Monday, 15 December 2008

Kerry McCarthy MP supports Apartheid

One of my favourite 646 idiots is showing her tru colours again, innit (sic). My readers will know of my regular items outlining what a complete twat she is, my now banned visits to her bloglike mouthpiece and my keeness to show the good citizens of Mogadishu East that they really ought to be getting something better than a mouth breathing moron so far up Gordons arse that we can't even see her toenails anymore.

Here's some more.

It appears Kerry is very keen to support the Bristol Black Carers Group. She's been there loads and spoke at their AGM for the fourth time

Hang on, Black Carers Group? Er..WHAT?

To be able to take advantage of our service you must be a Black Carer.
Not sure what that means?
Below are the definitions - if any of them apply to you then we can help you.

What we mean by the term 'Black'

If you are of African, African Caribbean, Asian, Chinese or Vietnamese origin then, under our Projects definition, you are a black person.

Would it not be easier to put "white people can fuck off", even though they are forced to pay for it??


Kerry McCarthy MP
326a Church Road
St. George

15th December 2008

Dear Kerry,

I notice with interest your support for the publicly funded Bristol Black Carers Project Ltd. I wasn’t there this year to hear you address their AGM. I wasn’t at the previous three that you have spoken at either, so I thought I’d write to you instead.

I had a quick look at the charity commission and see that they currently have over £100,000 of funds. Wow! Get in!

I would like to ask your help in setting up a Bristol White Carers Project Ltd for the sole use of white people. I would like to join the Black Carers Project, but I am not allowed to because of my colour. I also have a Hispanic friend who is not allowed to join either because he is not “African, African Caribbean, Asian, Chinese or Vietnamese” either as it states we must be on their website at

I would like to book an appointment with you at your above listed surgery anythime in the next two weeks to discuss this matter.

I am sure you can help me overcome this obstacle to create a fairer, equal and just society in Bristol.

Love and kisses

Old Holborn

UPDATE: She's taken the bait

hat tip to Martin J

UPDATE 2: Leg Iron has picked up on it


Kerry's Jolly Uncle Joe said...

Don't get your hopes up, OH. I dont 'spose Kerry will have time to fit you in, being too busy discussing 'Ugandan orphans', nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean?

Ampers said...

I used to run a club where, instead of banning politicians, I put in a question on the application form:

Work out in your head: 240 * 3 / 6 and then add 33. What is the answer?

It worked. I never got a single politician joining.

Mind you, a group of members made a take-over bid and threw me out at our annual meeting. They made me try and do it. :-(

crackers said...

Patronising of this southern version of Tom Kelly to invite Asian(I assume she Pakis/Indians/Sri Lankans)Chinese and Vietnamese carers to the party.

The Asians Chinese and Vietnamese need no bloody support group. They do the job, get their heads down and are not interested in this fuckwittery victim bullshit.

But I am sure any Xhosa carers will be pleased to get tips on how to scrounge benefits, jump the queue for housing and get free legal advice to sue for backache.

black hole sunset said...

A slightly less frustrating way of looking at this and similar "equality" initiatives is to recognise that, at base, they are a symptom of a profound inferiority complex on the part of the target group and their patrons. Walking-dead aparatchiks like McCarthy employ the word "equality" in the now obligatory sense of racist privilege and the promotion of inferior candidates (also known as "role models").

It's just a cliquey scam for favoured groups to be paid more than their work is worth at the expense of others being paid less than their work is worth.

Dick the Prick said...

Does that mean all Gooks are Niggers or all Niggers are Gooks? This PC shit is proper confusing.

Dick the Prick said...

What about Nips, Koreans, Burmese, Papua New Guineans, Fijians, Maoris etc etc et fucking cetera?

Ampers said...

crackers said... "But I am sure any Xhosa carers will be pleased to get tips on how to scrounge benefits, jump the queue for housing and get free legal advice to sue for backache." at 14:32

And don't forget the Mashona further North! But this, naturally won't apply to the Zulu, Ndebela or Matabele who. like most of the Asians, put their backs into the job from the start.

Anonymous said...

If the * represents "muiltiply" then the answer is 153.

paul said...

My wife is Thai and she would be most certainly be pissed off to be called black. I live in Thailand and it doesn't matter how much money you have we will always be second class citizens here.
This I put up with as far I am concerned I am a guest here even after 20 years. What I won't put up with is being a second class citizen in my own country well it's not mine any more it's been handed over to immigrants.
Allow me to tell you what would happen if a load of ex pats had a march demanding this that or the other we would be rounded up and told the airports over there and don't come back. Blacklisted but it's not forever just 99 years so it's not too bad is it?

