Sunday, 14 December 2008

£130 Million spent on Jack Straws Office

Here we go again, another day and another huge amount of taxpayers cash spunked up against the wall.

The Prime Minister Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, sorry James Gordon Brown today said that crime will be reduced by the building of the Golden House sorry Jack Straws new office.

Like his famous political namesake Gordon has wasted millions on games for the plebs which will have little financial benefit for the nation other than to take the minds of the plebs and proles off of their woes.

Opposition politicians and union leaders have expressed astonishment at the cost of the project to create a new home for Justice Secretary Jack Straw and his staff.

The remodelling of the concrete tower block, next to St James' Park in London, cost £915 a square foot to complete – around 18 times more than a standard refurbishment would cost in the private sector.

In addition to the refurbishment costs, £2,745,000 was lavished on new furniture and fittings for the offices and £290,000 was spent on artwork.

Nick Herbert, the shadow justice secretary, said: "A Government that prioritised public safety might have used this money to prevent the early release of prisoners.

Instead they've spent a staggering sum on a new palace for the Lord Chancellor.

"When ministers are demanding cuts in prison and courts budgets, such lavish spending on their own offices will intensify questions about the value of a new department which is clearly failing to live up to its own name."

From the outside, the Ministry of Justice offices look no different from when the Home Office moved out of the same building in 2005.

Harry Fletcher assistant general secretary of the probation union NAPO, condemned the expense.

"This is a colossal waste of taxpayers' money. This is an extraordinary sense of priorities," he said.
"At the same time as they are spending a huge amount of money on refurbishing this building, they are about to cut the probation budget by £120m and shed 3,000 prison jobs, all of which will lead to more reoffending and more victims.

"Lavish refurbishment seems more important to ministers than reducing crime."
In October this year leaked documents revealed secret plans to cut 10,000 jobs over the next three years at the Ministry of Justice and its agencies.

Official documents indicated that 3,000 jobs would go from the Prison Service, more than 3,100 in the courts and more than 1,300 in probation.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said the "rationalisation" of its estate would bring "substantial future savings".

New offices and artwork whilst the nation falls apart. A case of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burns. Still at least Brown has not killed off his mother....yet.

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. - Cicero - 55 BC

"A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy, which is the sign of a weak government" - Gordon Brown, 1995


Cato said...

Oh, that Cicero knew a thing or two!

deeply depressed said...

This is the same useless Government that refused to build more prisons from 1997 so we ended up with prisoners being released half through their sentence. The same Government that bought in the system of 'cautions, warnings, final warnings etc etc whilst completely fucking up the Police Force then bought in the Human Rights Farce which simply releases scum onto the streets and pays lawyers millions in my poxy tax money. They truly hate us but as far as I can see they think they are safe and secure away from the masses. Time this changed and we get the message across.

microdave said...

It's beginning to look as if they know full well their days are numbered, and they intend to f**k things up completely for who ever takes over.

Dick the Prick said...

Whelk anyone?

Ampers said...

The public gets the government they deserve. NuLab would have never have got in without the middle class vote.

And by the look of the polls, they are heading to vote the same way again.

So they will deserve NuLab again.

I only feel sorry for the majority here and at Guido's, they will also suffer.

But I bet they have already prepared for the worse, which is more than the great unwashed have.

Dick the Prick said...

Ampers man - you are proper old school aren't ya? Got brought up by dignified parents, raised your kids the right way - taught them wrong from right, worked all your life. I proper admire your sense of humour man. Respect from a bloody angry Yorkshireman. Have a good Christmas buddy.

I've been pretty good at calling elections since 87 but as we're all slowly working out - what the fuck does it matter? When you find yourself reading Atlas Wanked and thinking, well, there's got to be a riot surely?

Rogerborg said...

I'm pretty sure that Hitler got pretty fussy about the decor in the Bunker while the Red Army was shelling Berlin.

AngryDave said...

I doubt that the cuts in the court and prison system will be from the desk jockey's who get paid vast amounts of money to sit around and do fuck all.
What is more likely is that they will cut the numbers of us walking the landings, and make it even more dangerous for us. But, as long as the governor has it's smt to sit around drinking coffee and telling them everything is ok, they will continue to not care.

There should be job cuts in the court and prison system, to get rid of all the liberal dickheads. The entire smt, which grows anualy, costs as much as the wing staff. There are hundreds of us, and a handful of them.
What they should be doing is cutting the smt by two thirds, and get rid of the half the teachers. The teachers have no security awareness, and get paid nearly twice what i do to sit around playing hangman and watching dvd's with the scummers.
They could then stick an extra officer on every wing for every shift, and still save money.

Slumgullion said...

Oi, who nicked Abraham Lincoln's beard?

Mitch said...

A monument to monumental stupidity and nulab thinking, It matters not the result just get good headlines.

The Penguin said...

They have lots of practice on over spending,

The Penguin

Dave said...

If any proof was needed that we've descended to the level of a third world African dictatorship then this is it.
A corrupt government building new palaces every year, driving along potholed roads in armour plated limousines, kept in power by bribery and corruption and a strong army.

That's all that's missing- the strong army. Gordo's out canvassing their support even as we speak. The cost of new quarters will be unswerving loyalty to Zanulab and the willingness to fire on your own people.
God it's Monday morning at 10.30 and I feel like this alreadyy

Daisy said...

aren't you asking a bit much to have people start working who have been on assistance...i know since we went to the 5 years for a lifetime of assistance here, it has caused all sorts of we just support them through homeless programs...i don't know if there is a real solution anymore...i think both of our governments have created so much dependency that we are programed to fail either way...

Chris said...

The Ming dynasty, Louis XIV, the Romanovs, the Easter Island moai builders. We've seen this before...

black hole sunset said...

Mediocrity + jargon = failure (to paraphrase a recent headling in something or other). No surprise to find Straw mixed up in something like this - after all, he does hail from the "shify creep" school of realpolitik. Nice picture of Gordo with a "Queer Eye" pursing of the lips and that vacant long-distance stare into some fantasy universe where he isn't a credulous halfwit.

o/t but part of the overall picture, Crass Gordon plumbs new depths: Stable Palestinian economy crucial, says Brown

"Establishing a viable Palestinian state with a stable economy and flourishing private sector is a crucial part of this process," he said.

Without fucking a hint of irony too, I'll bet. How about a stable British state you Faggian Society drone?

K.McEgan said...

Deeply Depressed Dont be an idiot.Granny Smith gets time for holding up a Stop The War placard while Jones The Mugger gets a conditional sentence.THere would be more prison places if there were fewer political prisoners.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"18 times more than a standard refurbishment would cost in the private sector."
Surely something for the National Audit Office to look at or have they been knackered too ?
I drove to Heathrow and back the other day without a cigarette, happy in the knowledge that I was denying income to the Chancellor.

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