Saturday, 20 December 2008

On your bike, you bastards


Anonymous said...

Aren't they doing that just to prevent riots in Detroit?

It doesn't make sense, because:
(a) insurrection in Detroit would do billions of dollars of improvements; and
(b) nobody in Detroit would have voted Republican.

American cars are, by and large, shit. They make great engines, transmissions and differentials, and put them into slushbuckets designed by mongs.

It is therefore apparent that GWB wants to rape the economy to make his successor's term as painful as possible. That would never happen here!

Ampers said...

I read today that Ferrari receive $80M more than the other teams from the Formula One (F1) motor sport.

If they receive $80M more than the other teams, one wonders exactly how much all the teams put together receive from Bernie Ecclestone who receives all funds from gate sales and sponsorships.

As we are talking about such huge amounts one has to presume that it costs a lot more than an arm and a leg to purchase even a very small F1 sponsorship.

Think about this, then consider the latest sponsor Bernie has managed to recruit for Formula One. I am referring to the Indian motor manufacturer “Tata” who own Jaguar and Land Rover.

According to ITN:

“Trade ministers have been in talks with carmaker Jaguar Land Rover over a possible £1 billion Government bail-out.”

I suppose one could assume that the British Government is indirectly supporting Formula One? And, we all know that the only money government has is tax payers money!

This is the company whose CEO shafted the Labour government by paying a million pounds for the rights to continue tobacco advertising for a few more years knowing publicity would eventually force the government to pay the money back. Well done Bernie!

This now leads my cynical mind to wonder whether any of the owners of the companies the Labour government are bailing out will donate large sums to the Labour party prior to the next general election?


Daisy said...

no fucking shit!!! i do prefer a little lube prior to the fucking...i don't see that in sight here...

Bishop Brennan said...

Spot on.

But you forgot to mention the role of unions in all this. Unions that have forced up wages so that the 'Big Turds' cannot afford to improve their cars, restructure, etc. even if they wanted to (which they don't, since it is easier to pay lobbyists to secure taxpayers' cash).

Another triumph for socialist union twats...

NB Notice that the Twat President-Elect had a go at 'management' yesterday when he spoke about this, but didn't mention unions once... Looks like Zanu Labour is spreading its stupidity to the US... Voting for someone just because they are black was never going to be a great idea... Just wait for the impact on international trade - 1930s-style protectionism and depression, here we come...

Still, better than H***ary?

Anonymous said...

'Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose....'. Why are we surprised?

Dick the Prick said...

There's just no responsibility left anymore. Either it wasn't your fault or you're the victim - usually a mixture of the two. Bollox to the whole sham.

The Penguin said...

I'm gobsmacked that in this country so many still pay lip-service to American Management Bollocks, when any fule can see they have fuck-all idea how to run a business.

Thanks to the agreements that they have with their Unions, they are completely unable to do what is required, ie downsize the workforce and make cars that people want to buy (same as the Japanese run American car plants do).

Been there, suffered them, glad no longer have to. And I couldn't help but laugh at the crap my daughter brought home when working for GE - it had become a parody of itself.

The Penguin

Mitch said...

So on our wage slips in future it will read.

bank bailout
car industry bailout
steel bailout
any cunt with dirt on gordon bailout
any cunt who donates to labour

fukit I want too bail out.

Incompetent Fuckwit said...

I'm struggling to pay for my 50 inch plasma and my stella. Give me money, you tax paying nonce bastards.

Dick the Prick said...

Get a taxi over to Tesco Fuckwit - Stella's at £4 for 8. Fuck the prezzies, just clock someone with kids and rob their house in the next few days - chances are they'll have oblingingly placed them all in a nice pile. Easy peasy.

Anonymous said...

Chears fer da infermation dik eyem just off to get mee jemmie!

GrumpyOldTwat said...

How right you are.
Posted on this subject yesterday.
Won't be fucking long before Gordoom starts pissing more of our money in the same direction.

Anonymous said...

