Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Children aren't thinking of you.

Leg-iron here, with a story OH tipped over on my place. It's not an isolated incident and to be honest it never was. All that's changed is the reaction of the authorities.

Apologies for length...

Years ago, a town in Scotland had a little sod who was so uncontrollable they actually banned him from the town. He was beyond any redemption. He turned up briefly in Aberdeen but then he went silent. Either the local toughs were out of his league, or he moved on to Peterhead prison. I don’t know.

It happens sometimes. Once in a while someone is born who will do nothing but cause damage and pain to the community. For these people, it doesn’t matter whether their family is rich or poor. It doesn’t matter whether they are educated at Private School for Very Smart Kids or Dead-end Comprehensive Run by Beards or anything in between. It makes no difference at all because they are just plain bad.

Many kids join gangs in their youth. These can range from a group who just hang around together to a group hell-bent on getting into fights with other gangs, to drug dealing, even to killing. Some of those gang members will go on to full criminal activity. Most will grow up and become stockbrokers, window cleaners, train drivers or priests and so on.

For many of those kids kicking up trouble in the estates, there is a reason. Their parents are unemployed and see no hope of employment. Some of their parents aren’t even trying. Many of those kids don’t know who their fathers are. Too many of them were born to gain benefits for Mum, not because they were actually wanted.

In school, they are not taught real skills but social project nonsense that sounds very pretty but is worthless in the world of work. They are told that they are all winners and that they should all be going to University to study knitting, fish filleting and social work. They are not allowed to experience failure. They are not allowed to experience pain. They are not allowed to experience disappointment and they are not taught that some things are not possible for some people. School won’t tell them that they are destined to be road sweepers because they just weren’t born with a good brain. School tells them that they are entitled to be Einstein and if they don’t make it, it’s because someone else is stopping them.

That turns out some pretty twisted kids. Some of those kids see the light and get away from the nonsense they’ve been fed, but many will just sit back on the benefits system. Where’s the shame in that? It’s the family business now. They are Entitled. Teacher said so. These kids feel cheated and angry but most of them can be turned around. The trouble is, it might take a total loss of benefits to do it. Then they’ll see that they can look after themselves after all. Their first attempts will not be pretty but in the end they’ll get the idea.

Among them are those bad influences still. Those born to be bad. Sociopaths, you might call them, and they are not a product of any social or school system. They are a product of a toxic mix of genes. One of their features is an impressive ability to manipulate, and they’ll use that to control their gang of gullible, aggrieved kids. They’ll use it to fool social workers and benefits staff too. They are not stupid. They are totally lacking in conscience, but well supplied with brains. There is no social reason for their behaviour. It’s hard-wired.

One that might fit this description has come to light in Norwich. I visited Norwich once by accident when I fell asleep on a train in the seventies. I was there from about 1 am to 6 am and my enduring memory of the place was that they would not allow me to wait inside the station. I had to shiver outside. Funnily enough, I’ve never been back.

This one used to be in a gang. The other kids in the gang grew out of it and moved on to real life. This one didn’t. Now he brings in like-minded vicious thugs and those he can manipulate to form a new gang. He will continue to do this for the rest of his life because it’s what he does.

The Righteous seek homogeneity. They always have and always will. Multiculturalism means we should all celebrate the same approved festivals whether we believe in them or not. Nobody should smoke. Everyone should have the same waist size. Nobody should drink more than a glass of wine a month. We must all behave the same because the Righteous want us all the same. Much easier to control us once those pesky differences have been deleted.

This makes them blind to genetics. There are differences. Some are born to grow big and strong. Some are born to be scrawny. Some are born with bits missing. Some are born to be intelligent. Those differences are vital to society because while we do need some researchers and innovators, we need those menial jobs done too. They are just as important. Tills need someone to operate them, sewers need maintenance, streets must be swept and nobody will do it if everyone believes they should be running a multinational company. The Righteous insist that everyone is the same when it is obvious to anyone with sense that we are not.

So when one of these seriously bad kids show up, the Righteous cannot accept that this is his natural way. That discipline might help, and if not, it’s a life in and out of prison for this one. No, they say this:

… Superintendent Nick Dean, who heads up policing for the Norwich area, said although he could not comment on the exact case, rather than criminalise children in such situations they were keen to work with young offenders.

He added: “It's easy to charge them and put them to court but we need to try to understand why they did it.

“We need to work with them.”

They need to understand. Not punish. Not discipline. Understand and work with them. Well, understand this, Righteous. The sociopath is not brain damaged. He is usually of higher than average intelligence. You say you won’t punish him and what do you think he does? You say you want to understand him and he’ll spin you a story made of exactly what he knows you want to hear. You are putty in his hands. You won’t be working with him. He’ll be pulling your strings. He will claim his victims started it and you will believe him, and he will carry on doing what he does with your support.

Stop trying to understand the incomprehensible. Whack the little bugger and give him limits, and make clear what will happen when he crosses them. That might, just might, give him a chance to develop into a useful member of society.

Otherwise, Norwich had better read up on the Kray twins and get ready to see it all again.

