Thursday, 4 December 2008

Just can't watch this enough

Paxo kills Harriet Harman, rips out her still beating heart, shows it to her and then pisses on her grave.

Enjoy a 7 minute death


Giolla said...

Oh that is just lovely, but how many times does she say "get on with their job"?

mad manc cunt said...

Harman Monster is a cunt! That was as good a bitch slapping as Littlewilly gave Toynbee on Question time. Going to watch it again and maybe have a wank!

thelastofthefew said...

Sorry MMC managed to knock one out on the first viewing.
John Reid has waded in saying he would have done it different to that lying harpy JS and is surprised she did not know.

Bad day at the office gordy.......Also best check on Maggie Beckett......something about a mortgage bail out being not worth the paper its written on.
Check "5 Live " from last night.

Shirking From Home said...

The only fucking jobs that the cunt Brown &Co. are any good at doing are the ones that come of their collective stinking ass holes. Even then they invariably miss the pan and we end up getting covered.

deeply depressed said...

Yep, she is as useless as 5 bellies kebab Smith who by the way made such a pathetic speech today that is was a huge embarrassment to watch.
If only the Tories would take the initiative and start kicking arse. I like the option of all Tory and Liberal M.P.s resigning their seat today to force what would essentially be a general election.

Bob's Head Revisited said...

It's always nice to see the Harpy squirm. Ol' Paxo must really love his job!

pass the parcell said...

The whole thing came from the top, these people don't l3et the stooges breath without their say so.

when it all goes wrong in deluded commie land as it always does they pass the blame down the line and big fat payoffs are arranged.

Gorbals McPissed said...

Bollox to that - i'll feking read about it rather than having that ugly fucking vibro breaking, useless harridan on my feking TV screen. Lying hypocritical shit.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Wouldnt that be a lovely photo if it were her last seconds of life as one of Gerry Adams minions emptied an ak47 through the window of her car?
Fucking slag probably invited them to tea during the murderous "troubles"

Roger Thornhill said...

That maggot living in the cave called her skull acting in lieu of her brain did not pay attention to the words coming out of her rancid gob.

She said "MP's should be able to get on with their job without unwarranted interference".

Look at the last two words - "unwarranted interference".


word ver: hotsma

Roctopus said...

In those seven minutes, she never directly answered a question.

thelastofthefew said...

Credit to the LPUk blogspot for this gem

eight lenders had so far signed up to the scheme, including HBOS, Nationwide, Abbey, Lloyds TSB, Northern Rock, Barclays and HSBC. Between them they represent around 70% of the mortgage market.
So we have 70% to 90% of the market share of mortgages. Where did that figure come from? Well that would be the Prime Minister himself who said in the Commons,

The lenders include HBOS, Nationwide, Abbey, Lloyds TSB, Northern Rock, Barclays and HSBC — already 70 per cent. of the mortgages that are held in this country.
The figure of 70% is an outright lie. The banks, and by that I mean all banks, not just these eight, had, as of July 2008, 635,130 of the 1,214,148 mortgages held in the UK.

That's 52.2% of mortgages that are from all the banks in the UK. The other 47.8% belong to Building Societies and specialist mortgage lenders such as building society subsidiaries and securitisations. The last time the banks (and again I mean all bank not just the eight mentioned) held close to that market share was 2002 when they held 69.3% of the market.
So, Gorgon Brownshirt lied to parliament (allegedly the one thing you can be held accountable for in that shithole.) And not just a little lie, a great big whopper of a lie that that was nowhere near the truth. But it got him the headlines he wanted.

And there was me giving Maggie Beckett hard time earlier in the thread.........sorry love

Martin McGuiness said...

I was gonna blow her fucking kneecaps off, so I was, but the slapper gave me a tit wank to be sure and seeing as i'd only had Gerry snuggling up to my ringer, I had the bitch there and then so I did.

Derek Diaper said...

Has Jacqui Smith just assumed the prone felch position in that picture?

ranter said...

Paxman clearly enjoyed himself, allowing a knowing little smirk to register. You'd think the Hag would have anticipated all of those questions - but then again, it was a good thing for her too wasn't it?

