Monday, 1 December 2008

Email Leak

From: Gordon [mailto: ]
Sent: 01 December 2008 21:19
Subject: RE: Stuff the cunts

You bastards. If Brenda gets wind of this, I'll get bitten by a fucking Gorgi.

Plan A. Arrest everyone
Plan B. Arrest the Queen

Alistair, sort it.

Mandy, fuck off



From: Eddybaby [mailto: ]
Sent: 01 December 2008 21:15
To: Jackbootlezzer;Eddybaby ;
Subject: RE: Stuff the cunts

Bollocks to this

Just cos you owe Gorbals a bottle, don't drag me into this. And you, 5 bellies, don't forget you owe me one as well, you cow

Ed & Yvonne

Property Consultants

From: Jackbootlezzer [mailto: ]
Sent: 01 December 2008 21:13To: Eddybaby ;
Subject: RE: Stuff the cunts

Ha! That's rich coming from you, you one eyed gay twat (yes, I do have the video still)

Look, I'm up to my eyes in "Pinnochio" shite at the moment. Let Balls Up deal with it. He blagged his way though a dead Baby today.


From: The Supreme Being []
To:Jackbootlezzer [mailto: ]
Subject: Stuff the cunts

Right, I'm sick of this. I was just about to sit down and watch Eastenders and Mrs Dale has got some scoop on Email shite

Sort it, or i'll tell them all you're a Lezzer


P Please consider the environment before printing this email.



Gareth said...

You asked elsewhere who James Bowler is:

James Bowler was, and may still be, "Brown's parliamentary private secretary, in line for a senior job"


James Bowler was described thus in the Daily Mail: "James Bowler: manages Mr Brown's private office. Constantly at his side at international meetings. One-time number-cruncher for then chief economic adviser Ed Balls."

Our current experience of Gordonomics would suggest to me that Mr. Blower got his sums wrong.

Call me Infidel said...


Toxic avenger said...

Your throbbing organ is the epitome of bad taste. Superb!




Cato said...

Titter ye not!! Wonderful stuff OH

David said...

"James Bowler: manages Mr Brown's private office. Constantly at his side at international meetings."

I had a bit of a David Whalliams moment then...

macpravda said...

I've only been visiting for a week since reading a comment you made on Iain Dale's blog.

Your blog brings back memories of the "Dear Bill" series in Private Eye. (Denis Thatcher knew how to be aFirst Gentleman, unlike the First Trollop Bliar).

You really are a cunt!

Keep up the good work.

Gorgyworgy said...

To old Holborn...

Your A Fucking numskull, whom shall be arrested at dawn..

Say your goodbyes, and await for the knock on the door.

Rogerborg said...

Hey, Gordo, how many toddlers do I have to let get tortured to death in order to get suspended on full pay?

Balls' priorities, ascending:

3) Get the incompetents out of sight for now so they can be moved sideways and up again later.

2) Find the precise level of faux outrage to mollify the peasantry without having to actually sack the vinegar-twatted harridan in charge.

1) Choose the perfect reassuring pastel shades on his "Safeguarding" backdrop.

I would cheerfully set fire to the whole accursed lot of them right now. All of them. Parliament, Haringay, harridans, bleeding heart yoghurt knitters, every dead eyed Wayne and Waynetta scarring the face of this green and pleasant land, the whole Goddamn beastiary. Faces first.

Anonymous said...

Balls made even more of a complete cunt out of himself during his press conference, he couldn't put 2 words together without stammering. Must be taking lessons off McClown.

black hole sunset said...

"Balls made even more of a complete ..."

Balls did indeed sounds like a clumsy, ill-constituted pillock (for obvious reasons).

The only practical, effective and satisfying solutions I can come up with for our current "predicament" all involve fire, wood-chipping machines or some artful combination of the two.

black hole sunset said...

o/t, but this is as good a place as any to share this particular insight (maybe the best place):

Has anyone else noticed that Dick Brownstorm is a literal translation of Richard Brunstrom?

Also, he does look a bit "on the other bus" IYKWIM.

Could this be an instance of nominative determinism? (which would explain a very great deal indeed)

"It refers to amusing instances where people's names suggest key attributes of their jobs, professions, or lives, with the implication that their names have influenced their lives"

The Penguin said...

That cunt Brownstain and his minions cost me £60 and 3 points the other year. And then, by "co-incidence" about 3 weeks after my licence was returned, I got an unsolicited sales pitch for illegal (and probably useless) equipment to make my car "invisible" to speed cameras.

My credibility as to this being co-incidence was strained still further when after getting a ticket on the North Circular, exactly the same thing happened.

Who is selling the information? Makes you long for the database to be up and running!

The Penguin

The Penguin said...

The Penguin

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