Friday, 26 December 2008

2009, here we go

I must admit, financially, 2008 has been a good year for Old Holborn. Interest rates have gone down, his business is thriving thanks to unlimited public funds, politician’s promises, a collapsing pound and climate change idiots. House prices are crashing and I expect to add a few cheap auction bought properties to my portfolio by the end of next year to boost my pension in old age.

Now let’s look at what 2009 will bring, not for me, but for society in Britain. Let’s look at any lessons that should have been learned in 2008 but haven’t. And the consequences of our actions.

I think I can safely say that if 9 million idiots voted for New Labour last time around, we can expect them to do the same should the gay malicious Cyclops heading up our “Government” even bother to call an election in 2009. They’ve made sure that they have become the number one employer in the UK, taking your taxes and dripping them back to you like some melting heap of stinking lard. That's 7 million votes in the bag before even having to fiddle the rest.

Blue Dave is not going to change anything. He’s had all the chances he’s going to get.

This morning, the very sinister Robert Peston remarked that 2009 is going to be the “end of an era”. Yes, Robert it is. He also mentioned that the future holds an even bigger State as it grabs the burning ruins as fast as it can. And he should know.

Out there are millions of people who weren’t raised by their parents but by Sky TV. They don’t know what to do when it gets tough. They’ve just marched off to the council, or Citizens Advice when an unexpected bill or crisis hit the mat. They’re not used to “dealing with things” because someone else, usually State sponsored, has been on hand to tell them they have ADHD, had a deprived upbringing, should be claiming compensation or blaming someone else.

2009 and going to be an interesting year for them. Because once the State has the power, it isn’t going to help them one iota. They are already planning to allow the bailiffs to break into your house and “restrain” you whilst your debt ridden possessions are plundered. They already want to crush your car, tell you how much to eat, not to smoke, not to drink or swear. This is just a taste.

When they kick off after a long hot summer, there will be enough Police on the streets to put them back in front of Sky TV again. Because private Police companies are being set up with your money to ensure that the power stays where it belongs. Protecting our masters. They won’t be there to save YOU, but god forbid anyone should try to force down the price of petrol or protest within a mile of where the crazy 646 meet and laugh at us. From Community Wardens, PCSO’s and anti terrorist Police to CCTV manned by volunteers and networks of informants, we’ll all be kept in our place.

I’ll be taking a walk again on November 5th, but as usual, I can’t announce it as a demonstration or a protest because then I can’t do it with a mask and I’ll be expected to provide marshalls after I have received “permission” for it to go ahead. Fuck that. I’m not even registered to vote because I seek to become as invisible to the State as possible (£1000 fine for not being registered to vote by the way).

No, I’ll do what I need to do in 2009. I’ll protect me and mine from the ever increasing army of Eastenders and Stella placated ferals who will find their Danegeld a little more thin on the ground. I’ll continue to rely on ME to feed, clothe and generate wealth for my family whilst dodging the pathological urge of our masters to control every waking minute of our lives. I’ll continue to find ways to annoy, insult and hold the 646 to account, to be a pain in the collective arses, to find their weaknesses and exploit them.

I’ll move my throbbing organ offshore before they close me down, like some dissident radio station in East Germany and continue to speak my mind. The irony being it would be easier and safer to set up a blog from East Germany than it would from Essex.

So I ask you to join me in 2009, calling a Hoon a Hoon, causing chaos in the comments section, and not so gently reminding them that whatever they might think or do, the real power remains with us. As long as Eastenders isn’t on.

PS Just heard some finicial expert on the radio telling us that the UK is going to have to export something to make a living next year. Wonder what that will be then?


Shirking From Home said...

Nice one OH. Maybe Snotty and pals will export another war?

Anonymous said...

Great post OH.Keep on going.I believe that the worm will eventually turn and when it does the shit will hit the fan.

Hlysterappy New Year, get pissed.

Kippers Dickie said...

An excellent post OH. I'm with you all the way. What's this "eastenders" thing ...I don't have a telly, or as they say "an Idiot Box", is it something I should be
The polls show a support for brown-shirt at around 30%. Is this the true figure for those on benefits or is this the true figure of people invading our Isle for the
afore mentioned benefits. Where
does he get support? Come to think
of it, where does dave get his
support (Oh yes, bring back hunting
with dogs..!)
Good to see you are still in the land of the living...I thought that
strong drink would have knocked you
out for days..! Happy New Year..

Anonymous said...

