Thursday, 20 November 2008

Who would use a stolen database?

(Leg-iron here, stealing space on OH's blog because I've already filled mine with its daily allocation of gibberish).

First, as will soon be required by law, here's my declaration of interest: I am third-generation immigrant. I am white. I am male. I am heterosexual. If the BNP's manifesto were implemented tomorrow I wouldn't be booted out of the country. Once the first wave of cleansing was completed, they would turn to heritage - how many generations has your family been here? Only three? Out you go. I have no illusions of safety based on skin colour. I also have friends who are not white-skinned but whose families have been here much longer than mine. So I am not a BNP supporter, before all you Righteous get your blood pressure up. I don't support them. I do support an even-handed and fair application of law. For everyone.

I also have no political affiliation. I'm not a member of any party.


I mentioned the use of the database of the Devil's disciples before, but there's more.

For the BNP to allow the theft of a database of members is careless, certainly, but the publication of the database is illegal under data protection laws, therefore using that database is using the proceeds of theft, which there are old laws against. Far be it from our MP's to indulge in such behaviour, one might think.

Ah, but the Righteous don't regard BNP members as human beings. They are the Smokers of that terrible film, Waterworld, and of modern day Britain and like Smokers they are evil and must be eradicated, man, woman and child. The use of that database is legitimate if it causes pain, anguish, homelessness, loss of friends, loss of jobs, loss of everything to those the State have deemed unworthy of life.

Therefore, the Righteous Kerry McCarthy has no problem with retaining a copy of an illegally-obtained list, and her colleague has no problem making use of that list to write to the BNP members in his constituency. I have no idea what he'll write but the message received will be clear: we know who you are and where you live. I haven't commented on her blog. There's no point. The Righteous cannot be reasoned with.

The title of her post is 'human rights'. Since the BNP don't like that legislation she has decided they aren't entitled to use it. Those laws are only for use by those who agree with them. Human rights, in this instance, apply not to the BNP as an organisation but to those individual people on that list. They are, despite Righteous insistence, human. They are not all racist skinheads. They are people who are members of a legal political party and who have, like members of any other party, the right to a reasonable expectation that their privacy will be respected. Jacq the Ripper has questioned why they are so afraid for their membership to be known. They are afraid of you, Jacqui, and your Righteous baying mob. They are afraid of what their own government will do to them for not following the Righteous thought-patterns. Doesn't it make you proud? Did you read you free book yet?

The BNP as an organisation will use data protection laws, maybe against all those who make use of the illegally-released list as well as the original squealers.

So if you're a rapist or a murderer or a terrorist or a torturer of children, you are entitled to human rights. If you are a member of the BNP, you are not. I would prefer none of those things existed, but they do, and so the law must apply equally to them all. Why deny the members of a legal party those rights which are granted to murderers? What version of 'fair' is that?

Are we to assume that if a list of Labour party members were leaked, it would be perfectly fine for Tory candidates to selectively canvass them all? Or would that suddenly be illegal?

The BNP say that names have been added, that some of the people on the released list are not, and have never been, members. It's bad enough in an alleged democracy that someone can lose their job for thinking unclean thoughts, but it seems the possibility exists that some will lose out without ever having thought any such thing. Well, that's no surprise. An accusation is enough these days. No need for all that 'fair trial' nonsense. Labour have dispensed with that, along with 'innocent until proven guilty' because it makes trials take far too long and brings down the conviction rates. Besides, if they have been accused then they must have done something, right?

I'll come right out and say I don't like the BNP. Their overtly racist agenda is deeply unpleasant, and if they dropped all of that part they'd do far better, in my view. It's up to them - if they want to limit their support base then by all means let them do so. With New Labour driving new recruits their way, they have no real incentive to change anyway.

Once the witch-hunt gets underway, once the stories circulate of BNP members victimised simply because of their party affiliations, the BNP membership will rise. Kerry McCarthy's and her unnamed colleague's use of their copies of the list will increase the BNP share of the vote enormously.

