Monday, 17 November 2008

The underserving poor

The undeserving poor are the new virus. Not bird flu, not influenza, not the Plague, not SARS.

Never in our history have we supported so many wastrels, intent on spending their entire lives sucking at the teat of the Welfare State. We have families where generations have not worked or intended to work. We have children in schools, being (poorly) educated at a cost of over £75000 each, that absolutely no intention of pursuing any form of career. We have a growing army of ignorant, lazy fucktards happy to sit on the sofa, Stella can in hand, watching their daily dose of Soma.

I’m fascinated in the concept of this growing army. Everywhere I go, I see sallow faced mongs, scrabbling over a £5 wrap of crack. The streets are full of bloated land whales pushing the prams of miserable offspring with snotty noses and inbred scowls on their faces.

Where did the “poor but honest” go? I remember them from when I was a kid. They wore jumpers their mums had knitted, they were scruffy. Their parents were manual labourers or milkmen. Rarely was it known that your dad was out of work. He’d do anything to bring home a crust.

What happened to Jumble Sales? My mother would scour them for school uniforms, football boots, duffel coats. Want not waste not was her motto.

What happened to people walking? I rarely see anyone walking anywhere anymore, let alone children walking to school, or people carrying shopping home.

What happened to the packed lunch? I grew to be 6’2” on peanut butter sandwiches and home made flapjacks. Not organic tuna on a wholemeal ciabatta bap (£3.70 in the school canteen), send the bill to the council.

The Welfare State is what happened. Nobody fears for their welfare anymore. We now live in a State where everything is guaranteed. From the cradle to the grave, you can slumber through, totally dependent on the whims of 646 people in Parliament. It is said that until 1914, the ordinary citizen would never actually meet the State in any form unless he married, registered a birth or death or committed a crime. That’s less than 100 years ago. Fuck me.

My day starts at 6am with Pravda(Today, Radio 4) telling me to eat more greens and drink less booze. It continues with endless restrictions, rules, regulations, approvals, paperwork, taxes, penalties, recommendations, advice, targets, quotas, measurements, evaluations.

Why? I don’t need them. I’m not one of the above “undeserving poor” who have willingly exchanged every freedom they ever had in return for a life of utter idleness? I’m not a fucking Soviet peasant, reliant on gruel and subsidised brown coal to make it through the winter. I don’t march down to the council offices and demand that little Tyson needs a new coat. It’s ‘is fucking right, innit. Gis ma JD sports vouchers NOW, ya COW!'.

The 646 in Parliament have produced MILLIONS of parasites. They have fast bred an entire client base for their power. These parasites are feeding off ME yet pledge their loyalty to the scientists whose experiments are killing the host.

I don’t see it can continue. There will be a tipping point where either the untermensch decide (even more than they currently do) that they are as good as me and demand, quite literally, everything I own or the system will collapse like a cancer infested lung.

It’s going to get ugly. Very ugly indeed.
OH Action Plan for 2009: Say thank you and smile more at people who do shit jobs for little money, instead of saying "fuck it, I'll go on the dole". No point in visiting Wales then.


Thud said...

Besides working I spend half my time figuring out how to avoid paying ever larger amounts of tax to support large segments of a country I barely recognise any more.I don't care for the moral implications of my actions...I and many others know where best to spend their money.

Old Holborn said...


I also spend large amounts of time attempting to become completely invisible to the State.

Dungeekin said...


I think you're right. And I certainly think it's become progressively worse since 1997.

I remember being at school in the mid '80s and everything - absolutely EVERYTHING - was blamed on 'Thatcher'. That because there were '3 Million Unemployed', they shouldn't expect a job but instead expect to be raised and cossetted by the State. Children were (and continue to be) taught that they have 'rights' with no reference made to the responsibilities implicit within those rights.

They're taught about tax credits, jobseekers allowance and 'citizenship'. Never are they taught that to have the RIGHT to claim benefits, you first have the RESPONSIBILITY to contribute to the pool of taxation which pays those benefits.