Vote Labour Suckers

We will still be in the shit , the only thing which will vary is the fucking depth .

Cunts , each and every one of the bottom dwelling pond life fucking halfwits .

And bring back Robertsons Golliwogs , in fact put them on every thing .. Custard creams , After fucking eights , baked beans , Hoola fucking hoops , penny chews , bread , cans of stella .. you name it stick one on it .. bring on the bastard revolution , and be quick about .

So when we are all being hung , drawn and quartered in Parliament Square , show some bollocks , fuck shouting out 'FREEDOM' shout the fucking truth for once ..... like Ouch that pinched a bit you utter executioner leftie cunt . and then die with absolutely no bastard dignity whatsoever ... that will fucking show em !

Ampers said...

PS Just heard some finicial expert on the radio telling us that the UK is going to have to export something to make a living next year. Wonder what that will be then?

Geoff Hoon? Or old one eye?

An Englishman said...

Seem that by some quirk of fate or coincidence I seem to have booked a day off from work on Nov 5th and had been thinking of having a day out in London perhaps I might go for a walk and see some sights.

Merry Xmas to you and all

Mitch said...

financial expert surely an oxymoron.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Keep on at the Hoons, OH. Happy 2009!!

Fucked up and far from home said...

Unfortunately for me, my year's been shit.
One thing after another they've scored a direct hit
Doubled my Income Tax for starters,
Then they've stolen my pension, Give me their guts, I want some garters!
But it's nice to hear that some do OK,
At the end of another miserable day.
Good luck to you Holborn, and long may you burn,
Please give a little to Age Concern.

I know that this sounds like the old begging letter,
But for many of us it could be so much better.
I've done my bit, I can assure you of that,
But now I've been treated like something they've shat,
So please, all you folks with plenty of wonga,
Help out us poor oldies and let us live longer,
I'm off to bed now, with bell, book and candle,
My Gas bill's just too fucking much for me to handle.

Anonymous said...

''climate change idiots.''

I find it a shame that in your inspiring words of change you choose to disregard an area that is in great a need of transformation, starting first with awareness...

Other than that, Merry Christmas.

Old Holborn said...

Climate change has been happening since the beginning of time

A bit like erosion

I WANT climate change. I'd be really freaked out if after 4 billion years, the Earth stopped changing.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

OH, I think you will like this

Hat Tip Daily Telegraph, no less,

haddock said...

fuck me, he's brave that one.... using words like 'awareness' within earshot of the bunch of hoons that come here.

Bemused Wolf said...

Anon 21.32,

We're WELL aware of climate change, but the free thinkers among us (as opposed to the ones who take the word of the media as gospel.) know that it has been going on since the big bang!

OH, you Sir, as I have said before, are a shining beacon of hope in this ridiculous Country. I have been around your blog for some time now, and have watched in quiet optimism as like-minded people, such as myself, have gathered, and supported you and your MP directed pain-in-the-arsedness!

May 2009 bring forth many more like-minded people, not followers, but free-thinking folks, who have simply had enough.

I too will be taking a stroll on the 5th November, maybe we will bump in to each other.

Gecko said...

Top post OH, and I feel that things are going to change this coming year. I really do feel that a lot of people are going to come unstuck when the shitstorm of economics hits on both sides of the atlantic. If labour are still in power come November then I think I may also need to stroll somewhere.

Anonymous said...

If, the Good Lord Willing, the Tories don't manage to utterly screw up their chances by the next election (providing that bastard unelected PM doesn't invoke emergency legislation to cancel elections and remain in charge until he gets waxed over, like Lenin), then could they get all nu-Liebour and invoke a little emergency legislation for the 'good of the country' to outlaw the Labour party??? Make a nice change to see the biter well and truly bitten... RIPA might mke a nice starter, then leave the eU post Referendum and kick ass big style with all the Nanny State rubbish/Elfin Safety Crap/touchy feeley global wallet-lining etc etc etc .... the list i endles, but I'm sure there is plenty of dosh available if they confiscate the property of all members of Zanu-nu-liebour!!
Oh, pleasey weasey .......

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn ---

I'm surprised with your opinion on climate change. But if the majority of the population of scientists can't convince you then what will? So I won't go all Al Gore on you.

I'm no environmentalist. Fuck the term 'green'. I recycle because it's the correct way to dispose of waste, not because I want to save the planet. But we live in a society and work in industry that was designed for yesterday...

I don't want to go off subject here, I agree with a lot of what you say, apart from this.