Because, you see, the Righteous have shouted 'racist' for so long, at so many people,that it is now impossible to spot real racists. Anyone disagreeing with any aspect of immigration policy or with the oxymoronic 'positive discrimination' is a racist by default. Witness her response to DaveA in the comments here. It's a standard Righteous response - can't argue, so belittle and insult instead. DaveA seems to have wisely withdrawn from the fray because the next step would be to force a reaction. Get the opponent so angry that they threaten violence, then point at the nasty Bad Man who wants to kill them and thereby claim moral superiority. It's a game with fixed rules.

The Righteous believe that everything they do, think and say is right but in reality everything they do - without exception - backfires. Take a look at those rotten teeth on cigarette packets. Not only are they not tobacco-stained, they are not even adult teeth. Look at the idea for 'shame' queues for booze buyers at supermarkets. An express checkout for booze? Thanks very much. Ban guns and knives and criminals feel free to use the ones they have, knowing the rest of us don't have any. Shout down the BNP and people notice them and their policies. Victimise people who have done no actual harm to anyone and people who have paid no attention to the BNP suddenly support them. Not necessarily their aims, but they support their right not to be bullied for them.

Call those people racists because they don't want every BNP member in prison, and what do they have to lose? They're already branded racist so why not join up?

Kerry, a certain Mr. Griffin will thank you one day for the boost you'll give to his membership. The rest of us won't.

It was careless of the BNP to lose that database, yes, but that does not mean it's fair game to use it. Before you lefties shout 'Well, it's out now', remember that databases of child-support claimants, learner drivers, military personnel and many others are 'out now' too. The BNP didn't lose them.

To lose one database may be regarded as careless, but to lose as many as Labour have sounds like incompetence. (Sorry, Oscar, I know it's wrong but it's pretty close).

I haven't seen the list. I'm not on it so I don't care. I don't care if my neighbour is a BNP supporter. It could be worse.

They could be Labour.


SaltedSlug said...

Fuck it. I'm still up too, so I'll be the first to complement another excellent post.

Good show

it's either banned or compulsory said...

OH "Shout down the BNP and people notice them and their policies. Nick Griffin got far more time on BBC local radio today than ever he would otherwise and used it to claim that the BNP were becoming more moderate, the beeb even managed to sound sympathetic.

"Victimise people who have done no actual harm to anyone and people who have paid no attention to the BNP suddenly support them. Not necessarily their aims, but they support their right not to be bullied for them."
Exactly the same sentiment that saw John Sargeant repeatedly voted back onto 'Striclty Come Dancing' in the face of bullying criticism by the bullying judges, a collective fuck off from the public. (John has now voluntarily left the show but Our Cilla declared that he was pushed by TV execs ).

Not a BNP supporter, don't have a telly.

Michael said...


It seems people are focusing on theoretical BNP policies which will only be attempted to be put in place if by some miracle they are elected rather than the current laws being passed by Labour which are screwing us all and not just the minorities.

ranter said...

Beautiful! Every nail hot squarely on the head. I agree with every word.

I write as a second generation white hetero male immigrant whose near 80 year old parents have never claimed a penny in benefits, raised their children as British/English and both still have part time jobs!!!!!!

ranter said...

I see the Daily Mail are further adding to the woes of some people on 'ze list' this morning. All fairly harmless, elderly and clearly frustrated citizens who probably regret their actions. I don't think they deserve this kind of exposure. One minute it is gleeful 'outrage' at BNP membership, the next a story about the huge increase in immigration.

Nancy's stout said...

I'd imagine this comes from the control freak in chief somewhere up the line. BNP picking up scumbag vote in Labour areas/Unions flexing their muscles thanks to McBust's dirty deals. I agree with Micheal, Labour policy does hurt people whereas loathable tripe churned out by the BNP provides a handy smokescreen for dark behaviour elsewhere.

crackers said...

BNP. Like Christianity not tried by many but heavily crticised.

BNP rise in membership over last five years is directly attributable to failed policies of NuLab. The profile of new members is, I am sure, very different from the old guard who were for the most part wanting to keep Britain white.

