Sunday, 9 November 2008

Scalp Number 2

That's one hand correct. Do the same with your right hand and it means "Fuck you all scum, I know best. Do as I say"

(Steepling hands: This is frequently used in superior/subordinate interaction. It demonstrates confidence and a 'know-it-all' attitude. It is particularly common amongst accountants, lawyers and managers. )

Yet another scalp to add to the collection. The LPUK sent Kerry McCarthy MP a copy of 1984 and she didn’t like it. At all.

Rather spectacularly she blames the ills of Bristol on BMW driving businessmen.

I like Bristol. It used to be a cosmopolitan city, creative, wealthy and intelligent. It isn’t any more. It is a shit hole. Kerry also has a bit of a fart in her Yurt about the sex slave trade. I agree. But BMW driving businessmen are responsible?

Firstly, let’s have a look at Kerry. I would like to remind all my readers, before I start, that there are only 646 people in this country who can actually change anything. If something is wrong, broken or bent, it is because those 646 haven’t done their job. We can’t do it. Only they can. That is why they are elected.

So Kerry. Where do we start?

You flippantly remark that BMW driving businessmen use drug addicted teenagers as prostitutes. Now, you can do as much research as you like ,
and you will always find that most of the pimps controlling these drug addicted teenagers are not Matt Crawfords or Joe the Plumbers but Albanian, Somalian, Jamaican or Eastern European criminals.

How did that happen Kerry? It’s because YOU voted for open borders. Not me.

If you go on down to St Pauls in Bristol, the only businessmen driving BMW’s are gun toting Yardies who enslave teenagers, deal drugs and murder their competitors.

How did that happen Kerry? It’s because YOU voted for multicultural diversity. Not me.

I am quite sure the police could clear them up in an instant. They know who they are and they know where they are. But that would be “racist” wouldn’t it Kerry? And we can’t have people being hassled by the Plod because they are addicting teenagers to drugs, selling them as sex slaves and turning Bristol into a violent ghetto where no go areas are the norm can we Kerry?

How did that happen Kerry? It’s because YOU voted for criminals to have more rights than their victims. Not me.

I would ask you to do a quick check on the Bristol Massage parlours Kerry and report back here on the nationality of the owners of these Brothels Kerry. I would ask you to investigate just how Brothels catering exclusively for Turkish Men, using slave labour came to exist Kerry. Be careful, you wouldn’t want “offend” them. It is, after all, their cultural heritage and YOU voted to ensure that their cultural barbarity trumps the rights of 16 year old girls or indeed, tax paying, hard working BMW driving businessmen.

Whilst you’re about it, could you please report back here on how many of your Somalian constituents have sent their daughters back to the old country to have their genitals ripped out, how many of your 13 year Pakistani constituents have been forced to marry their cousins and how many of your Nigerian constituents are defrauding banks and credit card owners.

You won’t, because you are one of the Righteous 646. You would rather spend your time campaigning for Barack Obama in the US of A instead of doing what you are paid to do. Represent the people of Bristol East.

You disgust me and you WILL, like 645 others, be held accountable. I’m now going to have a very, very good look at what you’ve been up to whilst not working to make Bristol a better place.

· Voted against a transparent Parliament.
votes, speeches
· Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
votes, speeches
· Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.
votes, speeches
· Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
votes, speeches
· Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
votes, speeches
· Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.
votes, speeches Voted for equal gay rights

Kerry last week in Miami, USA (wtf?) working hard for the citizens of Bristol East.
Update: Has it got any better yet Kerry?


David Smith said...

Fucking First Class blogging!!! Keep on digging and flinging the shit at them, more power to your elbows, Old Holborn.

If you stood for election, I'd vote for you.

Anonymous said...

What is your problem with this woman? Can you be more specific?

Anonymous said...

Anon 14.22 Are you serious?, she flits around the world at other peoples expense, we pay her researchers £90k a year whilst she is jet setting.

She has her pet ethnic group in Bristol that she is asking questions about, yet ignores this-

Anonymous said...

A main road in her constituency, I think:

Old news, but still true.

I buy my fish on this road.

Anonymous said...