Amazinh how keen she is to allow the police to get on with their job unhindered. Not something she and the equally fucking horrible tart Hewitt liked to do when they were NCCL pains in the arse - nor dear old Jack Dromey who enjoyed a lot of assault on police during the Grunwick Dispute back in '76-77 - hang on....wasn't that the last time the country was going down the pan because of a labour dictatorship?
They all want hanging, followed by a bit of drawing and quartering.

Gareth said...

Has Phil the Greek been out in his white Fiat Panda again?


Dizzy has made a few corrections to his post on that matter.

Dave H. said...

Not long after she was made a cabinet minister, John Humphrys tore Harridan to pieces on On The Record. She looked a complete idiot.

Alistair Campbell then began talking of "the John Humphrys problem."

I wonder if now he'll try and have Paxo, well, stuffed.

shirking said...

One for your chavs gallery

Anonymous said...

More feckless here.

David said...

For anyone who can't bear to listen to frau schmidt this is more or less what she said:

I didn't know anything about it
I couldn't have interfered in operational decisions
It was all his own fault
I am an incredible twunt

(I may have maded one of them up)

fat fucking cunt said...

Anon 16.19 - to get that fucking obese by the age of 20? requires the dedication of Roy Castle - fuck a doodle duck.

Anonymous said...

Will this be 'youtubed' as a caution to the rest of the world? The question is, what are we going to do about it - apart, of course, from upping our aid to Zimbabwe this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Is that fat chav displaying VPL at the front too? Maybe they're just rolls of lard. Just curious you understand.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't they at fucking work anyway?

Did NWO Fabians murder John Smith MP? said...

Excellent. Made my day.

Gareth said...

The smirking Paxmo might sometimes get his man but all too often he cannot challenge the bullshit MPs come out with with any great weight. Good at asking awkward questions, repeatedly and without getting a sensible answer but on occasion unable to skewer his target if they insist on coming out with rubbish. Lazy researchers or lazy Paxmo?

What role has the CPS played in this? I cannot imagine all the has progressed without their say so.

I've noticed the senior Labour lot apart from Yvette Balls, now prefer pre-recorded stuffings rather than live ones. I suspect Yvette is a masochist.

electro-kevin said...

A simple Yes or No would have sufficed (is the Speaker up to the job ?)

But here we have it. First degrade the roles of Speaker and Sergeant at Arms by putting weak and ineffective people in them and then ...

"Ah - but the Sergeant at Arms approved the police search."

I'm NOT Aussie Pete! said...

OH's picture of the Harbeast cries out for a caption:

"Leader of the Commons accidentally wanders into a bukkake film shoot"

"Ben-wa ball factory to issue immediate recall of exploding product"

Rob Vincent said...

OT but I live in the same council area as the Shannon Matthews case. Dewsbury West has a Pathfinder project associated with it as it's an utter shithole - £7 million quid later and, it's even more of a shithole - how can that be one asks oneself but then one realizes that it's administered by a 4* council - 'excellent & improving' - as is my arse.

black hole sunset said...

All the top neolab apparachicks knew about the arrest well in advance (the Tories and even Boris were told).

They had plenty of time to "express a view" to the police on whether it was "in the public interest" for Green to be arrested by goons (what actually happened), invited to present himself at a police station to be interviewed under caution, invited to be interviewed without being under caution (the so called "Blair" option), or just let Green slide in favour of focusing their ire on the mole.

All, of course, without in any way undermining or compromising the impartiality of police operations (but at the same time, telling them exactly what to fucking do if they know what's fucking good for them - promotions do not go to the "unhelpful").

Jacqui Smith took her time committing to the lie that she (and by implication, Scatty McBroon and the excrement delving bum jockeys around him) didn't know in advance. Presumably, it took a day or so to check that the "fix" was "in" before deciding to go for it.

There is a really nice clip of Smith giving an impromptu'ish interview outside the Home Office building with Jack Straw stood at here side. Straw's face is a picture of feral, shifty evasion when Smith's statement drifts towards the areas where he KNOWS she is lying. At one point he physically rocks to one side to move away from her and out of shot.