I've long since argued for the withdrawal of the all-encompassing Welfare State, instead making some form of safety net available to those who have worked to earn it. Unemployed on leaving school? Go and work in McDonalds then. Or go and lug bicycle chains around a warehouse for £80/week. That's what I did.

This underclass has learned - has been taught - that all they need to do is claim benefits, and breed, thus becoming 'entitled' to greater benefits. And the 646 are too scared of causing 'offence' to make changes.

You're also right about the end-game: the ever-rising, ever-encroaching benefits culture will finally ensure that those of us who DO work are paying so much to support those who don't that WE are the ones in poverty. Which is probably the aim of this Government anyway - to create a nation totally dependent upon the State.


Custard said...

The position simply cannot continue. We are simply giving money we don't have to people who have no intention of ever repaying it through honest hard graft.

It is an utter shambles.

no longer anonymous said...

"Where did the “poor but honest” go?"

A large proportion of them were probably absorbed into the lower middle class.

That said it would certainly seem that the undeserving poor have multiplied.

DavidNcl said...

Getting rid of the welfare state before getting rid of the regulatory state (and hence getting to something approaching free markets) would be a disaster.

The costs of hiring people are _massively_ inflated by the regulatory state and not just by the minimum wage (which is genuinely evil) its all the health and safety BS, the maternity leave, employers NI, etc etc and the huge pile of other regulations.

Also you'd do well to get rid of the BBC first, since otherwise they're going to show non-stop agitprop of starving babies and old folk in the workhouse and whatnot.

SaltedSlug said...

Personally, I'm going to pay off what debt I do have, have a look around for countries which want engineers (Oz is looking good right now), give CallMeDave a couple of months after he's in to see what he's going to do, and if all goes as expected (i.e. he does sweet FA), I'm going to fuck right off.
I'm sick to death of subsidising other people by working for half pay.

John Pickworth said...

I predict this post OH will be huge...

You've voiced what I and others have been screaming about for ages. But make no mistake, the country doesn't have a virus, it has a CANCER!

The Penguin said...

Spot on, OH.

My father was a self employed housepainter and decorator, and when she was able to do when we'd all gone to school, my mother worked in a school canteen as a dinner lady. My father grew almost all the fruit and vegetables we had, we added to that with by a bit of scrumping (clip round the ear if caught), and
there were also pheasants and rabbits (always poached but mostly roasted or casseroled) and one year there was an interesting experiment in fattening 12 day old cockerel chicks - my mother thought at firstthatthey were so cute she have problems when they were ready for the oven, but as they grew up into bad tempered cockerels flying at her impatient for their food, that soon changed.

She would make a tanner do the work of a quid, but was also proud so she'd buy things at the jumble sales and then un-knit them and re-knit into new jumpers.

We didn't have a TV until I was around 14, but we had plenty of books. It was the Norfolk countryside, so plenty of great outdoors if no cinemas or adventure playgrounds.

It was also the 11+ and so there was the educational opportunity that is now denied most bright but poor children.

What has happened to our country since?

Too much socialism and do-goodery, and the evil empire across the channel to which the treacherous Heath sold us. The combination has been disastrous, especially under the current Nu Liebour crew. I'm still not sure if they are grossly incompetent or fiendishly clever.

Not entirely convinced of the lizard-theory or NWO or CP as malign conspiracy, definitely convinced that the gravy train philosphy holds true. Once the snout goes into the trough, all is subservient to ensuring it stays in there as long as possible.

I'd love to believe that Cameron can make the necessary changes, but I have my doubts. We HAVE to escape the clutches of Brussels before we can do very much to help ourselves.

Piano wire and lamp posts are too good for the Nu Liebour scum, and quite a few on the other side as well.

If things go too far, the back-lash will be exceedingly unpleasant. It may however be necessary.

The Penguin
Penguinus Whathavethecuntsdonetomycountry

Stuart said...

Agree mate!

Am working at home listening to Jeremy bleeding-heart Vine. A procession of do-gooders are saying that the state should take more kids away from their parents.

Bloody hell!

If the parents are at fault, then put them away.

God help us! God help them if they come anywhere near me.

defender said...