There have been more than a few Labour MPs making inappropriate statements about the US elections before polling took place.
This Bristol East MP seems to have overstepped the mark, although perhaps she holds dual nationality. If not, some serious questions have to be answered- I wonder what the Labour Party would think if Republicans came over to help the Conservatives at the next UK election?

Anonymous said...

Why the silence on this? All 646 MPs received a copy of the book yet there's no response from them (bar the Kerry and Harris) nor coverage in the msm that I can see. I would have thought it worth a mention somewhere but apparently not. The fact that the concerted action by the people is ignored is now, for me, probably the most worrying aspect of all this.

Bemused Wolf said...

It's true that there has been little reaction to the 1984 campaing piblicly, but I do believe we have rattled a few cages within the Houses of Parliament.

Indeed, the very fact that people here are asking why there has been so little reaction serves to reinforce the point of the campaign.

Keep asking the question, wherever you can, blogs, newspaper sites, anywhere to get the word out, eventually, someone will have to answer.

Anonymous said...

Cannot one of her constituents complain about a gross abuse of her positon.

Aeneas said...

Her voting record says it all! It seems that she votes against civil liberties as an instinct. But she is a member of New Labour after all so why should that be a suprise.

goodbye America said...

tb said...

"For all those who constantly raise the expenditure on staff and office costs - would you rather I didn't employ anyone, didn't follow up on casework, didn't have anyone answer the phones or open the door to the hundreds of people who contact me asking me for help or advice each year?" km.

Maybe if she didn't stick her nose in other folks' business she could do some work herself for the deprived of Bristol

AngryDave said...

I live in Bristol and always have. Everything i have read here is true. Dont we have enough problems with our own criminals without allowing the scum of the world here to propagate their shit. It is a shame as it used to be a nice place.

The citizens of Bristol were even asked to appologise for the slave trade not too long ago.
I have never agreed with slavery, kept any slaves or ever met anyone who was ever a slave.
Why the fuck should i apolagaise to someone who was never a slave for something that happened over 200 years before i was even born.

Arkangel said...

Would you tell us what your 'expenses' were last year then Kerry?
Who paid for the trip to campaign for the Messiah?
Was it the taxpayer? If not, who?

All these questions, and more, will doubtless be ignored.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Keep at 'em, OH!!!!!!


Bemused Wolf said...

Oh, and I just saw this:

Overseas visits
19 August-1 September 2007, to Uganda, to volunteer with VSO. Travel, rent and basic expenses paid for by VSO. (Registered 7 November 2007)

17-22 March 2008, to India, to visit education projects with the Global Campaign for Education/World Vision. Travel, accommodation and subsistence paid for by World Vision. (Registered 25 April 2008)

5-8 April 2008, to Norway/Svalbard, to learn about the politics and economics of the High North, including energy policy and the impact of climate change. Travel, accommodation and other expenses paid by the Norwegian Embassy. (Registered 25 April 2008)

25-29 May 2008, to Bangladesh, to visit TB, microfinance and education programmes with the charity Results UK, who met the costs of travel, accommodation and food. (Registered 9 June 2008)

The girl really does get around..

bofl said...

well done o/h.

typical behaviour really from an mp......dummy spat out as soon as they are questioned....

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Off topic, but where does Kerry stand on the issues of both "Blood queening" and "Gipping"?
If I lived in Bristol this would be crucial when I came to cast my vote.

tb said...

She was on holiday to study the fucking obvious.

Labour MPs, party strategists and UK public affairs professionals have been picking up comms tactics and campaigning tips from the electoral juggernaut that carried Barack Obama to victory in the US election on Tuesday.

KM reckons..

"Everyone knew exactly what Obama's narrative was. Labour needs a narrative that says what the party and Gordon Brown are about, compared with what David Cameron and the Conservatives are about. We have to be very clear about what the party stands for.

'The key thing that fascinated me was the mobilisation of people who had been completely disenfranchised,' she said. 'In my constituency, we have a lot of minority communities that have arrived fairly recently - for example, up to 20,000 Somalis in Bristol. They've never really been involved in politics and there's a real issue about getting such people on the register.'"