The Righteous are no match for sociopaths. Like the Righteous, they have no thought for others, but unlike them, they are very clever indeed.

Many thanks Dave and Leg Iron. Christ, where did half a bottle of Jamesons go?


TheFatBigot said...

"Norfolk police said they were aware of the youngsters' crimes, but wanted to work with the child and his family to try and get him to stop, rather than instantly criminalise him."

"Sgt Julie Johnson added: “This is an ongoing piece of work ... we are working with the Youth Offending Team and the Youth Inclusion Support Panel""

Need I say more?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

" Sociopaths, ... One of their features is an impressive ability to manipulate, and they’ll use that to control their gang of gullible, aggrieved kids. They’ll use it to fool social workers and benefits staff too. They are not stupid. They are totally lacking in conscience, but well supplied with brains. There is no social reason for their behaviour. It’s hard-wired.
Spot on OH, years ago my best mate was like that, he was a career criminal for about 5 years, leader of his gang and spent a grand total of 12 months in HMYI having been convicted of ,at the most, 1% of his crimes. He knew how to scam all the systems be they Social Workers, teachers, police, courts, legal aid, probation workers and had nothing but contempt for all the employees thereof.
He would have been even more successful in these touchy-feely times ( he's settled down now btw but only because he finds it more rewarding to manipulate people in 'our normal' world than lowlife criminal losers ).

It is fascinating to watch him do his thing to people.

crackers said...

Young criminals and '...set them limits...'

Doing a spot of soldiering in Africa in 60's I became v friendly with a hard but nice fellow about 26. He had a brush with the law in Joburg - theft plus a bit of assault on a gang member. Anyway in those days assault etc carried mandatory 6 cuts of light cane. Friend said he left the gang and never ever contemplated transgressing such was the pain inflicted. Reoffence rate under 10%.

Anonymous said...

"Sgt Julie Johnson added: “This is an ongoing piece of work ... we are working with the Youth Offending Team and the Youth Inclusion Support Panel"

Fuck off cunts. It's time for proper justice. Your (and their time) is coming you arseholes.

The Last Of The Few said...

What the bloody hell is a youth inclusion support panel????????

Anonymous said...

Muslims are as bad. A DEVOUT Muslim drug dealer who stabbed a dad-of-one to death over a £250 drug debt has been jailed for life.

Cunts the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

What is a 'youth inclusion support panel'?

A piece of shit designed to push the issue into the long grass. Bit like government enquiries. Dumb fucks the lot of them

Anonymous said...

Sociopaths can easily put on different and convincing masks for different people and settings. As you say they can easily have the righteous eating out of their hands, and manipulate them effortlessly. I am sure Baby P's mother could despite the obvious squalor "charm" most of those involved in "protecting" the child. These people know what buttons to press when dealing with the righteous just as they know the intricacies of the benefit system.

The Penguin said...

When I was a youngster this simply would not have been tolerated. The Heartsease Estate was rough as fuck (rent collectors in pairs!) but no one ran riot. It would be stamped on, and if a family could not or would not sort out a tearaway, they'd be advised to leave. Of course, that was before all these human fucking rights making fucking lawyers rich and making it impossible to give a mouthy brat a clip round the ear, twist his arm up his back and march him home to his parents, who would also apply some discipline.

The Penguin

electro-kevin said...

A copy of this needs to be fired off to Norwich police.

The polices' neutrality is scarey in general. And why have they become social workers in recent decades ? That's not their job.

Ampers said...

Hahahaha... in the words of Kevin "Bloody" Wilson (the singer) I use one of his own words...


John said...

Fifty years ago a little cunt like that would not have even got to the magistrates' court.

A couple of rozzers would have taken him up a back alley way and given the little cunt a fucking good hiding.

And they would have continued to do so until such time as he desisted from his activities or pissed off and made someone else's life a misery.

Anonymous said...

Fucking bash the bastards.

Dick the Prick said...

Nice one Leg-Iron. It's all part of the same shit - the fact that so many righteous cunts are employed in none jobs has caused the run on the pound, skinted anyone with savings, crowded out all private investment and will fuck up the next generation. Shoesmith's job is being touted at £200k - for what is a higher administrative role - 60k max.

I don't understand why in most public service managers get more than front line talent. Any cunt can be a manager - "what do you need and how can I help?"

Old Holborn said...

"The next SNAP meeting will take place on the Monday, March 3 at 7pm in the Open Academy in Heartsease."

Anyone else fancy an evening out in Norwich in March?

The Penguin said...

Old Holborn, Nowrich is a lovely city, and Norfolk a beautiful county. The Heartsease is where the enema would be inserted if Norwich was constipated.

Sadly, N&N is still very largely feudal, and this has affected the jobsworths who think they run the local authorities. Jumped up cunts. This is where they have form in prosecuting and fining folk for having the wrong rubbish in the right bin, and the housing official evicted pensioners to steal their bungalow for themself (at a reduced rent).

The Penguin

Chris said...

