Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Your children in Debt

On Monday, Brown decided to saddle each British household with a £40,000 debt by 2013 with interest payments collected through the tax system for decades. This will be Brown’s legacy to Britain.


The Penguin said...

Dontcha just love this new blacke magicke?

The Penguin

The Hitman said...

And those that want to get a job will have a college debt to go with it.

And those that don't want to work will allow others to pay.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

YouTube embed code can be found here.

electro-kevin said...

Of course you'll need a degree to work in a chippy.

I'm hoping my boys will have the sense to leave. Even Blue Eyes (mild mannered and every optimistic) is seeing the light.

Why on Earth should our youth stay to pay for our failures ?

Rab C Nesbit said...

I hope the cunts who voted them in 11 years are pleased with themselves.

Old Holborn said...


fuchsia groan said...

I actually cried when I read this morning the gap between NuLiebour and the Tories has closed to 4 points. I think the entire nation is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Beam me up scotty said...

Laughed out loud at the daily mash, 'darling hopes to have public borrowing paid off by the time star trek becomes reality'

Anonymous said...

fuchsia groan said...

I read the blog,it's geeks and betting but the info is just great,they appear to say that most of Labour votes come from Scotland in this poll and are not to sure what the people of England really think,it's a trawl as the comments can get up to 400 or more
sorry OH for advertising.
still love this blog OH.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of fucking wankers.

Anonymous said...

This is the same bunch of cunts who USED OUR money to prop up the banks and now saddle my children too poverty.

Anonymous said...

When will the revolt start and how?.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Fucking hell
At least due to the overactive and fertile loins of Old Holborn there are six more souls to pay my pension.
Fuck that
I will be somewhere warmer and soaping my bollocks in the sea sometime soon.
We dont even have glogal warming to look forward to in this shithole of a country.
Cough the job as to who you are just so as I can get on Limewire and deprive you of some royalties.
Youre the rubber pant wearing poof from erasure?

John Pickworth said...

You know how Gordon said we were "the best placed country"?

He was fibbing.

Here's what the Yanks are saying about us: America’s Debt to Income Ratio as Compared with Other Countries

"The United Kingdom is an interesting economy in particular because its aggregate consumer debt alone ($2660 US Billion) is roughly equal to the nation’s total GDP. In this sense, the UK is just like your friend that spends exactly what they make, or even beyond their means to try and impress his/her friends. This is worse than living month to month – it’s like living a month to two months behind! And now, the UK is accumulating new debt at a faster rate than the economy. If the UK were a private citizen, it might be time for him/her to sell off what they can and move to Panama, or declare some type of bankruptcy."

And this was written before Gordon's latest piece of creative borrowing!

Gosh, don't know about you... but I'm missing those reassuring days of Wilson and Callaghan. At least we had a Navy and a bomber wing back then.

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