Although primarily aligned to the Democrats, Lehal's group was designated as a non-partisan delegation and members also attended key Republican events...

yeah right.

Hobgob said...

Big country the US. Think of all the 1000s of places there she could have gone to to do her canvassing at British taxpayers' expense: Detrot, the Bronx, Harlem, Watts, South Central LA, the Barrio etc etc.

So where does she choose to go for her feelgood jaunt?

Sun-soaked Florida. Number one U.S. holiday destination for Brits!

Funny that.

Fedup said...

I want to post the attached on kerry's site but apparently only 'Team members' can comment (!). Anyone care to post this for me:


I have looked forward to a reasoned debate, first with Mr Harris, and now with you, on why Zanu Lab believe that the restrictions on our liberty are justified and why we should be subject to more. Mr Harris bottled it and you have remained silent - tells us all we need to know really doesn't it? Or have you been silenced, as Tom obviously was, by the puppet masters behind the scenes.

Oh, and if you want more proof of how despised and hated you all are, then enjoy the comments in response to your great leader's pile of BS in the Observer today. Go here:

and see if you can find more than 5 posts from 220+ supporting the greatest coward the world has seen.

ranter said...

What a horrible self centred hag this MP is.

An excellent posting and of course the same can be said of any large town or city in the UK.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Dont know about the rest of you,but I want to see more darkies giving gang signs on our streets innit.

I'm NOT Aussie Pete! said...

"No contact name, no signature, very brave of them"
Let us get this straight: YOU account to US. We do not have to tell you who we are. You work for me, and yes, I'd like fries with that.

Thank you for the slum pictures. It must have been quite a hoot when they offered you chitlins. Mo'focka!

"Freedom? For who?"
Whom. You are obviously the victim of a State education. Pay attention, girl - yes, you, at the back!

Go back to your sinkhole electorate. At least the prostitutes are earning an honourable living by 'adding value' (where have I heard that before), as we are not paying them to rim the PM (yet).

And straighten that damn apron while you're at it. Off you go., Fräulein Klebb.

Charters and Caldecott said...

They don't like it up 'em, these MPs. Well, most of them, anyway.

I see they are also planning to make it illegal to pay for sex. Paying for honours and access to MPs is apparently OK, but paying for sex is a no-no.

I can't afford to pay for either.

Old Holborn said...

Beast, have you seen the chaos, anarchy, lawlessness, crime and utter filth this bitch supposedly represents?

Britains most dangerous street.

None of it caused by her constituents of course and her inability to do any fucking about it because she is too busy eating watermelons in Florida. But by BMW driving businessmen.

Give me a lamp post, give me the rope and i'll hang the fucking bitch myself!

Anonymous said...

Kerry McCarthy MP, has decided she does not like what the voters of Bristol are saying on her blog.

She has stuck her fingers in her ears, and you are not allowed to post unless
Comments on this blog are restricted to team members.

The Listening Labour Party- Bollocks

Old Holborn said...

Is that a defeat or a victory for us?

Scalped. 644 to go.

tb said...


I Guess she'll have a cry with Hazel about those nasty bloggers.

Wonder which one's shortest?

bofl said...


got my name up in lights on that mad womans blog!!!!!!!
guess i must have hit a nerve?

she told me to read her earlier blog.hmmm. is it me or has it disappeared?

i suggested that plod go interview all the nasty men that are 'running' the girls.......

this it seems isn't acceptable!

so much for being concerned about these poor abused women then?

how about raiding every known brothel and pimp and arresting every illegal?
then deporting them!
or will that be against their human rights?

she then has a go at o/h for being a 'racist'.

Of course all of us white english people that live here are being racist for pointing out that an unknown amount of illegal immigrants live here-some active criminals-and we are so horrible for pointing out this fact.......

so now she has had a sulk and stopped comments.........

this must be more of the democracy our soldiers are fighting for in iraq and afghanistan!

come on i said-be an adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arkangel said...

Methinks the lady doth protest too much!!

My God, you've hit a nerve there OH!!

Elby the Beserk said...

Huge fun. Legalised hunting. Who's next?

Yoiks tally-ho, I smell blood.

Guthrum said...

