Friday, 5 December 2008

The Heart of Islamic Darkness

A stunning rant by Last Ditch

Let's hope the Mumbai attacks were not led by British muslims, but would it be surprising if they were? I fear that Britain has long been the heart of Islamist darkness. Muslim communities in the North of England - not far from where I grew up - live entirely apart.

When my flights to Manchester airport coincide with flights from Islamabad, it is apparent that those communities are being constantly reinforced, with two identical and roughly equal queues of Pakistanis holding British passports and other Pakistanis arriving to begin the process of acquiring them.

British muslim men ship in pliant wives from "back home", rather than marry British-educated muslim women. There have been calls for muslim-0nly areas and examples of non-muslims being beaten up for straying into muslim territory.

All this is our fault, not theirs. If given the chance of a richer life for one's family without any need to compromise linguistic, religious or cultural traditions, who in their right mind would not take it? It was our local authorities, funded and encouraged by our central government, urged on by our academics who provided cultural cocoons for these colonists.

We provided translators so that they did not need to learn English.

We provided multilingual information to help them find their way around our public services and systems of welfare benefits.

I have lived in other countries and can assure you their authorities felt no such need. Nor would I ever expect it. It is our schools that are staffed by teachers who have taken "respect for other cultures" to the point of inspiring contempt for the weakness of our own. it is our academic establishment that has twisted the curriculum so as to inspire shame in the native population. It is our politicians who have raised the historical apology to a ludicrous art form and put us into a cringeing posture of submission and shame in relation to our new fellow citizens.

As the lyrics of Show of Hands' excellent modern folk song "Roots" put it;

And we learn to be ashamed before we walk

Of the way we look, and the way we talk

Our public servants have betrayed us at every level and have fostered evil in our midst. If I were a young British muslim, I would have nothing but contempt for the weaklings who hymn the merits of every culture but their own.

Convinced of the superiority of my own culture and way of life, I might well see a chance to take over the society around me and raise its level to my own. I understand the thinking of the radical British muslim far better than I understand that of my craven fellow-citizens who saw no need to welcome and integrate our newcomers.

My Labour-voting mother-in-law has taken in her old age to attending art galleries, operas and concerts of orchestral music in the cities of Liverpool and Manchester. Both have substantial immigrant communities, but she noticed that she never sees any at such events. We have rightly learned to value their cultures, but it is chilling that they have not learned to value ours.

If it proves that British muslims were involved, then the "multi-culti" ideologues of the Left ought justly to share the blame. They will be partly responsible not only for the appalling slaughter in Mumbai but also for the poverty and misery it will now cause in an Indian economy desperate for foreign investment. Foreign investment that will not now come.
UPDATE: Sorry, I hate too many updates but as if to hammer the nail in harder, I read today that 22 young Muslims are to "advise" cabinet ministers (well, Hazel Blears and Ed Balls to be exact) in all things Islamic. I hate Hazel and Ed even more today. Here's an idea. Tell THEM what THEY have to do instead of them telling us what more WE have to do.
"Ms Blears said: "There are over 800,000 Muslims under the age of 25 living in the UK but we don't hear enough from them. ".Really Hazel? Publish a cartoon of Mohammed then.


Dave said...

Well spotted OH. This blog, written by an expat lends credence to the idea that you have to stand back in order to see clearly and get the full perspective. Something our knee jerk politically correct sockpuppet media commentators fail with unerring consistency.

Neal Asher said...

Hah, more proof that the leftist ideology is almost a religion itself: it's given us original sin.

Barnsley Bill said...

And again.. The Anglo Saxon Epoch is coming to a close.
No wonder the BNP is doing so well in local elections.
And furthermore... Too good to visit my place are you now OH? Got a few new mates??

Old Holborn said...

I'd love to add more comments over at your place Bill, but I don't know anything about Spurs.

Robert the Biker said...

Lets be perfectly clear about this; these worthless ragheaded cunts are not 'British' no matter where they were born.
If you consider yourself a pakistani, a muslim, a warrior for islam, thyen you get to be judged as those, not lumped in with the good people in this country.
Back to your third world shitholes scum, after all, you made them that way.

poor bloody taxpayer said...

Well said. We have paid a heavy price for the British Empire. Anyone calling for restitution for slavery should be satified, white guilt is behind all the capitulation to cultures other than our own. RIP GB.
Incidently, I believe the number of Muslims in this country to be far higher than stated. Anyone visiting any of our major cities will be aware of this.