Climate change aside. Myth or whatever. A sustainable future is surely a positive thing - less cars, less oil, local produce, healthier living, healthier society. I really don't know how you can argue it...

Thud said...

Why is it the 'correct way to dispose of waste'..have we run out of fucking holes in the ground?

Anonymous said...

Thud, your ignorance gives me a semi-on. Thanks for the input.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with that. I'd prefer to buy non-disposable stuff that keeps working. As for climate change, no brainer. Releasing millions of years worth of buried stuff into the atmosphere is bound to have some effect.
Pity that you don't plan to go for a stroll until another year or so. Nothing to stop others taking in some fresh air before that, though. It's not as if everyone HAS TO wander about at the same time. (Didn't work even with a million). A continued small presence of ramblers would probably be more effective because the 646 would never know when to avoid them.
Nothing stopping people wearing suitable "headwear" when driving around nearby at any time either.
Guy Fawkes can be remembered anytime.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


It's not the "Idiot Box"

It's the "Lobotomy Box"

Michael said...

"But if the majority of the population of scientists can't convince you then what will?"

Majority? Now you're just plain lying! Only those in pay of governments believe it, and have you forgotton about the Manhatten declaration???

Exile in KL said...

OH and all right (ie proper!) thinking persons, if the shit flying about eventually is too great for the fan to twirl, then just say bugger it, walk away and come and live here and join a certain ex-PM on the bloggy ranty trail. Lots of fun still to be had - and it's a lot cheaper and warmer here than in ancient London!

PS: Any of you lot going "walkies" on NY Eve? Bound to be lots of folks loitering around admiring Nelson! And, as far as I am aware it is still not yet illegal to wear masks to see in the new year.

Anonymo said...

Anonymous 26 December 23:49

Come on then give up Your car, today, take it to the dump, have it crushed and proudly wear the certificate.

Recycle all you want mate but even China doesn't want our 2nd hand rubbish anymore, not even for free so guess where much of your oh-so-carefully-segregated stuff goes ?

Landfill, that's where.

crackers said...

Under Brown Govt take of GDP has rocketed from 37.5% to 42.5% and this will increase to 44%. Public services remain third world despite the avalanche of money. Middle England voters, desrting Con Party, put Blair/NuLab in power.
These turncoats, savers and pension stakeholders, will abandon their fuckwit experiment with NuLab's cheating incompetent self serving scum. Their prudence bought them nought. Their reward from Brown is to stack Tesco shelves until 75.
Labour will be thrown out at next election. Many Middle England Lib/Dems will vote Cons as only hope of rescuing pensions and savings.
Osborne will inherit a bankrupt Treasury, rising interest rates, return of inflation and an enfeebled privare sector. 10-15% of independent schools will go out of business. Gold will reach $1500. BoE will print money. US$ will collapse. Savings will be destroyed. Gilt investors will be repain with junk money. We will be the new Weimar Republic.
Dig up your lawn and grow vegetables. Anyone under 35 fuck off to Australia or Far East or Zimbabwe.

mikey said...


Nice post OH. I will be with you again on November the 5th. Fuck them all to hell. If Gordon thinks he will have a long and happy retirement he be wrong. Not on my watch will that cunt have anything of the sort.

mikey said...

Exile in KL said...OH and all right (ie proper!) thinking persons, if the shit flying about eventually is too great for the fan to twirl, then just say bugger it, walk away.

Nice one KL. You walked away did you? then stay the fuck away and let those with the cojones remain and actually do something constructive. Selfish and spineless.Not anything I'd want on my CV.

Maximusbilious said...

Anoyamouse thinks ..

Maybe polishing off 11 bottles of vintage 1972 gold label was not such a bad idea after , Recycling and holes in the ground to dump ones carefully sorted god shit from bad shit ... you may be aware, or you might not be - 213k Darvez the door to Hell .. now thats one fucking big fiery fucking way of getting rid of unwanted bits and bobs .... well the enviro- mental fucking ists certainly kept this one quite .... but not for much longer , and if one is wondering as to how come its ablaze , its because the Uzbekistanis lit it after smellng Methane gas from a test drilling hole.

Oh that was a Forest Gump moment for fucking sure.


KL from Kuuallah Lumper .. thanks

Daisy said...

this year just sucked for the most part...kept waiting for it to be over...since about may...just glad it's over with...i couldn't care less if people profit or not to be all balances in the end...about the only good thing that did happen this year was going to the UK and meeting with friends...and i am personally glad it's almost done!