Apparently 'the order' went out at 10.51am yesterday to swamp her inane blog by the LPUK

Things are done differently in the LPUK, but it shows the paranoia that is NuLabour

Anonymous said...

"Righteous 646" has a certain ring to it.

Bristol Dave said...

Unbelievable comments from Kerry on her blog. I shall do some digging of my own I think and report back on my blog.

P.S. she claimed £155,487 in expenses in 2006/07 (on top of her £60k+ salary) - and her comments on the MPs expenses row were just *priceless*

ranter said...

You've got to love her response though. Like a student union activist circa 1979 - Pathetic and peurile. RACIST! The accusation scattergunned around by those who claim the moral high ground, but thankfully it is losing its effect now that 'The 646' can't hide like they used to. Well done Mr Old Holborn you made her look as silly and useless as she undoubtedly is, but unfortunately we're still paying for her and too much if she can swan off on all these trips at her own expense.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in what this useless fucked up bitch does when she's not wanking herself senseless see the attached link

the 'Vark

pagar said...

I have read the above post and cannot see anything in it that could be described as racist.

Is her accusation that you are a racist not actionable?

Old Holborn said...

I agree. There is nothing in that post that is racist.

BUT. I do detest Albanians and Nigerians. Not because I am a racist but because they are, to a man, woman and child, thieving cunts.

pagar said...

You may well be right, but I think we should cancel the lawsuit.....

Dick Puddlecote said...

Well done OH, she has been flamed before and (being a Labour fuckwit) blamed everyone else for it. In that scenario it was FOREST instead of LPUK.

Their crime? Holding a meeting within the HoC to raise awareness about the dislike of smoking bans. They had Philip Davies MP, the guy who invented the clockwork radio for Africa, and other dignitaries, but she focussed instead on the refreshments.

"Obviously the last 24 hours or so has been a lesson in the perils of the Google alert. How many times have I blogged about the smoking ban before without attracting a single comment? But ridicule a certain organisation for holding a champagne tea party"

It was in reference to this which attracted 241 comments:

Her last word on the subject was "I'm not prepared to allow this blog to be hijacked by proponents of a single cause, especially not one with which I so vehemently disagree."

So there you have it. "Lalalala - I'm not listening"

outragedofw9 said...

Shame the little nigglets in the pic didnt gang rape her then pop a cap on her wobbly ass.

Geoff Pants said...

"Comments on this blog are restricted to team members."

We are listening to you, the people.

Ha ha ha.

Bristol Dave said...

I think she cried "racist" because OH happened to describe some countries of origin in his post. It's probably her standard way of dealing with things she can't answer.

Mention countries/races - racist.
Mention gender - sexist.
Mention someone's age - agist.

etc etc

Billy Wallace said...

One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half.

Shes seen your face on this blog
O.H. and she didn't like it.

Geoff Kunt said...

"can I suggest that you might have a little more success if you drop the abuse and the pathetic attempts at intimidation"

"And Old Holborn, you’re just a vile racist and that’s why I’m not replying to you."

I see. Easy way out of any argument.

Chris Crackarse said...

"Final, final point - I've got work to do this evening, and I don't want to be distracted/ stressed out by nasty comments coming through. So I've disabled comments. I think I've given you more than enough by way of a response, and don't intend to continue the conversation."
Boo hoo, I'm busy and I don't want to play any more.

I'm sure the blog will be back up one day.

Hobgob said...

She called you 'a vile racist', OH, because you had the temerity to point out that Bristol's sex-slave/drug rackets are conrolled by foreign criminals, many of whom happen to be (shock horror!) non-white.

Of course she knows that, and so do the police, and that's exactly why nothing has been done to clean up the streets under NuLabour's watch. They would much prefer to offer up young British girls and boys and women as sacrifices to the Morlocks they've allowed into the country than ever seriously prosecute foreign whore-masters and drug barons because that might be perceived as (swoon) racist. Much better to make a show of concernedly wringing hands like Kerry, turn a blind eye to the actual situation, and then hiss that old standby waycist! when someone like OH points out the bleedin' obvious.

Let's face it, the police could clean out the pimps and dealers in a week if they wanted (and many decent coppers do want to) but they're held back by their political masters in NuLabour - as personified by Kerry McCarthy herself.