The new breed are the growing white underclass who themselves feel that they are being discriminated against because of special favours Labour Councils give to Muslims, EU arrivals and assorted ethnic minorities. These new members would have traditionally looked to Lab as party of the working class but they feel abandoned.

Kerry and co know this but to admit this they would have to recognise some home truths - too painful. Much easier to demonise. Goebels would have been proud of this development. I am not a member.

The Penguin said...

I am, as declared elsewhere, not a memmber of any political party. I am as indigenous English as is possible for anyone in this mongrel society, I certainly don't think of myself as xenophobic (since racism is simply a wrong term, we are all human )and I ca nhonetly say I have friends of many nationalities. I even have an ex-wide who is a (nominally) Muslim Gudjerati originally from Zanzibar.

I dislike the BNP because of it's stupid xenophobic tendencies, but think the socialist / communist NuLiebour far more dangerous. How many civil liberties have this shower of shit sneakily stolen from us? How many thousands of laws and regulations have they rushed to create while not properly upholding the pre-existing legislation? Cunts, shameless cunts.

However, I agree with OH, the use of this leaked database is ILLEGAL and the likes of Kerry Twat use it not merely illegally and shamelessly but stupidly (as is their way) and by doing so they not only damage what little vestige of legitimacy the NuLiebour Socialist Experiment has left, but open the door big time to the BNP, who can rightly cry "Victimisation!"

Nick Griffin got loads of prime airtime yesterday, and is a good and effective front man for them.

The Penguin

Robert the Biker said...

"I even have an ex-wide"
Yeah Penguin, I have one of those too, just can't keep them away from the donuts can you.

If the BNP dropped the racial element as such and concentrated on:
1. The poxy EU
2. Illegal immigration and the overloading of the welfare state.
3. The Police State policys of Liebore
4. Creeping islamisation and the cringing pandering to muslim scum.

I would join them in a heartbeat; I suspect I am not alone in this.
Nick Griffen take note: Drop the Whites good Wogs bad and you will double your membership overnight.
Concentrate on what really matters to the ordinary people, as noted above, and you will be the next PM.
Be told.

RonB said...

All on that list are going to get a ‘knock on the door’ of different variety and severity.
It is an example of the ruling party threatening and frightening its opponents, and also a way of encouraging its own supporters – gives them a clear target.
The target is one NuLab hates and blames for all the ills of this country, yes that’s them - the English working classes or their current manifestation.
As Orwell commented the English intellectuals despise and hate the English working classes, and their country.
The publishing of the List is the start of the campaign to silence critics, and should serve as a warning to all to keep your head down and shut the f up.
Every person who publically advocates stringing MPs up from lamp posts or sends books through the post risks getting the ‘knock’.
I’m not a labour supporter
I’m not female
I’m not black
How many ‘I’m not’ do I have to include?

sperm lewis said...

I have been a committed anti-racist since I came back from the Boer Wars but now and again stick pins in myself just to purge any residual racist tropisms, see, that's how pure and clean and bien pensant, I am. Are you? Yes, you! Stand up you racist twat and prove you're not a racist, see? Do you flagellate yourself in the Pentecostal Hall and bellow at the top of your lungs that you thank the Lord that you are not like other racists? No? Cos if you don't make these earnest asseverations, that makes you a racist, see? And my mam said our nan once said our uncle Gwilym had a touch of the brush, mind that was just after he came back from his shift and she'd been at the sherry, so who knows, eh? And anyway who cares, cos we are all basically peasants under the skin and who knows when a bitch might have got over the wall an' fuck it, see, cos we share 99% of our DNA with a banana anyway and are all one big happy family. Well, so we are in Rhondda Cynon Taff anyway, but then we're indigenous Brits and all its youse Saxon cunts ought to be sent back up on the banana boat, see, coming 'ere, taking our jobs. Still a branch of the Ku Klux Klan active in Caerau, mind.

[Caerau: fucking god-forsaken oubliette near Maesteg; and there is. - OT]

Old Holborn said...