Maximusbilious said...

Now i most certainly am Maximusbilious,

Now apart from Kerry and the rest of her nausea inducing shower of shit she calls colleagues .. and my My Mother outlaw Dementia Lil , i would like to think that i am easy going .. but there are times when it all becomes just a tad too much to bear ..

As a council official with responsibility for helping the homeless, Kristine Reeves knows how much people value their homes.

Which makes it difficult to explain how she came to play a key role in evicting frail and elderly tenants from their bungalows - then moved into one with her partner.

The £52,000-a-year head of neighbourhood and strategic housing was just one of 18 council employees who took up residence in former sheltered accommodation at the Greyhound Opening site in Norwich.

What a total Cunt .

Harrithebastard said...

Told you i was indecisive , and now i am not too sure .

So i will revert back to Harrithebastard, AKA Maximusbilious .

Its on fucking interest to anyone i know but its makes it harder for Mrs Harrithebastard to keep a track of me.

Anyway is it just me or can anyone else NOT see the problem with the report below ..?

A month-long study into drinking habits in the soap Emmerdale showed the equivalent of eight pints of beer and a measure of spirits were consumed in an average episode and all 37 characters had at least one drink.
Researchers from Derby University studied the drinking behaviour of all the adult characters over one month - 20 half-hour episodes - and counted an average of 17 units of alcohol were downed on each program.

?? Just for the fucking record ITV the poor lost half witted souls that actually watch this shit , quaff more than that during the bastard adverts , it makes it just about bearable then to wade through the second half of this crock of shit soap mare .

The Penguin said...

Old Holborn,

I shall continue to make your blog required reading in 2009.

The Penguin

Harrithebastard said...

Daisy said ..
this year just sucked for the most part ?

I think i married the wrong women !

i hate labour said...

I hate the shit browns now and will in 2009,2010, in fact as long as I live!

Tuscan Tony said...

Well written, and hard to fault post OH.

Harrithebastard said...

i hate labour said...
I hate the shit browns now and will in 2009,2010, in fact as long as I live!

27 December 2008 10:32

If it makes you feel any better , let me just say this .

If you were to put ALL the Politicians in a very big sack and hang them from a hook , then took a very big pointy stick and stuck it anywhere into the hanging sack , you would have stabbed the right one !

Question to my most learned friends .

Is it just me or do Jehovah Witnesses not have a sense of humor , i am only asking because two ladies knocked on my door a short while ago and reliably informed me that all is well in the world with them because they had ' Jesus inside them' . all i said back was ' well lucky fucking Jesus' .. they just turned around and fucked off without so much as a bye or leave ..

Jesus most certainly will not be wanting me for a sunbeam ..

Thank fuck for that ! bring on the fire and brimstone ... i have fucking worked hard enough for it .

Daisy said...

harrithebastard...on your comment 10:19...i have said that as well with the wo- prefix...

on 10:53...thanks for the tip on how to get rid of them...i usually just shut the door on them knowing i will go to hell with my bottle of bombay...fuck it if they can't take a joke!

JD said...

'Climate change' is bollocks:

Have a warm and pro$perous New Year, JD.

The Grime Reaper said...

Our kids are being lined up and sorted, ready to be dumped into holes in the ground.......

We need to stop them NOW.......not next year...........

Words are no good, this Gummit needs removing NOW..........

Harrithebastard said...

Just one pint of beer a day increases the risk of liver and bowel cancer by a fifth, drinkers have been warned.

A large glass of wine or a double measure of vodka or gin can have the same damaging effect and zero alcohol is the safest way to avoid cancer, say scientists. ?

Well I for one had better say Cheerio now then , its been short knowing you all but very sweet all the same .

ATB to OH and whoever .

Anonymous said...

Anon on (climate) change

Woah, I am amazed with your guys views on climate change! I read a number of links you gave me - paranoia from a small minority. But whatever, I'm not here to convince you climate change exists.

But your views do seem of those set in their ways, pissed off since you found out about a possible 'green tax' and I don't blame you. That's bullshit. They get enough money to do what needs doing.

I'm just surprised, so keen for some change yet so irrespective of the environment. Like I said, whether climate change is true or not, there are double the amount of human beings since the 60's, change is needed, as human beings we have forgot our role on this planet. This change you all want starts with a change in consumerism, industry and yes, awareness. Like it or not it's a problem that needs fixing.