Barnsley Bill said...

Old Holborn, there have been two posts about spurs in the last 600. My latest offering is filthy and shows some guy getting into some big breasted birds. it includes such dialogue as "did you wipe it on her back" and has footage of squirting!
Oh and your page rank shows that 14% of your traffic is coming from New Zealand.
Your welcome........

Old Holborn said...

On a serious note, I notice NZ is emptying. Do you want to do a piece on it?

Barnsley Bill said...

We are all rather hoping that this trend is in decline and reversing now that we have turfed that fabian gargoyle out on her arse. Personally I would like to see the home counties empty and all land in NZ.. All vetted by me of course. If your surname was not in a 1950's era English phone book then ya can fuck off..

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Lock and load
Watch and shoot

Dick the Prick said...

No disrespect to Last Ditch but Muslims often get their daughters to marry their cousins and bring them back to Blighty - it ain't just sons pulling in slaves, sorry wives.

Ampers said...

Well said, oh shredded tobacco :-)

And I have always paraphrased you when you said "All this is our fault, not theirs."

Everything to do with mass immigration, asylum seakers, juvinile crime and just about everything else is "our" fault.

You cannot blame people for wanting to have a better life. If we make it easy to get in, it's out fault, not theres. If Muslims want to come over with a view of taking over the West and we let them in, it is our fault, not theirs.

When are we going to wake up -- or rather, when are our useless politicians going to wake up.

Well said.

Ampers (new RSS subscriber)

Barnsley Bill said...

"When are we going to wake up"

Too late mate. You cannot put the shit back in the donkey.

Dick the Prick said...

PS - the amount of inbred mongoids walking round this town, Huddersfield (fuck off - big valleys, yes) is amazing. There's a lass (i think) who must live somewhere near me who has a full hairy face - I shit you not - hairy forehead and cheeks and not beard hair - a full face barnet. And the fucking mong doesn't even wear a burkha - it's a double edged pisstake.

Dr Tutu Hassan said...

Barnsley Bill - been to your blog.

Yeah, well it's OK-ish, bearing in mind you are originally from Barnsley AND reside in an Australian sink estate. A bit like emigrating to UK and living in Wales! Still there are the sheep, I suppose!

As for "did you wipe it on her back?", I hope you didn't and used the curtains as anyone with ANY respect for "Spurs" would have done.

Do they still play cricket?

Unsworth said...

Yep, well I hear far far too much from both Blears and the 'young muslims'. When are we going to hear from the 'old whiteys'?

Barnsley Bill said...

Fuck me, so many insults. Where to start. The sink estate comment was perhaps the most hurtful.
Did you click through to the clip? That will put the wiping comment in context..
And I am not the Spurs fan, one of my cock waffling mates who rarely posts wears that cloak of shame. And I am from Baldock in North herts.
But thanks for stopping by, next time leave a comment.. I need them for those fucking rankings.

woman on a raft said...

History note: special gold star for Eric Pickles who, when leader of Bradford Council, stuck his heels in and refused to allow English to become the second language. They tried to force him to make Urdu the first language for lessons in some schools, but he resisted because, apart from anything else, Urdu is not the only language spoken by children in Bradford.

It is worth having a listen again to Sir Norman Bettison's words on Panorama because they have an interesting sub-text. (Humphrys quotes them on the Today prog). On the surface, they are about the Maffews white trash of Dewsbury, but they could equally apply to certain ethnic groups in West Yorkshire.

Warning: Sir Norman is a media tart so you've got to look twice at anything he says, but he's got one heck of a job on his hands because people still don't even want to admit there is a problem.

Gareth said...

Ann Cryer has also been a thorn in the multi-culti steamroller. Both talk plenty of sense. Both get plenty of shit thrown at them for it. Arranged marriages, honour killings and the multitude of languages all re-enforce the us and them mentality. It can't be right that there are second and third generation immigrants who get by in life never speaking the lingo.

(And looking at her wikipedia entry it appears she invented the internet...)

Nick von Mises said...

This is all well and good to fear the islamisation of the UK but let's get things clear.

On our side we have:
- Capital
- Education
- Genetic diversity
- Science
- Army
- Control of major administrative and business positions

They have:
- Poverty
- Squalor
- Shiftlessness
- Deformity
- 50% of the population excluded from everything
- Koran

When the shit hits the fan I'd rather be a skilled, working British liberal (in the Locke sense) than an inbred angry mong dependent on benefits.