You can be sure that I am on some "re-education" database somewhere within the bowels of Milbank.

I'm actually looking forward to a knock on the door from he Righteous. I've wired the door knocker up to the mains.

David said...

Nice piece.

Unusually I'm having trouble forming an opinion here.

On the one hand...
Some of the BNP spoutings are odious however much spin you put on them and if you associate yourself with them by contributing to the cause by being a member AND your condiditions of employment say you shouldn't then in some ways you deserve what you get.

On the other hand...
Maybe this highlights the fact that all membership lists should be published. It might make people think who they associate themselves with.

And the disclaimer:
Have no idea how many generations are English but at least 3
No political affiliations
Memberships: BASC, NFAS, SPTA, PAAS

Chris said...

How did that seditious Middle Temple lawyer put it?

"First they ignore you; then they mock you; then they fight you; then you win."

This is the BNP moving from stage 2 to stage 3.

Obviously someone among the Powers That Be got scared of their possible showing in the next round of local elections and decided to disrupt their happy little tea-party of racist ranters.

Anonymous said...

Talking of a knock at the door, we really should look again at McCarth's blog.

The facts are quite simple. Kerry admits to ‘having a copy of the list’ and is therefore clearly in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.

If one of her colleagues wants to ‘open a dialogue’ using this illegally obtained information, then he too is in guilty of the same offence.

Who is going to be the first to make an official complaint to the Chief Constable of Avon Police?

ronB said...


Your re-education will take in Bristol East, and your instructor will be Kerry McCarthy.

Heaven or hell?

The Penguin said...

"I even have an ex-wide"

Yes, oddly enough there's some truth in that, but who am I to squawk, my chest has slipped southwards over the years.

I claim that I can spell, but that typing with flippers is fucking tricky!

The Penguin

Neal Asher said...

Surely, if someone targeted you for being a member of the BNP that in itself would be a hate crime. It is surely not a hate crime to belong to an organization that hates, else many members of a certain religion will be in trouble

Dungeekin said...

I agree with you.

As I see it, the bottom line is that the BNP are a bunch of unprincipled, microcephalic, racist cretins and by NOT using the data (which is what they do - check out RedWatch), we prove (if proof were needed) that we have principles and are therefore better than them.

Their scabby, sordid little political preference is a matter between them and the polling booth, and nothing else.


Stop Common Purpose said...

I look forward to the day when Common Purpose produces a list of its members. You can find out more about Common Purpose here:

Roctopus said...

I'm not sure if this has popped up anywhere else yet, as I only check the local news, but:

Police chief Bernard Hogan-Howe's ex-driver is named on BNP list

A POLICE officer who once served as the staff driver to Merseyside’s Chief Constable was under investigation last night after being named as a member of the British National Party.

PC Steve ... blah, blah, blah.

I too am a third generation immigrant, (polish grandfather fought in WWII in Italy for the Brits! (God rest his soul)), and I am white, hetero, but I am amazed at the nerve of the BNP, sometimes. In the North of England they are popular in some areas, in the area where I come from, they often canvass and pop shite propaganda through the letter box (English schoolgirl told to stop eating bacon flavour crisps, so not to offend muslim classmates).

Really, I want equality for all. I don't discriminate against colour or creed, man or woman, rich or poor.

I only want ethnic cleansing of the chavs.

Thanks for your time.

Chalcedon said...

FFS the BNP is a registered, legal party. Since this shithole is still a democracy you can join any such political party. It is simply wrong and unfair to ban police officers from joining what are termed extremist rightwing political parties, but they can join the socialist workers party or other extreme leftwing parties. So when I get stopped in my Roller how do I know it's not because of class envy? As for this nonsense about backing diversity from public sector gaurdianistas that too is tripe. Dangerus tripe and probably enough to get you sacked should you work for a local authority or Quango. It would appear that democracy isn't backing diversity when it comes to political opinions.

Womble On Tour said...

And so it's come to this; government supporters using an illegally-obtained list of names to "educate" political opponents, and do God knows what else with it; pass it to the local council ? To the DVLA ? To the CSA ?