I'm all for calling out the bullshit marketing term that is 'green' but I think you would be ignorant to think that is all it is. Global warming aside, if you believe 620 million cars in the world, pumping co2 in the air is a positive thing...

... But yeh, don't want to go all 'environmentalist' on you. I'm not interested in the debate on climate change, I'd still make my argument whether it existed or not. And fair enough, you get pissed off that the government tells you you can't smoke where you'd like, but getting pissed off because they tell you to dispose of your plastics in a correct manner. Come on. Get a grip.

Goodnight Vienna said...

What are we going to export in 2009? How about people - those who've had enough and decide to take their chances elsewhere? The government is just too big and too far removed from its original purpose. Yes, we need a national defence force (Armed Forces); yes, we need a force to track and lock up crims (Police Force) and yes we need a Bank of England to regulate finance. What we don't need is some fuckwitted retards telling us what to do. Power to your elbow OH.

Anonymous said...

I've never actually read the comments on this site. But am amazed of OH influence on everyone. OH pulls it off, you don't. As cool and honorable being rebellious is at the end of the day a lot of you just sound... British, olympic gold in moaning.

But he is your leader and you've lived a life of being told what to do so I don't blame you, but please, at least put in an effort, a bit of originality and individualism goes a long way.

Old Holborn said...


The State is going to become HUGE in the next two years. It will nationalise everything it can.

Watch them.

I listened to Radio 4 this morning and heard the quote of the year.

"If you are paying people to be poor, you will never run out of poor people"

New Labour loves the poor.

Listen again

Aparently child poverty is where a child lives in a household where after ALL the bills have been paid, there is less than £270 a month to spend on fags and Stella. There have been plenty of times in my life where I've only had a tenner t last me a week. Idiots.

Exile in KL said...

Mikey 8.26: So would you please be good enough to enlighten all us interested readers just exactly what you are going to DO? Apart of course from ambling down to the post office to cash your giro. We would welcome asmuch detail as possible so as to be able to follow your lead.

Goodnight Vienna: (Nice place I ws ther a few weeeks ago and loved it!)
For you info in case you missed it above, that Mikey bloke does not approve of folks like us who actually DID something about it and left. As my old grannie used to say - There's none so blind as them as will not see..

Maximusbillious - we be berdsovafevvamate.. :-)

Harrithebastard said...

Anon 12.17
I'm all for calling out the bullshit marketing term that is 'green' but I think you would be ignorant to think that is all it is. Global warming aside, if you believe 620 million cars in the world, pumping co2 in the air is a positive thing..

Perhaps you can help me out here . Lets get one thing straight here right from the start of my re-education on Co2 emissions from your learned self, the Selfish little elf like twats who call themselves Plain stupid .. if i was one of those who was unfortunate enough to have been delayed due to the Plain stupid fuckwits childlike 'look at me' attitude , and i had the opportunity to sit down with them and have a chat , i would now be facing life in pokey ... so thats my general feelings for those twats out of the way.

But , Saving the planet and all that , i am all for sensible recycling , bring it on , but as your statement points out pumping out Co2 ' it can not be good for the planet .. maybe , maybe not , but the fucking hypocrisy of our Ruling elite is, to not put too finer a point on it beyond fucking staggering, my question is this .... why is it apparently perfectly okay for top gun 'Mad dog ' love the III or Brian ' Busby ' Horatio to fly thousands of sorties day in and day out spewing millions of tons of CO2 into the already ( allegedly) struggling atmosphere to bomb the crap out of some rag head or other so we can all feel safe and protected ? whilst allegedly killing the planet ? something somewhere just don't add up .

It sort of makes putting your empty noodle pots in one bin and your empty stella cans in another a bit bastard irrelevant ..

Harrithebastard said...

Maximusbillious - we be berdsovafevvamate.. :-)

Touche KL touche

Now settles on Harrithebastard

The kids were bored, so without my wife being in the same part of the house, the offspring and i had a family meeting and they came up with something more attributed to my personality .. hence Harrithebastard ..

Harsh i know but the eldest being 13 and the youngest reaching the grand age of 5 i thought they made a particularly good choice .

Anonymous said...

Harrithebastard said...

I agree... I'm not the government, I don't believe they're doing it right, the only way it will be done right is when it ends up making people money.

Harrithebastard said...

Anonymous said...
Harrithebastard said...

I agree... I'm not the government, I don't believe they're doing it right, the only way it will be done right is when it ends up making people money.

