Saturday, 22 November 2008

Psst. ID Card Consultation underway. Be part of it

Old Holborn is a free range Human

The LPUK have got hold of a consultation document on ID cards. The good and the great are inviting various "stakeholders" to chip in their ha'penth worth.

Get yourself a copy HERE

Still reading it myself, but already spotted a few stonking howlers

2.2 Section 10(7): Failure by an individual to whom a card has been issued to notify the Secretary of State of prescribed changes of circumstances which affect the information held on the Register, or of errors in that information of which the cardholder is aware. Maximum penalty £1,000.

Will they pay YOU £1000 for every fuck up they make?

2.6 Where a notification of a change is made, the Secretary of State may require the person concerned to do one or more of the following in order to ensure the accuracy of the Register:
• To attend at a specified place and time;
• To allow his fingerprints and other biometric information such as facial biometrics to be recorded;
• To allow himself to be photographed;
• Otherwise to provide such information as may be required by the Secretary of State. This may include for example requests to provide relevant documents such as immigration documents, birth or marriage certificates.

Come and fucking get me. If you can fucking find me. You haven't managed to find 1 million illegals yet, have you?

2.8 Section 11(6)(a): Failure on the part of a cardholder to notify the Secretary of State, where the cardholder knows or has reason to suspect that the card has been lost, stolen, damaged, tampered with, or destroyed. Maximum penalty £1,000.

Remarkable. It is YOUR responsibility to tell THEM. Or else

3.1 The basic penalty level for a person’s initial failure to comply with a maintenance requirement will be ⅛ of the maximum statutory penalty (currently £1,000). The Secretary of State will increase the amount of the civil penalty for continued and subsequent failures to comply with a requirement, up to the maximum statutory penalty allowed

I can afford it. So fuck you.

3.5 Where there are further incidences of non-compliance or continued failure in respect of the original requirement in a five-year period, the Secretary of State may increase the level of penalty by the amounts shown in the Sanctions Table to the statutory maximum. The total amount of the penalty will be based on the number of times the person has failed to comply.

As above.

Even the mentally ill will be forced to "comply"

7.6. Where there is satisfactory evidence that a person lacks the capacity to make decisions within the terms of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the Secretary of State will allow the person to identify a carer, close friend or family member who is able to assist him to comply.

7.8. The Secretary of State will only proceed to impose a sanction where there is satisfactory evidence that the person intentionally failed to cooperate, and that the person also understood what was required of him and the consequences of not complying.

Understand the consequences. How very Orwellian. Even the mongs will be fined for non compliance

Two words keep coming up. Comply and Cooperate. Over my fucking dead body, you uebercunts. You're about to find out how difficult it is to herd cats. Old Holborn is a free range individual, not a tagged battery chicken. Cracking stuff. Read it. Then DO SOMETHING.


rashid rauf said...

Thank fuck I got blown up as it would definately have stopped me.

The whole of Bradford said...

Shhh. We are still claiming your benefits.

Rab C Nesbit said...

They can take their id cards and stick them right up their hoop. End of.

Anonymous said...

"...and that the PERSON also understood what was required of HIM"

Why do I get the feeling blokes are being picked on here? If you state 'person' then you have not qualified the sex of anyone if you see what I mean: Him/her, They or Them.

I'll go back to sleep now....

taxed on tax on taxed tax said...

Why don't they just cut out the bollox and charge us all a grand & be done with it? The number of fucking bureaucrats required for this makes it horseshit.

crackers said...

Whats the end game. Whats the point. Just refuse to carry one. Why proof read this crap. The only sensible comment to these people is


Over my Dead Body

The Hitman said...

Benefits at a glance.

The potential benefits of the National Identity Scheme are wide-ranging.

The following list shows you some of the key benefits at a glance.


The National Identity Scheme will:

• help protect cardholders against identity theft and fraud

• provide a reliable way of checking the identity of people in positions of trust

• make travelling in Europe easier

• provide a secure way of applying for financial products and making financial transactions, including those made over the internet

• offer a secure and convenient way of proving your age

• help to confirm your eligibility for public services and benefits – and reduce fraud relating to these services and benefits

• help in the prevention of organised crime and terrorism

• help combat illegal working and reduce illegal immigration to the UK

• allow the police more quickly to identify suspects and people they arrest

What a load of SHIT.

Houdini said...

Let's not forget that it will probably be like the new driving licence in that the fuckers will require you to renew, at a handsome cost, every ten years.

