Saturday, 22 November 2008

Shhhh. Don't tell ANYONE

Ed Balls, a liar, yesterday

After having been proven to be a liar, Ed Balls has finally agreed to show the report on Baby P to 5 MP’s. Just 5. They are Michael Gove and David Laws, the Children, Schools and Families select committee chairman, Barry Sheerman, and local MPs Lynne Featherstone and David Lammy.

No one else is allowed to see it. AND those 5 MP’s are sworn to secrecy under something called “Privy Council Terms”. So they cannot reveal what is so bad, that it cannot be made public.

Lynne Featherstone is doing sterling work digging deeper and deeper. Should Old Holborn give her the memo showing that Haringey were TOLD not to take children into care because it was too expensive? Proving that Baby P died because the cost of taking a child into care had risen from £150 to over £4000 due to legislation by New Labour?

The Children, Schools and Families select committee said

"In order to ensure that future serious case reviews are not undermined and achieve their purpose, it remains vital to keep the serious case review confidential."

I think I’ll let her carry on her sterling work for a while longer. After all, if she’s not allowed to tell us what she knows, why should I tell her what I know?
Mind you, they are getting very, very warm

Also, an excellent article by Melanie Phillips


The Penguin said...

And to add insult to injury, the taxpayer will have to fork out millions to protect the scum responsible for torturing and murdering Peter Connolly.

Apparently Maxine Carr has had 11 hous moves occasioned by being recognised. So the sluttern Tracey needn't worry about housework, just claim someone has sussed her once the shit has piled up to the point where the remote control can't be found. New House, Bingo!

I think Ed is bricking it because his department failed to act on the warning from Nevres Kemal's solicitors, and he's just found the letter in his red box, the one he didn't bother to open...

The Penguin

dick the prick said...

Ah, well it's alright if Barry Sheerman - my esteemed local member of parliament - is involved.

He carries his honour with him as a standard for all us proles to admire. Unlike most MP's Barry has a self confidence bordering on the narcissicistic, an intellect far exceeding genuis and a penchant for young male students who show err.. 'promise'. I believe he's been barred from Almondbury Labour club for organizing meetings without the courtesy of informing the steward - d'oh!

Fucking odious cunt.

Shirking From Home said...

They really are utter cunts. What is so bad that needs to be covered up. Stinks of certain other 'similar' cover ups.

We pay for these bastards, we should get to read the report. We paid for the fucking thing.

Arse holes.

Barnsley Bill said...

OH, this is proper grown up blogging and is in danger of becoming journalism. Well done, you keep the pressure on these mongrels.

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

like i said about kerry-dont tell them anything......they all think that they are superior to everyone else-so let them do some work.

ps. i thought we lived in a democracy? how can only 5 people be allowed to view the report?

the 'system' in this country really stinks.....

fuchsia groan said...

Haringey council had other priorities

This, alone, should call for mass sackings

The Penguin said...

What sanctions could be employed against a backbench non-government party local MP who agreed to "Privy Conditions", saw, studied, and photocopied the report, and then decided to stick it into the public domain on the basis of it was so important that the public right to know overcame the "Privy Conditions"?

After all, such an MP is not likely to get a ministerial post, so bucking the system isn't going to cost them a place on the greasy pole.

It would guarantee their re-election, though!

The Penguin

The Penguin said...

There's another contributory factor, and surprise fucking surprise it has NuLabour's finger prints all over it.

Another "Not Fit For Purpose" IT System.

The Penguin

Gareth said...

There is no good reason for the SCR to remain confidential. Names of some of the professionals involved in this ghastly affair are already out there. Anonymise the lot and publish would be the right thing to do.

Unfortunately the Government sets it's own compass on what is or isn't right. Completely immoral though. The only reasons to keep the report a secret is that it is wholly damning of Harringey. Lax child protection. An eye on the cost rather than the child. Mismanagement, incompetence and harassment of whistle blowers. The change from one quango to another leaving Peter Connelly to fall through the gaps. Worse still, the attempts by the social worker who wrote to a number of MPs was for nought.

That will be why the report is kept secret. Perhaps one of the five will have something comparable to a conscience and do the right thing.

A little off topic: I've been wondering about Common Purpose. I know there are some theories about their aims and practices but honestly, I don't quite see it. What I do see is a bunch of self-appointed do-gooders readily making money telling civil servant management and private sector alike how they think management should be. CP have grown fat at our expense yet if they were so good, why is Government and Private Sector alike in such a mess? It is the Emperor's New Clothes. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

A man from the BBC Trust was on the telly last night being interviewed by Sky. Asked if the BBC had considered sacking Ross he simply could not say yes or no. 'We considered all the options' etc etc.(I suspect they didn't and didn't want to admit it.) I wouldn't be surprised if CP had got their claws into him. The things these expensive cunts come out with gives bullshit a bad name.

The Penguin said...

Interesting dichotomy in the treatment of social workers in Haringey and South Lanarkshire.

In one rotten borough, they keep their jobs after letting a defenceless toddler supposedly in their care be tortured and killed, whilst in another rotten borough they get the sack for passing round a non-PC e-mail.

Welcome to Nu-Labour!

The Penguin
(Non PC Photo here)

Sir David Ketchup said...

Be interesting to see that memo of yours OH - there's definitely a whiff of something very rotten with this whole Baby P saga, and I don't mean the evil stench emanating from the scumbags the poor mite had the misfortune to live with.

A friend of mine who lurks the corridors of power says that there is a distinct smell of shitted pants in the Westminster area, whenever the words 'Baby P' are uttered.

Billy Blofeld said...

I'm now curious

Have you finally got Ed Balls long awaited and much owed scalp?

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