27 December 2008 13:13

I requested your help and advice .. now i am even more fucking confused ... making money out it ??
I'm sorry , ! but its all about the money , That old Nobel prize winner and all round multi billionaire Al Bore appears to not be struggling too much .. and as for the Wars ... money ... money ... Wars ..

And we are all ..... Suckers .

End of .

And what about the Darvaz Door to hell it .
I don't see Plain Stupid and there Lentil munching uckfwitted mates pitching there tents in Uzbecki fucking stan... do you . if i was unfortunate enough to suffer from a crippling disease and end up with irreversible brain damage and had to live the rest of my life dribbling and resembling a Brussels Sprout .. the first thing i would do is join Plain stupid .. i would have all the credentials required in more than a fucking abundance. and i too would be around the camp fire with my new found, full fuck wit mates giving it some very large Zen .

Anonymous said...

"PS Just heard some finicial expert on the radio telling us that the UK is going to have to export something to make a living next year. Wonder what that will be then?"

We have a large surplus of CUNTS we should export...


Anonymous said...

Ok ok, I'm not 100% what you want from me Harris? It seems as though you want to be told what to do, just not by the goverment...

Truth is what we do is really going to make very little difference. It unfortunately has to come from the top. But we do live in a democracy, no matter what you say, we vote everyday. When you buy that cucumber wrapped in pointless plastic, when you choose to buy your meat at Tesco instead of your local butcher, when you choose to drive your car 5 minutes up the road instead of getting off your lazy ass, when you buy a pointless piece of crap that you know will last no less than a year... You are voting, you are agreeing with this lifestyle. Without going too JFK on you, it's not about what you can do for the planet, it's about what you can do for yourself.

I can't give you an answer as to why the government say's do A but then they do B... Am I right in thinking you don't want to make an effort because this guy isn't making an effort? This is the sort of attitude that deserves a slap, grow some balls, fuck the government, you hate them anyway right, so why do you care? If they were bombing 'rag heads' with energy efficient vehicles you'd be happy?

I'd like to offer you some help and advice, but I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, spell it out for me.

Jase said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

p.s. Harrithebastard - Please use correct and effective English. Don't mean to nag or go off subject, but you write like a fucking retard. Makes for an unpleasant reading experience. But I'm sure you couldn't give a fuck about that. Cheers.

Harrithebastard said...

Anonymous said...
p.s. Harrithebastard - Please use correct and effective English. Don't mean to nag or go off subject, but you write like a fucking retard. Makes for an unpleasant reading experience. But I'm sure you couldn't give a fuck about that. Cheers.

Let me think about that for a second ... No still don't give a fuck .

Anyway back to topic .. if its good enough for them its god enough for me , if we are in so much peril and are about go on the endangered species list , then fuck the cars and lorries and the likes .. lets all buy a fucking horse and cart and live like the Amish ..

I can see the headline now .. last night in South London there was an Amish drive by shooting , witnesses claim to have seen fuck all but heard ..

Clip clop , clip clop , bang , clipclopclipclopclipclop.

Retard am i .. well my kids did not think of that , thanks , its back around the table again .. i like that .. i like it a lot .

Anonymous said...

Ok you're not a retard, I apologise, back to subject...

A lot of what you just said was just too extreme and irrational to comment on. I don't even understand your Amish comment? Maybe it was just an attempt at humour.

A sustainable future is not something you should fear. My reason for my comments is because I am so surprised at OH's following reaction to the words 'climate change'.

Harrithebastard said...

Anonymous said...
p.s. Harrithebastard - Please use correct and effective English. Don't mean to nag or go off subject, but you write like a fucking retard. Makes for an unpleasant reading experience. But I'm sure you couldn't give a fuck about that. Cheers.

And another thing , whist i am not in the habit of insulting anyone but my Mother Outlaw and every Labour MP , i will not use the OH site to spout forth personal insults ... but .

I am assuming that you are considerably younger in years than myself , so i can only give this possible scenario.

If we were two Bulls at the top of a field , you being the younger bull whilst i would be the elder .

I can imagine you saying lets run down there and shag one of them cows , whilst i would reply .... NO lets walk down there and shag em all .

See we are all wise in our own unique ways , even you .

Happy new year to you anyway .

Goodnight Vienna said...

Well, I think OH should be applauded. It took a while for Guido to be bombarded by paid trolls but OH has been monitored from the beginning. Given Burnham's article today, it seems the war of the internet is on. Imagine a world without the internet if you can.