It's like the story of the blogger from Luton who calls himself Lionheart. An ex-junkie, he knew who the top local dealers were and passed on the info to the local constabulary. They thanked him and charged him with 'incitement to racial hatred' - much easier than incurring accusations of racism from the dealers who happen to be Pakistani and Muslim. NuLabour's SOP is 'Always blame the messenger, Never ever tackle the problem!"

I wonder how many of Bristol's criminal fraternity will be making substantial donations to Kerry's campaign for re-election in a couple of years? Hell, they'll probably be bringing in Iceberg Slim & co from Florida to help with the canvassing...

Anita said...

I think the evil Stalinist cow is an overt racist in implying the problem of prostitution is caused by drivers of BLACK MAN’S WHEELS.
Strangely, I know no-one who owns a BMW, nor have I ever knowingly ridden in one, but one silvery euro car is very much like another and it takes a REALLY pathetic personality to bother to read the chrome letters on the boot lid.
Kerry McCarthy must wonder what is going-on to generate this opprobrium.

Old Holborn said...

OH is no racist.

A bigot? Certainly. Cynical? Absolutely? Prejudiced? Aren't we all?

But a racist?

I think not.

Kerry would do well to look at the photo she published of herself, smiling in Florida. I've seen less gleefull zoo keepers at Bristol Zoo.

Anita said...

look at the photo
If you represent an organisation or have any self respect:
Rule 1 Remove your sunglasses when talking to someone.
Rule 2 Never be photographed either wearing sunglasses or with a glass in your hand.

The posture of Kerry is true Chav.

bofl-insomniac said...

Well we certainly have seen what our right dishonourable members are made of haven't we?

£60,000+ p.a. and £150,000 expenses. i think she needs to be questioned....

She only took 3 days off(look what the others do)!........
She got the train to london-3 hours!

Didnt she realise that Bristol was 3 hours away from Westminster when you took the job?

She states 'So I’m not prepared to take any criticism from ignorant people on here as to how much effort I put into this job.'


John Pickworth said...

Credit to Ms McCarthy for actually writing a response... its more than most have done (Yes, you, Mr Tom 'Ostrich' Harris).

However, her fine words (cough) end with "... I've given you more than enough by way of a response, and don't intend to continue the conversation."

Excuse me?

Do you honestly think a scribbled half-page on your blog is what we want? Listen here you; you're paid (by us) to listen and then act on our behalf. If we'd wanted a simple 'response' I'm sure your secretary could have knocked out a suitable missive. No! That's not what we want at all and nor will we be told that 'this' is the end of the conversation.

You have NO choice but to listen. We are not going to go away. Our voices will be heard and eventually YOU and your Righteous colleagues WILL act in OUR interests - or else.

As for your "fundamental philosophical (in)difference" to liberty... might I suggest you consider the notion that this Government is actually a major contributor of so many of our current problems?

You cite, for example, health but isn't it true your filthy MSRA hospitals kill many more people than Labour's archetypal bogyman the speeding driver? Hasn't HIV infection rates doubled? Don't you allow people to die simply because the patient's postcode prevents you giving life saving drugs?

What about security? Radical Islam nothing to do with the policies of your American friend Clinton then? Or the homegrown variety couldn't possibly be an adverse reaction to the illiberal laws (and terrorist lies) pumped out by Clark, Reid, Blunket or Smith? And before you label me a racist, let me assure you that your ID Card scheme will radicalise the whiteman just as much as someone from an ethnic background.

Crime? Albanian handbag snatchers nothing to do with your 'all welcome' border policies? Crime overall (that which isn't massaged away) has nothing to do with the 25% of young people with nothing better to do with their time... like working for a living or learning a trade? Or the children set up for a life of crime with an ASBO - at least they're leaving school with some form of recognised achievement I suppose.

The economy? Ermmm, yeah right. Let's see our ever protective, loving and cuddly State pick up the bill for that mess then. What's that? Oh I see, its suddenly okay now to exploit (I prefer the word 'shaft') 60 million people. Ditto; abuse, oppress and harm. Got it.