True observation sir.
All children have some potential. They are there to learn for the future. What have they learnt? Nothing except what they are taught.
The middle class are now well on their way down. The debt burden has shut them down and it will take over by controlling their children. You can see it clearly when you look at demos for ban the bomb, save the planet, fight the faciest, more immigration, celebritie followers, plastic spending, tree hugging and all such leftie favorites. Look at the faces, it is not the "scum" supporting this, not a chav in sight,they are your children, middle class, "educated", usually secure financaly except for uni debt. And what do you think will become of those children in the future.
The last paragraph of 1984
"He gazed up at the enourmous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubourn, self-willed excile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was alright, everything was alright, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

This is very heavy shit we have to deal with, its already advanced and we are not.

Bob's Head Revisited said...

Superb post.

The Welfare State has to be THE classic good intention that paved the way to Hell.

The idea of 'cradle to the grave' just ended up spawning generations of people with a sense of entitlement: the Government must house me, must find me a job, must fund my family planning.

But the Government doesn't fund anyone because the Government has no money. It has to forcibly take money from the working taxpayer who doesn't have a sense of entitlement, so that we can fund the feckless who do, whether we like it or not. It's crazy.

The Socialists and their precious Welfare State have, over the past 60 years, been slowly but surely eroding a work ethic, denying a proud independence, and suffocating a spirit that once made this country great. And they know it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

But how many of the five million or so on Welfare actually vote? Not that many.

What is far more expensive and politically far more effective is having over eight million state sector employees.

idle said...

All that you say is true, OH.

It is, as you say, going to get very nasty. But Who against Who?

Is the untermensch capable of organising itself to storm the barricades? Or will we end up with a mostly lawless country, with decent folk being picked off one by one, as is the case with pikeys nowadays?

Or do we, heaven forbid, end up with a huge and bloated constabulary, imposing a state of emergency, unable or unwilling to discriminate between the good civilian and the bad (the natural development of all police states, in other words)?

I see local militias developing in ten or twenty years. Sadly, I will be deemed to old to command one.

Old Holborn said...


The untermensch already have their own militias. I believe they call the "posses".

They are ruthless. Evetually they will provoke an equal and opposite reaction.

Roll on.

Anonymous said...

"They're taught about tax credits, jobseekers allowance and 'citizenship'. Never are they taught that to have the RIGHT to claim benefits, you first have the RESPONSIBILITY to contribute to the pool of taxation which pays those benefits."

And of course, christ help you if you DO work for a living (while being fleeced via tax and NI), but then find yourself down the dole due to a layoff or something.

You very quickly find how YOU are the one looked at like someone just stepped in shit and smeared it on the seat in the DSS. It's also interesting how non-scum are given the ABSOLUTE. BARE. MINIMUM help when in that situation. You practically have to pull your arms off and bleed all over the desk to get some jumped up fucker to give you your cash (and even then, you end up being given the bare fucking minimum there too, because they deem you to have "plenty in your savings" or some other bullshit excuse so you can live off that for a while).

Yeah, great. God forbid you actually worked bloody hard to save some cash up and want to hang onto it, as opposed not being given any money when you need it because its being handed to the feral shithead on the other counter with his six tracksuited kids.

Dave said...

Gordo really believes that the gummint do own our bodies

"Presumed consent?"

Fuck em all.

Steve said...

I thought I'd share some insight into the day to day existence of what I'd hope would be considered a "regular" person when placed inside a feral den - the sort of place the welfare state has created, and why we should be so shit scared of it spreading that we should really consider doing something about it right now.

We had a dream of getting on the property ladder - owning a home, starting a family, you know, the sort of thing frowned upon nowadays. I work hard. So does my missus. We got what we could afford, which was a rundown shitheap in the middle of one of the most well known breeding grounds for scum in the UK. I won't name it, but with a bit of imagination, you can probably guess where it is.

What a fucking mistake that was.

The first year was fine, despite the bad rep the place had. Then, all of a sudden, violence. And lots of it.

