Friday, 21 November 2008

Send Mrs Shoesmith an E-Card


The Penguin said...

She won't know what the picture is, and will have to ask someone.

It's a child, they will say.

Oh! she will gasp in astonishment. So that is what they look like.

Yes, until they get beaten to a pulp under your care.

Happy New Year.

The Penguin

The Penguin said...

Oh, if you are feeling in the mood to be generous, there are some other people you might like to send seasons greetings to

The Penguin

Custard said...

Done and passed on to many others to do likewise, hope that's O.K.

fuchsia groan said...

Done. Changed the wording, kept it nice and respectful, like.
Shall still send her a hardcopy card as well.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Hey OH, you seen this?

bofl said...

re kerry mcnasty.......

i was recently told by my local college that i needed to have a CRB check if i wanted to teacg there.

i wonder if kerry has undergone the check?

we must surely have equality?

and what about gordon brown?
a man surrounded by rumour.
has he been checked out?

i think i will go ask kerry.

arnold underpants said...

Bofl - don't go teacging anywhere lad - bang out of order

Anonymous said...

OH, you really have the nerve of the devil! Good for you. Pity you didn't send her one with the picture of the poor little sod AFTER he'd had his curls shaved off & he was filthy dirty - it might have put her off her Christmas cornflakes - my mistake, no cornflakes, only champagne & caviar for our Sharon - she's a proper Socialist. BTW, isn't it Ms Shoesmith? Is she one of the sisterhood? Funnily enough, I never got any response to the emails I sent to her & Liz Wots'ername, the Cabinetholder for Children at Harringey Council. A little O/T but could the Harringey report be requested under FOI?

The Penguin said...

O/T but amused me

The Penguin

killemallletgodsortemout said...


Slightly altered to ram the point home that I hope that she thinks of Peter at Christmas.

electro-kevin said...


Dear Ms C******

I too engage in youth projects, being the Chair of my local Scout Group and a former instructor at a Karate club before an injury prevented me.

I expect that we'll differ in our opinions at this juncture: it doesn't take many children to make a hugely destructive and frightening impact on a community and I agree that it involves a minority. The cause is quite simple - they, and their parents, neither respect nor fear the law. People like me DO fear the law and that's the worst thing about it all; if I dare stand up to them it's likely to be me that ends up being arrested and losing my job and home.

May I ask if Barnardos were able to discern from computer text the ethnicity of the bloggers depicted in the video ? If not then why were they depicted as white middle-aged males ?

Why don't you admit it ? You're in cahoots with New Labour aren't you ? They paid you to launch a dishonest assault on middle-class people.

I'm not engaging in the 'wider argument' - I'm stating clearly and categorically that I shall be advising people not to donate to your 'charity'.


Kevin *****

Dear Mr *****

Thank you for engaging in the debate. We appreciate your opinion.

Your comments all add to the wider argument. We believe that whilst there are a small number of children who do engage in antisocial behaviour and commit crimes that need to be dealt with seriously, our work consistently demonstrates that the majority of children who start down the path of troublesome behaviour, regardless of their background, can change direction with the right support.

Barnardo’s works with communities, families and children to prevent anti-social behaviour and divert those children who are involved. This includes work such as parenting education programmes, supporting children with their education by running schools and providing alternative education, providing activities which help young people engage with their communities in a positive way, schemes which help young people to make amends if they have been troublesome and bringing together children and adults in communities all help to reduce anti-social behaviour. It is only through intervention and a holistic approach which works with parents as well young people can we begin to help change this situation.

To find out more about our campaign please visit this section of our website:

We hope that your dislike of the film does not detract from the issue being raised, and that you can continue to support Barnardo’s.

Thank you again for your comment.

Yours sincerely

Collette C

Head of Brand and New Media

Anonymous said...

Send the bitch a card? You must be fucking joking.

Sending the girls around would be much better for the soul...

Billy Wallace said...