Fwiw - My pseudonym, 'Goodnight Vienna', means we've lost our way and everything is fucked in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland unless we fight back.

Old Holborn said...


"Imagine a world without the internet"

The internet is just faster communication between citizens. Every invention that has increased the speed of communication has always been dreaded and feared by the Masters, from Roman Graffiti to the printing press and the burning of books.

Nothing changes, nothing will change. Human nature of those in power is always to listen to what we are saying, not what we say.

There will be controls on blogs, just as our emails are already read and our phone calls listened to, our news censored and our TV "programmed" and "restricted"

What I'm interested in is HOW they are going to do it. Everyone who broke rules in the past either ended up in prison or dead for speaking their minds.

I look forward to being the first UK blogger jailed for speaking my mind, although I suspect there are greater contenders for that honour. Whether they know it yet, of course, is another matter.

bofl said...

i am going to add to uk exports in 2009 by leaving!

the problem is,where should i go?

maybe vietnam-nice beaches and they still hate the yanks........

not that i dislike the americans in general-just their corrupt govt..
ame as here really but less commies.

bofl said...


last line shd be :Same as here really but less commies.

Anonymous said...

Hey OH, what "age rating" is your site going to have (LOL)?

woman on a raft said...

our phone calls listened to

Pity the poor bastard who gets to monitor me wittering about my relatives. His brain will be running out of his ears like out-of-date Brie after the first eleven hours. An East Enders omnibus will be like a blessed relief compared to that punishment posting.

Anonymous said...

'the UK is going to have to export something to make a living next year. Wonder what that will be then?'

I could use a slave or two.

max the impaler said...

Climate change..fact, from year zero.
Computer models..bullshit.Can make them tell you anything that you want.
One billion Chinese want to drive a will not stop them.
No public transport, so you put the Super markets and factory estates way out on the other side of town, beyond a bikeable distance...
Ever tried getting on a crowded bus with a weeks shopping.You are about as popular as herpes.
It's all some bizarre fantasy.But please, before we reduce this country to the economic level of Rumania, don't follow the Al Gores and all the other mega-rich bastards on their ego trips, because when the chips are down the Goldsmiths,the Mandlesons, and the Rothschilds will be on their privately owned islands surrounded by enough firepower to sink the Eisenhour, and you, you will praying your beetroot crop hasn't failed and that you can find enough fuel for a fire for the night.

Goodnight Vienna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Goodnight Vienna said...

OH, you're quite right, except we've never before had so many rules to abide by. Call them what you will: rules, laws, regulations, bye-laws, & common law - they all add up to a mesh of regulation and taxation.

A censored internet means submit or fight when push comes to shove.

Anonymous said...

What don't we start a campaign of "Up yours, 646's"?

According to wiki at the last election,_2005

At the last election, the difference in votes cast between Labour and the Tories was about 700,000 on a 61% turnout.

If a small percantage of 39% who couldn't be @rsed voting, turned up and spoiled their voting papers by writing on it "Up yours 646's" and it was enough to tilt the balance between the the first and second party it would be a major blow to the moral legitimacy of winning party.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn @ 27 December 2008 14:43

The blogger Lionheart is currently facing trial for the views about Militant Islam he posted on his blog.

The Gorematator said...

Since when did a bunch of climate change twats start reading old holborn and posting as anonymous? Fuck off to the Guardian you cunts.

mad manc hoon said...

Climate change is real. Its happening right now people. How very fuckin' dare you question the validity of this. How do I know its happening? Father fuckin' Christmas told me two nights ago and he was told by the easter bunny, thats how. Said if we keep drinking alcohol and eating rich food we will fart the bastarding world into a furnace of hell like proportions. Soon the polar bears will have no where to shit, woe is me!

AntiCitizenOne said...

If anyone isn't aware by now that "Climate Change" is a big scam then their probably stupid enough to vote labour.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Co2 is airborne plant-food, not pollution.

It hangs around for 8 years on average before being recycled by chlorophyll (the green compound). It's effect is also logarithmic i.e. it's effects are quickly maxed out.

It's only 0.003% of the atmosphere.

I'm more worried about the chance of anything that Atlas Shats says coming true than CO2 being harmful

Anonymous said...

How you lot make me laugh. Your as ignorant as the rest of them.

''Said if we keep drinking alcohol and eating rich food we will fart the bastarding world into a furnace of hell like proportions''

You linked this with climate change?! You might as well be brain washed!

