Sunday, 7 December 2008

Labour hates you

On my travels through the news this morning, I spotted a gem tucked away in the Times.

Will you be better or worse off?

Worse off will be working couples with no kids (£-2208), working couples with kids (-£1466), single working people (-£1281) and single unemployed people (-£297).

Better off will be Karen Matthews, non working couple with kids (+£2901), Tracey Connelly single unemployed mum (+£2491).

Labour are using YOUR money to breed more benefit dependant feral filth and punishing you for having a job and living a “normal” life. Labour hates you. Presumably because you don't need them to get on in this world.


Anonymous said...

Hard working families, anyone?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Labour NEED the vote from the scum, thats why the cunts keep giving them OUR money.

Mr Ecks said...

I believe a VERY large percentage of the scum don't vote at all because they are idle and ignorant. Bottler may think he is buying their votes but I bet most of 'em don't feel any gratitude or give a shit who is in power so long as the lifestyle is funded.

Ampers said...

Good work, we need to keep hammering home these sort of statistics.

If I survive my wife I may well spend the rest of my life in prison, if I don't actually get shot in the act!

Mind you, before I do anything, I'll sell my property and go on a nice long holiday, and come back and buy the best one I can get for the job.

The Penguin said...

Good article by Cameron in the NoW. Shame he doesn't recommend compulsory retrospective abortions, though.

The Penguin

lilith said...

I blogged this too OH. Peculiar way he has of "helping" hard working families...

Henry Crun said...

From the NuLab English Dictionary (Spin Version):

Hard-working (adj.): descriptive term used for people who have no jobs, have no intention of seeking a job, totally unemployable; avid viewers of the Jeremy Kyle show; single mothers with umpteen offspring.

Anonymous said...

Is there a list of commentable Blogs by Politicians?

The Penguin said...

And either Dolly's Twats are on overtime or there's too many ignorant idiots who read The Times.

"I and many others I know, including working families are far better of now, due to the minimum wage, tax, winter fuel credit system. the article has cleverly include changes not yet introduce, that were brought in to deal with the credit crunch, the Tories never renewed the countries infrastructure

Nig , Blackwood, Wales

Yes but it will be £4000 under the tories just wait. If you know the truth you pay higher taxes under the tories and services suffer stealth cuts! A double whammy tax bomb!!!

john, b,mouth, dorset

To be honest, it's not that I mind paying to support people in need of help. I want children on sink estates in single-parent families to aspire to high-paying jobs, and not to sell drugs and steal cars.

I just want a government that doesn't try to hide how much they want me to pay.

Diogenes, Sinope"

Hard to credit.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Do you know what you middle class fuckwits, you created this monster, You've spent the last 30 years voting for housing bubbles, cheap imports and easy credit, to pay for this the country has been sold off, modernise and reinvest? Nah sell off, break up and make a quick profit, thats what you like is'nt it. you've priced a large proportion out of living in their own country have'nt you, but you dont't care do you, of course the "ferals" are supposed to live five to a room, and work fifty plus hours a week for sixty quid, just like those nice Poles you invited in, just so you can carry on fucking up the country for just a little longer.

The partys over guys and its payback time, get used to it

Anonymous said...

'Middle class fuckwits' did not create this Socialist Stasi Paradise - New Labour, under that lying c*nt Tony B'Liar, aided & abetted by the incompetent, lying & mentally deranged Gordon Brown & the rest of the 'snouts in the trough' lying, incompetant ZaNuLieBore did that. Who's made the most out of rising house prices? Why - surprise, surprise, surprise (not) it's your old friend Tony B'Liar, the most self serving PM this country has ever had the misforune to have - using your money to fund his mortgage payments. BTW, Dolly's Troll, you forgot to sign your name to your post.

RM said... did I.

Anonymous said...

OH: Have a look on the fuzz FOI site
it tells you how many fireharms certs have been granted.. make sure all the family gets a licence.....

Guy Wheeler said...

Anon: 13:38

As though voting ever changed anything.

You sir, are either a Labour troll (likely) or a 'blame the victim' psychopath (possibly), or even both (most likely).

The Penguin said...

Meanwhile the PC academic elite continue to chip away at our heritage and our children's education.

The Penguin

deeply depressed said...

Penguin, I have noticed many times a suspicious number of 'everythings fantastic' Emails to the Times. I will bet all my benefit money on the fact that Mandlewhore has a department of sick bastards making them up.
PS. Unfortunately I do not meet the requirements for any benefit money,so the bets safe.

The Penguin said...

Also in the Times

What a fucking brilliant idea - swamp the plod with phone calls to ask how to get home safely late at night.

How the fuckety fuck did this cunting lunatic ever get to be in charge of a lavatory seat let alone a government??

What a shame he no longer has that numpty "Sir" Ian Bliar to ensure it is correctly implemented, and that there are suitably trained ethics on hand to deal with any issues on translation or religion.

Fuck me I'm turning into Victor Fucking Meldrew.

The Penguin

Thud said...

The govt will have to track down my money to rob me of my hard earned gains to hand it out to the shit that surrounds me.Once tax avoidance/evasion was morally I think it is the duty of any hardworking people to avoid full payement whenever possible...why feed the monster?....who knows best what to do with ones own money untill the advent of that mythical accountable and responsible govt.

Gareth said...

deeply depressed,

They'll probably be the same civil servants that thronged the DEBRR reception to applaud Mandy's return.

Very odd behaviour for the supposedly impartial civil service.

Anonymous said...

RM... If the four last PM's we've had had nooses around their necks I can assure you I would be at the head of the queue to kick the chair away.....

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Stuff it, having reached my fifties without ever once claiming any type of benefit I'm going to sell the house ( at a loss, who cares ? ) give up the job, stop paying them half of mine and start claiming half of yours OH Bloggers.
The equity should form quite a good primer for my new role of drug-dealing, pimping, multiple benefit claiming low-life.
How much does it cost to hire a chav to shag the wife so as to ensure a constant flow of income generating offspring ? 50 quid ?

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