They kept that fucker quiet from people applying for the new licence, so what are they keeping quiet over ID cards?

The Penguin said...

One idea springs to mind. Change your name by deed poll to "John Smith". If enough of us awkward bastards did that, system overload is inevitable.

It would be like looking for a particular straw in a haystack!

Besides, the likelihood is that the next government will cancel the whole shit-fest. Or else!!

The Penguin

Gareth said...

Winston Smith would be more appropriate.

From The Hitman's excerpts:

• help protect cardholders against identity theft and fraud

By handily compressing other forms of ID into one easily cloned ID. Well done.

• provide a reliable way of checking the identity of people in positions of trust

Will that include Ministers of the State? Will I be able to check the identity of my local and national politicians?

• make travelling in Europe easier

Passports already do that. It won't make travelling easier, it will make tracking travellers easier. Which surely is the whole idea of the system.

• provide a secure way of applying for financial products and making financial transactions, including those made over the internet

Passports, driving licences and whatnot already cover this when done in person. Over the internet? You're going to expect people to put in information on their ID card over the internet? It'll be phished, trojaned or simply stolen from the other end in a shot.

• offer a secure and convenient way of proving your age

Drivers licence. Passport. Credit Card. Beard. All are as secure as waving yet another card in someone's face.

• help to confirm your eligibility for public services and benefits – and reduce fraud relating to these services and benefits

It will not reduce fraud. The biggest leak of sensitive personal information comes from inside Government. ID cards will not stop this. Perhaps that is a result of employing so many illegal immigrants... All it will require is someone on the inside to create false entries with your photo and fingerprints but with a false name, and hey presto you have another identity.

As for confirming my eligibility for public services; If there are to be so many terminals or computers logged on to some bloated database, a) it won't cope with so many people accessing it all the time and b) how can you possibly ensure that each and every point of access is only used by a legitimate person?(and I'm sure the definition of legitimate will be suitably low)

• help in the prevention of organised crime and terrorism

ID cards worked well in Spain didn't they.

• help combat illegal working and reduce illegal immigration to the UK

Soothing noises maybe. But our masters patently don't want to reduce illegal immigration or they would have at least tried to by now. As for illegal working the answer is taxation weighted more to the consumption side.(That way even cash in hand workers contribute a fairer share to the Government.)

• allow the police more quickly to identify suspects and people they arrest

The Police already have numerous sources of information to call on. That there are a number of different databases they can check in a roundabout fashion is actually a good thing - errors on one won't necessarily lead to a misidentification.(See: DVLA records being utter shite causing untold problems for drivers stopped by the Police.) Relying on one database is asking for trouble.

The Penguin said...

Many years ago a very clever writer called Roger Zelazny wrote a series of short detective sci-fi stories which were published together under the title "My name is Legion".

They were set in an Earth future AFTER one massive database had been set up for every human (except a few who decided they wanted to remain outside the machine).

The protagonist had been involved in setting up the system but decided he didn't wish to be aprt of it in the end, so he had set himself up the ability to create new identities as he wanted or needed.

Way ahead of his time. Recommended.

The Penguin

marksany said...

If everyone has to write to Jackie whenever a card is lost, she's going to be fucking busy answering her post.

Mitch said...

Comply and Cooperate.sounds like the Borg..resistance is futile......but I'm gonna try anyway, I know who I am and in a good light the wife does too everyone else can fuck all the way off and then some!

Anonymous said...

pain in the arse to register for comments.. thank god for anon comments.

Welfare Wallace said...

They can take our freedom as long as they never take our benefits.

Michael said...

Notice again how most things these days are fines and not prison, means they can take all our stuff and that's better than putting us in prison.

With the ID cards etc then you'd have as much freedom out of prison as you would in it, as your house would be taken as well!

WV: throte - as in what I want to slit on the 646...

Anonymous said...

Are we sending the 646 an xmas card?

What will it say?

Billy Wallace said...

Dear Mrs RT HON SMITH until you can guarantee me that my ID will be safe in your hands, you can fuck off.

And by the way, I was brought up never to put all my eggs in one basket,

And you’re asking me to put all my details in one place so you can lose it.

You must be off your trolley you fucking numpty.

Damo Mackerel said...

