Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Life at the Frontline

A fellow seditionary spotted this Bradford Solicitors offerings of service

Our Criminal department is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can assist with all areas of Criminal law including: -

• Serious Crime & Fraud
• Terrorism
• Murder
• Conspiracies
• Money Laundering / Confiscation
• Drugs
• Firearms / Arson
• Kidnap
• Sexual Offences
• Assault / GBH / Violent Disorder / Robbery
• Theft / Burglary / Dishonest Offences
• Benefit Fraud
• Road Traffic Offences
• Taxi Licensing & Appeals
• Offences Against the Police

Amjid Hussain
Altaf Solicitors
Lincoln chambers
227 Manningham Lane
West Yorkshire

hat tip to black hole sunset


ranter said...

Ohhh, blimeeee ! And all his clients will get legal aid so he can drive about in his big Merc. Cunts!

Northern Colour said...

Do you think they have the expertise to be able to take on my case against the Met?

The Refuser said...

Ambulance chasing shysters every last one of them. All paid out of taxpayers largesse. These are the same fuckwits that claim removing illegal immigrants to (for example) Germany is a breach of the human rights because Germany is unsafe. WTF?

wv aversu...

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

They missed out honour killings.

Cato said...

Bugger...Rab got there first!

The Penguin said...

The Penguin

Big Fat Trucker said...

I once shared a railway carriage with the court officer of a major insurance company. It was her job to present evidence in insurance fraud cases, particularly personal injury cases.

I'll leave it to you to guess which cultural group she faced most often.

Reversepsychology said...

Wonder if the governments personal crusade into the tyrannies of Global Warming would come under dishonest offences on the list?

Or perhaps Altaf Solicitors have been warned, never to bite the hand that feeds them, and that the BBC/New Labour axis are always right.

microdave said...

Liked the "Hooky" key rack - unfortunately I won't be getting one, as more than a few seconds looking at that worthless bag of shite makes me feel quite ill.

Maybe this solicitor could offer some help to the Government:
"Serious Crime & Fraud,
Offences Against the Police" - On second thoughts I don't want the arseholes claiming legal aid.

jaymason said...

fuck all about food poisoning in dodgy take aways

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Reading on the local teletext news up here. The launch of Scotland's first Muslim police association, in west Scotland, has been hailed by Alex Salmond. The first minister said the creation of the Strathclyde Police Muslim Association is a 'positive move'. Speaking in Glasgow, Mr Salmond said, 'Scotland's diversity is one of its strengths and it's important we encourage dialogue across all faiths'.

K.McEgan said...

Firstly,Asian babes are far superior in looks to Sharron or Tracey and their illegitimate feral spawn.Secondly duty solicitors are the scraps of the fanny bucket.

Tuscan Tony said...

BFT - the UK is No.1 on the EU leaderboard for motor accident whiplash injury claims. Care to guess which group is massively over-represented in the claims files?

Old Holborn said...

Tony, I'd love to see some stats on that

Fidothedog said...

Maybe we could find a 101 uses for an Abu Hamza.

Nick von Mises said...

I'm glad they got taxi licensing in there. I wouldn't them to be purely about helping scum evade punishment for crimes-of-pure-evil.

I suppose Bradford is the giveaway. Presumably the equivalent solicitors in Suffolk or Stratford-on-Avon specialise in rather different cases.

Mind you, where I come from (North East) every bullet point would involve benefit fraud, union pay claims, or debt avoidance

I'm NOT Aussie Pete! said...

Don't forget the paperwork you need to post your banns to marry your cousin in Islamabad.

black hole sunset said...

OH, I am truly honored to be recognised by your good self.

Many thanks!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Nothing about claiming benefits and housing for multiple, illegal, bigamist 'wives' and all their offspring.

Rab C, Nesbitt 20:52 said...
"Mr Salmond said, 'Scotland's diversity is one of its strengths and it's important we encourage dialogue across all faiths'".

He's obviously been on the CP course and is on the list.

Savonarola said...

Big Fat fraud and race.

You know the scam ....dies in the subcontinent, death certs etc,and a sheep is buried.

I kid you not. Many years ago I studied law then insurance law and underwriting. Life underwriters always noted race since the handbook drew attention to the potential 'moral hazard' with regard to people from sub-continent and certain parts of Africa. All such references were removed in the 80's.

Funny old world.

billylarkinuk said...

Mind you though, it's nice to know that there's help available for when you get charged for the terrorist act of putting un-recyclable stuff in the wrong bin or leaving the lid open.

The Penguin said...

A friend of mine worked in Local Government for years and had to deal with the claims and scroungers. She developed a vicious hatred of Banglasdeshis because of this.

The Penguin

Dave said...

My experience of working in a call centre selling Cricket World Cup tickets in 1998. All the India games were sold out. Only one Pakistan game had tickets available. Tickets were restricted to two per caller.

Without going into long detail, the Indians accepted the news with grace but the Pakistanis were always after the tickets that we’d “kept back” for special customers willing to pay more. They always wanted more than their allocation and their cousins always came on the phone asking for tickets as well. One guy maxxed out a credit card buying tickets for his cousins- £2500!
So how come the Indians and the Pakistanis act so differently? It couldn’t be their religion could it?

DaveA said...

Dave: I believe it more to do with culture than religion, or through the two maybe linked. I work in IT recruitment and Indians are unfailingly polite. Saying that most of the Pakistanis I have dealt with tend to be quite good too. On attached list in the world corruption league India is 57 and Pakistan 115, which may suggest taking the p155 maybe more Pakistani oriented.

Old Holborn may like to know Somalia is the 2nd most corrupt place on earth.

Thud said...

I worked at night in Manchester for 18 years and had the misfortune to have to work often with some of mighty mo's chosen ones...a more devious and crooked bunch of fuckers you could never meet....forged documentation and counterfeit goods featured greatly in their enrichment of our nations cultural life.

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