A sustainable future involves a lot more than fucking climate change. If it's a change in society and government you wish for, sustainability should be your best friend, you guys are starting to sound like a bunch of past it old boys that love to moan. Oh yeh, the Gaurdian joke, originality at it's best; you watch too much Have I Got News For You son.

Whether we are the result of climate change I can't say for sure, and to be honest I don't care, fact is over the last 100 years our impact on the planet has been anything but positive.

I like the whole 'fuck you' attitude/vibe going on here though, it works for you, at the end of the day you can hide behind your ignorance and just think of the good old days or the way it should be and moan how people are stopping you from smoking/drinking your life away.

But I'm not going to change any opinions here, there's little point in trying. Can't teach old dogs new tricks. But thanks for the insight of the OH fan base, I just hope OH himself isn't so set in his ways, maybe he can tell you guys to loosen up a bit? I'll let you guys get back to what you're doing, there's probably a re-run of Dad's Army on or something, Xmas special and all that. Keep up the moaning boys, do us Brits proud.


mikey said...

Exile in KL said...
Mikey 8.26: So would you please be good enough to enlighten all us interested readers just exactly what you are going to DO? Apart of course from ambling down to the post office to cash your giro. We would welcome asmuch detail as possible so as to be able to follow your lead.

I'm doing plenty thank you very much. I don't cash a giro and I still live in the country you fucked off from you stupid fucking cunt. Your opinion became worthless in this discussion when you gave up and left.

phoebe said...

2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved

Easily one of the most important stories of 2008 has been all the evidence suggesting that this may be looked back on as the year when there was a turning point in the great worldwide panic over man-made global warming. Just when politicians in Europe and America have been adopting the most costly and damaging measures politicians have ever proposed, to combat this supposed menace, the tide has turned in three significant respects.

First, all over the world, temperatures have been dropping in a way wholly unpredicted by all those computer models which have been used as the main drivers of the scare. Last winter, as temperatures plummeted, many parts of the world had snowfalls on a scale not seen for decades. This winter, with the whole of Canada and half the US under snow, looks likely to be even worse. After several years flatlining, global temperatures have dropped sharply enough to cancel out much of their net rise in the 20th century.

phoebe said...


Secondly, 2008 was the year when any pretence that there was a "scientific consensus" in favour of man-made global warming collapsed. At long last, as in the Manhattan Declaration last March, hundreds of proper scientists, including many of the world's most eminent climate experts, have been rallying to pour scorn on that "consensus" which was only a politically engineered artefact, based on ever more blatantly manipulated data and computer models programmed to produce no more than convenient fictions.

Thirdly, as banks collapsed and the global economy plunged into its worst recession for decades, harsh reality at last began to break in on those self-deluding dreams which have for so long possessed almost every politician in the western world. As we saw in this month's Poznan conference, when 10,000 politicians, officials and "environmentalists" gathered to plan next year's "son of Kyoto" treaty in Copenhagen, panicking politicians are waking up to the fact that the world can no longer afford all those quixotic schemes for "combating climate change" with which they were so happy to indulge themselves in more comfortable times.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so lets say climate change is a myth, then what, we should just continue polluting the earth?

Whether climate change happens to be true or not you can't deny the effects that we, non-scientists, can see with our own eyes. e.g. The smog of crap that surrounds my city, air quality, the rise in cases of asthma within children, the demise of local produce... I could go on. For me, this is evidence enough that we need change.

If climate change doesn't happen to be true but it gets people to dispose of their waste correctly, stop consuming pointless shit they don't need, gets them out of their car and start living a life in a society that is aware and respectful of our environment then I couldn't give two shits as to whether Co2 is the cause of climate change.

Whether CC is a myth or not we still need to make developments in new and efficient energy sources, it is simple human and technological development, fossil fuels are old, they are dated, we have equally effective alternatives. The only reason there is such slow development and resilience to us moving on is oil. It is a burden to our species and the sooner we decrease our dependency on this black gold the better.

mad manc cunt said...

Anon 00:12..

Do you feel better now for getting that off your chest? Good lad. Now fuck off and bore someone else!


Chalcedon said...

Good one OH.

I'm expecting to be in London next 5th November. I'll be on foot too.

mikey said...

mad manc cunt said...
Anon 00:12..

Do you feel better now for getting that off your chest? Good lad. Now fuck off and bore someone else!



word verification was prost. I wish it had been Proust. :o(

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