They will get their way ye do know that? Here's a tactic I can see being deployed. The fee for the card will be extremely high and then people will start complaining about this high fee. But by doing that, the arguement has being changed from complaining about the need of an ID card to paying such a high fee for it. The government will then cut the fee dramatically and win the arguement.

Dick the Prick said...

Damo - it's a fucking juggernaut so chaps like OH and No2ID are crucial.

Nathaniel G said...

Thanks Gareth, you saved me a load of typing. I was just gearing up to spool out almost exactly the same point by point decimation of the supposed 'benefits'.

Dangerous times.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Hitman said: "allow the police more quickly to identify suspects and people they arrest"

So that's EVERYONE soon if Labour have their way.

Meanwhile Jacqui Smith is stopping funding that stops REAL criminals.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Dear Ms. Smith.
Please be advised that you have my date of birth wrong probably because you have used American software ( can I claim £1,000 reward for this information ? ).

All the rest of the information that you have stored on the ID card that I demanded is encrypted so I don't know if you have properly recorded my blood group, ethnicity, sexuality, Tax & Revenue, allergy to nuts, Religeon, Drivers License, NHS eligibility, voting habits, credit status ('Experian' subcontractor ), *Climate Change Denier*, alcohol entitlement, community/diversity enhancement status, PCSO suspicions/uncorroborated allegations " yeah, that geezer down the pub someone told me he looks a bit like that bloke what done the bank job", tobacco permit, Benefits Entitlement, with us or against us, location/movement tracking ( BT subcontractor ), Tesco &etc. loyalty card, aspirations for offspring, internet record & accesability entitlement, Oyster card, sibling/offspring/spouse " any special information ", bus pass entitlement, banking and offshore assets, CRB " any other information ", free loft insulation entitlement, Parking Permits, Amazon and Paypal records, entire DNA/genome record, public transport/garage forecourt CCTV records, TV viewing record, secure Police canteen gossip, access to recreational places entitlement, BBC Tax status, what the lady in the library said, priority for in-shoulder under-skin microchip emplacement data, estimated length of rope for noose requirement.

Please advise.

AngryDave said...

What are they gonna do if i simply refuse to have my bio-metrics etc done for the card in the first place?
If enough of us do the same then to prosecute or deal with us will cost so much time and money it will either bring it down or at least slow it down.

Those incompetant bastards can shove their i.d cards up their collective arses. They are only gonna leave it on a train anyway, meaning all our details will be in the newspapers.

Welfare Scum said...

I do hope that we on benifits will not be expected to cough up a penny of our giros for this. If the tax payer doesn't pick up the cost of my card I may never vote Labour again.

Cyclops Brown said...

Welfare Scum:

Of course you are immune from paying for the card. Along with the immigrants, You are our very life blood of the party.

Please remember to get out of bed and:


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Angry Dave
"If enough of us do the same then to prosecute... "
You won't be prosecuted. It will be a civil offence, the bailifs will just take your stuff ( plus enough to cover their Fee ). The more the merrier from their point of view.
Hey, why don't we all become baillifs ? Seems a better career path than HIP providers.

John Pickworth said...

This will probably be a long comment... or even several.

Houdini said...

"Let's not forget that it will probably be like the new driving licence in that the fuckers will require you to renew, at a handsome cost, every ten years."

No 'probably' about it.

While the Government hasn't so far explicitly stated the renewal period of an ID Card; they have said they intend it to be 10 years. Indeed, if they are serious about the ID Card being a valid travel document (within Europe) it must be for 10 years or less under international law.


• There is nothing to prevent the Government setting a shorter renewal period; either for all ID Cards or for certain classes of people.

• While changes of address etc will require relatively simple updates of the National Identity Register; a change of appearance (eg. greying hair, growing a beard etc) will likely require a new card.

• Loss, theft or damage of an ID Card will also require a new card. Ca'ching!

Damo Mackerel said...

"... The fee for the card will be extremely high and then people will start complaining... The government will then cut the fee dramatically and win the arguement."

This has been done in other countries to promote the uptake of ID Cards; for example in Malaysia. The difference there being to persuade people to move to a newer card. However, our Government is some what sneakier...

What many people don't realise is that the Government is already charging YOU for the ID Card scheme each time you renew your passport.

When Labour came to power a UK Passport cost just £18. Then they raised the price thus....

