Monday, 24 November 2008


I watched the new series of Survivors last night. I was a teenager when the original came out and it fascinated me (especially Lucy Fleming), the struggle to survive, the rapid retreat to a moneyless system, feudalism, self sufficiency and the will to live.

Last night, I lost that will to live.

Now, just ONE generation later what do the BBC offer us as an update?: Lesbians, Blacks, Ethnics, Muslims and evil white men instead of the rather gorgeous Lucy Fleming.

Frankly I am appalled.


I am complaining to the BBC. This really is too much. AND they showed a Volvo parked in a disabled spot WITHOUT A BLUE BADGE. If disabled people are not allowed to survive the extinction of humanity as we know it, then what is the point of all those fucking ramps and huge bogs?


Leg-iron said...

Those huge bogs are great, especially the straining bars. Very considerate, I thought, especially in some of the dodgier eateries. Sometimes you need something to hold on to.

To be honest, I'm surprised there were any white men in a BBC programme at all. They really don't like us, and according to Barnardo's we'd all be far too busy hunting teenagers to get involved.

I haven't watched the BBC in ages. It just makes my teeth grind.

Houdini said...

Couldn't agree more, it was really shit in the way that only the BBC can make PC shit, like a modern day Robin Hood in fact.

I'm looking forward to the day that we have the digital switch-over and there is then even less reason to have the BBC.

Anonymous said...

The bunch of cunts in the poor parody churned out last night would only miss one thing - the fucking Guardian ! In a that situation any normal person would be tooled up like a fucking Brixton drug baron. Silly bollocks (now black) Greg in his tarted up landy - fuck that ! have they never heard of army barracks ? If any cunt watching that programme thinks that any post apocalyptic Britain will be a cuddly multiracial love in, you're a cunt ! Ethnic cleansing will be the first order of the day - everyone will be fighting like rats and like any animal order, outsiders will perish - that's why you don't see albinos and other variations in nature - the mentality of the pack does not permit it.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Did you E-mail Radio 5 Live today OH? Cos someone made the same point on the Mayo show.

They fucked up Merlin the same way. Chinese and Asian members of Prince Arthur's guard in Medieval England? Per-lease.

I truly believe racism to be abhorrent, I've banged on about it for so many years with friends of mine that they sometimes walk away to avoid my rants. But having such things rammed down our throats only helps groups such as the BNP and massages the prejudices of those who base their view of others purely on race.

As the Devil says: "But then I really don't judge people on racial grounds: I just make up my mind whether or not I like an individual."

The BBC's over-indulgence in PC can only harm race relations, not help.

Old Holborn said...


Wake up, every cunt is dead

1. Gun shop

2. 4x4 - A proper One

3. Milletts - Everything

4. A farm in Tuscany. Via Sweden.

Dick the Prick said...

Did the black dude not learn anything from Rodney King? Ain't got no brakes - soz!

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

I fucking refuse to watch any programe that doesnt show knob jockeys,coons , rapists and serial killers in a positive light.
I would gladly pay The BBC £1000s if only the cunts could shit out more filth
The Beast

Anonymous said...

OH - you need to find a gun shop ? oh dear that's bad planning ! get yerself a nice Beretta Xtrema2 - great for everything and still legal to own ......


Bristol Dave said...

Spooks: The one good bit of programming the BBC are responsible for.

Also does anyone else find it amusingly ironic that disabled toilets are the only ones big enough to run around in?

John Pickworth said...

I've been waiting for a modern re-telling of Survivor for ages. I was completely hooked on the original - like OH, a young man/teenager when first broadcast.

I have to say, the wait was worth it. As a piece of contempory drama it was brilliantly executed. Nor has it escaped my attention that the original series and this remake were both broadcast just as the country was going to the dogs - art imitating life perhaps?

As for the casting? I'm all for diversity and accurately relecting the real world but come on... this was blatant, in your face, political correctness gone barking!

We were presented with weak or deranged white men. Strong women. An irrelevant exploration of Islamic beliefs. And maybe it was just me, but does anyone recall actually seeing any deceased black people amoung all those white corpses?