Just to be clear Ms McCarthy, these aren't my last words. We have very long memories and await the day when your blog is reopened. I - and I'm sure many others - are looking forward to continuing the conversation with you.

mikey said...

They are just starting to get the idea we are coming after them (historically speaking of course) Kerry really thinks she's better than us doesn't she? but then, that is the default position of all Fabians. Fuck them all to hell.

Anonymous said...

Another arrogant tosser who doesn't live in the same world as the rest of us do!

Anonymous said...

"Sunday, 9 November 2008
An explanation
For the other readers of this blog who might be wondering what's going on... The UKLP have been sending copies of 1984 to MPs. And at 10.51 yesterday morning the order went out to UKLP members on their website to swamp my blog with comments. So I've closed things down for a while.
Posted by Kerry at Sunday, November 09, 2008 0 comments "

Apparently we have ORDERS

AngryDave said...

I see kerry has now decided to close her ears to the truth, as she can no longer deny it's validity.
Her response to the comments on her blog has totaly missed the point, but what else did we expect, and tries to make the righteous look foolish. But she has forgoten that we are awake and are not falling for the spin that the zombies are.

AngryDave said...

As kerry has closed her blog why not send her an email.

This is what i have sent her:
I think you have missed the point! You were not sent a copy of 1984 because of prostitution in Bristol. It was sent because the labour party is well into the process of creating a socialist dictatorship out of Britain.
That is why it was sent to every single one of the guilty 646, not just you.

We are talking about an extra 80,000 civil servants, all with nothing better to do than dream up ways to supress indiginous culture and control the lives and thoughts of the people.
It is about the 3000 new laws that labour have brought in to help control us.
It is about the councils having 300 different powers to enter our homes, thats more powers of entry than the police have.
It is about the plagues of cctv and speed cameras that monitor our every movement and fail to protect us from criminals.
It is about i.d cards that have our dna, retinal scans, and fingerprints on them.
It is about the criminal classes and people living on benefits living better than the rest of us, and at our expense.
It is about the droves of foreign criminals that you will not deport, because they may be at risk in their own country. I am a prison officer and see it first hand. They are those dangerous individuals from their own countries that you are so worried about, what about the risk they pose to us.

So yet again you dodge the question with a shallow swipe at those who you know are right. Labour needs to understand that the people are waking up, and will no longer tolerate your lies and shallow spin.we intend to put the GREAT back into Great Britain, and we are becoming a legion. All the while you are only 646, and your days in power are numbered.

Stuart said...

I love the irony of the LPUK sending out 'orders'.

Good work all - when's the next beverage?

turkish whore trader said...

Move along.

Guthrum said...

I gave three orders yesterday, even the cat told me to sod off

That is the way it should be !

thenewmccarthyism said...

Anything to link her to Common Purpose?

Finger Pointer of Truth! said...

You are missing some major points here.

Firstly, Street level sex markets (for thousands of years) have always been run from the bottom by the current "toughest" underclass group. For example, the Maltese ran 'em in London in the 1950s. Before that it was cockney's. Before that the Jewish fleeing murerous regiemes. before that the chinese had a big steak.... but White working class people have always been involved. As they were in Bristol...still are - only to a lesser extent.

In Nottingham they are run by wiggers. In the 1960's Jamaican's were involved and that led to a riot in 1957 - to match the race riot in Nottinghill. Why? because white men were bothered about Black men running their women - their prostitutes.

Old Holborn - here is the point you missed ...if its not been 9for all these centuries) fear of racism that has held back the arm of the law with regards to ending the vice trade that is SO VISIBLE on our streets then what is it?

Could it be that its a great perk to be in the vice squad - you would not want to do yourself out of a nice little number like that if you are a copper now would ya?

"Tell it like ya see it!"

Mark Wadsworth said...

That article lets itself down by referring to junkies with a £1,000 a day addiction.

curly15 said...

Excellent post, really got under her skin, eh?

Anonymous said...

So What the f**k has Kerry the Cnut got to say about this then?