It'll be a fight as one-sided as in the 1800s when we just anchored a galley off the coast and shelled the villages.

Dave said...

Nick von Mises has obviously never read "Atlas Shrugged". Different scenario, same outcome.
Robert Heinlein famed author of "Starship Troopers" and "Stranger in a strange land" also predicted all this in his writings. He wrote that there are three kinds of people-
Makers, Takers and Fakers. When the Takers and the Fakers outnumber the Makers the country is, to put it mildly-

Damo Mackerel said...

I'm seeing the same thing happening in Ireland where the PC crowd are controlling the show. If you point out the fallacies of PC you get shouted down as a racist. Already we're beginning to run down our own culture to accomodate foreigners. Most of the english folk over here are trying to warn us but the PC morons will not listen. Evil bastards. I hate the lot of 'em. By the way a friend of mine has just bought a camera in London and saved 220 Euros. Not bad!

Anonymous said...

The last update which includes the quote Blears says it all. That one statement from her symbolises the attitudes that has led to this hopeless situation. Politicians like Blears know that things will get worse as a result of their nauseating pandering, but they just dont care as long as the lid can be kept on the situation while they get stuck into the trough.
And no of course you cant blame any group for taking full advantage. No wonder they view us with contempt.

Call me Infidel said...

I recommend Mark Steyn's book America Alone for a glimpse into the future.

Nick von Mises states

On our side we have:
- Capital
- Education
- Genetic diversity
- Science
- Army
- Control of major administrative and business positions

However on their side they have demographics. How many children does the average islamic family have? You are right to express concern regarding the numbers arriving from Pakistan. Some twenty or more years back I attended a course at Manchester airport. Once a week a jumbo jet arrived from Pakistan. Always full but it returned half empty. However it is not just immigrants from Pakistan. The Dutch government gave citizenship to thousands of Somalis and it seems like most of them preferred the UK benefits system to the Dutch.I have lost count of the amount of Iraqis I have encountered with Austrian or German passports who are coming to the UK. I hate to break it to you but unless we switch off the welfare teat the UK is stuffed.

AngryDave said...

Bristol is swarming with somali's and it is getting worse. If you go to the Asda store in the bedminster area of the city, it now looks like an immigration centre. If you hear someone speaking English, it is either with an accent, or by some fat inbred mong.

In decades gone by, people came to this country to escape the strict religious regimes of their own countries. Theyfor the most part worked for a living and tried to fit in. Now we are being told what to do and think in our own country by people who just want to turn this country into another backward islamic shit hole.

deeply depressed said...

I'm buying shares in piano wire.

Damo Mackerel said...

Let's face it we're f*cked. Western civilisation can only continue when it's supported by the people that have an interest in it. The left are tearing it too pieces to accomodate people that have no inclination in keeping the West going. Following that is the population crash, we're simply not having enough kids to sustain western ideology and influence. As the years go by we will need to rely on more and more foreigners to keep us up and running. These foreigners, in particular, the islamic types do not have our interests at heart.

lilith said...

I said to my old Dad the other day..."I find it very frightening, we are setting up the Muslims like the Jews were set up in pre war Germany." My old Dad said "That's what my Jewish friend Mervyn says."

On the one hand we set them apart as untouchable (they can say what they like at demonstrations about killing the Queen, but if you are a white teenager you can't even say Scientology is a bit dodgy without getting arrested) and on the other hand we make them public enemy No.1 (by bringing in draconian legislation that affects everybody's freedom but is "supposed" to protect us from radical Islamists.)

Making people "other" and reinforcing that in legislation (and special advisory panels)is bound to lead to bloodshed. The ONLY way to avoid such bloodshed is for people to integrate. And even then it could be far too late.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are the fucking scum of the Earth and they need to be driven out of this country. And that doesn't make me racist, just anti-Islamic. I've got all the time in the world for Sikhs, Hindus, etc, mainly because they know how to come to a country and live with dignity, showing respect. Muslims simply don't believe in the Koran, they are convinced of its truth and they won't be happy until the whole world is convinced as well. That's the problem with any religion when belief turns into fanatical conviction.
And another thing, I regard every Muslim as my mortal enemy. Why? Because I'm homosexual, and according to their religion they would have me dead without a second glance (as is evident in Iran where gays are publicly hanged). If anyone has a problem with my viewpoint, please fuck off. If anyone has a problem with me being gay, then double fuck off and don't bother making witty comments about shirtlifters or whatever, because you shithouses certainly wouldn't say anything to my face.
Whoof! That's a ton off my shoulders. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Talking of cartoons, there is a very funny one that features Mohammed:

It's not mindless abuse, and takes the piss in an intelligent way out of all religion. The sort of free speech that is worth protecting...