I just don't get what they're trying to do here. Surely at the end of the world you'd assume issues like race, sexuality and gender etc would be the least of your problems? Religion perhaps would figure largely but its been left to the 11 year old character to carry that bag.

I'm sorry BBC, I wanted an hour of escapist nonsense not an Equal Opportunities training film.

Episode Two: The Survivors encounter a bunch of evil Tory Toffs hunting down salt of the earth working class folk.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I remember the old series, it gave me the willies, what with the cold war still going on and such. So I thought a reboot might be interesting.
But when I saw the promo picks,
I thought "for fucks sake, that's all the diversity boxes checked, this is going to be supreme wank, I won't bother" and didn't.

BTW OH, forget 1. gun shop , nothing in there these days but 12 bores, air-pistols and carp fishing gear.
I’d head for the nearest TA unit and pick up some serious weaponry. Or if ones not near your local nick will have a collection of MP5's and Glock's to tide you over until you can get to an army base.
(This was all thought out in the classroom during the original "Survivors" 1975 and also Day of the Triffids)

Gareth said...

Robert Carlyle was on BBC 5live this afternoon and managed to get talking about waste. He pointed out that a number of major BBC productions like Robin Hood and one Carlyle himself was in, were filmed almost completely abroad. He didn't think it was right taxpayer's money upping and leaving the country like that when it should have been spent in the UK.(I'd have argued they shouldn't have had it to spend in the first place...)

Sadly Alistair Darlings interrupted the conversation.

Anonymous said...

In the original series a Welsh bloke killed a child, so perhaps an ethnic will bite the dust in this version. BTW I won't be watching, I've gleaned enough info from the above posts to know I'd have more fun in hammering nails through my ballbag.

electro-kevin said...

It was exactly as I thought it would be.

The original was brilliant. This was just so predictable and irritating.

As well as that I've never seen such unconvincing stiffs in all my life - about as chilling as a bath of Ralgex. What shit.

I pulled the red cord in one of those ripple bogs once - thought it was the light switch.

PS - the reason the Beeb are so desperate to go internet is then they'll be able to count our computers as licenceable.

electro-kevin said...

Another thing ...

a big fuck-off shiny knife - designed for chopping and slashing (Kukris are best). From a ten yard dash you'd get the drop on a holstered gun no problem.

Guns for show ... knives for a pro.

The Penguin said...

How come the ripples not only get the best bogs, they also have all the best parking spaces reserved for them?

Spooks is about as believable as a Government Press Release.

The recent Robin Hood absolute and utter shit - Sheriff of Nottingham sleeping on a futon, the troops wearing tin foil, and Robin using a recurve bow.

The Penguin

David said...

"BTW OH, forget 1. gun shop , nothing in there these days but 12 bores, air-pistols and carp fishing gear."

We use different gun shops. I am currenly coveting a stainless steel and composite 308 fullbore in mine.

I have to say I didn't see the program because I suspected that it would disappoint and I was busy fettling axes and knives ready for my next teaching trip into the woods (absolutely true).

But remember folks that someone wrote the words down and other people are reading them out. Whatever teotwawki will be like, it won't be like the telly.

Perhaps time to read Lord of the Flies and Lofty's manual again.

Anonymous said...

One of my mates came over from Africa recently, he was here for a couple of months visiting relatives. After a while, while talking about the telly one day he expressed his surprise that almost *every* program on TV has you playing a game of "spot the white man".

He observed that kids programs tend to be the worst offenders - every other shot (from the titles to the features to the end credits) dazzles you with an assortment of Asian kids, kids with Saris, Muslims, you name it, they're in it, always front and center (with the token ginger kid stuffed at the back, no doubt thrown in to appease those blasted caucasians).

Thank God it was HIM that made this observation and not me, or else I'd be labeled a racist..

The Penguin said...

Conjoining the Survivors thing with some other issues hitting the media of late, imagine Africa without all the people.

What If – to pose an imaginary scenario – the world suddenly found that every African of whatever nationality, tribe, colour or ethnicity has simply vanished?

No more “Nigerian” requests for my bank details so they can send me millions of dollars.

No more crisis in Darfur. No starving refugees.

No more wars in the Congo.

