Wednesday, 10 December 2008

One Law for ALL

I was listening to women's hour this morning (don't ask) and heard a rather interesting discussion by some rag head or other who is demanding that Sharia courts have autonomy in the UK. After I went into the garden to retrieve the fucking radio (yet again), I did a bit of research.

Basically, a campaign has started to tell various religious fucknuggets of all sky pixy persuasion that they either live by English Law or they can fuck off. I support that campaign.

Maryam Namazie writes on the One Law for All campaign against Sharia law. This needs a bigger audience, so I will reproduce her post here.

The One Law for All campaign against Sharia law in Britain is to be launched at the House of Lords on International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2008 from 4:00 to 5:00pm.

Even in civil matters, Sharia law is discriminatory, unfair and unjust, particularly against women and children. Moreover, its voluntary nature is a sham; many women will be pressured into going to these courts and abiding by their decisions. These courts are a quick and cheap route to injustice and do nothing to promote minority rights and social cohesion. Public interest, particularly with regard to women and children, requires an end to Sharia and all other faith-based courts and tribunals.

The campaign calls on the UK government to recognise that Sharia law is arbitrary and discriminatory and for an end to Sharia courts and all religious tribunals on the basis that they work against and not for equality and human rights.

The campaign also calls for the Arbitration Act 1996 to be amended so that all religious tribunals are banned from operating within and outside of the legal system.

In the words of the Campaign Declaration: ‘Rights, justice, inclusion, equality and respect are for people, not beliefs. In a civil society, people must have full citizenship rights and equality under the law. Clearly, Sharia law contravenes fundamental human rights. In order to safeguard the rights and freedoms of all those living in Britain, there must be one secular law for all and no Sharia.’

Roy Brown, immediate past president of the International Humanist and Ethical Union said, “IHEU is lending its full support to this campaign. It is intolerable that the very values on which UK society is based - human rights, equality and the rule of law - are being undermined by the quiet and insidious application of systems of law that have no basis in equality or justice.”
Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, which is also supporting the One Law for All campaign, said: “It is a grave error for the authorities in this country to give credence to Sharia in any form – whether legally or in terms of informal arbitration. When women are being subjected to violence in their marriages, it is not acceptable for religious authorities – which are, by definition, misogynistic – to arbitrate. A two-tier legal system, with women’s rights being always secondary to religious demands, is unnecessary, undesirable and ultimately unjust.”

One Law for All

Campaign against Sharia law in Britain

We, the undersigned individuals and organisations, call on the UK government to bring an end to the use and institutionalisation of Sharia and all religious laws and to guarantee equal citizenship rights for all.

Sharia Councils and Muslim Arbitration

Tribunals are discriminatory, particularly against women and children, and in violation of universal human rights.
Sharia law is unfair and unjust in civil matters
Proponents argue that the implementation of Sharia is justified when limited to civil matters, such as child custody, divorce and inheritance. In fact, it is civil matters that are one of the main cornerstones of the subjugation of and discrimination against women and children. Under Sharia law a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s; a woman’s marriage contract is between her male guardian and her husband. A man can have four wives and divorce his wife by simple repudiation, whereas a woman must give reasons, some of which are extremely difficult to prove. Child custody reverts to the father at a preset age, even if the father is abusive; women who remarry lose custody of their children; and sons are entitled to inherit twice the share of daughters.

The voluntary nature of Sharia courts is a sham

Proponents argue that those who choose to make use of Sharia courts and tribunals do so voluntarily and that according to the Arbitration Act parties are free to agree upon how their disputes are resolved. In reality, many of those dealt with by Sharia courts are from the most marginalised segments of society with little or no knowledge of their rights under British law. Many, particularly women, are pressured into going to these courts and abiding by their decisions. More importantly, those who fail to make use of Sharia law or seek to opt out will be made to feel guilty and can be treated as apostates and outcasts. Even if completely voluntary, which is untrue, the discriminatory nature of the courts would be sufficient reason to bring an end to their use and implementation.

Sharia law is a quick and cheap way to injustice

Proponents argue that Sharia courts are an alternative method of dispute resolution and curb legal aid costs. When it comes to people’s rights, however, cuts in costs and speed can only bring about serious miscarriages of justice. Many of the laws that Sharia courts and religious tribunals aim to avoid have been fought for over centuries in order to improve the rights of those most in need of protection in society.
Sharia law doesn’t promote minority rights and social cohesion
Proponents argue that the right to be governed by Sharia law is necessary to defend minority rights. Having the right to religion or atheism, however, is not the same as having the ‘right’ to be governed by religious laws. This is merely a prescription for discrimination, inequality and culturally relative rights. Rather than defending rights, it discriminates and sets up different and separate systems, standards and norms
for ‘different’ people. It reinforces the fragmentation of society, and leaves large numbers of people, particularly women and children, at the mercy of elders and imams. It increases marginalisation and the further segregation of immigrant communities. It ensures that immigrants and new arrivals remain forever minorities and never equal citizens.