Anonymous said...

17.03 you are right of course. Many who support gay rights also seem to support this sort of uncontrolled immigration. They dont seem to see the obvious conflict?
Socialists and gays would be amongst the first people to be persecuted if this community had their way. Yet many on the left, in what seems to be more of a knee jerk reaction than anything else see to be willing to tolerate the intolerant????

JPT said...

A great post but it ultimately leads me to think 'we're all doomed'!

AngryDave said...

The muslim prisoners in my jail bitch all the time about their rights to this and that, and saying that their religion isn't accomadated enough in jail.
Then when you say something like, "if you were a proper muslim you would not commit crime because it says you should not commit crime in the koran", the usual reply is "white mans law means nothing to me".
I shit you not. I have heard this so many times that it is making me wonder when the war for Britains streets is going to kick off. There are already no go areas for non-muslims in this country.

Rogerborg said...

O'Neil Denton, Weiled Ibraham, Yusuf Raymond, Jayden Ryan, Alexander Vanderpuije, Jack Bartle, Cleon Brown: spreading diversity, one raped girl at a time.

If the Righteous want the BNP to stop doing so well, then they might want to give some thought to the root cause.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Robert the Biker said...
Lets be perfectly clear about this; these worthless ragheaded cunts are not 'British' no matter where they were born.
Quite so, apart from the sizeable majority of Muslims in this country who just want to settle down and do the right thing by their family.
As for the anti-western minority ( usually second or third generation ), they hate their parents for not integrating and thus denying them status in our country which is why they also hate us. The few that I have met personally have NO religeon, Islam is merely a peg upon which to hang their hate.
One of them, while drinking wine, asked me why my religeon was better than theirs and why do I not respect Islam ? I replied, " I don't care about my religeon so why should I give a fuck about yours "?

One of the things that struck me after the London bombings was how the Liberal press threw their hands up in horror at how "British " people could bomb their own. That is because 'Islamist' youngsters do not regard themselves as " us " but neither do they know who 'they' are.
The solution is not going to be very pleasant but the, supposed, drive against multi-language council literature is a start.

Anonymous said...

An ex-pat I know in Valencia, Spain was going through a custody hearing. Although he can speak Castilian Spanish well enough to be understood, Valencia has it's own language So to be sure that he could understand everything properly, he wanted a translator - which he had to pay for. Over here public money is wasted on multi-racial council literature & providing FREE translators. Let's get our values right - if foreigners want to live here - let them learn the langauage - otherwise let them live at a disadvantage. A reasonable understanding of the English langauge should also be a requirement when applying for benefits.

Nick von Mises said...


You need to be more careful with ascribing supposedly obvious traits to people based on a few lines of text. I've read Atlas Shrugged. It supports my line not yours. The whole point is that the looters depend on the capitalists and can only run the show for as long as the capitalists are prepared to keep producing for them. When they go on strike the looters eventually come begging.

So with the radical Muslims and other assorted scum. It doesn't matter how many of them there are. They are all worthless unemployable headbangers. Since the invention of the machine gun battles are won with technology and training, not sheer numbers. It'll be like when the Ayatollah sent those thousands of mongs running through the minefields at the better equipped Iraqis.

Or thinking another way, how many countries can you think of where a relatively small number of very smart and very wealthy people run everything despite a hostile population? Plenty. Except us normal people are also the majority.

Even under current growth rates the fact is these scum are a tiny minority of the UK population, and mostly at the benefit-scrounging end too. I agree with that other poster about it having a whiff of Jewish pogroms about it. Plenty of non-fanatical muslims will get caught up in the backlash but the end result should hopefully cleanse these shores of both the fanatics and their Righteous sympathisers. I hope it happens soon, but I'm certain it will happen.

BTW, I'm gonna remember the makers, takers, fakers. It's got a better ring to it than the more precise terms.

Call me Infidel said...

Nick at what point will it occur? The clock is ticking and from the demographics it will be bloody. Check out Steyn's view here.

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