No more genocide in Rwanda

No more inflation in Zimbabwe (or political brutality)

No more “child armies” or mutilation

No more burning tyre necklaces in the South African shanty towns.

No more boatloads of would be immigrants drowning before they reach Europe.

No more murdering “child witches”

No more murder and mutilation for body parts for witch doctors.

A lot less Aids / HIV

Safety and survival for a whole raft of endangered species such as Gorillas

The gradual forestation of large swathes of desert, so slowing global warming (maybe)

No more having to listen to crap from Robert Mugabe

No failed coups for Mark Thatcher to get involved with

Loads of corrupt dictators gone, thereby freeing up a mountain of stolen money in Swiss (and other) Banks

No overpaid cushy job for the Boatengs

Goodbye Gaddaffi, we won’t miss you.

Somalian Pirate problem solved

No further need to keep Bob Geldorf alive in the public eye

No need for Gordon Brown to waste my money on mosquito nets

A chance for charity to really begin at home

A lot fewer drugs on our streets imported via West Africa.

A lot less crime on our streets.

Yes, I know it is far from politically correct.

The Penguin

Chris said...

The new Survivors? I just thought I was watching a particularly shite, Dalek-free episode of Dr Who. Thought "bollocks" after about 20 minutes.

Top Gear - only reason to tolerate the BBC

Houdini said...

1. Gun shop

2. 4x4 - A proper One

3. Milletts - Everything

Fuck the gun shop, fuck the 4x4, fuck Millets, and also, fuck the Extrema 2, Benellie made for Beretta over priced shit.

I would head off down to my nearest friendly army camp, load up with everything I need in a huge trailer behind a warrior, and head off for warmer climes.

You bunch of fucking civvy sissys...:-)

The Penguin said...

Has Geoff been in? Thought I could smell fish...

The Penguin

Billy Wallace said...

What a load of shit,

and how much did it cost the beeb for the RIGHT to make the new survivors?

Wyrdtimes said...

Evil white English men - of course.

Thankfully there's a Scot at the helm to save humanity once more.

British Brainwashing Corps strike again.

It's Bonediggers 2

Neal Asher said...

Since the old series of Survivors ended with them establishing a financial system, I see Greg's pink pound on the way to complete the set.

Red Dawn said...


Anonymous said...

I never watched it - having seen how any story worth its salt gets messed up these days - (I am Legend is a great example) I decided that the best way to ensure this didn't happen for real was by signing this petition!

Its to allow concealed handguns in the UK - now that would make an interesting twist in the story!

Chalcedon said...

I saw about 1 minute of it and switchged over. Spooks on BBC 3 was, in comparison, much more realistic.

Didja know that there were complaints, mostly from black actors like Whoopi Goldberg, that there were no black characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Of course the books were set in a idyll based on the England of the 1930s (the Shire) but there were black people in it, the Southrons, evil to their core to a man. Now she wouldn't have liked that, would she?

The Penguin said...

I gather "Roots" was very popular in aparthied South Africa.

The Penguin

Guthrum said...

It was Bonekickers, virtually the same cast and produced by the same people who did 'Life on Mars' which if you think about it was showing how 'proper' policing should be done- all ethnic diversity training and promoting feminism- what happened everybody thought Gene Hunt was bloody marvellous, pulling a gun, pulling 'birds' pulling pints, thrashing his Capri GTX, bashing baddies.

The BBC had the same problem with Alf Garnett, everybody sided Alf, not Tony Blairs leery father in Law.

Twere ever so

(By the way not everybody did die, an awful lot were still alive, but still in their houses drinking lager, not understanding why the Giro had not turned up)

JuliaM said...

"Frankly I am appalled.


That's (almost) exactly what I said...

Rab C Nesbit said...

I recorded it cos i was at work, don't think i will bother watching it now. Fucking BBC cunts.

ranter said...

God - I love this blog.

I'm just glad I'm not the only ranting loon. I used to watch Spooks - then of course the scales dropped from my eyes, the AGENDA was clear.

I gave Bonekickers a try - lasted just 30 minutes of Episode 1, I have recorded Survivors - but I'll keep it for times when I need a snooze in the afternoons.
I used to watch Parliament for that but that's as relaxing as ramming a red hot poker up your arse these days - the blood pressure can't take it.