Anonymous said...

'Scuse me while I just pick my jaw up off the floor! Does that mean Yellow is the new Black? Confused...

Sue said...

This is the sort of thing I consider racist. Where is the white Carers Project? No, that wouldn't be allowed would it?

Anonymous said...

"Where is the white Carers Project? No, that wouldn't be allowed would it?"

Nor would a White Police Association...

K.McEgan said...

AS all DNA originated in Africa then voila we are all African.For the racists amongst you 5% of the average English genome is sub-saharan African,a relic of Roman and Elizabethan England.

The Penguin said...

Round here we have a large modern Hindu Community Centre. A Black and Asian Community Care Charity. They are just building a third huge Temple bang in the Town Centre for some branch or other of Hindu. I don't know if that is a replacement or an addition. Then of course there's the Black Police Association...

But one mustn't complain. That would not be politically correct.

The Penguin

paul said...

"I would like to ask your help in setting up a Bristol White Carers Project Ltd for the sole use of white people."
I reckon you will have has much luck as finding feathers on in this endeavour but good luck.

Bristol Dave said...

She also spoke about her own concern about how quickly carers benefits are removed when their caring responsibilities end - for example, if they are entitled to a Motability vehicle when caring for a disabled person, they would lose it within two weeks of that person's death

Am I the only one not to see the problem with this? Surely if you're given the Motability vehicle because you're caring for someone, when you are no longer caring for them, you are no longer entitled to that vehicle?

Or should we just be allowing people to drive round for a few years in a taxpayer-funded car that they're not entitled to?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone's querying Motability vehicles - it's about what constitutes "Black"

bofl said...

look up how many black only organisations there are o/ will be staggered.

Quirky said...

You know what, OH? I agree with you here. We are now moving into a situation where dissent of any kind, be it a carefully worded reply after a thorough consideration of the facts, or an undisciplined rant are closed off and ignored. Those who have views out with the mainstream are pushed to the sidelines and eventually pushed out the door whilst the invited express their views. When they ask for a ‘cross section’ of views you can be sure that the ‘section’ has had the full Monty of filtered for content and picked to ‘represent’ the views of on part of the client state or another. Ministers, MPs, Civil servants have what material they disliked filleted out of the postbags before they see it and are amazed at what the general public think of them.

Much to my shame and embarrassment I have found myself falling foul of that censorship, albeit in a minor way. I have found myself ‘suspended’ from a message board. Instead of simply deleting my account and letting them get on with it, I handed them the victory that these little twerps crave so much. Yes I posted something they don’t want to read so, quirky is announced the weakest link and is forced to take the walk of shame. More importantly of course, quirky’s opinions are no longer going to be published, and quirky’s point of view is no longer valid. Instead of telling quirky why he wrong, just stop quirky from expressing his opinions.

Another voice dies.

crackers said...

K McEgan Thanks for the anthropology lecture.

Not sure what the definition of a racist is. If you had £100mln to invest in a new factory I suggest you you would look at Vietnam, Poland, Hungary, Thailand etc etc. Possibly Durban or Zimbabwe. But not the Eastern or Western Cape home of the idle, begging layabout Xhosa.

Would this make you a racist.

I speak as someone who has to deal with these layabouts from time to time. Locals especially the male will put nothing back into their own country. Will watch 100's of Irish builders giving up their holidays, paying their own airfares to come and build care centres.

Until they stop blaming Whitey for their low productivity, no progress will be made.

Wilson £mith said...

"Mind you, a group of members made a take-over bid and threw me out at our annual meeting. They made me try and do it. :-("

(n * x) / y = ?

When multiplying n by x and dividing the result by y. If y/x is a whole number, then you can simply divide n by that number:

(n * x) / y = ?
(y / x) = p
? = n / p


(240 * 3) / 6 = ?
6 / 3 = 2
? = 240 / 2

120 + 33 = 153

(Where / = division and * = multiply)


Anonymous said...

Nothing new here...