£21 = Mar 98
£28 = Dec 99
£30 = Jan 02
£33 = Oct 02
£42 = Oct 03
£51 = Dec 05
£66 = Oct 06
£72 = Jul 07

If the fees had been raised only by the rate of inflation, a passport would currently cost just under £24. Some of these increases were admittedly to pay for improvements in the Passport Service (remember those huge queues a few years ago?) and a small proportion has gone to fund the Biometric Passport. But most of the recent increases have been to pay for the ID scheme's start-up costs. There will no doubt be more to come.

Don't forget, you'll also have to pay £28 on top of the Passport fee for your all-seeing ID Card - a grand total of £100 at todays prices.

Also, the cost of a stand-alone ID Card has just been increased by Jacqui Smith from £30 to £58

Not such a bargain after all?

Frankly the whole thing is one huge pyramid scheme.

Not only will you pay to own/update/renew one of these magic cards but someone is going to have to foot the bill for all those verification checks too... Say you need to have a full identity check for a mortgage or employment; who's going to pay for that? Your Bank, the prospective employer... or you? Even if you aren't charged, you'll still be paying somewhere along the line for all those hundreds of thousdands of card readers and IT infrastructure employed by Government offices, retailers and service providers.

And how long will it be before the Government mandates that every single transaction on eBay must be accompanied by a swipe of your ID card? What about the private sale of your car or that weekend pitch at a car boot sale? A myriad of possibilities waiting to be tapped by the ever hungry Inland Revenue. Activities that quite rightly we should pay tax on but until now have been too difficult to collect.

Too far fetched? I'm sure the 11th Century Shires thought the same... until the Doomsday Book informed King William how much worth they had.

John Pickworth said...

Just a quickie about ID Cards and terrorism.

All the 9/11 hijackers had valid ID's. All had entered the USA legally, although two had broken their Visa conditions by the time of the attacks. Of the 19 hijackers, 16 had State driver's licences and 14 had State ID cards.

The Madrid bombers held valid Spanish ID cards in their own names and didn't conceal their identities. Indeed, there is evidence they wanted their identities to be known.

The 7/7 London bombers would all have been able to apply for ID cards had the scheme been operational then. As it was, they all carried other forms of ID on their persons... and it appears at least one of them was carrying ID for the entire group. This is an action designed to let the authorities know who was responsible and to empthasise the attack was coordinated... a so called 'Badge of Honour' and a perfect application for the UK ID card.

If/when ID cards become common place, a future suicide bomber will wear his card around his neck with pride to tell the world his name (and so his cause).

ID Cards will NOT solve, prevent nor discourage terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Why are you all worried the cunts have never lost any data never. Its safe in their hands. Honest. I'm so over paid and undertaxed as well.

John Pickworth said...

You've just got to laugh...

Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, is to arm police with 10,000 Taser stun guns

Officials say the gun could be be used against anyone who put the lives or safety of officers and the public at risk. That includes aggressive drunken yobs, knife-wielding criminals and those who go "berserk" in public

Derek Talbot, of Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), said trials showed that in 80 per cent of incidents where Tasers were used, the situation was resolved without police needing to use a weapon.

And in the other 20 per cent of cases they further needed to beat the electrocuted individual or shoot him with something more substantial?

In any case, what's a Taser if its not a weapon?

Sorry, I know this isn't about ID Cards but its a measure of the insanity of those wanting to introduce them.

Anonymous said...

The Register is all over the Identity Cards thing. The General Opinion is that it will never work.

And this is from those people who are going to have to 'try' to implement it. A few big companies will stuff themselves at the pork barrel and then slip out of the contract and this will go down as another failed government project.

I was hoping a change of gumment would can it but it doesn't look likely. The atmosphere of FUD means - if you can this and there is a terrorist attack it must be your fault.

Now I've read this I'm even more sure. Half the population will have to be employed to watch the other half. The initial cost will be dwarfed by the ongoing administration.

They think the mythical terrorists are idiots too. As someone has already pointed out they are not going to answer yes to the 'are you or have you ever been a terrorist' question.

Not usually anonymous but there are very good reasons this time.

Tuscan Tony said...

The Tuscan is a meta-free range human, i.e. organic.

Tuscan Tony said...

....oh, and it strikes me that £ 1000 is a fair price to pay to stay off the grid.

electro-kevin said...

This is going to be bloody expensive for parents.

In reality I - being the main wage earner - will have to cover the costs and liabilities of 4 ID cards.

"If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear"

Well I'm going to fear losing the bloody things, that's for sure.

ZERO TOLERANCE for law-abiding taxpayers as usual.