Fire and/or wood-chipping machines, that's my solution to the whole problem.

Gareth said...

Is that the one where the Straw man is leaning in towards Big Jacqui, and he is sometimes in the frame and sometimes out of it? Very strange sight that. He was either listening very intently to her words or trying to look down her top.

She's in the shit and he knew it.

The Penguin said...

Did Harman "groom" her sister or offer inducements or hospitality for leaked documents?

Not even so much as a rich tea biscuit?

What about Gorgon and his mole, now a Labour Whip?

Fucking hypocrites.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Her sister has potentially done more damage to people's lives, which, one has to admit is fucking startling.

black hole sunset said...

Gareth: "Is that the one where ..."

That sounds like it (he was on the left of the image, or her right depending on how you want to look at it). The trick was to watch Straw while listening to Harman. Straw's movements start to make (more) sense then, particularly when Harman's lies become progressively more blatant (i.e. less possible to talk your way out of at some later stage).

On another note, what the fuck is the score with Michael Martin's accent? It's so fake it's almost camp!!! I suppose he might actually be gay, dafter things have happened and it would explain how remarkably accomodating he is in respect of Labour interests (not that he's supposed to be impartial or anything).

The Penguin: "Fucking hypocrites."

It's all completely appalling and sickening. Prudence McBroon is so far gone he still thinks he's in it all for some kind of principal. After all that he's seen and done while in government (and we don't even know the half if it).

Can I just say that I fucking hate Gordon Brown, I fucking hate his stupid, awkward pretentions to some kind of vain, stinking "morality". As though the creepy, lying slug were any more saintly that the rest of us - he's done immeasurably more damage than Peter Sutcliffe.

Fucking hell, if the worst case scenarios of the not-over-by-a-long-shot financial crisis come to pass, in a single stroke he'll have done more damage to Britain and it's population than all of the worst leaders and enemies this country has ever faced in its history!

And yet Canny McBroon still lives in some kind of "i am not a cunt, i am not a cunt, i am not a cunt (repeat)" Rain Man bubble (only without the compassion). I suppose we were warned that he was "flawed", I just didn't think they meant clinically retarded, an actual shit-flicking DOOFUS.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"If they have the consent of the person entitled to give that consent ( ie the detained Mr Green ? ) I'm not gonna say the Police shouldn't have carried out that search without I know ( sic ) the basis wibble wob the evidence... I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...I don't know..."
" ...MPs to get on with their job without unwarranted interference... " Oh the unintended irony of it as Roger Thornhill pointed out above.
Fatuous bitch. (Definition of fatuous (adjective)
lacking in seriousness; vain and silly; stupid; foolish; inane )
Knighthood for Paxo, Dave please note.

Seems that the Police gained their search in the same way that the telly-tax bullies gain access to determine telly ownership, they bullied and cajoled the Sergette-In-Arms in the same way that housewives allow themselves to be bullied ( which is why it is usually the lady of the house that gets prosecuted ).
The Sergette-In-Arms has been royally tucked up like a right kipper.

black hole sunset said...

Even more shiftiness (from the Police) and even more ignorant gullibility (from the media):

Calls to quit grow as Yard contradict (Speaker's) statement to Commons.

"Mr Quick wrote (on behalf of the police): 'The officers explained the nature of the investigation and the purpose of the search and were satisfied that the Serjeant at Arms understood that police had no power to search in the absence of a warrant and therefore could only do so with her written consent or that of the Speaker.'"

"were satisfied"? I think we can take it from this New Labour'esq use of language that the police DID NOT actually tell the Serjeant at Arms that she could decline their request to search Green's office. So how exactly does this contradict Martin's statement?

it's either banned or compulsory's version of events is the correct one. Namely, incurably shifty cops weigh in with faux gravitas to get what they want from the (unworldly) Serjeant at Arms.

That corpulent, pig-eyed, shit-stinking oaf Martin may or may not have known about the raid and/or warrant - doesn't seem that important beyond knowning whether he is lying by saying that he did not.

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