I decided not to send a card, but instead sent what she gave baby Peter for Christmas,


GrumpyOldTwat said...

Nice one OH.

I don't know how that ShirkSmith bitch can sleep at night. I'll be sending her one.
Anything that we can do to keep that poor excuse for a woman awake at night is fine by me.
Although judging from her proven inability to 'Give A Fuck', it probably won't.

The Penguin said...


Nice one, especially if it bites her and she contracts Lymes Disease.

The she could get as lucky as my mate Chris, who the inept NHS misdiagnosed as having leukemia.

The Penguin

it's either banned or compulsory, in this case voluntarily said...

Good idea OH but any messages must use the most anodine language or be filtered out by the Councils anti-spam software ( assuming they have any ).
This example springs to mind.
A laywer acted for himself when objecting to his neighbours planning application and sent the council a strong letter of objection.
He heard no more so assumed that his clever letter had done the trick until the objected to structure began to be built.
On demanding an explanation the Council found that his letter had been spammed out because he used the phrase.
" I object most strongly to the erection..."

Anonymous said...

at my age i would never object to an erection!!!

Do you think the cards will get through

Mitch said...

done and then some

John Trenchard said...

great idea OH.. although i think an actual real christmas card in the post will have more impact.

government IT systems can easily filter out e-cards if theres a ton of them coming in her inbox.

"21 November 2008 11:38"

have a read of this - the non jobbing enemy class

its something i put together last year.

the ONLY person in cabinet who can be in any way classified as "working class" is one Alan Johnson.

interesting, eh?

geewiz said...

O/T but I've just watched The War on Democracy by John Pilger. If only it could be broadcast on the MSM. We could learn a bloody thing or two from the South Americans who fought back to oust US appointed shit governments and reclaim their country.

John Trenchard said...

Anonymous said...

Send the bitch a card? You must be fucking joking.

Sending the girls around would be much better for the soul...

21 November 2008 16:5

sending a christmas card signed "love peter connelly" is something that the entire public can get involved in.

its simple.doesnt waste peoples time , and can send a message.

lets be honest here - with all the redundancies going on , lots of folks have more pressing things on their mind.

asking them to rustle up a placard and stand outside haringey council offices aint gonna work.

but a christmas card is something everyone can do.

i think its a fantastic idea.

John Trenchard said...

21 November 2008 20:45

john pilger is a marxist. and always has been and always will be.

i might as well watch osama bin laden lecturing me on free markets and capitalism.

look - if you want inspiration - go read the "cato letters". it was the inspiration for the American revolution, in 1776. and was written by two english guys. in a hampshire pub.

how quaint. how typically english.
but it still has value to this day.

geewiz said...

John Trenchard @ 20:49

Okie dokie then, I'll go and read "cato letters"....

I know who Pilger is and wasn't blowing smoke up his arse. I was merely alluding to an inspirational part of that particular documentary which highlighted the common man making a stand.

John Trenchard said...

who the fuck is the "common man" geewiz?

you? me? that chav scumbag outside your supermarket?

there is no such thing as a "common man" - its something invented by marxists to suit themselves.

note how the same marxists have abandoned "common man" as they have gone all "multicultural"

John Pickworth said...

Haven't seen the John Pilger thing but I'm not sure the South American's have reclaimed their countries? Seems to me they've merely handed them to some half-wit dictators with their own peculiar ideas of how things should be done.

Anonymous said...

Nigh on 300 years later, Cato's letters have a horrible resonance in today's horrible politicks.

For example, check out

Could have been written about the world today

Keep up the good work, folks.


geewiz said...

Cheers for the heads up on Cato's letters John and Anon. I hadn't known about them before. Riveting reading and certainly resonant.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she'll have a Prosperous New Year all right.

You don't need to worry your head on that score, oh no, not at all.

And you'll be paying for it, too.

Not to mention her Prosperous Retirement.

Anonymous said...

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