One law for all

Whilst arbitration tribunals are part of British law, they are subject to such safeguards as are necessary in the public interest. Clearly, public interest, and particularly the interests of women and children, requires an end to Sharia and all faith-based courts and tribunals.
Rights, justice, inclusion, equality and respect are for people, not beliefs. In a civil society, people must have full citizenship rights and equality under the law. Clearly, Sharia law contravenes fundamental human rights. In order to safeguard the rights and freedoms of all those living in Britain, there must be one secular law for all and no Sharia.


We call on the UK government to recognise that Sharia and all religious laws are arbitrary and discriminatory against women and children in particular. Citizenship and human rights are non-negotiable.
We demand an end to all Sharia courts and religious tribunals on the basis that they work against and not for equality and human rights.
We demand that theArbitration Act 1996 be amended so that all religious tribunals are banned from operating within and outside of the legal system.

If you fancy an afternoon out at the House of Lords, perhaps flicking bogies at Mandlebum, you can get an invite.

To RSVP to attend the launch or for more information, please contact Maryam Namazie, email, telephone: 07719166731;

Just so that people can't accuse me of being a racist or Muslim baiter, I would like to add that it goes for the fucking North London Yids as well. Oy Vey!


Guthrum said...

Good Post- said as much in my Post- Christmas is Evil- today

Dave said...

Teachers 'beat and abuse' Muslim children in British Koran classes

Try telling your kids off in public, let alone slapping them, and they'll be in care and you'll be in jail!

God help us!

Anonymous said...

What about Jewish law?

Old Holborn said...

Did you read the bit about the North London Yids?


The Hitman said...

The ten commandments are as follows:

1/ Maintain humanity under five hundred million in perpetual balance with nature.

2/ Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.

3/ Unite humanity with a living new language.

4/ Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.

5/ Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6/ Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court.

7/ Avoid petty laws an useless officials.

8/ Balance personal rights with social duties.

9/ Prize truth, beauty, love...seeking harmony with the infinite.

10/ Be not a cancer on earth...leave room for nature...

"NWO is kicking off all over the world"

Tomfiglio said...

I can't work out what their status is...seems some are already autonomous and "enforceable with the full power of the judicial system".

defender said...

A stand has to be made and supported. I support this move of one law for all.
We are all BNP now.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Good post, OH.

All very worthy, but can't chavs be the exception?

I'd willingly cut some hands off thieving chavs, given half an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Sharia Law? Its a good idea if we just implement the useful parts ie stoning rapists and killers to death and cutting off the hands of all the thieves that infest the UK.
Just think of the benefits, crime would drop dramatically therefore reducing the cost of Policing. Car theft almost non existant, insurance prices would drop. Prisons almost empty, we would all be better off and the streets would be a lot safer and every law abiding citizen a lot happier
Good idea, vote for Sharia law.

Robert the Biker said...

To the Anon poster 'Wot about the Joooos then'
The Jewish arbitration laws in question - the Beth Din - have as their first principle "The Law of the Land is the Law".
Thus, all the Beth Din courts hold themselves subservient to Common and Statute Law.
Sharia on the other hand, being the direct word of God apparently, rather than the shambolic mutterings of a deranged paedophile and caravan robber,is held as being superior to and overridind any man made law.
Bollocks to sharia.

The Scumbag said...

Wonder if they want to have sharia law in virtual reality muslim world

woman on a raft said...

O/T just noticed this development - it might match up with something.

The ASA has given an adjudication on the Barnardo's advert 'cycle of violence'.

There were almost 500 complaints and the numbers are rising. In particular victims of violence objected to the depiction and said that they felt they were being exploited and abused by Barnardo's. The ASA apologised, but said it was warranted. Barnardo's said that they used the image of an (implicitly white) man smacking a girl round the head as they wanted to depict smacking as an essentially violent form of discipline, so they implied an equivalence between slapping a child on the legs and whacking an adolescent round the head.

I was about to counter that nobody in their right mind slaps anybody's head, but then the Times investigated assaults at the Madrassas and gave an interesting interpretation of current law:

"Under current law teachers acting in loco parentis may use only “reasonable punishment” such as a smack, providing it does not cause any marks or bruising."

You have to read the article, because the paper explains there are conditions, but says:

"One woman told The Times that her niece Hiba, 7, was slapped across the face so hard by her madrassa teacher that her ear was cut. It later became inflamed and she had to have emergency medical treatment. When the teacher refused to apologise, Hiba's aunt, Jamila, insisted that her niece should be moved to another madrassa. “I have absolutely no respect for religious teachers who behave like this,” she said."