I was a student at South Bank Polytechnic in the early eighties under Red Ken and the GLC. In my first week I spotted that there were plenty of ethnic/sexual-preference/etc groups including Asian-Soc, Afro-Caribbean-Soc, Gay-Soc and even a Les-Soc (surely gay too) If you wanted to form a Society, there was a £2,000 grant from somewhere which could be spent on "research". After finding out that the Les-Soc lot had sent a small group up the amazon to learn about Lesbianism in the Jungle I got together with a few mates and applied to Student Union for our £2K for White-Hetero-Soc. Being refused was bad enough but we found ourselves in deep shit being severely berated by the Marxists in charge of the union, branded as Nazi's and racists. We literally couldn't show our faces in the "Nelson Mandela Student Union Bar" for weeks. (Not made up)

To reject our application was unfair but no surprise, but the extreme and defamatory backlash from the righteous left-wing bitches controlling the student union was a total and utter shock.

This type of thing has been going on for so long that we're almost deaf and blind to it. As far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as positive discrimination; just discrimination.

Looking back, it was pretty satisfying to get such an explosive reaction, just by making a utterly legitimate request.

I reckon you should go for it OH; remind the bastards what fair really means.

Anonymous said...


where possible, you should chase ahead and simplify the expressions where you can, so resolving 3/6 first saves the 720/6 later.

As for black carers, my friend is a spakka and has only white friends. For this reason alone, a White Carer's Association is urgently required. We need funding, by God!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Let's see how the fucking cunting bastarding right on brigade fare when the country is awash with rioting and bloodshed, cos am gettin really fucking sick of this positive discrimination piss.

Anonymous said...

She is one fucking deluded woman.

Remember remember said...

@ Quirky

Thing is, Quirkers, you're a BNP nutter and occasionally forget to hide your true intent, which is to ethnically cleanse GB, forgetting that there are quite a few normal ex-pat brits abroad who would subsequently get the same treatment from numerous countries they immigrated.

ranter said...

OH, good luck! I don't suppose the ugly, poisonous little tart will understand, just more outrage. I loved the name and organisation of one of the trustees though; Jessica Titus-Glover of The Malcolm X Elders. No doubt the old MalcolmX-ers are getting a wedge from the taxpayer too.

bofl said...

kerrys blog is a pile of shit!

cant wait for Obama to be revealed as 'the same as the old boss.'

Two Middle East mothers are sitting in a cafe chatting over
a plate of tabouli and a pint of goat's milk.

The older of the mothers pulls a bag out of her purse and
starts flipping through photos.
And they start reminiscing

'This is my oldest son Mohammed. He would be 24 years old now.'

'Yes, I remember him as a baby' says the other mother cheerfully.

He's a martyr now though' his mum confides.

'Oh, so sad dear' says the other.

And this is my second son Kalid He would be 21.'

'Oh, I remember him,' says the other happily, 'he had such lovely
curly hair when he was born'.

'He's a martyr too' says mum quietly.

'Oh, gracious me ...' Says the other.
'And this is my third son. My baby. My beautiful Ahmed. He would
be 18, she whispers.

'Yes' says the friend enthusiastically, 'I remember when he first started school'

He's a martyr also,' says mum, with tears in her eyes.

After a long pause and a deep sigh, the second Muslim mother
looks wistfully at the photographs and says....

'They blow up so fast, don't they?'

Quirky said...

Yeah, you are missing the point. OH has told us that a ‘Black’ carers association exists. Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of this association, when he tried to make his feelings known about said organisation, his opinion was stifled and his attempt to get his opinion displayed was thwarted, he was gagged. His opinion are not considered ‘good enough’ for the MSM so his opinions don’t count. His views weren’t fixed, his opinions weren’t repudiated or his logic taken to task, he was simply and none too politely, shuffled out the door (metaphorically speaking of course). Looking at Kerry’s blog, it appears that no such opinion against this association exists and everything in the World is rosy, but we know different.

The Kerrys of this World sit and wonder why the BNP are slowly but surely rising in popularity and they wonder the turnouts at elections are drying up. Maybe she should ask herself where all the stifled opinion holders go. They think NOT allowing opinions to be expressed is the way to defeated it and maybe they are right. Perhaps the cowards who ban opinions because they lack the intellect or the courage to confront uncomfortable views will win.

You could be right, perhaps we will all be happier when only the that have been selected AFTER vetting and deemed ‘correct’ will encourage debate. Perhaps sitting round and talking about how curly wurlies are better than wagon wheels WILL produce the type of debate this Country badly needs, but I doubt it!

bofl said...

kerry doesnt want any opinions other than her own!

her 'open blog' is just a smokescreen........

as soon as the going got tough she ran away.....

usual bollocks from bullies....