Some random teens decided to throw bottles at me while walking home from work - I told them to fuck off, about seven of them jumped off a wall and made out they were gonna kill me, without actually doing it of course. All in front of one of their parents, who ignored it all (couldn't have been more then three feet away) while he worked on his car.

A few months later, I went out the house and one of the little shits spotted me while in his little group of shits. That was that.

Despite just having a baby, every fucking night for three solid years - and I *MEAN* every. single. night....there would be items hurled at the house, at the window, abuse in the street. Didn't matter what day it was, something would happen. Christmas eve, xmas day, new years, birthdays, deaths, weddings.....whatever. It was insane. I lost count of the amount of times we called the police....hundreds, hundreds of times. regular line, 999, you name it, i tried it. we contacted the council, the police, the papers, the fucking politicians and those ^&$%^& at the housing (who were responsible for drafting in these waves of scum from other useless areas in a merry-go-round of completely insane "families").....not a bit of difference.

The after effects were immediate, as they started to spread their attacks to others living in my street and one just off it.

One night, a guy was literally forced to flee his house, jump in his car and drive to fucking Wales. he never came back, and his brother apparently had to sell his house.

A woman over the road had her windows smashed - when she complained, the little bastards phoned 999 and told them she was holding one of them "hostage" - about ten minutes later, what seemed like three vanfulls of riot police arrived outside her house and wellied their way inside, so I'm told. One guy asked his neighbour to simply reverse his car off his drive so he could get his car out - the reply was a headbutt and a fucking broken nose. Yet another little shit, well known to social services, police, everyone else with about ten asbos to his name, threatened grown men outside a pub with a knife unless they went inside and bought him some stella.

I could go on, but that's the kind of thing you were dealing with there. I should add, a lot of these kids were as young as ten or eleven, hanging around with a handful of older ones in their late teens.


Haloween was always the worst, mainly because where we were, it used to last about a month.

Each one was worse than the last. the final one, it finally kicked the fuck off.

A bunch of kids went to a neighbours freshly paved driveway, pulled up a few slabs, smashed them on the floor, picked up the chunks of concrete and started hurling them at the fucking windows.

I snapped, ran out, grabbed one of the little shits and dragged him back to the house, screaming down his ears. I'd had enough. I wanted blood. ANYONES fucking blood. I made that little shit stand in my garden while the missus phoned the police. Apparently some neighbours in a neighbouring city heard my screaming, so a full contingent of police were deployed and would "arrive shortly".

Next minute, our wonderful country's welfare inhabitants are revealed for what they are.

Never mind a baby in the house when these shits were throwing what they were throwing. No, some tracksuited retard comes bouncing out of the house directly opposite mine (found out later he doesn't even live in the area, just visiting his girlfriend), and starts yelling


I tell him what he did, didn't matter. Scum look after their own. Within seconds, he's opening his boot and threatening to get his baseball bat out and "fuck me up".

I goaded him into doing it - he didn't, choosing to remain at a safe distance. But I'm already thinking "fuck this shit" when lo and behold, the ratfaced child's drunken, ugly, booze-sodden grandmother appears in front of me, yelling and screaming and calling me everything under the son. I'll never forget the next exchange.

I told her there was a baby in the house and they could have killed him if they'd put the window through. Her reply?


She then threw a punch at my head, which missed by a country mile while the idiot in the tracksuit continued to prance around by his car. I'd officially entered the twilight zone by this point.

Then the police turned up, and I had to be put in the back of their car and driven to my house as this had started to spill further and further down the street where I ran a greatly increased risk of being stabbed in the face.

I put the place up for sale the next day, got rid of it at a loss and am now paying through the fucking nose for a house while paying a shitload in tax / NI, but I tell myself its worth it to be away from places and people like that, even while being fully aware I'm paying for them to continue their shitty, worthless existence.

If I could, I'd go back and fucking napalm the whole area and nothing of value would be lost.

But I tell you what - that kid I collared was crying his fucking eyes out when I marched him back home, and that alone was worth the price of admission.

Henry Crun said...

I am past anger, and weep for what my country has become.

Madleson's khaki eye said...

