Tuesday, 2 December 2008

God Help Us ALL

This was the best they could do.


Emigrating said...

What a fucking waste of man power.

Old Holborn said...

30 people drawing over £3 Million of public money, the opportunity to save UK democracy and they are worried which biscuits to order with their tea.

They need to be discussing whether the Army will back them.

A shy beast who enjoys nothing more than a nice cup of tea and a biscuit said...

Fucking shameful
A parish council discussing a pikey camp , then off to the pub for half a shandy , a piss in a really cold outside bog and a cheerful cheerybye having done fuck all apart from a bit of hand wringing.
Camerons a cunt.
Where is the new Hitler?

Anonymous said...

Shy Beast:
Where is the new Hitler?
Running the fucking country. We are stuck with Chamberlain, I'm afraid.

BrianSJ said...

My God.
My grandfather was gassed for this.

Guthrum said...

The Government in waiting ! Jesus Wept- it looked like the lower VI common room discussing a rather tough game of rugger

Mitch said...

Just think what gordons lot sound like.These people at least had expensive educations.

deeply depressed said...

The problem has never been entirely Nulabour with it's pitiful ideology but also the Tories serious lack of opposition, they have done fuck all whilst our freedoms are taken away and billions wasted every year. I just can't decide what to next voting day, its between getting shitfaced or getting shitfaced.

it's either banned or compusory said...

Either Jaqui, Gordon, Mandy et al knew and should resign and resign again for lying or the Police acted way beyond their remit and should be sacked for staging a reverse coup d'etat.
As for Martin, how do you sack the Speaker ?
Let's hope Dave makes some headway today.

Btw, for which offence is the whistleblower being detained without charge and will it be for the maximum allowed for terrorism offences ?

Anonymous said...

'they have done fuck all whilst our freedoms are taken away and billions wasted every year'

bit harsh deeply depressed.David Davis did organize that by election once he'd made sure the second palced team weren't standing.

very principled and very risky.

el reapero said...

above comment by el reapero,fucked up the keyboard at the crucial moment

Anonymous said...

I can tell you now that the army would not back this shower of spineless troughing cunts.

We lose good people out in the sandpit on an almost daily basis to bring 'democracy' to the futherest reaches of the globe.

Meanwhile back at home shabby little men in grey suits shuffle bits of paper while rome burns.

The only institution the military would fight for is the monarchy.At least they send thier sons to war with us.


David said...

Said it before, I'll say it again.

Nothing to choose between them. They are all useless gobshites

Roger Thornhill said...

deeply depressed- yes, the Tories are woeful. No spine. No meaning.

Cameron is just building a brand and targeting market share so he can dominate the shelf-space of Parliament.

mc_nebula said...

How much is she fucking blinking? - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7764093.stm

Lying much?

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