LAB,CON,LIB all the same.
646 complete turds.....

sod the walk next year ,lets all collect a mountain of shoes and get up to westminster sharpish!

Anonymous said...

You cant argue with people like this they are confidently stupid and appear to be fixated at a sub sixth form level.

Not only are people like this immature and stupid they are doing a great deal of damage to race relations. But maybe their sub sixth form mentality really wants confrontation. Then they can say "there you are-told you so".

bofl said...

just a thought.....



could be very nice hitting the gay snot gobbler in the eye with one........

Anonymous said...

She probably attends meetings where the relative and recent success of the BNP is discussed and puzzled over:-)

Anonymous said...

Consider an aboriginal with parts Mongolian & Taiwanese blood.

To whom do he/she complain about discrimination?

Henry Crun said...

Dodewetu Kerry

Zonke falagile abalungu

Kerry said...

I feel utterly used, abused and invaded.

Martin J said...


I just went looking up McCarthy on You Tube and came across This Video about the homourable member that ties in nicely with this post. What do you think?

fuchsia groan said...

Beats me why anyone would want to read the turgid pile of shit that is Kerry McCarthy's blog. It is truly scary that she is a member of Parliament. No wonder the country is fucked if she is representative of the quality of our parliamentarians.

bofl said...

martin j.great video!

shame about the minger from mogadishu being in it herself!

reminds me of a rotweiler.......the rear end!

fuchsia groan said...

What to make of this then?

Art Pepper said...

"I feel utterly used, abused and invaded".

Beautiful.That's precisely how I've felt for the last decade. Well done, OH, I love your work.


Anonymous said...

Kerry's now deleted your post on her blog,OH.

Rog said...

She's my bloody MP, luckily I live a good distance away from some of the more challenging parts of the constituency.

Fucking useless, vegan, hectoring, ugly NuLab drone.

You should really see what they've done to the city over the years. Though as a non-ethnic, non-druggy, non-asylum seeking hetero my opinions don't count.

Old Holborn said...

She's your MP?

We need to have a chat

Houdini said...

Thing is, Quirkers, you're a BNP nutter and occasionally forget to hide your true intent, which is to ethnically cleanse GB,

I don't suppose a cunt like you, or anyone else, can show where this is espoused? Labour, the metro ponces, are shit scared of the BNP because they are new Labour, and cunts like you feed them votes.

Non-supprted of the feckless said...

Fuck off Kerry you inverted racist scum.

Big Fat Trucker said...

"The desire for office is the most potent disqualification for holding it."

2 of my family members have been offered winnable parliamentary seats. Both turned them down for the same reason: "It's not a job for a rational human being".

How proud we were.

microdave said...

So the poor thing feels "utterly used, abused and invaded".
Invaded by whom? The 1.3 million who have taken virtually all the "British jobs for British workers" that Cyclops keeps banging on about?

David said...

Kerry, I feel "utterly used, abused and invaded" every time I open my pay packet and find that almost all of it has been stolen by you to pay for your wars, or for your generous largesse towards the feckless and stupid. Maybe you would be so good as to inform me the names of the Serbs or Iraqis killed by the bombs that I indirectly paid for - I would rather like to write a letter of apology to their surviving loved ones. A letter of thanks from the asylum seekers and the bone idle that I support would also be nice. I can get it translated from Somali if need be. By the way, I am one of your constituents.

mad manc cunt said...

Oiiii Kerry. Do me a favour will you? Tell Blears bitch and Purnell shit that I took their advice and reflected on the congestion charge and have come to the following conclusion. FUCK OFF YOU PAIR OF UTTER CUNTS. Feel free to join them.
Cheers love.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

From Kerrys blog "It's obvious that minority groups have specific, sometimes quite different needs."
Obvious ? Really ? Why so ?
No special privige for Ghurkas I see.

OH, you mention on that womans blog " Bidding " for social housing. This is a scam that needs exposing. It operates to allow the administration to pick and choose which of its favoured client groups gets access to social housing and which are to be excluded regardless of how long they have been on the waiting list.

Wyrm said...

Old Holbourn,

I can understand more and more your revolt. There are some things i don't agree but other I strongly do.

I am not british but it's scary to see how much of the situations you denouce here are exactly the same back home. And that's why I pissed off from that "use to be a great country now is fast turning a septic tank" land.


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