@Electro-Kevin: the Police as Social Workers thing started to come in during the 80s after Brixton, Toxteth and Broadwater Farm. Instead of taking a leaf from the Army in Ulster and displaying active patrolling presence in the worst shithole estates the Police decided that a softly-softly, intelligence-led, 'Community focused' approach was the answer.
Net result: scrotes rule their estates, decent folk daredn't leave their homes after dark.

Even a generation on the politically-promoted higher echelons are wilfully deaf to the beat coppers saying that none of the jargonic bollocks (PACE, positive discrimination in recruiting, perceived -ism = -ism, the CPS, community policing, community sentencing, etc.) has worked.

The coppers blog books (Copperfield, Inspector Gadget and Ellie Bloggs) all make really depressing reading.

JuliaM said...

"Norfolk police said they were aware of the youngsters' crimes, but wanted to work with the child and his family to try and get him to stop, rather than instantly criminalise him."

I like the way they assume that until he's given the official label, he won't somehow be a criminal. Just what do they think he is now...?

QT said...

OH: If you're taking suggestions for posts, how about a piece on the amount of time and money being spent hunting down a few Spurs fans who had the temerity to sing some un-PC songs at a match?

Mitch said...

string the little bastard up in the city center as a warning to the other scrotes.

microdave said...

As one who was born, and have lived my whole life in Norwich I have to say that the Heartsease is not that bad a place compared to some of the estates in other parts of the city. But of course the main problem lies with Norwich City Council (aka the Kremlin) who have spent £100's of thousands trying to get "unitary status" so they can take over the whole of the city and suburbs. Plenty of Common Purpose influence in there, as with Norfolk Police.

I had considered going to one of the SNAP meetings, but figured it would probably be a complete whitewash. However I would be pleased to pay this one a visit next year if some of you want to travel up, down? to our "Fine City"

P.S Kevin "Bloody" Wilson for edukayshun minister....

Cato said...

The same thing happened at the Broadwater Farm. Local police warned the bosses that things were bubbling but no notice was taken and it was all pooh-poohed.
Happily one female sergeant had the wit to seize the Occurrence Book where all these happenings were recorded...before the bosses got to it.

Anonymous said...

There is some hope for Norwich, a convicted paeodophile was recently found murdered and hidden under building waste on the outskirts of the city, the police have no leads as yet.

Not a single person seems to know a thing about it

Gary Glitter said...


The Penguin said...

Seems to be catching on....

The Penguin

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

The Beast has been to prison (a victimless"crime")
Because of my background and sympathy from prison officers(mostly great blokes) I got put in "pads" with the nicer type of convict.
Now Mr Holborn knows im not some woolly liberal but a lot of those people are conditioned by there pasts, I was shown great kindness by them,two especially Ted and Simom, Ted had shot somebody during and armed robbery,his justification was that the person he shot was a thief wo had taken a job as a security guard.
They gave me shampoo, cheered me up, shared food asked for nothing other than friendship in return.
Total cunts do exist and they should be hung, but most in prison are damaged and need help.
Thats my opinion.
BTW the guy Ted shot lived, it was a long range blast from a shotgun,a bit of a peppering

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

The kiddie fiddler getting his nuts cut off is hilarious (+:
No sympathy for those cunts, I hope they shoved them in his mouth and let him choke on them.

Dixon of Cock Green said...

We're working really, really hard to catch the killer of the paedo. Yeah Guv'nor, same again.

Billy Wallace said...

Anyone else fancy an evening out in Norwich in March?


woman on a raft said...

Further to the Bradford chipshop disaster: the W Yorks police have released the names and photos of the deceased.

Thomas Tilleard, aged 15 of Bradford
Robert Lynn, aged 16 of Bradford
Craig James, aged 17 of Bradford
James McLuskey, aged 21 of Bradford

Dave H. said...

Are you sure that counts as disaster?

Tragedy for their families, no doubt, and bad news for the owner of the chip shop. But for the rest of the population?

woman on a raft said...

Disaster, fo'so. Everyone will have to find another chippy or survive on oven chips. Last thing you want is even more fat-fires where incompetents set fire to their Austrian blinds in an attempt to recreate the authentic chippy experience. (Meaning the chips, not the fire-ball). It's the knock-on effects you've to think about.

Gareth said...

Three of those pictures look to have been taken in a Police station...

Anonymous said...

I don't have any kids of my own (just a couple I borrowed from karen matthews!) but i've trained a lot of dogs in my time and it strikes me that the principles are the same. Rules are set, certain types of behaviour are punished and other types are rewarded. All my dogs cottoned on to these boundaries real quick. Friend's children, stranger's children and nephews and nieces who stray into my vicinity have sudden outbreaks of good manners because they all immediately experience the consequences of behaving badly.

As a youngster, if I was getting up to mischief my old man used to ask me not to do it. If I persisted he would tell me not to do it. If I still persisted he would smack me so hard it made my head spin. Like he said, I gave you 2 chances....

Anonymous said...

Woman on a raft
"the officers who went to the scene have understandably been affected by what they saw and are being supported by colleagues."

So sweet. 4 scrotes who took themselves out. No doubt that road will be assessed as being dangerous " four fatalities " and a 20mph speed restriction will be imposed.

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