Now, articles like this don't just happen. There is a certain dynamic to getting senior teaching staff and heads to admit this is happening and be named; they don't want the Ray Honeyford treatment. Something is changing; it would not have been possible to write this article a year ago as people would not have let their names go forward, even if they gave a quote.

The Times has put together an article which sending out a signal: you aren't in a private law zone. Can't see any sign of Barnardo's or the NSPCC using some of their money to protect children in madrassas, though.

Stewart Cowan said...

It sounded exciting, OH, until you mentioned the humanist groups.

They are worse than New Labour!

They care sooooooooo very much about human life and dignity, yet think it's a woman's 'right' to have her unborn baby crushed, sucked out the womb and left to die in shame on a cold slab in a death camp, sorry, hospital.

Being a f--nugget of the Christian sort, I support one law for all.

Fidothedog said...

I am sure Omar "Fat pig" Bakri and the MCB will be howling with outrage at this.

john said...

Sorry OT but I just caught up with M Brigstocke about the BBC and Somali pirates

Made me laugh til a bit of wee came out.

Thewatcher said...

Seems like they're already pissed off about it:

Goodnight Vienna said...

OH, the Orthodox Jewish Community in North London (Stamford Hill?) is a small community of Orthodox Jews who live peacefully. If Orthodox Muslims wish to have a small community in London may I suggest Paddington Green?

colin said...

Is the revolution starting?

Wyrdtimes said...

Well said.

English law for England.
English taxes for England.
Home rule for England.

Dave said...

Then there's this evil fuckwit

Will he be arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred?

No I didn't think he would somehow

whore of the infidel said...

Dave, I would be amazed if he is arrested on racial or religious hatred, the minority have more freedom of speech than the natives of this land,
And to round it all off,he gets 25k a year in benefits and this pig shite tells us we are gonna burn in hell, This Fucking Country

Dick the Prick said...

Damn you evil warmongers, you haters of Allah - The one true god - the only path to the pizza shop of destiny, the bus of eternal life, the tube of glory (easy Mandy). I'm off to get my 72 slags at Glasgee airport.

Err.. anyone got any hair dye?

AngryDave said...

If this bollocks is not stamped out now there will be a fucking war!
People cannot choose to opt in and out of our legal system. If they want to live here, then they live by our laws. Or they can all fuck off back to durka durka-stan.

If people want to live in the dark ages, then there are whole countries in the middle east that live in this manner where they can go and live.

whore of the infidel said...

Angrydave, they can stay here and do what they fucking well like, its the unwritten law, they have always been a law until themselves.
And this fucking government and all the fucking liberals give them the the green light to do so., And when the tories get elected , they will make the appropriate noises about immigration like they have always done, except the tories have let in through the back door, and another fucking boatload will be able to take the piss out of this cuntry

Rogerborg said...

OH, have you got sand in your vagina? Sharia would have done you proud during your divorce: you'd have got dibs on the kids and the house, plus the fat cow would have been told to sit at the back and shut her pie hole under she was spoken to. What's not to like?

dmc said...

If muslims are against pig,could you not fight them peacefully with paintball guns,but fill the balls with lard instead.Or smear lard on car and house door handles.Im sure you could think of lots of other places.

ruby ruby ruby said...

'SHARIA' fuck me man, thats a well wickeed name. I beeen tryin so 'ard to find a name fi mi new beeeby I get from me last bwoyfren innit. You is all welcom to crisnin of SHARIA WINSTONELLA LEROYONIA BASTARDIA
Big ups nuff r'spect

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"The One Law for All campaign against Sharia law in Britain" makes it appear as though there is an argument to be made one way or another.
There is not, the Law is the Law, except when plod & beaky decide to curl up.
Who is up for accusing them of Malfeasance In Public Office when they do ?

Sons inherit twice as much as daughters.mmmh ?
Mens evidence given X2 weight in court as womens.humm ?
Divorce the old witch by just saying " I divorce thee " X4,mmm ? ( by text? ).

No no no, it would never do.

Anonymous said...

Is Lam a Bad... too fucking right it is pal. TOO FUCKING BAD !!and a plague of pig shit upon you Choudray. How fucking dare you condemn your own ilk that they should observe the the traditions of this Christian Country.
Eat shit die you miserable slice of pigs cock

Anonymous said...

Hibbo said...

Pat Condell has done some good videos about sharia law in Britain

I have emailed the "islamophobiawatch" [sic] website with some of the comments left on Pat's website - some of them way cause people to dislike islam.

No reply yet...

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