The only thing on the horizon that can save us is a deep and nasty recession - to motivate the people.

Dick the Prick said...

Dave just said he'd scrap them.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that the BNP had gained office and this was their proposal! Now, try and imagine the uproar from Nu Lab muppets!

Kippers Dickie said...

You've just got to laugh...

"Homeless people wanting ID cards may be able to give their home address as a bench, bus stop or park where they are often found"

All a waste of time, Cameroon is going to scrap them.

Wv was ban deds. What's a ded?

Kippers Dickie said...

THe next WV is ack stain.

Is that what Gorgon gets in his underpants?

haddock said...

our masters are quite aware that people are getting a bit pissy..

"Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is expected to announce plans to train front-line response officers in all 43 police forces in England and Wales to fire Tasers at violent suspects.

Currently, the stun guns are used by small units of firearms officers.

But Ms Smith told The Sunday Times that £8 million will be made available to equip up to 30,000 police response officers across the country with the new 50,000-volt electric guns"

I expect protesters will come under the descriptor of violent suspects.... rather like the old bloke at their conference.

Old Holborn said...

One thing is for sure. Your average bobby would not have ejected Wolfgang from a Labour conference. It took a special type of Labour Brownshirt to do that dirty little deed.

30,000 coppers and 60,000,000 of us. AND they know it.

Old Holborn said...

By the way, if you are looking for a level playing field, these guys will send to the UK

Boys Toys

mikey said...

OH...please keep at it. I love this blog so much...

The Penguin said...

What a shame they didn't have the ID cards in place, would have made checking the guest list so much quicker at the UK Border Ageny Party.

The Penguin

Dick the Prick said...

I guess with our currency tanking it's really only a tenner.

Anonymous said...

Want a gun? A real one?

Just do a cop car after dark. Every other one has a long-barrelled and a short-barrelled weapon and ammo stashed in the boot.

Even 30 years ago 1 in 10 Manchester cop cars had guns in the boot. This ratio has steadily increased over the years.

Got that info from an ex-Manchester firearms cop turned mercenary in the Middle East on the same contract as me.

max the impaler said...

Many years ago, when I had a proper job making things we had a large payrole, the majority of whom were Singhs.There were some variations in first names, but not as many as you would think.The same also applies to Patels and Mohammids.That's going to be interesting.If you also take into account the number of languages spoken, the level of understanding, and not to mention those that can neither read or write..a good number or gipsys here...the whole thing is riddled with the potential for a massive ballsup.Any security adviser worth his salt must be pulling his hair out at such stupidity.

Gareth said...

John Pickworth said: "In any case, what's a Taser if its not a weapon?"

In that case we should all be allowed to carry one. I won't hold my breath.

max the impaler said: "Any security adviser worth his salt must be pulling his hair out at such stupidity."

I expect those that are advising our Government and getting paid handsomely for it will be splitting their sides laughing. For an initiative we haven't even fallen foul of yet the national information register has already cost us tens of millions of pounds. On what, the Government refuses to say.

ranter said...

Meanwhile Kerry MCCarthey thought Gordon Brown looked good on some boring Sunday politics show, especially his hair! What? He looks a mentally deranged mental case straighht out of a low budget horror film,

Anonymous said...

Great link OH - just for Mandy

James Higham said...

Well spotted, OH.

Anonymous said...

State torture and political police(stazi) persecution begins -

Wave your flags at your own risk!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I don't need an ID card 'cos I aint senile yet so I can remember who I am (at any given moment in time). And when I AM senile there'll be no point 'cos I'll keep forgetting where I put it.

Anonymous said...

They can fuck off I'm never going to get an ID card.

Shirking From Home said...

Over their fucking dead body.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Agree with this:
pain in the arse to register for comments.. thank god for anon comments.

22 November 2008 20:07

Tried to register for Iain Dale only to find I was already registered as HMS Coventry ffs. It must have been a Chablis moment.

Fwiw I told a chap (c.2001) who worked as an independent consultant to asylum seeker charities that the laws being brought in might seem innocuous, even helpful, to him, but just wait ... ... He hasn't had to wait long at all. I bet he regrets voting this totalitarian cess-pit of ne'er-do-wells back into office.

waccy baccy jaqui said...

Look, it is important you know who you are. The id card will be a vital tool in helping you to remember.
Um - what day is it?

Shirking From Home said...