You ain't seen nothing yet. In the few remaining pubs in my area I been watching the latest breeders with their offspring in tow. Too lazy to take the kids home and cook them a meal and some home comforts they bring them in (still in school uniform) sit them down and get lashed. Pop outside for a fag in the horizontal rain and find the slightly older ones taking drugs and growling to each other. One of the last joy's in my life (pint and fag) have been taken away from me. Thank you, Nulabour cunts.

Old Holborn said...

Last week, as I came home, I spotted a feral in my garden at Farqham Hall.

He was clearly out of his face on crack and when challenged, his response was

"Don't you want these bikes then?"

pointing to my kids bikes (4 of them), all neatly lined up in a row next to the shed.

I went inside and fetched the dog and my gun whilst he ambled off, whistleing.

We're fucked.

Henry Crun said...

Now you know why the populace was disarmed in the wake of Dunblane.

Makes you wonder whether that incident was "allowed" to happen.

SaltedSlug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SaltedSlug said...

Is it me, or does anyone else find themselves looking around the garden for an intruder-shaped plot, and working out if they could fill it in before dawn?

Druid said...

It is all very well arguing that its the yoof wot make this country awful, and proving it by looking at your 1950's rose tinted memories!

This country is in a mess because of 1000's of different things, 1 of which is the welfare system.

In the 1950's it was possible for a semi skilled man to earn enough to keep a family going. Only the rich had cars, the most most could hope for was a sidecar. That meant you worked within walking distance and hoped that there was enough work to keep you going. If there wasn't the whole family would have to move!

Kids didn't get pregenant or they would end up having the needle and if they survived, it was kept a big secret from everyone. The other option was to either get a shotgun wedding, or, in the case of affairs, pretend the kid was the husband's.

Life in the past was no better or worse than it is today - in reality, it was just different.

In 30 years time, today's kids will be moaning about how modern kids need to be caged 'for their own good' - its just the way of the world!

Chris said...

@Steve: Christ mate! You're well off out of that Clockwork Orange situation. I've lived in some areas with dodgy neighbours (the whole banger-on-bricks, Staffie and tinnies on the wall thing) but never had trouble like that.

@OH: you've epitomised what's being said in every pub, taxi, private sector office, and private home in the land. Hope this one gets huge publicity.

wv: mered (one letter transposition away from that we're in)

woman on a raft said...

OH - Steve's story deserves a post of its own.

Trixy said...

What we need is a nice war. Conscription, rationing, that sort of thing.

Notice how the land whales have houses and benefits and money to waste on really ugly clothes and yet so many vets don't?

That's the mentality of our government and welfare state.

Anonymous said...

These people exist because the country's assets have been raped so that millions of pointless and unproductive "consultants" middle managers and thier ilk can play at being important.

Trouble is you've fucked up big time it's YOU thats wrecked the UK ,not Wayne Tracy or Mohammed, remember that if you can.

waynetta slob said...

Fook off you stoopid fookers.

(Excellent post Penguin).

electro-kevin said...

This is why I want the economy to fail. No more boom, thank you very much.

It will make us confront our issues and demand accountability from our politicians.

Again - in a word, all our problems:


crackers said...

Read the post below "Civilisations don't die, they commit suicide" - most brilliant and succint summary of the state we are in.

Read Kennedy's The Rise and Fall of Nations. Its our turn now and the US next. We are heading back to the 70's - inflation 16%, IMF bailout, strikes riots civil commotion, £ crisis etc. We had a dead cat bounce under MrsT who halted the slide and we had a little upwards bounce but the downtrend has been resumed. Go East or to Australia.
I have been fortunate. Have saved fairly chunky sums of tax which have been passed on the small charities. I am sickened by the idea of my taxes subsidising the destruction of this country and its people - exemplified by the state(ie you and me) sponsored murderers of Peter Donelly.

I hope Mandleson comes back in another life as Hattie Jacques bike saddle. said...

Start the revolution before I'm too old to help.

electro-kevin said...

My sincerest sympathies to Steve.

electro-kevin said...

Take a look at the video clip. Note that Barnardos have created a fictional scenario of adults going berserk against gangs of kids in order to tell us that adults are going OTT.