I mean - that says it all!

Dave H. said...

Fond memories of that programme. It seemed to be mostly taken up with the search for Greg, and when they did eventually find him he promptly contracted smallpox.

How about this for an updated seveties BBC drama:

Albert is the Black owner of a gay nightclub called the Candide. He is part of a secret organisation called Lifeline, which smuggles Somali refugees into the UK.

The UK is currently living under the tyranny of a White majority, but all the members of Lifeline know that one day this tyranny will be ended, and that their secret work, though risky, will help to realise this goal.

Lifeline's main work is to move the refugees into so-called "safe houses" provided by a housing association.

Lesbian couple Natalie and Monique work at the Candide and are also part of Lifeline, though privately, they have difficulty reconciling their sexuality with their Islamic faith.

The Candide's DJ Max is also Lifeline's forger, providing UK identity documents so that the refugees become eligible for benefits and housing. Max keeps his HIV-positive status a secret from Albert and this eventually leads to them falling out.

All of them face a daily struggle against their enemy Kessler, a senior member of a horrible bigoted movement called the UK Immigration Service. He is, of course, to be played by a white actor, and I am worried that after this he might have difficulty finding other acting work.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Couldn't agree more OH.
Another fucking waste of licence fee payers money.
Its certainly something that gets my fucking goat.
Don't think it would be polite to post a link here but if you're interested have a look 'on ma blog' to see my more 'joe public' take on it.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Beretta shite ? fucktard moron !

John Pickworth said...

For those thinking of giving the show a miss... don't.

It is watchable - based upon the first episode I should caution. It perfectly captures the hopelessness of the times and it is a rather gritty drama.

However, that lump in the back of your throat is just as likely to be caused by the propaganda being rammed down your neck as much as the depressive themes.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

I like the Chinese
Do something outrageous like that fucking bastard who raped his daughters ?
Their idea of mercy is a lethal injection and an not sending the cunts family a bill.

Houdini said...

Anonymous said...

Beretta shite ? fucktard moron !

Yep, Beretta shite, from over priced unreliable SO's, to investment casting 680 series over priced shite, to the semi auto over priced shite.

Come back when you know what you're on about mong.

On a more mundane note, there were black people in LOTR...they were called orcs and the Uruk Hai. Brainless, violent and likely to get the worse end of the stick, cowardly black cunts of orcs and the rest.

Fuck me but Woohoohoohoopi Goldberg even looked like the fuckers!

electro-kevin said...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

In case you missed the original, or just want to see it again

Anonymous said...

Houdini - I see now - you're just a tight cuntstick. I presume you'd be the dead body clutching an SA80A2 ? - Cunt

Houdini said...

No anon, you fucking cretin, I'm the cunt who sells and fixes the fucking pieces of shite for GMK.

Again, come back when you know what you're on about you fucking mong.

Neal Asher said...

Just a thought here, but if you were a survivor who can grab what you want from a supermarket without paying, would you choose Netto?

hawkwind62 said...

Minor point: all the corpses on Survivors were strewn about the set pretty much at random, or tucked up neatly in their deathbeds. Realistic, as far as it goes. In the mosque, on the other hand, all the muswims had carked it in perfect regimented formation; noses to the carpet, harrises in the air.
What was the subtext there, then?

devonian said...

No thanks, plenty of gratuitous abuse already. Just wanted to say I'm glad not to be the only one wearily, predictably, deeply contemptuous of this zombie-style Survivors dragged from the grave and FUBAR... Watched last 40% of first episode with mounting resignation: Christ, let's see, the strong character is a woman, the strongest bloke is black, there's a couple of Muslims, er, does this represent the ethnic makeup of my bit of the provinces? No - just about as much as a typical Royal mail Letters propaganda Whoops! I mean information leaflet. Must read Day Of The Triffids again - and The Death of Grass by John Christopher, and that early (1949?) George R Stewart novel, Earth Abides... The Beeb really is beyond saving and beneath contempt.
Re guns, forget those poncy Italian jobs, my ancient Savage Stevens 12ga pump is more reliable and makes a good club too. Though for the long haul you'd be better off with a black-powder weapon, and learning to make your own BP...

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