The fact that this MP is doubtless planning to write to BNP members at taxpayers' expense, though in itself monstrous, pales into insignificance.


Old Holborn said...

And so it begins

One of the Righteous at the Grauniad has written

I want to stage displays of disapproval to the members of the BNP in my neighbourhood. Not a witch-hunt, just something quiet, well-mannered and, I suppose, a bit British. Cutting them dead in the greengrocers, for instance. Or pointedly overlooking them while selling charity raffle tickets. Or, like Father Ted and Father Dougal in their protest against pornography, waving a politely worded sign outside their house (I know this is an Irish protest, but I could steal it in an ironically imperial kind of way). Frankly, any and all suggestions would be gratefully received."

Full article HERE

I hope he gets his fucking head kicked in. I'd put it on Youtube.

The Penguin said...

Re Kerry McTwat. S'like dynamiting fish in a barrel. Can hardly fail to make a splash. Are they putting something in the water in fucking Bristol that the mongs elect such a third rate wanker?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Im e mailing my mp to ask if she has a copy of the illegal list and if so what is she planning to do with it.I think everyone should.Let them know we are watching.

sperm lewis said...

OH - The preceding paragraph is also informative.

"But I still do not understand the stupidity. Why do members of the British National party see themselves as patriots, when the whole of the British identity is based around resisting the onslaught of racists?"

A race defined by its valiant anti-racism, eh? Quaint. Or as they say in Islington, "ironic". We go to war twice in a quarter century to honour a half-remembered treaty and anti-racism becomes our defining criterion. All the fox-hunting, pigeon-fancying, warm beer, old ladies cycling to evensong that we quietly got on with in between - that was all crap was it? Failed on the old inclusivity test, like fell walking?

"...but I could steal it in an ironically imperial kind of way. Frankly, any and all suggestions would be gratefully received."

Mrs Lewis, she was a student of the late, great Sir Kingsley Amis when he was at the University of Swansea. He used to have a useful piece of critical kit called the wanker detector, a sensitivity to stylistic quirks that immediately betrayed the speaker as a fully paid-up onanist. Pushing one's superior sense of "irony" at every opportunity is one example. Wheeling in references to an "imperial" oppressor, even when discussing the relative merits of breakfast cereals, is another. The phrase "ironically imperial" pretty much has the dial of the detector shooting clean off its axis like an exocet.

Here's a suggestion for you, Blincoe bach. Take three paces back from Beachey Head, take a running jump and take your tender, pecksniffian conscience with you. And gratefully accept the following classification: Onanist. Class A.

Anonymous said...

Great post Leg Iron!I tried to put the following comment on Kerry McCarthy's blog but it blew out when I tried to Preview it.
'May I suggest Kerry that 'your colleague' (and possibly yourself) give up any inclination to contact BNP members in your area as the information has been provided by a stolen document? Some BNP member may just choose to sue you via the Data Protection Act. Perhaps you would do better to consider why is the BNP popular in Bristol? I wonder too would the British Computer Society have been so keen to give you an award for your website if they read your blog? As a BCS member I shall check that one out.
May I also remind you that the BNP is a perfectly LEGAL British political party. Personally, I cannot fathom out why it's apparently quite OK for people to belong to extremist left wing groups but not the BNP. Oh wait, it's because there's a left wing govt in power. Equality for all? Oh yes, but some are just 'more equal'.
Let me add that I am NOT a BNP member. However, I am an immigrant here & I can say that I feel a lot more threatened by the way Labour continue to curtail my (everybody's)Civil Liberties than I do by the BNP. The BNP would at least send me home with money in my pocket as a re-settlement grant. Labour are more likely to grab me under unsubstantiated 'terrorism' charges & perhaps send me off on a 'special rendition' flight for a spot of torture because my political views don't favour them'.

Revolution Harry said...

There are many ex-members of the BNP who are convinced it's run as a state safety valve. Keen observation of the way Nick Griffin runs the party tends to make this a distinct possibility. Even if it isn't state controlled it's quite definitely encouraged as the voice of nationalism.