I can cite many examples of where kids have killed or seriously injured adults - we're not the ones making things up.

Leg-iron said...

Spot on, OH. I agree with Steve that all such areas should firebombed, even the one I grew up in.

I can't go back there now. It's full of arrogant tattooed morons, and telling them I came from there, that it's possible to get a real life, falls on mostly deaf ears. Not all, but most.

They don't care. As far as rthey are concerned, drinking themselves into a stupor is all there is to life. Money is free, housing is free, everything is free. It's hard to shake that because it's all too easy just to accept it. Why work? There's no need, and all that happens is half the money you earn gets taken off you in a variety of taxes anyway.

The only cure is to stop all those free benefits, and to stop all this crap where thugs complain they've been 'mishandled' by people they were beating up and the victim gets arrested.

The welfare lifestyle is so ingrained in so many people now that they cannot give it up on their own. Cold turkey is the only way.

It'll most likely happen when the government finally destroy what's left of the economy. The proles they set up to believe everything is their right will riot.

By then, the rest of us had better be ready to defend ourselves because we can't rely on any authority to do it.

John Pickworth said...

Great comment. I hope others will share their stories too because this is literally endemic across our country. It wasn't so long ago you'd expect to see this just on a council estate but its spreading everywhere.

This isn't just a longing for a make-believe world that probably never existed anyway. Certainly times were tough in the past, no one denies that, but there was RESPECT between neighbours. You might have sneered when Lord Snooty drove past but you wouldn't go and throw pieces of concrete through his kid's bedroom windows.

Currently I'm living in downtown Beirut (or a version of it), I too have had to pin down thieves who were armed with knives or screw drivers, had my car broken into, wrestled with drugged up wasters and had to fill in more witness statements than I care to remember over the past couple of years. And I'm sick of it.

Soon (although I hope never) the day might come when I'll end up killing someone. Not because I'm violent because I'm not, but simply because each encounter is worse than the last and I'm reaching the point where a proportional response isn't enough. Eventually, someone is going to miscalculate and assume I'll back down like the rest of his victims... and I won't.

I could do what Steve did and get the hell out of here (highly likely as it happens) but where are we going to draw the line? Soon, whole areas will be populated by the criminally insane and the rest of us will be left to live in ever smaller places of relative calm... or rather those that can afford to will.

And what of those left behind? Those decent but poor people who are trying to live good lives but are trapped in hell holes? Even if they don't decend into the madness their kids almost certainly will.

Trust me, this isn't about some puffed up wealthy middle-aged folk having a good moan. Its a stark realisation of the corrosion eating away at OUR society.

Currently the kids seem content with killing each other on our streets but it won't last. Soon they'll be turning their hatred on us... and unlike in America we can't arm ourselves to even up the balance.

I'm angry and I'm not going to take it any more!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Idle said:"Is the untermensch capable of organising itself to storm the barricades? "

Not if the snooker's on.

Anonymous said...

Frightening isn't it? I live in one of those areas that was meant to be going upmarket when I bought the house but after about 3 - 4 years (funnily enough ahortly after NuLiebour came into power)stated sinking again. I go round to the corner shop & see the land whales as someone here described them, buying their fags & their booze while their 3 or 4 dirty, whey faced kids hang off their trackie bottoms whining away. The language the mother then uses at the kids is unbelievable. And this seems to be the norm. where will it end?

fuchsia groan said...

I despair. I am having sleepless nights about where this will all end. The news channels are all biased towards NuLab, and even AOL news has had a picture of Brown up for the last two days, with the headline 'Gordon Brown plays Father Christmas' with his great tax giveaway. Like some sort of Uncle Joe Stalin. Funded with yet more borrowing. It is all geared to keep this evil creature in power forever. He will continue until the country is totally broke and we will all be begging on the streets. Probably. There really doesn't seem to be any hope. The socialists have won.

Call me Infidel said...

Steve you are a very brave man. I applaud you sir. My own travails against the idle and feckless pale into insignificance compared to your battle. However it is indicative of where we are going.