Look, it is all in your best interests. It really is. We 'did' a consultation exercise (crap biased web site down wiv the yoot blog thing) and made up the rest.

Jacqui told me so when I was queuing down the local kebab shop for a large mixed.

the beast of old holborn said...

anon 11:57
Your chum has a vivid imagination as do you

the beast of old holborn said...

anon 11:57
Your chum has a vivid imagination as do you

guido from the totalitarian party said...

Guido has gone over to the totalitarian party!

in his latest richandmarc pile of crap the posts came in thick and fast in support of the BNP and against state oppression. So Guido removed ALL comments!

mikey said...

fuck the fucking cunts to hell, ect ect.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Imbecile 21.17
I bet If he hadnt removed it you would have complained even more.
Do go away
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's one other whopper of a problem with the cards, which is that police aside, almost nobody will be permitted to make a call to the ID Cards database to check the presented biometrics against the actual database, so all the transactions will be against the card ONLY.

So, you're checking the fingerprint presented against the card the person gives you, with a machine which you have to assume the Bad Guys will have nicked and analysed minutes after the first one gets rolled out.

At that point you'd better hope nobody susses a way to produce cards which fool the machines, because the moment this happens, the scheme is going to be dead in the water.

As soon as crims can make cards which the reader machines think are genuine, everybody will have forged cards; cards which the general public will have been brainwashed and browbeaten into accepting as absolute proof of identity.

It'll be a fraudster's dream come true, an instant way of pretending to be absolutely anyone you fancy being, with almost no way to be detected and courtesy of that knuckle-dragging moron Jacqui Spliff, no criminal penalties worth speaking of to lock up said fraudsters.

I'll not be getting one, not a real one anyway. However, I do rather fancy getting a fake one, with a picture of a mirror-visored helmet and the name STIG on the card. Just for a laugh, you understand...

paranoid and pathetic said...

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...
Imbecile 21.17
I bet If he hadnt removed it you would have complained even more.
Do go away
Thank you.

23 November 2008 23:22


Comment of the content of posts and not simply your deranged, imagination eh beast.

Gareth said...

Anon 00:37,

I don't imagine there will be much call for Government agencies beyond the Police to be checking fingerprints. That would be too much cost and hassle for shops checking age or hospitals checking entitlement.

I think there will be a lot of checking of the card against the database though. All it would require is a terminal like chip and pin. Stick the card in, get cardholder to put in their pin, terminal checks whether the card is kosher or not. The fancy word biometrics also includes the picture on the card, which can be checked by shopkeeper and NHS receptionist alike without needing access to any information on the database.

If they went down this route - one of simply checking the validity of the card and retaining a modicum of privacy for the cardholder, it would easily be defeated. Clone someone else's card but have your picture on the front. It'll still be passed as valid and Mr. Shopkeep will be non the wiser.

If the roll out required terminals everywhere it would be easy to track people. If they tied the terminal data to say, NHS usage or buying things it could easily be employed to monitor the entire public.

The difficult thing is this: They aren't going to readily explain the system because a) they'll claim it is a security risk and b) we'll see it for what it is - crap and intrusive. If they were honest and upfront about it we could pick enough holes in the plan to make it worthless before it costs us shitloads of money.

former tory said...

Imbecile @ 21:17

posts came in thick and fast in support of the BNP and against state oppression

This sort of thing is a concern because it says so much about the lack of intelligence of the people concerned. How on earth does anyone think the BNP can run the country the way they say they want to run it if there isn't State control of everything from industry to the individual, and Government databases all over the shop?

Knuckledraggers, all.

BNP Supporter said...

We're not all knuckedraggers.

Once the more intelligent see which way the wind is blowing, we'll have many more capable individuals onboard. (Schacht, Speer, Todt - all post election converts)

I'm interested to see whether you stick by your pathetic ideology or take this post down out of fear of being branded a racist.

Old Holborn said...

BNP Supporter.

I don't delete posts. Full stop.

Write what you want.

I don't support you but I'll happilly pay the bill so you can have free speech.

Chalcedon said...

If I wanted to cause trouble in public I would wear a suitable protective vest. Quite a laugh being tasered and not flopping over.

I'm not paying to have an ID card. I'd rather not bother with a passport if it meant having an ID card.

Roctopus said...

Wyrdtimes said...

I can give you free cpanel hosting (US based) if it's any help.


Wyrdtimes said...

Oops that reply should have gone into the new authors required post.

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