common Purpose were as good at crafting leaders as they claim to be, why is this country in a pile of shit?* They cannot manage. They do not do responsibility. Duty is an ugly word, honesty a foreign one and they hide behind doing 'the right thing'.

The BBC, The Met et al should be demanding refunds for whatever CP training we've paid for.

* I surmise that is either the point or they care not a jot. Actions have consequences, so does inaction. They cannot learn that lesson soon enough.

Olly Garchy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olly Garchy said...

Shoesmith removed, others resign.

Will the Ministers (esp Lammy since it was on his turf), who ignored the solicitor's letter, resign as well?

No, thought not.

Old Holborn said...

I'm not the slightest bit interested in who is going and who is staying.

I want to see the report.

Shirking From Home said...

Exactly, what are they hiding FFS?

Wyrdtimes said...

Ever heard of the Media Standards Trust?

Look at the Board of Trustees

Media Standards Trust - lol

Anonymous said...

Shoesmith looks rough as fuck and I guess that is her 'official' photo.

I hope her gardening leave is unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

Bet they are holding the evidence that could finish them.It must involved someone from the government. May be that is why that MP was arrested last week to scare the shit out of any whisleblower coming forward.

Anonymous said...

Sir Henry Morgan...
I've just looked up those web addresses you've given and found an equal opportunities officer I turned to, when being bullied out of my job, is a Common Purpose graduate! Well, what a surprise! No wonder she wasn't keen on helping me.

Michael said...

CP, from We aim to change the world.

'nuff fucking said

Dick the Prick said...

Watching Hringey briefing - quelle surfuckingprise they're a bunch of do goody cocksuckers. Please stop hitting that child, please. Bullshit.

Dick the Prick said...

Thankyou for your interest!!!!

Just as an aside - there's been loads of bullshit about Ed Cunt acting 'at once' - yeah, after call me Dave bitch slapped his cunt of a boss.

bofl said...

Pesto is a devious little shit-remember his book on Brown?
He spent months sucking up....

i sent the following to the fsa......

and also contacted michael howard who contacted them too.

i have not heard a thing!

do we have different laws for non labour people?

you can contact your mp........
i got a reply from howards' office the very next day!

we need to have some people power amigos.


Dear Mr.Howard....

no need to reply......

what about the 'leaks' on 17/09/2008?

i sent the following to the fsa(still waiting).i wonder why?

dear sirs

today the bbc has been putting out 'news' re hbos......reporter robert peston clearly has insider information even telling us the price of a deal....


you only have to look at his blog:

he even warns traders not to short the stock:

'So HBOS depositors should be reassured that Lloyds wants to buy HBOS (because to all intents and purposes it would be a takeover).
The one group weeping would be those who have sold HBOS's shares short - and will now suffer big losses, as HBOS's shares soar.'




bofl said...



this mans position is just a piss take!

so now we know what his position is........

but who are brown,badger ,mandy working for?

Do It Myself Again said...

A Message to Robert Preston - Common Purpose and the BBC:


Music by Stiff Little Fingers!

Anonymous said...

OH What i really like about your blog is that it covers a wider range of serious issues than Guidos, Guido is ok if you like discussing the red or blue walpaper inside your goldfish bowl but it never really tackles the wider effects, the big issues and the people or the reasons behind them.

keep up the great work OH

Anonymous said...

Say goodbye to any pretence of online privacy. There was something inevitable ab this.

Stop Common Purpose said...

You can find out more about Common Purpose here:

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

The fucking cocksucker!
Id rather live in China than this shithole
The women(with exceptions) are better looking, all the male competition have small cocks
The foods better and at least you average chap in the street knows the govt are lying cunts who wish to enslave them without any pretence at democracy
And the taxes are a fucking fraction of ours and everything is cheaper.
We send our muggers on holiday, the Chinese fucking execute the cunts.
I like the yellow peril
*gets on one knee*

Anonymous said...

Re: Peston and Kingman. They worked together on the FT in the 90s.

Anonymous said...

Just been to the CP website and it is truly sinister shit. The worst thing is that the language and ethos of it is exactly like all training material and communications from the top brass where I work (HMRC, or the Inland Revenue to you and me). Now I know where they get it from. Got to be honest, I'm very anxious. (PS, try and find details of the HMRC Vision on the net if any of you can. It's fucking bloodcurdling).

it's either banned or compulsory (or just secret) said...

Ta, Olly Gargy.
Anne Featherstone "Mr Balls's key rationale for his refusal is that a Serious Case Review is for lessons to be learned. He says that if such documents were to be published - then those who contribute to them might feel nervous about doing so in the future and not talk or give their information freely."
Well for starters anyone who gave information to that enquiry believing that it would remain forever secret is a naive prick.

And just how might the constituents of Damian Green feel about sending him personal and private information for the Police to go rummaging around ?

" Nervous " would seem inadequate.

Anonymous said...

Brussels - The EU's new "blue card" scheme to attract skilled migrant workers will be adopted on December 8 once European Parliament recommendations are considered, the bloc's French presidency said on Tuesday.

The blue card, meant to entice highly qualified non-EU nationals to Europe by giving them access to certain rights in any nation, was due to be rubber stamped when the bloc's interior ministers meet Thursday.

But the parliament, in a non-binding report last week, urged the 27 EU countries to set the salary bar higher than they had planned.

"The states are not bound by these amendments but we are not taking the parliament's vote lightly and we are going to see if improvements are possible," said a diplomat from France, which holds the EU presidency.

'... we are going to see if improvements are possible'
However he added: "There is no margin for manoeuvre to adjust the text on the ceiling for salaries."

The MEPs wanted EU interior ministers to insist that "blue card" candidates must have a job offer in Europe which pays at least 1.7 times the national average wage in the country they are applying to work in.

EU states have agreed that the amount should be 1,5 times the salary level.

The level could be lowered in some countries in sectors short of workers.

The "blue card" scheme is now set to be endorsed without discussion at a meeting of EU transport ministers on December 8.

With their population growth in decline, EU member states are looking to foreign labour to fill certain jobs but are struggling to compete with the United States, which attracts roughly twice the number of skilled workers. - AFP

John said...

Look who Peston is rubbing shoulders with:

The Media Standards Trust stinks of Common Purpose:

CP Exposed Fan said...


Robert Peston has been talking down the UK economy since before the Northern Rock "incident"...

Something fishy about him, he's certainly a public mouthpiece for Gorgon Clown and Co.

Been watching a few videos by Brian Gerrish, this "Common Purpose" thing seems to fit in with what's going on. Hope he keeps on track with just the hard facts.

Thanks for sharing this info, having observed Robert Peston for sometime, I already had my suspicions, this "Common Purpose" endorsement only adds to it.

Treason is a Crime punishable by Death and traitors need to remember that !!!

Anonymous said...

Can we not just get a whip round and hire a couple of Soprano type lads to knock on his door.

the man is a sycophant, egotistical, self serving knob, who hasn't got the gumption to take part in building something on his own, finds it easier to knock things down. A small fish swimming at the edge of the deep pool frightened to dive down into the real world.

really hope he gets a nasty disease.

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