My wife and I bought a nice semi in a quiet English village. All went well for a couple of years until the owners sold the property to a half wit who thought she could make a killing on a buy to let investment.

A family of what I can only describe as maggots moved in. The head of household was a dealer in second hand cars. In other words he stored untaxed piles of shit around the neighbourhood. His partner (well you didn't expect them to be married surely?) had three worthless kids and was soon to become a grandmother when her eldest at 18 managed to knock up another parasite. They made our lives, and our neighbours lives a misery. What incenses me is the local council paid the rent allowing these vermin to do as they please. He was on incapacity benefit and the rest of them on whatever benefits they pay dependents of deadbeats.

It is out of control and maybe as Electro-Kevin says it would be better for the economy to really fail in a major way so that we can lance this boil.

I also watched the Barnardos video and to be honest it made me laugh. The bed wetting, hand wringing liberals think the answer is to negotiate with these people. It's to far gone for that and the future is anarchy. Whether or not the underclass will find the wherewithal to put down the Stella and take to the barricades I rather doubt it. I think as was mentioned above they will continue to pick us off one by one.

Henry Crun re Dunblane. I don't think it was "allowed" to happen but there are questions surrounding this incident. For instance why was Hamilton allowed to retain a firearms license after discharging a 12ga in the street? Why have the records on this case been sealed for 100 years? I am no conspiracy theorist but I do believe that something very rotten was going on in Dunblane and Hamilton's actions needed a lot of cover up.

My advice get a shotgun license and stock up on 12 ga SSG

ranter said...

Just off the top of my head - some ideas, the detail can come later. MAssive contraction of the welfare state, Workfare & conscription,
Massive prison building programme. Stop immigration (uncontrolled), chuck all illegals out. Kick the courts up the arse and make prisoners serve their full sentences.
Introduce compulsory sterilisation programme for all convicted criminals sentenced to 3 years or more (male and female). The cycle must be broken - drastically.
Sort the BBC out, they've been fawning over mandleson all fucking day.

ranter said...

'Call me infidel' - my Kentish village is full of such people, semi house trained pikeys! I think the whole of Kent is full of the mornic scum and KCC seems to want to accomodate TGB's more and more.

Anonymous said...

[Soon, whole areas will be populated by the criminally insane]

When they are, let's wall them up and then round up all of the fucking do-gooders and parachute them in.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for printing the pictures of baby p's killers I wish more people had the balls to take a leaf out of your book, and I hope these bastard that done this get whats coming to them

Call me Infidel said...

Ranter why am I not surprised? I was living in Kent as well till I emigrated.

Anonymous said...

A tale(thankfully not on the scale of Steve's) from Edinburgh:

Used to live in a block of six flats on the ground floor. The flat directly above me was rented out to DSS tenants, nothing wrong with that per say, but a young mother moved in with a child of a few weeks old. Sweet as pie, no trouble. Until her boyfriend moved in, no doubt some housing benefit dodge. He worked for a fencing company, fuck knows how he held down a job as he was a complete prick. He used to be roused when the work van turned up and beeped its horn at 7:30 every morning.
They enjoyed racous parties to all hours, any day of the week. A bit of a stress to the elderly ex-council tenants that occupied three of the other four flats; I wasn't thrilled about it either. Neighbourly disputes ensued, and the whole thing went down from there.
Having people round getting pissed up until you pass out with a very young child in the house is a pretty bad idea, but when violence encroaches too, things get bad very quickly. She would be beaten up by him, he would fight with his chavvy mates(spilling into the stairwell and street), the sound of shattering glass and breaking furniture became a regular soundtrack, with a baby crying adding to the atmosphere. Whenever the police were called regarding the violence or noise, she'd turn into sweet as pie lady, and they'd leave empty handed. She was utterly complicit in the creation of a dangerous environment for her child.
There were rumours she was a hooker too, although I cannot confirm. Wouldn't have surprised me, mind.