The auto industry, no matter how well or badly run is going to be f^cked.

Who is going to buy a new car when they can buy a fairly new one on the second hand car market on the cheap due to the recession?

i hate labour said...

TATA and the Mittals must have pics of Mandy and Snotty in flagrante. How else would you choose to give yet more billions you don't yet have, away? Roll on the election, I say, what?

The Penguin said...

Spot on 17.25 - car build quality has been so improved over last 15 years that you can buy one of the "quality" marques on an M or P plate for thruppence and providing it's got a decent service history and you have a reasonable mechanic to hand, you are laughing in luxury. It'd take hundreds of thousands of miles to cost more than a "new" tin box, and NO DEPRECIATION to think of. Last you for 20 years with a smidge of oil and water now and then, provided you chose a sensible one, such as a Volvo 960 3 litre or similar. Unlikely to have beend raced or rallied, probably joy of someone's retirement, now available to new owner for fuck-all-pence.

So what twat will be buying new?

Even the fleet car buyers will be pulling in their horns. Of course, Human Resources Wankers will be annoyed at the hassle of having to renegotiate a few contracts to keep company car drivers in the current vehicle for 6 years not 3, but time they did something useful.

The Penguin

yellowbelly said...

OH, nice advert.

2007, Government introduces punitive new tax bands for "gas guzzling" cars.

Sales fall off a cliff.

2008, Government bales out manufacturer of "gas guzzling" cars!

I don't understand?

Aardvark said...

The ghost of British Leyland is now rattling its chains and the American Government would be well advised to study the painful lessons of Britain’s endless motor industry bailouts which ended up costing billions of pounds but didn’t ultimately save the industry. The big three in the US have been in decline for years; the present recession has brought to a head something that sooner or later was probably going to happen anyway. This is precisely what happened in the UK; the economic turbulence following the oil crises of the early 1970,s caused an already struggling British Leyland to go bankrupt. Nationalisation and Government bailout followed. Presumably we are now going to have an American “Ryder plan” as the US Government attempts to restructure the industry. The problem is that just like British Leyland they (the big 3) are likely to come back again and again asking for more money. Once you start down this route it becomes very difficult to stop and you end up throwing good money after bad and ultimately end up with full nationalisation. The US Auto Workers Union is now also a great obstacle in the way of recovery holding the industry to ransom just as the unions did at Leyland. Until the Auto workers union are prepared to accept similar conditions to that of US car workers in foreign owned plants not one cent of public money should be given. Just like British Leyland in 1975 the US car industry is not all bad and if bankruptcy was to occur it’s likely that many of the good parts would survive. This of course wasn’t allowed to happen in the UK, the result was the bad parts of the business sucked the life and cash out of the good parts resulting ultimately in the end of pretty much all of the industry, albeit that a few bits ended up surviving under foreign ownership. The land of free enterprise has reached a crossroads here; does it follow the road of the free market or that of socialist Britain in the 1970,s?

Anita said...

OT but:-
"V for Vendetta" is billed for BBC2 at 10:25pm Saturday.

Bridge said...

The Canadians have followed suit now - $4bn of their taxpayer's money pissued up the wall of union inefficiency.

I chose not to drive because I could see it was a it wasteful, and I didn't really need to. Now I'll be paying for a car I don't own and can't drive, all because some leftie cunt wants to ensure that his comrades can take a piss break every ten minutes, with a smoke break every five minutes in between.

The unions caused this, let those fuckers pay for the bailout.

black hole sunset said...

Dead-hand Unions have throttled the US car industry to death. The premium that US manufacturers pay for substandard labour has come straight out of the R&D budgets that would have given them a chance to keep up with the competition. The US car industry's been stuck in Groundhog Day since 8-track tapes.

There was a clip (maybe Newsnight) where they talked to some US auto workers who were attending a redundancy "jobs fair" (they were in line for a very juicy kickback if they took voluntary redundancy). One could not hope to gaze upon a more underwhelming, undeserving, third rate bunch of drongos from now until the end of time. A textbook example of a chronically over-unionised workforce; overpaid, underskilled, inflexible, belligerent.