Human trafficking police unit to close

• Met's unique operation loses funding after two years
• Campaigners condemn 'foolhardy' move

* Rachel Williams

Britain's only specialist police human trafficking unit is to be shut
down after two years because of a lack of funding, the government said

A Home Office spokeswoman confirmed that money for the Metropolitan
police team, which totalled £1.8m in the first year and £700,000 in
the second, would no longer be available after April.

Experts and campaigners reacted to the move with dismay. Denise
Marshall, the chief executive of the Poppy Project, which helps
trafficked women after they have been rescued, said she was appalled
at the decision, which would have a "hugely detrimental impact".

"This is at best foolhardy and at worst discriminatory," she said.

Marshall said the project had been impressed by the "sensitivity and
expertise" officers had shown in their work with victims, earning the
women's trust and, crucially, encouraging them to tell their stories
in court.

Last week, the 11-strong human trafficking team secured the
convictions of a gang of six traffickers, brothel keepers and pimps
for their parts in the ordeal of a Slovakian teenager tricked into
coming to the UK and forced to work as a prostitute.

The men were jailed for a total of almost 53 years, an outcome
Scotland Yard hailed as a "really great result". The case was the
unit's biggest success.

After sentencing, at Southwark crown court, the Home Office issued a
statement saying combating human trafficking was a "key government
priority". Some 4,000 women are estimated to have been trafficked into
sexual exploitation in the UK.

One of the victims in the case, who told her story to the Guardian at
the weekend, praised the dedication and sensitivity of the officers
who worked on her case, and said the closure of the unit would lead to
fewer traffickers being convicted.

"These officers treat you like a proper person," she said. "How many
brothels are there in London? How many girls have a pimp? Without the
team, they never will find the guilty men."

The chair of the parliamentary all-party group on the trafficking of
women and children, Anthony Steen, said closing the unit was at odds
with the government's professed commitment to tackling human
trafficking, and would undermine attempts to make the issue a priority
for all police forces.

"Every police officer I have met on the beat and in the constabulary
accepts that it is main, core police business," he said. "If a unit
that is specifically there to give human trafficking status and
importance is cut, that attitude may well change."

In a letter to Marshall, Commander Allan Gibson, of the Met's
specialist crime directorate, said the decision to close the unit had
been "difficult".

A Home Office spokeswoman said the funding had always been intended to
be temporary.

"However, this is not to say that human trafficking is not a key
priority for the Met and the government," she added. "We still provide
funding to Soca [the Serious Organised Crime Agency] and Operation
Maxim, which is very much still in operation. We expect the Met to
continue to treat it as one of their core issues." Operation Maxim is
a London-wide drive to target immigration crime.

Marshall said that if victims had to go to local police stations to
report their cases, they risked encountering officers who were not
trained in handling human trafficking, and who might traumatise them
further with inappropriate questions.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said it was conducting a review of the Met's
approach to tackling illegal immigration.

"The Met's human trafficking team was launched in March 2007 as a
result of being fully funded by money from the Home Office Reflex
project," he said.

"From April 2009, that money will no longer be available, and the Met
does not have the additional funds to keep the team running in its
current format whilst meeting other existing policing requirements."

Old Holborn said...


I spotted that as well

Still, Kerry is very, very keen on recycling

Anonymous said...

So am I. What's an MP worth on weigh in?
Bet it's less than a beemer with bullet holes and a stiff in the boot.

the hitman said...

DWMF said...

I too live in Bristol, not half a mile from Stapleton Road, as described in that link in (thanks Anon @ 09 Nov 08 14:33).

For the past 2 years or so, St Pauls has been moving up in the world, as more law-abiding people have been buying the houses, doing them up and living there. There's a few in Sussex Place, with a newly built block of flats.

This is pushing the criminal / unsociable elements out to other areas, as decent houses tend to have decent security - more difficult to burglarize.

I also use the Tesco store in Easton a lot. Conscientiously, I bring all my bottles, papers and cans to the recycle bins in the car park. Usually, this area is piled high with rubbish that lazy squalid scum-bags can't be bothered to throw into the bins. I actually try to reduce the pile and improve the look of the place, but I feel that I am only facilitating other people's laziness.

I have witnessed this stuff being dumped. They don't have white faces. Is that a racist thing to say? FFS.

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