Eventually the landlady became so desperate she removed the front door from the flat. She'd never been paid rent since they moved in seven months before. They fucked off pretty soon after the door disappeared. Out of pure curiosity, I had a look in the place to see the conditions the 'family' were living in; utter devastation. pertty much everything broken, rubbish strewn everywhere, dirty nappies, rotting food, broken glass, food packaging. The place stank of ammonia from the nappies lying in the hall, kitchen, everywhere. All their chavvy possessions were broken, even the glass panels above some interior doors were smashed out. Utter, utter filth everywhere. Not fit for a fucking dog.

We were just so glad to get rid of the cunts, we didn't care about the stench now drifting into the stairwell. We were pleased to see the back of the pricks. or so we thought.

Their last act, in order to secure a new DSS flat to fuck up, was to attempt arson. Some fucking chav set the sofa on fire in the living room on evening. Utter, utter cunt. Elderly people in the top flat had to be taken out their flat on a fire brigade cherry-picker, and off to hospital with smoke inhalation. Thank fuck no major injuries happened, but the place was covered in thick, black soot.

Utter, utter cunts. That child has no chance, and is tomorrow's fucking problem, unless it got taken into care (fat chance).

Anonymous said...

To all you brave souls who want to start a war with the underclass, don't, you will get your arses kicked, those with nothing to loose will win.

Anonymous said...

Whilst finishing her advanced hygienist degree in London and playing receptionist to the great unwashed who want their treatment free so don't mind the students practising on them, my niece overheard a conversation.

Three Nigerian guys (social security paying rent on a flat) in an area soon to be used for the Olympics, were offered (and accepted) £16,000 each to move out..

They promptly bought a house in Peckham, I do hope they're in negative equity!

it's either forbidden or compulsory said...

electro-kevin Great little vid, those guys had the right idea !

Old Holborn, you ask where have the jumble sales gone ? Gone to car boot sales every one. By the way, you can't call the kids " feral " anymore

Barnardo's chief executive Martin Narey said: "It is appalling that words like 'animal', 'feral' and 'vermin' are used daily in reference to children.
So that's you told Mr H

I am fed up with being part of the one third of the population doing a real job and being taxed to pay another third ( public sector 'workers' ) to dish out my money to the other third on one sort of benefit or another.

It is equally the fault of Labour and Conservatives in that they colluded to get the rump of the old working class put 'on the sick' and off the unemployment figures. It may have cost a bit more since the sickies get more benefits than dolies but then you don't have to spend money retraining them or pretending to help find them a job.
The general hope was that they would simply die away and thus cease to be a problem.

But, of course, they did not die away, they breeded and made Steves life a fucking nightmare.

Overheard at a bus stop between two slags " I 'ope me next kids a gurl coz then I'll get anover flat with free ( 3 ) bedrooms coz she can't sleep in wiv Wayne "

wv = derali yup, what happened to UK.

Wyrm said...

"Where did the “poor but honest” go?"

Perhaps they got tired of working their asses off for a hand full of nothing.

Each country gets what it deserves and that "virus" you speak about is also a direct result of the policies of the past 50 years. And not only welfare policies but labour laws as well.

We have that kind of people in my home country too, and I also find revolting that i have to pay for a small 2 bedroom flat until i am 60 while a {insert ethnic/social minority} family of {insert number of kids} get a 5 bedroom apartment with a rent of 2 euros.

I also say close the welfare doors, but don't do just that, take a good look at how did those people appeared.

I think the answer is easy, if you work your ass off and are denied a minimum of dignity or a decent pay, why bother at all? You expect honorable behaviour from people who can't even access a decent school?

We're not living in the 1930's anymore, so the good ole' values don't apply anymore.

What is the solution, then? Give dignity to every worker. Every job is needed, so "honest poor" is simply rubbish. Anyone who works should be able to afford a food, home, healthcare and some leisure time.

And by the way HO, nice way of trying to remain invisible. What do you do, blog from a different webcafe every day?

Fidothedog said...

They should put Merthyr "Sick note" Tydfil on the visit fucking Wales adverts.

Have that boyo voiceover saying "See the disabled badges, see the bloke doing a taxi round before parking the car around the corner from the DSS office."

1 in 5 of the cunts is on the sick! Is it twinned with Chernybol?

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