Remember the goal of the New World Order types, such as the Fabian socialist Gordon Brown, is world government. Brown can't open his mouth these days without talking about global solutions to the banking crisis or building the global community. Those with eyes can see which direction things are going.

For world government to come about nation, sovereign, states have to be abolished. The cynical use of ethnic minorities in the form of mass immigration and state funded multiculturism is just one of the methods being used.

In order to make globalisation seem inevitable, natural and good you need to make nationalism appear backward looking, unnatural and bad. This is where the BNP come in with it's associations (justified or otherwise) with fascism, nazism, racism and xenophobism. It's just one small part of a much bigger, sophisticated, mind control operation.

"The character of the Open Conspiracy will now be plainly displayed. It will have become a great world movement as widespread and evident as Socialism and Communism. It will largely have taken the place of these movements. It will be more, it will be a world-religion. This large, loose, assimilatory mass of groups and societies will be definitely and obviously attempting to swallow up the entire population of the world and become the new human community."

(Fabian socialist) H. G. Wells: The Open Conspiracy: A Blueprint for World Revolution.

bofl said...

top post leg iron.......

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Great post. Shows what true democracy is all about.

The Refuser said...

I'm with David on this issue. I have no time for the BNP. Aside from their racist views they are also socialists at heart. However if someone feels they want to join the party that is their own business. I think what we are overlooking here is the sign of the Labour party running scared. The BNP will pick up a lot of votes in once safe Labour seats. Are you listening Kerry McCarthy? With any luck you will be joining the dole queue shortly.

electro-kevin said...


Hope you don't mind if I copy it and use it on my blog (with credits of course)

mouldylocks said...

I once chased a BNP leafletter up the road in an attempt to push his illiterate, ignorant and child frightening leaflet down his throat.
However, a very nice man on Question Time, Stoke on Trent, said that where he lives, if you vote Conservative or Lib Dem, you get (Nu)Labour. He said he doesn't agree with repatriation or any other unpleasant BNP policies, but the BNP councillors are independent, good representative councillors, and listen to the issues of the electorate.
If ever you needed evidence of a driver to facism..............

Anonymous said...

'Illegal' ban enforced by Nazi police.

From The BBC:

A Merseyside Police officer whose name was included on a list of British National Party (BNP) members has been suspended from duty.

Pc Steve Bettley was listed in a leaked membership document published online.

Police officers have been banned from being members of the anti-immigration party since 2004.

Merseyside police said Pc Bettley had returned from holiday to co-operate with their inquiry and had been suspended from duty.

A force spokesman said: "Merseyside Police can confirm that the police officer is subject to an ongoing internal investigation into his alleged association with the BNP has today been suspended from duty.

"He returned from his holiday early to co-operate with the investigation.

The ban is clearly illegal as Article 14 of The Human Rights Act clearly stipulates:

Prohibition of discrimination

The enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set forth in this Convention shall be secured without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status.

But with the likes of Trevor Phillips (brags about having a bust of communist mass murderer Lenin on his desk)calling for BNP members to be treated as 'less than human' I'm not surprised the police have decided to enforce this clearly illegal ban!

Did I mention that the ban is 'clearly illegal'?

Leg-iron said...

Brian Reade has gone one step further than calling these people inhuman.

He wants them physically attacked.

Does anyone else remember the skinheads, that group that formed the NF and then the BNP? They weren't the sort of people you provoked and they didn't seem much interested in 'conflict resolution seminars', as I recall.

If any of those militants take up Brian Reade's hint, there's going to be a hell of a bang.

EK - copy away. Good to see it appreciated.

Kaygee said...

I cant help but wonder if the same people who are rubbing their hands with glee and making thinly veiled threats over this would be doing likewise if someone leaked a list of every doctor who has carried out an abortion on the interweb. I'm thinking, no.

Trixy said...

Don't forget, dearest, that the BNP like to abuse databases themselves

Wonder why they never mentioned those letters they wrote to people who didn't want to be written to, and didn't want the BNP having their information.

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