Monday, 15 December 2008

A good Shoeing

I am sending all my old shoes to

Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP
10, Downing Street

If anyone knows of a virtual "throw a shoe" card, let me know


Barnsley Bill said...

He ducked that first one like a pro. Bob and weave..
Love him or loathe him, nothing ever fazes this character.

The Penguin said...

And when he meeets the troops, they actually like the guy. They know he may have sent them into harms way, but he never stinted on getting them the fucking kit to kick arse with.

Unlike some utter cunt I can think of...

The Penguin

Anonymous said...


He dodged that shit like a freaking ninja. Can't stand the man, but I'm impressed by his moves. The first one was timed to perfection - when he dodges the second time, he barely moves. Just a tiny little feint out of the way, casual as you like.

imagine brown trying to dodge those bad boys, it'd be embarrassing.

Stewart Cowan said...

We could do a mass shoe-athon for Gorgon.

Does anyone know what happened to Richard Reid's wardrobe?

Dungeekin said...

Good idea.

If you're gonna throw shoes, though, please try and make sure you throw the right type.

Don't bother with those soft, wimpy sandal things!


defender said...

Shoe-athon, fucking cracked me up.
Can you just see that across the benches. Who has the biggest feet in the chamber I wonder.
New law coming, no shoes allowed near MP's, fuckinghellski.
I got a pair that I would happly lob at my MP should I see her again.
I really hope this catches on.

Anonymous said...

So I randomly open up a news website and the stories for today run in this order:

* mother told to take down christmas lights in case she offends non-christian neighbours
* sally army told to stop rattling tins in case it offends other religions
* prison bans chapel crucifix in case it offends muslims

oh god, FUCK OFF. Then a little way down:

* uk govt opens up its databases to EU
* council tax set to rise
* large water rate increases


Dick the Prick said...

Penguin - bob on. Rather than attacking the natives with sharpened mangoes or whatever. Looks like the secret service were napping on the job though - dodge a bullet? Fuck off. There was a right fat cunt who waddled through the back door too.

Barnsley Bill said...

Dick, they would all have been searched on the way in. This guy would have probably thrown a grenade if he thought he could get one in.
But dubya moved like chuck fucking norris when that first one came at him. Very impressed.

deeply depressed said...

Cyclops the snot gobbler has no chance of dodging anything, put me down for 100 prs of Doc Martins.

The Refuser said...

"imagine brown trying to dodge those bad boys, it'd be embarrassing."

Depth perception? Snotgobbler would have no chance. Don't know about embarrasing though. Highly amusing I would have thought.

curly15 said...

Yeah, but George Bush is no mug!

Ampers said...


Before sending in your old shoes, cut down the uppers so he can't use them. otherwise he will use them as Christmas gifts for his colleagues.

Anonymous said...

The vile Cretin has obviously had practice at dodging stuff being thrown at him.

Anonymous said...

"shoes are no match for my machine!"

let's all send old shoes to Gordon

The Penguin said...

Here's an Indian Restaurant to avoid. Tell your friends :-)

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

@The Penguin

Google shows the restaurant's phone number as 01892 526633.

Perhaps it's time to order a few takeaways for non-existent addresses.

Make these religious fuckwits pay for their refusal to abide by British law.

The Penguin said...

I'm nastier than that - I'd order a few from addresses that do exist in the area, especially those addresses occupied by the higher echelons of the local authority or MPs. Just occasionally mind, must be too greedy!

Or make booking(s) for parties of 4 for Saturday night a couple of weeks in advance, and have to cancel at relatively short notice, like an hour before, due to an emergency.

They'd have to start demanding credit card details for everything, which may not please their customers. Even if it did, it would slow the administration of even a simple booking down. And would cause trouble when they had any genuine cancellations by regular customers.

Then there's fun to be had opening an account for them with a local pork butcher.

Posting dog shit to them might be childish, and should be done carefully so it can't be traced back to you.

The Penguin

Stewart Cowan said...

Penguin, Anonymous - Blame the white social engineers who have allowed this to happen.

Fighting among ourselves is exactly what they want - they PLANNED it this way.

We should be fighting the globalists and their puppets in the EU and Westmonster.

Mitch said...

Ole dubya was a fighter pilot when he was younger and sober and if I remember right he flew a seriously evil plane nicknamed the widowmaker which took real courage.
snotty would have just been hit in the face and been made a(more of) a laughing stock.

JPT said...

I thought it was Richard Reid!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I'd like to order 645 pairs of finest hob-nailed, steel toe-capped, and one pair of Richard Reid specials for Gordoom.

That'll do nicely.

If Johnny Foreigner were to throw a pair of size 10s at Brown in this country, would they be let off from any charge as it is a part of their culture to show disagreement by lobbing shoes?

If Whitey did the same would that be a charge of assault?

I thought sole.

I'll get me 'at.

Bridge said...

He's got a good throwing arm, can we sign him up for the England cricket squad?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Well impressed with Mr. Bushs' dodging abilities
" dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee " but
where were all the CIA types who are supposed to hurl themselves in front of POTUS like in the movies ?
Note to Dave, now you know what to do next time there is a full compliment of Tory MPs in the House and the PM or unspeakable Speaker Martin tells another lie. Much more effective than waving order papers around.

Credit Crunch handy hint. Post the soles only, save money on postage.

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