Friday, 19 December 2008

How, exactly, does this work?

Ferrari have bucked the global economic crisis squeezing Formula One by agreeing a sponsorship deal with Indian carmaker Tata.
"For the first time an Indian brand will appear on the Ferrari," president Luca di Montezemolo told Italian media. "It's historic."
A Ferrari spokesman confirmed a deal had been reached and said the details and duration would be announced shortly.
Tata and Ferrari's parent company Fiat have a joint venture in the Indian state of Maharashtra to produce cars.

Right. Tata has so much money, they can sponsor Ferrari in F1. YET..

Jaguar Land Rover, owned by the Indian conglomerate Tata, wants a £1 billion bailout and Vauxhall, owned by General Motors, is also asking for financial aid.

They really do think we are cunts, don't they?


Anonymous said...

Yes, but we are cunts, just about anyone is asking for money these days -and getting it.

Shackleford Hurtmore said...

I rather enjoy your rants, but your language is sometimes offensive. It's your blog, and your rules.

But I've just found this site, that allows me to apply rules to your page to make it family friendly:

Anonymous said...

And nobody has started making a cheap car that you can fix yourself. Talk about a huge chasm in the market...

The Penguin said...

Family Friendly? FFS!!!

Oh, and on topic, the Righteous seem to have an affinity for dodgy Indian and Pakistani politicians and business people.

And of course, Bernie The Bung still has a few few quid (until his wife's divorce settlement cleans him out!)

The Penguin

Barnsley Bill said...

Yes, but to be fair we are cunts. Well you lot are anyway, by some extraordinary piece of good fortune I left for six months in 88 and never came back. So it is all your fault, and that of the cock waffles who spend all day giving you the blogging equivalent of a blow job.
The end of the anglo-saxon epoch picks up it's pace..

wv sedly. of no significance but it seems to be fashionable to bore everybody with your word verification letters these days.

tata said ta very much and tata said...

Honda reckoned it was costing £200 million to fund their F1 team.
Why doesn't mandelson cut out the middleman (tata) and send the money direct to ferrari?
This bailout mentality is a complete nonsense - 'you cant spend your way out of debt'

always o/t said...

Looks like this complete cunt Madoff is going to jail - good.
I had shares in RBOS and lost my arse in their ponzi investment scheme - they borrowed money from nearby money market to repay depositers who needed out.
Spot money drys up, game over, bank more or less nationalised, shareholders stuffed out of site, sir fred gets superb pension but does not go to jail - why not?

Then I watch the Grand Prix and the Cricket and am reminded of the Ponzi scheme every time the camera lands on their sponsorship adds - whats all that about?

Gareth said...

RBS sponsor Williams I think, as well as a number of other sports.

Damo Mackerel said...

But didn't ye Brits already give the Indians a 1 billion pound bail out already? Oh, wait now though, that was for the indians space program.

always o/t said...

Following from the RBS website - I could get seriously pissed off with this! The 58% shareholders should sack the management.

"RBS Sport - A world of opportunity
From tennis ace Andy Murray to the excitement of Formula One. From cricket and golf, to baseball and 6 Nations rugby. In sport, as in everything we do, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group always aims to make it happen.

RBS ambassadors such as Sir Jackie Stewart, Jack Nicklaus, Luke Donald and Zara Phillips represent the Group's commitment to high-profile global sport. The mixture of sporting legends and up-and-coming stars is a measure of our proud heritage and our vision for the future.

It's a future in which we hope to see the RBS-sponsored AT&T Williams team win the Formula One World Championship. A future that will place golfers Paula Creamer and Luke, and equestrian champion Zara at the very top of their sports. And a future in which rugby's RBS 6 Nations Championship and NatWest cricket will continue to go from strength to strength.

However, away from our sponsorship of top-level sport, we have an equally important role to play in local communities. NatWest CricketForce has become England's biggest volunteer initiative, with around 80,000 people helping out at local cricket clubs. The RBS First Tee Mentoring Program is providing young people in America with learning opportunities and life skills through golf, while the Philadelphia Phillies, who play at Citizens Bank Park, are committed to local baseball development."

Cato said...

Judging from the photo at the top, we're all in the shitter!

ranter said...

Gordon Brown called for Britain to be a "beacon of hope" amid the turmoil of the global economic downturn.

"With our fighting spirit and our can-do attitude, I am confident that we can meet all the challenges ahead."

A Crapper said...

That ceramic masterpiece is destined for the Cabinet Room in No 10. It is designed to hold the biggest pile of shit ever to hit the UK.

bofl said...

EVERYTHING in this country stinks!

our righteous members are only really interested in THEMSELVES!

Of course we must save all the car's the right thing to do...

translation= we must save jobs to keep voters thinking that we are the caring party and to stay in power at any cost........(the cost being shouldered by joe public of course,not politicians or Lords).

TATA is a vast concern and should have done their due diligence.....if the business is not viable then it is their problem.

Gordon gave the Indians nearly £1 billion earlier this year anyway///

probably in the interest of fairness and equaulity.....yet India maintains a caste system.....

LABOUR see you next wednesdays like kerry mc shitbag love to embrace the downtrodden-not because they really like them but for pr.......i wonder how many somalis go round to kerrys at the weekend for a cup of tea and some Quat?

I hope Gordon acts as his own beacon.and a cruise missile blows the focker to hell!

The Penguin said...

You have to feel a tad sorry for poor Kerry McTwat though. There she is, at the ZNL big table of all the talents, looking round - and all she can see is cunts, most all of them much bigger cunts that she can hope to become.