The shear barefaced fucking affrontary of it all.

Why is it that every time I see or hear about something that is the product of Socialism, I am repelled? Why is it always cheap, sickly, ill constituted - just plain ugly? Why are Union leaders invariably loud-mouthed, thicky accented provincials who aren't fit to lick the shit off a dog's arse?

Come on, why the fuck is that?

Aardvark: "The ghost of British Leyland..."

Couldn't agree more.

i hate labour said...

black hole sunset said

Nicey and succinctly put, old boy!

Dad Mzungu said...

Saw your look-alike on TV tonight - on BBC, no less!
What's happening? Are the BBC trying to start a revolution?
Have they had a revolution in the BBC?

i hate labour said...

I wish!

black hole sunset said...

i hate labour: "Nicey and succinctly put, old boy!"

Hey, thanks =)

I aim to please (in a roundabout way).

beness said...

A mate of mine who's got relatives over there(in the car trade) said there will be riots in Detroit if the car manufacturers are not bailed out.
He says they will scoot the minute Obama arrives in the white house.

the feast of livingwell said...

Fucking hell
another insomniac
Those niggers will go beserk when the cash tap is turned off

Anonymous said...

Youtube video exposes the Communist BBC.

Chalcedon said...

I used to travel to America a lot. Only taxi drivers and private hire limo drivers (Cadillacs and Lincolns) drove US built cars. Everyone else I knew drove BMWs, Mercs or Japanese cars. Mind you, they were all a fuck sight cheaper than their equivalents in the UK. Bit much re Japanese models since they drive on the left like we do, but we still get shafted on price if they are built in Japan or the UK. If motor manufacturers want a bail out they had better start selling cars at affordable prices.

The gov will be bailing out a manufacturer of gas guzzlers and Chelsea tractors that it so hates. Such irony. Bastards!

Dick the Prick said...

'Anger over £6.4bn bonus bonanza at four City banks' - ha ha ha. Observer. Bollox.

WV: trankit - what Mandy's getting for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Hadn't realised V for Vendetta was on last night - I didn't get round to reading the TV programmes until very late. However, funnily enough I have the DVD & had watched that yesterday morning (I've managed to catch those cold/flu germs that always arrive when there's a holiday period). May I suggest it (or the book) as the ideal present for MPs from the Liberterian Party next 5th November? Although not a LPUK member, I would certainly donate towards that project.

microdave said...

Anon @ 0746 - Brilliant link you posted, good backing track also.

Anon @ 1235 - I'm surprised the BBC actually screened this. It's the first time I've seen it, and I didn't sleep too well as a result...

Cato said...

Totally off topic but you might be interested in this.

microdave said...

Cato - that link didn't work. Do you mean this story?

Cato said...

Yeah, that's the one. Apologies for that duff link and thank you for finding the correct one..

Billy Wallace said...

We must all remember to call her Mrs Timney in future.

bofl said...

government,banks and all businesses just want to milk us......

this is old but the point is relevant..

Gareth said...

You'd think if the auto manufacturers were to be getting state handouts the nanny should rightly insist on something useful in return.(Propping up loss making ventures doesn't count.)

Bit like benefits really. Loads of our money with bugger all payback. With welfare it ought to be well mannered and hard working yoofs. With car makers it ought to be cost effective employment and reliable and efficient motoring.

Those in receipt of armfuls of our cash ought to be nannied to the point of not wanting any more. Yet it is the taxpayer who gets ever more intruded upon.

an once proud Englishman said...

Yes, Also saw V for Vendetta (at last$) Totally inspiring. Will be getting one of those masks and may go for a walk next year if anyone else is!

Great Idea anon 12.35 re sending copies to the filth that rule us

Anonymous said...

Saw V for Vendetta last night - will certainly be ordering my copy of the book via my on-line library service.

