Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Apologies for lack of blogging today. I have been officially diagnosed by Ms Old Holborn as having a near terminal case of "Man Flu". She is currently wandering around Farquam Hall in my "Grim Reaper" fancy dress costume, complete with Scythe (the one I always wear at Halloween to wander round the grounds of the local old peoples home) doing bad impressions of a Monty Python film and offering me salmon mousse for tea.


The Penguin said...

Where did you get that photo of my office from?

The Penguin

NB Recommend cognac for man flu

thelastofthefew said...

Ok you take care. I have had near terminal man flu and trust me it was touch and go. Thank god for the remote for the telly or I might have had to end it all be reading nulibore manifesto.
Goodbye cruel world!!!!!

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

You seem to have a Coke habit

black hole sunset said...

Get well soon!

O/T, but amusing, I was flipping through a free magazine while waiting for my regular curry infusion to be prepared when I spotted an advert for a firm of Solicitors in Bradford. I was taken by the menu'esq summary they gave due to lack of advert space (the list below is from their website but it is the same as the one that appeared in the magazine):

• Serious Crime & Fraud
• Terrorism
• Murder
• Conspiracies
• Money Laundering / Confiscation
• Drugs
• Firearms / Arson
• Kidnap
• Sexual Offences
• Assault / GBH / Violent Disorder / Robbery
• Theft / Burglary / Dishonest Offences
• Benefit Fraud
• Road Traffic Offences
• Taxi Licensing & Appeals
• Offences Against the Police

Altaf Solicitors (Manningham Lane, Bradford).
Practice Areas (Crime).

It's good to see the legal requirements of the local population being so comprehensively (and revealingly) provided for.

ranter said...

I too am just getting over 4 weeks of ghastliness. Thank God for Sky+. Trouble is, when you, like me, have to get out and about amongst the working/underclass it prolongs things as most of these people have no idea of basic personal hygiene, they cough and sneeze without placing hands over their mouths, spit etc. My GP, as he reluctantly prescribed antibiotics for my chest infection said (and I'll put it in laymen's terms), said if we ever get a proper flu epidemic we're fucked! I told some rat faced chav off in a post office queue the other day, just put your hand over your mouth, response - fuck off you mug! What you gonna do?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Me too. Guess I should have let you snog me.

wv: dierobi -- I shit you not.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

'man flu' is actually a recognised illness. It goes back to caveman times when the man had to be totally 100% fit when out hunting wooly mammoth. Thus any ailment floored him and he was unable to leave the cave. A sort of built in self preservation device. Cave woman had no such dangers to face, thus the female ability to work through minor illness. Tis true! I swear!

Leg-iron said...

This'll cheer you up. A song about a vicar's visit to a typical inner city home:

Trixy said...

What have you and clown been up to? Dirty boys!!

Get well soon my lovely x

K.McEgan said...

Sorry to hear about your illness.Nah fuck it,catch you later.

Warsteiner said...

Man flu ? no such thing if you turn the central heating off and wear long johns, a vest and smoke golden virginia - trust me it works- not had a cold in 10 years

(mind you wife left me)

mad manc cunt said...

" I told some rat faced chav off in a post office queue the other day, just put your hand over your mouth, response - fuck off you mug! What you gonna do?"

Kick the fuckin' chavs face in then take a long piss on the feral cunt! Some daft cow sneezed all over me the other day. Should have slapped her senseless but I thought fuck it, she's me mum so let it go this once!

Old Holborn said...

Old Holborn does a very neat line in pocket pepper sprays.

One squirt of that and watch the cunt drop to his knees clawing his own eyeballs out.


Have taken to the brandy by the way. expect copiuos rubbish blogging

Anonymous said...

On the most eventful day in Parliament for a long time, you choose a right day to pull a sickie.

Speaker Martin's dismal performance should have been enough incentive to generate your traditional invective.

If Leaders of Haringey's Council / Social Services can be dismissed for their subordinates' operational failures, surely Gorbals Mick should get the shove.

Old Holborn said...

Gorbals should be thrown out the back of fucking Chinook 100 miles off Lands End.

Funny thing is, ZanuLabour will probably be the ones doing it.

Anonymous said...

The salmon mousse!

Get well soon, you prick :-)

it's either banned or compulsory said...

How does the Speaker get the sack ? How come it took so long for it to come out that he let plod ransack Parliament without a warrant ? How would a Magistrates warrant apply within the superior Court anyway ?

Get well soon OH, a few stiff Laphroaigs and some nice pornography should do the trick.

Shirking From Home said...


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Have taken to the brandy by the way. expect copiuos rubbish blogging

So ... no change there!

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