Sunday, 30 November 2008

Richard & Mark's Monday Morning View

After such a hectic week in Parliament and with the opening of the new Session on Wednesday with the Queen's speech, Richard and Mark have really exceled themselves.


Reversepsychology said...

Have Richard and Mark been getting some round the clock tutorials in the past week?

This is such an improvement on anything else they've released I could hardly recognised them!

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

is guido upset that rich and mark are working for you now o/h?

is it brown and meddlesome?

laughing my socks off!

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

I hope you will be handing some of your huge cash pile over to the poor chap in the form of royalties.
I now know who you are (+:
Buster blood vessel

Mitch said...

What no explanatory caption?

Billy Wallace said...

Fuck me it's the flying squad.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Barroso says crisis has brought Britain closer to euro


Stop Common Purpose said...

Sorry, forgot to call Barroso a corrupt and evil crook.

exbod said...

CNBC TV have just announced that UK Ministers are seriously considering abandoning the £ and joining the Euro. Eurocrats reckon the crisis would not be so bad if the UK was in the Eurozone.

So the sell out to Euronazi-ism looks like it is already well under way. Time to go to Oz methinks.

wv: pus ly fi (surely that requires no further clarification)

Gareth said...

When Gordon was steering our economy along an illusionary upward path were were diverging from the Eurozone economy.

Now both are in the shit and heading the same way. Ergo we are now converging.

I do not expect a referendum. I expect when or nearabout the Euro and Pound are equal we will be pegged to them. Losing the independence to set our own monetary policy, yet keeping the Pound. Hey (Bob) Pesto! No need for a referendum. I hope I am disappointed.

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