Poor wee cunt.

The Penguin

JD said...

One at a time? It's going to take forever.

John said...


max the impaler said...

Massive depreciation.Massive 'benefits in kind',painfull fuel consumption,eco- facists,VED,and parking vendetta,....They (Tata) realise they are never going to sell another Land Rover of any kind ever again in this country.So get this prat of a government to compensate the poor bloody workers before they throw the towel in and go back to India.

defender said...

Got it, have a look at the picture, see the chap in kakki and that trolly with the dozen 13kg propane gas bottles being positioned carefully. The chap in the shitter is holding on to his balls watching the taliban nutter on the bicycle(out of picture) making his run.
When said nutter crashes into trolley he will detonate, thereby causing the 13kg propane cylinders to detonate in kind. That sequence of detonation should result in the shitter making it to orbit. Should orbit not be achieved with 12 bottles then try 15.
I have not worked out re entry yet, but the shit will have to come down somewhere.

The Penguin said...

bofl, if Kerry is short on tea and quat visitors at her placem she could always pop along to the local HM Pontins and give comfort and good feminine advice to this charming chap.

The Penguin

Houdini said...

They really do think we are cunts, don't they?

Well of course they do, and they'd be fucking right. How much do you want to bet they get it? Brown gave BMW £125million for Rover bailout just before they fucking sold up and fucked off, so the fucker won't think twice about this.

bofl said...

...we should cherish them all.give them all passports,free to buy knives and guns!

mr.houdini.yes we are all cunts.because we do nothing......i fear the only option is to leave the uk..

electro-kevin said...

Basically what they're saying is ...

... if you want jobs to stay in Britain you gotta pay up. They have that much power over us that they can try it on.

I don't understand why you get so angry about things like this. British people are going to get right royally fucked over and over and on the whole they thoroughly deserve it. Mediocrity is what they wanted, mediocrity is what they've got.

We'll be begging Indian and Chinese tourists for tips before long and why ever not ? Because we're British perchance ?

Get out. Save yourself. You're resourceful enough.

i hate labour said...

No Dollycuckold trolls here yet, Sir OH? They are camped en masse over at Guido's.
Nice they're not here yet but quite good sport when they turn up. Fuckwits, all.
As for Ferrari and TATA, what a bloody farce. Could be the only two cars on the circuit next year. Every race, Snotgourmet will be invited to award The Trophy. It is on The BBC after all.

curly15 said...

That well known international celebrity conman will be only too pleased to help out.

Scrobs said...

I was pleased to read a snip from a freebie paper tonight, where some 'correpondent' said that all the bailed out banks had stopped their big piss-ups.

What had happened was that everyone (like me), who says 'sod the lot of you, you bastards', went out and for about thirty quid each had a great time together in All Bar One!

It happened to me in the '93 recession, and we all had a better time than if we'd gone to the plush restaurant and drunk everything.

My business partner is a property man who's been through every recession since 1972. Today, we had a meetng to prove a property deal, and left feeling as though we were still in charge.

Take that, Gordon, because your scruffy incompetent lot have done their utmost to crucify the development business - unless it provided your beloved 'affordable' homes. As we expected, you really don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

As long as you "feel" you are in charge Gordon will be happy.

In relation to wages property prices are still 40-60% to high though.

Carter said...

This is what happens when you allow foreigners to buy up all your industries ..... they have no loyalty to the country or it's people, they blackmail you and then run away at the first sign of trouble.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Open letter to Peter ( 'any arse will do' ) Mandelson
"Dear Peter; I invested my loans from Barclays Bank and Mastercard with the services of brothels and XXXmovie parlours in Amsterdam but now find creditors banging at my door.
Help me to help Britain by bailing me out with £250,000; with this I will stimulate the British Economy by buying loads of tat from badly managed retail companies. If you could consider £350,000 I'll buy a Landrover and a couple of Jags to save BritishJobsForBritishWorkers and keep your pals at Tata HQ happy.

Yours etcetera..."

mad manc cunt said...

Fuck me! Thats got to be the biggest floater I have ever seen. Quick someone, flush that shit away!

Evey Hammond said...

Yet again you show your complete ignorance of the real world outside your blue tinted glasses!

TATA is a massive company, but it isn't one company. The TATA which is funding F1 is not the same TATA which is running Jaguar / Land rover.

For the record, TATA Motors are not actually skint, even though it suits Labour for us all to think so. Their Credit status is very shit at BB+, but they need to raise the 2 Billion they still owe to actually buy the company before June 2009. The sensible thing would be to walk away, but that would really bugger up the Labour record - hence the 'help'

Once you have the facts, its not such an interesting story, is it?!

Bridge said...

It's the same mentality that means that the Department for International Development gives India billios in aid each year, even though the Indian government has enough money for a fully-funded space programme.

Liberals are cunts.

defender said...

Tata tata, If you havent got the readies, fuck off out the showroom, fucking tyre kickers.
How the hell does that work?
Tata,I would like to buy that car mate,

Trader, great, lets do a deal. Do you need finance?

Tata, fuck off, I want you to give it to me, I am not paying, doing you a favour for fuck sake. You can put a sticker on the back window though, howzat.

Trader, sounds like a deal to me.

Rogerborg said...

Focus on the positives: at least Tata are bucking the stereotype of hard working Indians by coming begging bowl in hand... no, wait, that's Indians too.

Fuckered if I know where the positives are. If we do "lend" them money, they'll use it to ship the entire production lines to Bangalore.

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