I hav warned for ages to anyone who'll listen that we are sleep-walking into a very similar scenario to the film... 1984 overtones are the rule book and blue prints for our Stasi-like non-elected government. I am fairly convinced that McCyclops will somehow invoke emergency legislation to cancel future elections and remain Our Glorious Leader till he pegs out; wonder if he'll be stuffed and put on show like Lenin?

As for the race riots... let 'em happen - it is a far more sobering thing to take to the streets in the harsh American winter (and the Great Lakes are killingly cold...) than in the hot summer... let Obama sort out the burning cities in the boiling summer months. The Unions in the USA have a history of immense corruption, and it would be an ideal opportunity to stand up to them. It would also be a baptism of fire for another Saviour of the World.

Regarding British Leyland, all the harm was allowed to happen because of the horrendous Union practices and the culture (bullying) of Red Robbo and his chums. I had a relative who worked for Austin's, then British Leyland all his working life - he was a time and motion manager and the attitude of the Union bullyboys nearly drove him insane - they went on strike for any reason they could, both real or imagined. Nu Liebour are beginning to see some of the unions return to their old habits...

BTW - where can we buy those rather fetching masks, wigs, hats and cloaks? Think we should send a set to every member of an oppostion party for next Nov 5th. About time some of 'em showed some fire in their bellies rather than just subsidized food and Gaviscon.

Afghanistan Banana Stand said...

Re: anonymous
Google is your friend.

vw: legovel
(*almost* what I want for Xmas!)

Houdini said...

This is the company whose CEO shafted the Labour government by paying a million pounds for the rights to continue tobacco advertising for a few more years knowing publicity would eventually force the government to pay the money back. Well done Bernie!

You're not quite as clever as you think you are.

Labour never paid the money back. They said, and have always said since, that they sent a cheque to Eccleston for £1million. They enevr said they paid him back or returned the money...ever, and I have that from a certain horses mouth in F1.

Check it up if you like with past announcements issued by the Labour party. They didn't lie, but neither did they do what they implied they did do.

Bird said...

People don't want to buy new Jaguars.
Jaguar want government money.
For what?
To produce more cars that people don't want?
Or to produce no cars, but keep the workforce on the payroll?
Re the former: it will keep the subsidiary firms going, even if they don't sell any cars.
Re the latter: the subsidiary firms won't be needed.
Conclusion: no bail out.

Daisy said...

Chalcedon...just so you know...i live in america...have all my life and all but once owned american cars...not for patriotism...i can get them cheaper and get them worked on cheaper than any other car...most of the people i know also drive american's a less expensive way to go and after all it's just a freakin car

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan Banana Stall - many thanks!

Rogerborg said...

It occurs that since they pulled out all the stops to kill off MG Rover a couple of years back, all of this bonanza will go to low grade loyal nuLab spanner-monkeys rather than anyone educated or liable to bring money into the country rather than siphon it out.

the yellow emperor said...


They are very good at that. Blair said, when finally asked if he had had Baby Leo jabbed, in line with government advice, that "he would never advise people to do anything dangerous," which the press translated as Yes, he did; it means, of course, no such thing.

Henry Crun said...

Oh dear Daisy has just revealed her girly credentials. "Just a freakin' car". Indeed.

American manufacturers do engines and gearboxes very well. It's the rest of the vehicle that's shite - with the exception of the Mustang and the Shelby. Build quality of the Japanese motors is far superior but the old coach built British cars were, once upon a time, sublime.

Daisy said...

yes henry i am female...the car has to go...go every time i want to go...and go fast...if it does that i keep it around...if it doesn't i trade it off...i've kept my little nascar the last 5 years and it has been cherry all 5...oh yeah and it has to be automatic...i can't drive a stick (have no patience for them)

Chalcedon said...

Daisy, I stand corrected about you and those you know. But my post was true. However, I often had a US built car as my hire car. One of my old colleagues did have an American car as such, an old black and white police car.

ONLY a car!!! (splutter)

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